TFGR 1.1

Xie Zhongxing.

Beijing, light fog bar.


There’s a casually dressed man leaning on the sofa which made the dark light of the bar hit him in the face. You could see that he was a truly handsome guy with a pointed nose and deep facial features.


He hung his eyes and drank one drink after another.


After a while, a man with combed hair came over and sat next to him. He scratched the bottle on the table with his fingers and said helplessly, “How much did you drink?”


Qin Zhongyue snorted and said, “I won’t get drunk a thousand cups.”


With that, he sat up straight and poured a glass of wine to the man on his back, that is, Li Jun. “You drink, too.”


Li Jun refused: “Good-bye, I am quitting smoking and drinking, but how come your wife is letting you drink like this? Don’t go back and kneel on the washboard. “


Qin Zhongyue said, “I’m the one in charge at home. He doesn’t dare to lecture me. I can drink as much as I want.”


Li Jun said vaguely, “Really?”


Qin Zhongyue recognized the doubt in his tone and was a little exasperated. “Of course. I told you before, it was I who didn’t bother to care about him, so he made his own decision,” Qin Zhongyue said. “Now that I am serious, he will know how good I am. “


Li Jun said, “Oh, wife Guan Yan is now the master. It’s hard to see. We have to call some brothers out to celebrate tomorrow.”


He also said, “Tang Mingxin opened a clubhouse with high-quality girls. Anyway, your wife can’t control you. Would you like to go and have a good time?”


Qin Zhongyue said, “Are you kidding me? I have a wife.”


He said impolitely, “Be careful not to get sick.”


Li Jun smiled and said, “Dude, don’t you think it’s a pity that you got married so early?”


These rich children all love to play, but Qin Zhongyue is more special and got married at the age of 22, which has been 5 years now. There is no impenetrable wall in the world, and everyone knows that his wife comes from a poor background, even if he is a man, and he does not know what charm he has.


Qin Zhongyue listened to Li Jun’s words, drank a few more glasses of wine, and began to hold back his words. “There are some things I feel uncomfortable in my heart. I’ll only tell you because you are a brother to me already.”


Li Jun listened, cheered up, and leaned over, “Tell me.”


Qin Zhongyue is a little tipsy, his white cheeks are slightly red, and his eyes are a darker shade than normal. Almost 30-year-old men, only Qin Zhongyue still shows a taste of innocence. He lowered his voice and said, “My father likes my wife very much.”


Li Jun: “Ah?” What do you mean? “


Qin Zhongyue said: “My father pulled the strings for me and my wife, but he also said that I shall not marry him. Else, when he retires, Qin’s assets will all be given to my cousin.”


Li Jun was surprised, “To Qin Wenxuan?” Oh, come on. “


Everyone knows that Qin Wenxuan is the second ancestor of the company and is very capable of making trouble. if Qin Enterprise is handed over to him, he will probably go bankrupt in a few years.


Qin Zhongyue said, “How can it be fake? After I married him, my father let him go to work for the company.”


Li Jun was suddenly surprised and had a very bad guess, “Your father is not going around just to give the company to your wife, is it?”


Qin Zhongyue did not speak, and the more he thought about it, the more he felt that it was possible, so he said vaguely, “Have you ever thought about it?”… Where your wife came from, and your father. “


Qin Zhongyue lowered his voice and whispered, “I stole my wife’s hair and my father’s, and went to make an identification. There is no blood relationship.”


Li Jun breathed a sigh of relief. it turned out that Qin Zhongyue had suspected it. “It should be impossible,” he said with a smile. “It’s impossible for your father to do anything wrong to you.”


The two looked at each other in silence.

Qin Zhongyue reached for the bottle and poured himself a full cup.


Li Jun said: “You should drink less. I don’t want to take you back when you’ve gotten yourself drunk. And then you will have to face your wife’s terror.”


Qin Zhongyue hummed: “He dares, I am the head of the family.”


Li Jun said, “Yes, you are the head of the family.”


Qin Zhongyue raised his neck, drank more than half a glass of wine, and became silent again.


When Li Jun looked at him, he saw that his eyes were red and moist. He was startled. “Qin Zhongyue, are you crying?”


Qin Zhongyue muttered, “I feel sick.”


Li Jun patted him on the shoulder. “If you really don’t like your wife, you might as well get divorced.”


Qin Zhongyue said: “That’s no good. My wife is sitting in the position of vice president, and those shareholders are going to make trouble after the divorce.”


Li Jun was speechless, and Prince Qin was the first to get mixed up in this position.


Qin Zhongyue said, “In fact, he is much better than me.” And very depressedly said: “He is too fond of me. He doesn’t let me smoke and drink, do not let me go to clubbing parties. He also set up a door guard. I should always be home before 10:00!”


Li Jun nodded. He knew this. Qin Zhongyue’s wife, Xie Zhongxing, had a strong desire for control. Qin Zhongyue had no freedom outside. Even the party between friends would call to check the post, let him go home on time, and even pick him up in person when necessary.


Li Jun also knows that Xie Zhongxing doesn’t like these people, so Li Jun and Qin Zhongyue’s other friends are not used to Xie Zhongxing.


That’s how you look at each other and get tired of each other.


Qin Zhongyue just said that he was the head of the family, and Xie Zhongxing could not control him, but now that he had drunk too much, he could not help but pour out those unknown secrets.


“Pay ten times a week for public food, which can only be more or less, and it will take more than half an hour, or let my aunt make soup! – is what he said to annoy me!”


“I was forced to hand in my salary card and bank card, and he’d only give me one hundred yuan a day! One hundred yuan, what can I do with that kind amount of money? if he is comfortable with his life, he must give me a few hundred more. “


When Qin Zhongyue talked about the depths, his eyes became wetter and wetter. He wiped his eyes, and said with grievances, “To tell you the truth, all the young masters outside have it more than me. People appear at work with tens of thousands of dollars. I am cleaner than the young masters, and I don’t know why he cares about me so much. My father gave me eight million pocket money a month, and he confiscated it all.”


Li Jun was dumbfounded and dared not listen anymore. For fear of being awakened by Qin Zhongyue’s dark shark, he quickly interrupted him and said, “You’re drinking too much. Hey, give me your cell phone. I’ll find your wife’s phone number and let her pick you up.”


After a meal, Qin Zhongyue lowered his voice and whispered, “Don’t do that. He’s on a business trip, otherwise how dare I come out for a drink?”


Li Jun: “…..”


……. Who just boasted that he was the head of the family? Who was it?


Li Jun got up and snatched his glass. “Don’t drink. I won’t take you back when you’re drunk.”


Qin Zhongyue said angrily, “Do you look down on me?” I told you I won’t get drunk! I can go back by myself. “


Li Jun: “…..”


He had to sit down and think about getting him a room if he got drunk later.


Qin Yue went on to say, “If I could do it again, I would never marry him!” If my dad really doesn’t want to give me his family business, I’ll let him recognize my wife as his son, and I’ll be an extra brother. It’s better for Qin to be given to my wife than to give Qin Wenxuan. “


Li Jun was a little bit confused on what to reply to him but said, “You have a big heart.”


Hundreds of billions of property will be given to outsiders.


He also drank some wine, and seeing that Qin Zhong had not spoken for a long time, he turned to see that the guy had fallen asleep on the table.

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