LoS Chapter 13

Although he really did not want to, Xia Qi ended up bursting into tears in front of Lu Xuan. “Finding it hard to part with the end of filming?” Lu Xuan handed Xia Qi a tissue to wipe his tears, then instructed the driver, “Drive steadily.” Xia Qi nodded and shook his head, crying uncontrollably. […]

LoS Chapter 12

“This role isn’t easy to secure, make sure to treasure it. In Shengshi Media’s high-level office, Lu An Qi handed over a contract to Jiang Jiang, smiling. “Starting next year, you’ll need to have Qin Le help you to carefully select your film projects. You should target for higher-quality dramas, and endorsements need to be […]


Intersection, an out-of-control large truck was charging straight towards a black Cayenne, ruthlessly colliding. Just a second ago, Tang Mian was bantering with Fu Shizhao, but now he hastily met the gaze of a pair of beautiful yet distressed light-brown eyes in the driver’s seat. The next moment, he was hit by a fierce impact, […]

LoS Chapter 11

“Mr. Lu, there’s one more thing…” After showering, the two of them went to the living room. Xia Qi knelt on the couch, drying Lu Xuan’s hair while Lu Xuan changed the channel to watch the news, seemingly absent-minded. “Hmm?” Xia Qi sat down and whispered, “Miaomiao just sent me a message. The production team […]

LoS Chapter 10

On the other end of the line, there was a noticeable hesitation before a voice said, “Hello?” Xia Qi felt like crying for real this time. “I’m sorry, Mr. Lu, I’m so sorry. I only wanted to send you a text message, but I didn’t know why I ended up calling…” Xia Qi felt like […]

LoS Chapter 9

Xia Qi was on the verge of breaking down. Yet, Lu Xuan seemed as if he did not recognize him, his act was so natural that it made Xia Qi jealous. Xia Qi wanted to cry. He did deliberately keep his audition a secret from Lu Xuan, but as one of the interviewers, Lu Xuan […]

LoS Chapter 8

Although Xia Qi really wanted to wear Lu Xuan’s clothes, he knew that it would draw too much attention if he walked in and out of the company wearing a noticeably oversized coat. Xia Qi was used to keeping a low profile and avoiding unnecessary attention. Despite the jealous and envious looks from the people […]

LoS Chapter 7

“I…” Xia Qi’s eyes turned red, and he sniffled softly, saying, “I just came back from the company. My phone… It must have run out of battery.” Lu Xuan chuckled. “Yan Zhuo Yi has been trying to reach you since noon. He even went to the company but couldn’t find you. I thought you went […]

LoS Chapter 6

Hearing the news of the ambassador switch, Xia Qi did not take it to heart. He was used to staying silent, but when he was suddenly in the spotlight, he actually felt a little uncomfortable. While he was fine with acting in films, participating in variety shows or similar activities felt forced to him. Moreover… […]

LoS Chapter 5

Although Xia Qi did not sleep well, he still woke up early the next day. It was just 5 o’clock in the morning, and the sky was not fully lit up by the sun yet. The makeup artist had not even woken up, so Xia Qi went to the film set first to get the […]

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