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The Beast Tamed by the Villainess — Chapter 2

A person — no, a sound of rattling chains appeared amid all of this. The future emperor, Magnus De Claude, kissed my feet while holding back tears.


And the fact that Magnus is doing this in front of me means that I am…


‘No, right?’


I raised my hand and looked around.


My hands were white and soft, without a single flab, but by all accounts, they were not my hands.


Instantly, every thought flashed through my mind, even the email I wrote to the author.


‘This scene… Came from…’


…No, someone asked me to go through this myself directly — but I didn’t expect it to be this directly!


…What the hell am I going to do with this?



 “Please… Lady Lyna… I’m scared.”



It’s a challenge I’ve never experienced.


Magnus couldn’t resist but grab my foot — or should I say Illyana’s foot — and scratched the innocent rug on the floor vigorously with his fingernails.


Magnus sobbed uncontrollably from the horrors he had just experienced.


His fingers were shaking with anxiety, and they appeared to be in pain. His face was ghostly white and looked bloodless, it was also slick with cold sweat as if he had been tormented by nightmares all night.


The problem is that I am also very perplexed by this situation.




Wait, isn’t this a little bit… you know? Showing the ending in this way makes me feel like I’m making the epilogue right now. Although, it’s possible that this is all just a silly dream, ‘cause come to think of it, I went to bed immediately after writing a reply to that email.


‘It must be a dream.’


If it wasn’t a dream, such an extraordinary thing couldn’t have happened.






 When I heard a foreign voice coming out of my lips, I immediately closed it again.


But even at the sound of my weak voice, Magnus, who was slouched over on all fours, dropped his head. His wet, golden eyes were hazy.


It was not my voice that I had just let out, it was indeed the voice of Illyana Glaine.


Of course it is! No matter how much I look at this body, it looks like Illyana Glaine’s!


Her voice is neutral, yet throaty and distinctive. She had a problem with her voice.


Because of this, whenever she was outside, she would always speak in a high-pitched tone.


Only her parents — the Marquis and his wife, her personal maid, and Magnus were aware of her unique voice.



“Lady Lyna… please…”



 Magnus began to tremble with terror as I stopped speaking, placing his lips on my foot again.


His lips were cold as ice. He seemed to be quite afraid of his dream the previous day.


Illyana always used to make Magnus have terrible nightmares intentionally before she came.


I hope you hang on to yourself without thinking about anything more.


Magnus continued to stare at me while I stayed still. He then whimpered as if wondering whether to lower his lips once again.


He must have misunderstood the reason why I didn’t say anything.



“First, get on the bed… Come on.”



Although I was shocked, I didn’t dare to shout or turn away from the terrified man in front of me.


The conclusion I came to was simple.


‘Let’s find a way to escape this situation.’


Magnus seemed flustered and hesitated for a moment, my words seemed to be unexpected for him.


Finally, after continuously flashing his eyebrows, he appeared to make up his mind. He walked on all fours, cautiously crept up onto the bed, and sat down on his knees.


I looked across the cabin. When I first read the story, I assumed the house had been abandoned, and therefore, was not a good place to live in. But surprisingly, it seemed more like a lively home than a run-down cabin.


There were soft, luxurious rugs on the floor, the finest beds and bedding, a mahogany desk and polished chairs, fine ink and pens with no signs of use, various types of non-hazardous furniture, and a fireplace. Not to mention a tightly opened chest full of clothes.


The cabin was made of expensive materials suitable for Magnus.


And it was in this room that Illyana Glaine tamed him.


In the novel, Illyana did not use violence because she did not want Magnus to get hurt.


Instead, she turned Magnus’ dreams into nightmares with the power of a ‘dream manipulator’, crippling his mind and giving him a sensory amplifier.


A drug known as Rei reacts with a person’s brain and enhances their sense of pain and suffering, causing strange perceptions.


It is usually used to teach pain and obedience to slaves.


‘Rei’ basically had the effect of brainwashing.


In other words, it was the perfect way to corrupt the minds of slaves by leaving them in pain, often used by slave traders.


However, since Rei is a drug that affects the nervous system, it is harmful to the body and is highly addictive.


To put it simply, it was a very good drug for slave traders because they could not run away due to symptoms of addiction or the trauma it caused.


Clearly, Illyana was an exception to this rule. She is a sophisticated woman who acted elegantly.


She despises vulgar behavior. She is a person who hates violence.


Overall, it’s obvious that she had given him drugs to numb the fear and then utilized her abilities to leave him in a nightmare.


Magnus suffered from insomnia as a result of his traumatic experience of the darkness and nightmares.


And then when he eventually escaped and met the heroine, he struggled to overcome the drug addiction for a while.


The heroine in the novel, a highly talented doctor, painstakingly healed his damaged and poisoned body.


She was destined to attract his interest with her kindness.


The heroine also opened her heart little by little to Magnus, who only sticks to me like a child.


However, no matter how good a doctor she was, she could not eliminate his trauma to the darkness and nightmares.


Because he had such a strong dread of Illyana’s ‘power to control dreams’.





“…Lady L-Lyna… I’m scared… I’m scared… hic…



Magnus became impatient when he couldn’t sense any warmth. When I heard him breathing heavily out of fear, I just rolled my eyes softly.


I couldn’t even assess the amount of fear he was surrounded by because his feeling of anxiety must have doubled.


Iliana must have given him the ‘Rei’ a day or so earlier, he must be experiencing nightmares now as a result.


‘…Where was the antidote?’


I read the novel more than ten times word by word, letter by letter, so I remember most of the story’s plot.


It must be here somewhere, right? The novel made numerous mentions of it.


Illyana always has an antidote just in case…




I hurriedly checked under my sleeves. Before Magnus stole it, Illyana always had the antidote hidden away under her sleeves.


Magnus now had the means of escaping this nightmare.


‘Oh, how stupid. I can’t believe I forgot about this famous scene.’


I’ve read that particular scene more than twenty times since it was the most well-known part of the novel. It was when Magnus snatched the antidote while simultaneously kissing Illyana as he crawled like a dog.


I’m obviously too flustered to even think about it.


Of course, that doesn’t really fit the situation right now.


 ‘… How old am I, then?’


I  rolled my head along with my eyes as hard as I could.



 “Mag, how old are you?”


“…Lady Lyna’s beast is two years old.”


“No, I… No, it’s okay. Two years old.”



I managed to catch my breath. If this is a dream, then I can enjoy it, it won’t be for long. But there is no way I can enjoy myself under these circumstances.


His life was divided after he met Illyana.


‘Magnus was recognized as Illyana’s beast at the age of 20…’


Twenty… twenty-one…


He is only twenty-two years old right now, I cannot harass a twenty-two-year-old whether or not I’m dreaming!


‘Then Illyana must be twenty-three now.’

Illyana is a year older than Magnus. Once I knew that, the math was easy.


Even though this is a novel, my heart actually raced as I read it.  Isn’t it a crime among crimes?


Abducting people, manipulating their dreams, breaking their spirits, and even using drugs to make them addicted.


A sigh came out of my mouth.






Magnus turned to me when I called him, still clutching the bed sheet.


Despite being pushed to his limits, he didn’t appear to acknowledge my presence since he’s afraid of how much I had taught him.


Due to being left unattended for a very long time, his body was trembling out of fear yet he was glistening with the desire of grabbing the warmth at once.


Still, his eyes were filled with fear for Illyana.



“Drink this.” 



When I reached out, Magnus quivered as he looked at me before carefully holding it in his hand.


You won’t be scared anymore once the drug wears off.


For now, I’ll give him this… then I’m going to sleep.’


They say if you sleep in your dream, you can return to the real world again — and that’s what I’m aiming to do.


I never imagined I would even dream of it so vividly, no matter how much I wanted to see the next part of this story.


His hair looks so fluffy.


According to the novel, Illyana did everything as a part of taming Magnus. Of course, she washed him herself.


Magnus, who picked up the vial of blue liquid, looked at me.


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The Beast Tamed by the Villainess

The Beast Tamed by the Villainess

Score 10
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The only real villainess in the novel brought in a man with a beautiful appearance and tamed him for life. He learned to beg her after forcing his fear to his limits, and he became into a beast from which he could never escape, even if she freed his leash. However, the beast falls in love with the woman who saved him and becomes the emperor, with his savior by his side, enslaving the villainess for all eternity. I recall this scene where the male protagonist was being tamed. …What am I supposed to do? First of all, let’s unwind the brainwashing little by little. Let’s pretend we’re sorry after that… Amen. “I had a hard time searching for you.” “What are you talking about… I don’t know. His Majesty the Emperor.” “How could I ever forget this touch of yours?” He then grabbed my wrist, grabbed my hand, placed it on his cheek, and stroked it down gradually. Just like how Illyana, the villainess in the novel, always do as she praised him. “I’m going to tame you as a beast that can’t do anything without me, just like what you did to me.” The palm that had brushed his cheek so unintentionally reached his lips. He kissed the palm of my hand briefly, then slowly removed his hand


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