TFGR 3.1

TFGR 3.1

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Xie Zhongxing has his own plan this weekend. He is going to make up a general lesson for a junior high school student in the city. Although he is not old, he is still a high school student, but being the number one student in his school earned him an hourly wage of 80% of the normal rate.


Compared with the market price, it is actually not much, but for him as a high school student, it is not less.


It’s five o’clock in the evening when I finish making up lessons for junior high school students.


Xie Zhongxing took the bus to buy a birthday present and went straight to the Jinyu Hotel.


By the time he arrived, many people are already present.


Fu Donglin is a sports student. Although he is plain, he is tall and has a lot of momentum.


However, his heterosexual relationship is very poor, and not many girls are willing to get close to him. It’s for the reason that not only does he look fierce and scary, but because  of the fact that he mingles with the elites which make people shy away.


This time, Fu Donglin spent a lot of money and booked a lot of tables at the Jinyu Hotel in order to invite students from the left and right classes.


In contrast to Fu Donglin, Xie Zhongxing’s heterosexual relationship is not generally good. But some people in the school post-bar have specially created posts for Xie Zhongxing, relying on secretly taking photos of Xie Zhongxing to stir up popularity, and some people have even identified him as the most handsome boy in Nanyang.


This is also where Fu Donglin is very unconvinced. In his view, Xie Zhongxing looks weak, poor, and shabby. He only has a few good features and good grades, but he turns out to be more popular than him, which is unreasonable.


He is richer, taller, and very strong. He believes that he is better than Xie Zhongxing in every way, but the girls could not see it. They blindly praised Xie Zhongxing as the most handsome guy in school. They even thought that it was ridiculous to go to the east just to attend his extravagant party.


Fu Donglin really wants to tear apart Xie Zhongxing’s arrogant expression and let everyone see his essence.


Even with this kind of malice flowing in his mind, Fu Donglin still managed to put on a fake smile towards Xie Zhongxing upon seeing him. “Greetings! I thought you won’t be able to make it.”


Xie Zhongxing handed over his present without saying much, “Happy Birthday.”


Fu Donglin looked down. Xie Zhongxing unexpectedly put it in a bag and came over. He smirked a little and then sneered. He took the bag from him nevertheless as he started speaking. “Why didn’t you get a gift box? It’s too shabby. Let me see what is inside.”


With that, regardless of the taboo, he opened the gift directly even if so many people are watching them. But when he lifted the supposed gift from the paper bag, the people stretched out their heads and laughed.  


there were many people present, opened the bag directly, and others stretched out their heads and laughed, “Life is truly cruel. Five-year college entrance mock-up with three-year simulation tests. That’s a heavy gift.”


Fu Donglin frowned deeply. “Xie Zhongxing, are you mocking me?”


looked at him and said, “I think you need it.” This is true, and he has seriously considered giving it to him.


Fu Donglin basically confirmed that Xie Zhongxing was mocking him. Who didn’t know that he was a sports student, and they don’t pass college entrance examinations based on academic grades because they’re not that clever? The five-year college mock-up entrance examination and three-year simulation were basically useless to him. He was very ashamed, there are so many people that are watching that he restrained himself to go berserk. Instead, he laughed at Xie Zhongxing and his gift. “Yes, I do need it.”


However, he smiled so ferociously that others could not help but take a few steps away from him.


Xie Zhongxing knew that Fu Donglin did not like him, and he also did not want to waste time on Fu Donglin. He came to the birthday party and sent an expensive birthday present just to ease the tense relationship. However, looking at the appearance of Fu Donglin, he obviously has a strong bad feeling towards him.


In vain, Xie Zhongxing lowered his eyes and exhaled almost inaudibly, a little irritated. He looked around. Zhong Yiming didn’t come, so he wanted to leave, but Fu Donglin took the first step and said, “Come and sit down. I asked someone to order a batch of good wine so we can all taste it together.”


Wine is still very attractive to these well-behaved high school students. As soon as many boys heard this, they immediately find a seat and sit down.


Xie Zhongxing wanted to open his mouth, but Fu Donglin stared at him and beat him to talk, “You bully, this is my birthday party. You won’t lose face, will you?”


As soon as these words came out, Xie Zhongxing pursed his lips into a fine thin line.


Fu Donglin raised his chin to a boy and said, “Hurry up and take ‘high achiever’ to find a seat. Why are you in a daze? Move.”


The boy always worked as a sidekick behind Fu Donglin. After listening to his bossy words, he was not upset. He very obediently made a comparison to Xie Zhongxing, “Please sit here. Make yourself at home!”


Xie Zhongxing quietly followed the boy to the middle seat.


Fu Donglin personally opened the wine and pour it over to his guests’ glasses. When he came to Xie Zhongxing, Xie Zhongxing only said, “I don’t drink.”


Fu Donglin abruptly picked up the wine glass and poured him a cup. “It’s my birthday. For my sake, you will drink!”


Someone next to him booed, “if you’re a man, then drink! Have a drink!”


“Xie Zhongxing, you don’t even dare drink wine, do you?”


Xie Zhongxing’s expression is already a little cold, and his glare towards everyone is so sharp it can kill.


Fu Donglin and Xie Zhongxing have been sleeping together in the dormitory for almost a year, and they naturally know that Xie Zhongxing hates drinking. Usually, even if he is drunk, he looks at him like he is looking at some kind of rubbish, which is very annoying.


He has to make a fool of him in front of everyone. This might do the trick.


The first thing he needs to do is to plan on what he’d do next after he made him drink. His heart is already filled with happiness that it was evident all over his face. He must make Xie Zhongxing drink this glass of wine.


Fu Donglin doesn’t let Xie Zhongxing talk that much, and he can obviously that Fu Donglin wanted to make a fool out of him as soon as possible. 


Xie Zhongxing fixed a glance at Fu Donglin before he took his glass, raised it and drink it in big gulps.

Although the wine that Fu Donglin ordered is not as strong as the liquor, Xie Zhongxing seemed to be a lightweight. Xie Zhongxing drank it in one breath, which surprised Fu Donglin, but he was even more excited because of it. “There’s still so much alcohol in the stock room. If you’ve liked it so much then have some more.”


With that, he poured some wine into his glass again.


A girl said, “That’s enough. If he gets drunk later, how can he get back?”


Hearing this, Fu Donglin added fuel to the fire. He sneered and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll send him back.”


But Xie Zhongxing said, “No more.”


Without waiting for Donglin to persuade him, he added, “I’m drunk.”


With that, he laid down on the table.


Fu Donglin gave him a push. “Are you really drunk?”


Xie Zhongxing remained motionless. His eyes were tightly closed, his face was flushed, and his eyes were stained with a touch of bright red.


Looking at such a thank you star, no one will doubt what he said.


Looks like he was drunk.


Fu Donglin thought it was strange to get drunk so easily, but at least his plan is working. With a crocodile smile on his ordinary face he made a little announcement, “Since Xie  Zhongxing is drunk, I’ll ask someone to send him back to school.”


When this was said, no one questioned it, but they all said yes.


Fu Donglin got his wish and asked someone to drag away Xie Zhongxing.

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The Foolish Gong was Reborn

The Foolish Gong was Reborn

沙雕攻他重生了, The Sand Sculpture Gong was Reborn
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Outsiders all say that Xie Zhongxing had hit the jackpot marrying the prince of the Qin Enterprise, Qin Zhongyue, even being treasured and favoured for five whole years. They were well-recognized as a loving couple. However, they didn’t know that Qin Zhongyue had a lot of dissatisfaction with this marriage. He complained to his good friend, “He micromanages everything. Won’t let me drink or smoke, won’t let me go clubbing, and he even set me a 10pm curfew!” “I have to hand over all my salary and bank cards and he would only give me a hundred yuan a day! Only if he is in a good mood, he would give me a few hundred more!” Qin Zhongyue felt angry and wronged, “And I even have to wait on him!” “If I ever get the chance to do this again, I will never marry him! I used to get eight million yuan a month as spending money!” The prince said this to his friend. The day after he said this, Qin Zhongyue found himself reborn to the time when he was seventeen. The Xie Zhongxing at this time was eighteen years old and poor to the point where he only had one set of old clothes to wear, holes in his socks and a pair of dirty shoes whose soles were coming off. Even if he had a nice-looking face, he was despised and looked down upon, and known in the school as a pauper. When Xie Zhongxing’s parents came to handle the withdrawal procedures for him, Qin Zhongyue only then found out that he was a study tyrant ranked first in his grade, receiving scholarships every year, and that he was a seedling with good prospects the school had high expectations for and not the ‘useless high school dropout who didn’t like to study and only has money in his eyes’ as claimed by his younger brother. Qin Zhongyue couldn’t bear the sight of this. He pulled Xie Zhongxing into his arms, angry, “Continue studying! Our Qin family has never had a top scorer before, you must keep studying!” Xie Zhongxing raised his eyes and looked at him in confusion. The look in his eyes seemed to ask: Who are you? Qin Zhongyue thought of Xie Zhongxing’s dictatorship after their marriage and shuddered. He then maintained a look of righteousness, “I am just a kind-hearted person who does not wish to reveal his name!” Later, Qin Zhongyue asked Xie Zhongxing shyly, “If we get married, can you give me a thousand yuan a day as spending money?” Xie Zhongxing, “?” Qin Zhongyue, “…..Five hundred is also okay.”


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