Fight Off The Annoying Team Ch 3

The training room, the bunker, as its name, they really had to reach each pedal that appeared in quicksand quickly, and the person who was shot down and made three mistakes was judged to be out. [Someone In The Crowd] “Stay away from her. She is a sham little witch, and always pretends to be […]

HFILE Chapter 4

4 Aiden, the beautiful elf with silver hair and fresh green eyes, works as a doctor. Be that as it may, the elves who are only second to the beastmen in toughness are almost never sick and it’s not during a war so there are no serious injuries. And so, it seems that he often […]

HFILE Chapter 3

3 It was early morning when she woke up. All the kidnapped women are laid down in a large round room. The surface of the floor was covered with a lot of pink soft and nicely scented cotton. It’s a huge difference from the livestock cabins’ stinky and hard beds.     “Where is this?” […]

HFILE Chapter 2

2   That evening, there were movements in the livestock cabins.   “The elves are here!”   The hen beastman who was acting as a watchman shouted like a warning, and the beastmen who heard that jumped out of their beds. Maru and Salami also put on their jackets over their nightwear and went out […]

HFILE Chapter 1

<Character Introduction> Maru (18) ♀ A hamster beastman. The only hamster amongst the lion-centered elite Royal Family……. She may be naive but she is very vigilant. She has light brown hair and acorn-colored eyes.      Salami (18) ♀ A pig beastman. She’s a noble’s daughter but because she was born a pig, she was […]

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