The Beast Tamed by the Villainess — Chapter 1


“Now, what did I tell you to do if you wanted something, Mag”


A woman spoke in a soft, husky tone.


There sat a man on the bed, neck clasped with shackles as he drenched in sweat. He was about the size of a beast and yet he was trembling in fear.


He was absolutely gorgeous. He looked like a statue sculpted by the Gods.


The frightened man jerked his legs at the need to approach the woman in front of him, his teeth gritting.


His messy, soft purple hair covered his pale features as sweat dripped on his face like dews on a leaf.


On top of that, his golden eyes were so hazy that even in the dark, it looked like they were covered in a murky fog.


He went beneath the bed and carefully got down on his knees, placing his hands on the floor.


Then, with the fear taking over him, he slowly moved his hands and feet towards her step by step just like he usually did.


He bowed his head and moved his limbs one by one, as if walking on all fours was normal to him.


The woman wore a golden mask with a feathered ornament covering half her face.


Hence, the man crawling in front of her had never seen her face even once.


She told him that seeing her face was a sin he should never commit. The day he’d wonder about it would be the day he’d receive severe punishment.


His mind was shattered by a terrible nightmare time and time again, leaving him alone in the dark.


It was all due to the woman’s ability to manipulate dreams.


And if certain conditions were met, she could even brainwash people with it.


She knew better than anyone how to dig into a person’s weakness.


He had to go through a horrific nightmare from the day he fell asleep after making her upset.


The dreams… It was impossible to see whether it really was a dream or reality.


For the moment he was in it, it felt real.


There were times when he couldn’t wake up all week and dreamed for eons.


It was not until he committed suicide in his dream that she brought him out of it.


He witnessed himself living, dying, and being neglected with his own eyes — an abandoned beast by his mistress in a dream he can’t wake up from.


When fear took over him, he had to kneel countless times to beg for forgiveness, “Please don’t throw me away.”


He had a sharp mind, he always recalled being punished a few times which made him learn his lesson.


Fortunately, she was able to tame him into someone capable of withstanding whatever she wanted to do with that amount of curiosity in his head.


The man who had been nothing but obedient to her knelt on the floor.



“That’s right.”



She reached out and stroked the man’s head as if to praise him, eventually running her palm down to touch his cheek.


He realized that her hand was much smaller and younger than he expected. There were no typical calluses.


However, somewhere in the midst of his fear, his curiosity vanished.



“Lyna… sob sob…” 



The man groaned and cried, searching for warmth after spending a long time in a dreadful nightmare and taking a hallucinogen for his nerves the day before.


Still walking on all fours, he held back his tears and bent down to kiss the shoes she wore.



“Please, I’m a terrible man… sob…



The corners of her lips rose slightly. The man then found himself steadying his breath as that simple smile knocked the air out of his lungs.



“Please save me…”



Her curved lips were vividly blossoming.


With the smile not leaving her face, she patted the kneeling man’s head. She reached out as she sat on the bed, satisfied with what she had heard.



“Come here, my dear beast.”



She spoke, still smiling.


The gorgeous man had a huge body, yet his eyes were innocent.


She kidnapped such a man and tamed him to her liking.


She drove him crazy and locked him up in a secluded cabin when he had just become an adult.


She tormented him with nightmares for a long time, convincing him that he was a beast.


And she succeeded — she completely erased his memories of being a human. Being a beast was the only identity he’d ever know and have.


A gorgeous, elegant beast who would obey and protect his mistress with his life solely to be loved by her.


From the day he turned twenty, he began to recognize himself like that.


He discovered the warmth she radiates after understanding obedience, and learned that same warmth was what prevents him from having nightmares.


She gradually fed him carrots and forced him to rely on her. Naturally, he stopped rebelling in this way.


She gave him both the carrot and the stick. She taught him how to obey her.


She was always friendly and sweet when he listened. She would praise him and give him warmth, but would lock him in a nightmare when he did something wrong.


That’s how he learned to cry in front of her and act cute.


She provided him with a simple life. He wouldn’t be alone in the dark or trembling by himself in her cold room if he did as she said.


She turned him into an animal that wouldn’t be able to escape even if she let go of his leash.


Everyone thought so.


But one day, the tamed beast unshackled himself and ran away.


He always pretended to be weak in front of her, but he was slowly looking for a chance to escape.


Finally, on the day the guards were reduced, he was able to flee. He stumbled upon a village far away from the cabin, and there he met a woman.


And he fell in love with her.


The woman saved him, helping him turn from a helpless beast to a decent human being. Eventually, he returned to his rightful place as the emperor.


He then welcomed her as his empress and pushed the villainess into an eternal pit that was worse than death, worse than how she plunged him into hell.


…There’s a novel about it.


It was a common mediocre novel entitled ‘Rebellion of the Tamed Beast’.


Of course, it was a novel I enjoyed reading, and it was the first novel in my life in which I wrote a series of emails to the author like a stalker.


Well, not really a stalker.


I just wrote a review about the relationship between the beast and the villainess in my email.


I politely began the letter with ‘I had my doubts throughout the novel’ but in the end, it became a bunch of questions for many purposes.


It was unpleasant, I know. But the happy ending was something I couldn’t accept.


Most of the questions that bothered me were, ‘Did the villainess actually love the beast?’, ‘What did the beast think of the villainess?’, and ‘Why didn’t the beast kill the villainess, but had to take revenge on her in that way?’.


In the end, I got so curious about the relationship between the two.


I’m not sure if they had a love-hate relationship or if they just thought it was a unique way of getting revenge.


I wonder what the villainess would be like after the revenge.


“Can you release the story just from the point of view of the villainess or the beast?” I typed and sent it to the author.


I thought I was a little persistent.


I sent emails once a month. Yeah, again, I don’t think I did a good job.


I thought I was going crazy, but I was definitely a little crazy for reading that novel.


Anyway, before I really became a stalker, I was about to give up on my sixth email…


…But then I received a reply.


I didn’t even expect it, but I got a reply in nearly half a year.


[ The reader’s words are correct as well. Still, I’m not sure how I feel about the ending part. Could you please show me another story if you are willing to? Then I’ll let you see the ending of this story as well as the next story. Please respond if you think this is a good idea. ]


To sum it up, this was the exact reply.


The statement ‘I’ll let you see for yourself’ was a little intimidating, now that I think about it.


Yeah, it feels a little unsettling, but it wasn’t that terrible at the time.


Anyway, I mistakenly said, without a doubt, that I was quite welcome to their idea.


And because it was very late, I went to bed. 



“Lyna… sob sob…”



…But why is that scene…



“Please, I’m a terrible man… sob…



…unfolding in front of my eyes right now?



“Please save me…”


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The Beast Tamed by the Villainess

The Beast Tamed by the Villainess

Score 10
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The only real villainess in the novel brought in a man with a beautiful appearance and tamed him for life. He learned to beg her after forcing his fear to his limits, and he became into a beast from which he could never escape, even if she freed his leash. However, the beast falls in love with the woman who saved him and becomes the emperor, with his savior by his side, enslaving the villainess for all eternity. I recall this scene where the male protagonist was being tamed. …What am I supposed to do? First of all, let’s unwind the brainwashing little by little. Let’s pretend we’re sorry after that… Amen. “I had a hard time searching for you.” “What are you talking about… I don’t know. His Majesty the Emperor.” “How could I ever forget this touch of yours?” He then grabbed my wrist, grabbed my hand, placed it on his cheek, and stroked it down gradually. Just like how Illyana, the villainess in the novel, always do as she praised him. “I’m going to tame you as a beast that can’t do anything without me, just like what you did to me.” The palm that had brushed his cheek so unintentionally reached his lips. He kissed the palm of my hand briefly, then slowly removed his hand


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