LoS Chapter 2

Yao Miaomiao’s concerns were not without a reason. Xia Qi was a new and irreplaceable rookie who had landed such an important role. It’s inevitable that others would feel envious of him. Even though Xia Qi has only been on the set for a day, he has already faced a fair amount of open and […]

LoS Chapter 1

“Mr. Lu, Mr. Lu…” It was just 7 o’clock in the morning, both of them had slept late the previous night and Xia Qi wasn’t sure if he could wake up Lu Xuan at this hour, as he vaguely heard Lu Xuan’s assistant mentioned last night that he had an important meeting today. Xia Qi […]

DFSRA- Chapter 21

Ch: 21 The vinegar jar is about to turn over, Mr. Jian’s bad day     After Qiao Mo returned, Su Shu was still blowing on the bottle with a silly smile on her face.     She shook her head helplessly, and woke Su Shu up who had drank a little too much, “Xiao […]

TVVSH- Chapter 31

Ch. 31 Female Protagonist        On the same day, after the evening self-study ended, Jiang Juan went back to his house.        During this time, after school, Jiang Juan always ran to Aunt Rong’s place, where he finished his homework before going back with Xie Jingxian.        Jiang Juan […]

DFSRA- Chapter 20

Ch. 20 It makes her addicted to it…     Maybe it was the wine that made her courageous, hearing Jian Luozhi’s question, Qiao Mo’s grievances, which had been suppressed all night, suddenly erupted. She shook off Jian Luozhi’s hand and glared at him, “It is all your fault!”     Originally this was a […]

DFSRA- Chapter 19

Ch. 19 The most embarrassing thing is that Jian Luozhi supports Qiao Mo     Qiao Mo pushed open the door of the villa and walked out. She was a well-bred lady, even if she was very angry, she didn’t do anything like slamming the door shut.     Qiao Mo, who was carrying the […]

TVVSH- Chapter 30

Ch. 30 The Kitten        Jiang Juan groaned in his heart, subconsciously poked the system panel to check, and saw that his favorability level had surpassed fifty before he knew it, and his trust value was a few points higher than he had imagined.        Jiang Juan felt that something was […]

DFSRA- Chapter 18

Ch. 18 New Contract     When Jian Luozhi was taking a shower, Qiao Mo also went up to the second floor to give herself a brief rinse, and then changed into her pajamas.     By the time she went downstairs, Jian Luozhi had already walked out of the bathroom.     He was […]

TVVSH- Chapter 29

Ch. 29 Cheating        Jiang Juan spent the whole morning writing the two reviews, and finally heaved a sigh of relief.        Although the monthly exam was over, the results and rankings of the exam were not yet released. Jiang Juan could only continue to live in Xie Jingxian’s house to […]

DFSRA- Chapter 17

Ch. 17 Mark     While driving on the road, Qiao Mo kept calling the system in her heart.     Don’t know what’s going on, the system that usually kept on urging her to carry out the strategy for counterattacking was silent at this time.     There was total peace in Qiao Mo’s […]

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