The Beast Tamed by the Villainess — Chapter 3

I reached out and placed my hand on Magnus’ hair.


When I felt a vivid touch at my fingertips, my eyes widened.




I realized why Illyana had been stroking his hair the entire novel.


Magnus quickly regained his composure after he finally felt the warmth he yearned for. I was unable to speak at the sight of him. How terrible have I treated him here?


‘Well… It seems like every encounter between them was described with at least one scene of petting.’


I wondered what it must have been like to pat it endlessly and whether it would still be pleasant to do so.


I played around with his hair here and there as I stroked it with both of my hands.


‘It is just as fluffy as my home.’


I thought as I eagerly stroked it, but I panicked and retracted my hand.


Illyana had never done anything like this before, so Magnus was looking at me with a strange look on his face.




I quickly cleared my throat.


“Eat it and rest today. I’m not feeling well, so I’ll go home.”


“You’re… leaving me like this…?”


Magnus’ face began to look startled. He kept staring at me in wonder. Within a split second, tears began to well up in his trembling eyes.




“Miss L-Lyna… Could this be… poison? Is it…?”


Magnus asked as he gave me a careful look.


“Miss Lyna… Am I… Am I no longer needed?”



Magnus had teary eyes as he clutched the open vial, overwhelmed. When he asked such a question with that face, my conscience was pricked.


But that’s the result of Illyana’s brainwashing. Illyana always reminded Magnus that she was his mistress and often told him that she would throw him away if she didn’t need him.


She would then show Magnus the scene through nightmares. What would the abandoned beast look like as it died?


I hate myself a little for laughing at this scene before.


But I truly enjoyed how wonderful it was.


I admired the villainess, Illyana, and their bizarre, ethereal love and hate for each other.


After all, even though Magnus killed her entire family in the end by cutting their limbs off in front of her eyes, he couldn’t kill Illyana by himself.


‘I wondered what the reason was…’


I sent an email as a result, but I had no idea that I would have a dream like this.


‘Even if it’s a dream, the feeling seems to be quite real.’


Haha. They say that there are no sensations of any kind in dreams, yet how can dreams be the same while the world around us is always changing? 


In the era of 5G, where communication alone goes beyond LTE, there is no way that you won’t develop dreams like this.


Then, this dream might be in 4D, where you can feel sensations. 


“Miss Lyna?”


“… It is the antidote to the drug you took.”


I hurriedly left the cabin without saying anything more because I was at a loss for words.


The knight who was stationed outside the cabin locked the door when I exited.


‘First, let’s go to bed.’


I’d go to bed, wake up, and probably get another reply from the author? If so, then I’d open my computer to send him a reply that I had thought wrong and leave it at that.


I turned around and did my best to ignore reality.


‘The cabin looks magnificent.’


Illyana has only made this place for herself, her safe place where she felt free to be completely open without rumors spilling.


Only Illyana and Magnus could get in there.


“You’re here already?”


“Well… uh, yes. Let’s just go back home.”


Without thinking, I attempted to respond to the coachman in my normal voice but quickly forced out a high-pitched tone by squeezing my stomach.


I didn’t care if it was a dream, but strangely, it sent a chill down my spine.


I removed my unsteady half-mask and set it down next to me as soon as I entered the carriage. Everything seemed to have been put into a movie exactly as it was in the novel because it was all so vivid.


Every detail here and there was so realistic.


“It was a mask similar to this.”


I had read that it was a golden mask with feather decorations each day, but I found it difficult to imagine. It was a nice kind of mask that I would absolutely wear when I attend a party, though.


Come to think of it, I heard that in the old days, people used to wear masks like this often for a masquerade.


“It’s a dream, right?”


I seem to be totally addicted to novels these days. When I wake up from this dream, I’ll stay away from them for a while.


I trembled, eagerly hoping that the carriage would arrive home immediately.


‘It was a devastating romance novel to begin with…’


The novel’s mood didn’t seem so bright, but it was a little more than I had expected. Magnus was miserable, so Illyana had a lot of hate during the serialization.


“You deserve to be punished.”


The twisted emotional lines that appeared as letters at the time made my heart race, but now they frighten me a little bit.


For instance, I like pork, but I didn’t understand the saying that it would be difficult to eat pork for a while if you saw the pigs being slaughtered right in front of you. However, I fully understood it today.


‘I’ve had enough of novels for a while…’


A deep sigh came out of my mouth. Whether it’s a dream or not, who said they wanted a 3D or 4D experience of all this? 


“We’ve arrived.”


The distance between Illyana’s house and the cabin wasn’t as far as I thought it would be.


I tried to correct my posture as I got out of the carriage, but struggled to do so since posture is learned naturally.


As soon as I got off, without even meeting the eyes of my maid, I ordered her to guide me straight to my room. I closed the door and lied down on the bed.


Please, I sincerely hope that when I wake up, I will be in my room’s bed, which is familiar and comfortable.



* * *



And then the dream came to an end.


‘…Who am I? Where am I?’


It’s a very childish and absurd statement, but it’s sincere.


Apparently, as soon as I got here, I locked the door, then tossed and turned as I struggled to sleep.


Every time I woke up, of course there had to be a bed, a computer, and the sound of a horn that panned every morning in a six-square-meter studio with little soundproofing.


A bedroom adorned with splendid chandeliers, luxurious porcelain, elegant lace drapes, and as spacious as a playground is obviously not mine!


Neither the bright pale hands nor the soft bed were mine. The six-square-foot, rent-only house I remember wasn’t this fancy…


“…No, right?”


I lowered my head in panic and hastily got up from my bed to stand in front of the mirror at the dressing table.


The one-piece silk nightgown, the red eyes, and the silver hair remained the same, as did the dress I threw away.


Needless to say, what I saw in the mirror was Illyana Glaine.


My legs started to lose strength as my vision significantly became hazy.


My knees hit hard enough to make a thumping sound, but since there was a carpet on the floor, it wasn’t really painful. 


At least compared to the shock I was experiencing.


“How crazy.”


What if this isn’t a dream? What can it be if it’s not a dream? Reality? That doesn’t make any sense!


I held out my palm. I gulped and looked down to see a completely unfamiliar hand.


The flawless white skin, the long skinny fingers, and the beautifully groomed fingernails were not mine at all.


[Could you please show me another story if you are willing to? Then I’ll let you see the ending of this story as well as the next story.]


I was able to recall a part of the email’s message as it ran through my head.


Why did I agree to that?


I would never have said it was fine if I had realized that it was meant to become reality.





I’m such an idiot. There is no such thing as free, but I had no idea it would have such a terrible outcome.


“Oh, I’m going to die.”


I knew it better than anyone else because I read all the novels.


How Magnus treated Illyana so terribly, how he would slaughter her whole family in front of her…


I even remembered the phrase that Illyana watched everything without even blinking, she had an expressionless face in front of him.


In the end, only the story of Illyana losing everything and being locked up somewhere for the rest of her life was briefly mentioned in the novel in just one line.


I was so curious about that half-assed ending that I sent an email, and my curiosity eventually sparked a situation I never thought I’d have to deal with.


‘…So if I complete the story in any way, can I go home?’


Will I be able to go back to my world if I complete the novel with a happy ending?


I struggled to acknowledge reality and filled my head with other worries.


I don’t understand. Why do I have to suffer like this?


To make Magnus happy…


“Let’s slowly undo the brainwashing.”


The next step is to gradually neutralize his body’s addiction to ‘Rei’ — which I apologize for since that’s originally the heroine’s job — and return Magnus to the front of the royal palace.


Then I shall quietly depart for another land.


Magnus becoming the emperor, living happily with his empress — will that be the epilogue I’ll witness?


Should I show it to him in person as the author promised to do so?


“Ah, it’s complicated.”


I jumped up from my seat after yanking my silver hair.



“Let’s sort it out on paper.”


I got up hurriedly and sat down at the desk in front of the window.


The sun was shining warmly on my desk, but more than the warmth, it was more like all the blood had drained from my skin.


Let’s take a look at the story a little bit. I should also try to sort out what I have to do with him step by step.


“Pen, my ballpen…”


I hurriedly looked around. A quill was rolling around on the desk.


“A quill?”


It seemed risky to hold it as firmly as a pencil, it might break.


“How do I use this?”


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The Beast Tamed by the Villainess

The Beast Tamed by the Villainess

Score 10
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The only real villainess in the novel brought in a man with a beautiful appearance and tamed him for life. He learned to beg her after forcing his fear to his limits, and he became into a beast from which he could never escape, even if she freed his leash. However, the beast falls in love with the woman who saved him and becomes the emperor, with his savior by his side, enslaving the villainess for all eternity. I recall this scene where the male protagonist was being tamed. …What am I supposed to do? First of all, let’s unwind the brainwashing little by little. Let’s pretend we’re sorry after that… Amen. “I had a hard time searching for you.” “What are you talking about… I don’t know. His Majesty the Emperor.” “How could I ever forget this touch of yours?” He then grabbed my wrist, grabbed my hand, placed it on his cheek, and stroked it down gradually. Just like how Illyana, the villainess in the novel, always do as she praised him. “I’m going to tame you as a beast that can’t do anything without me, just like what you did to me.” The palm that had brushed his cheek so unintentionally reached his lips. He kissed the palm of my hand briefly, then slowly removed his hand


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