Since I Reincarnated as the Third Son of a Duke, This Time I Can’t Make a Mistake ~My True Story Conquered by a Blank Fool~ Chapter 7




Arnold was sprawled on his bed in his room.

If the chief deacon sees him now, he will get angry.

(Now then, let’s start by sorting out the current situation. For the time being, it’s a better situation than I had expected. That woman had just instructed to take me to detached place, so in the worst case, all the servants would be under her control. Looking at the butlers and maids gathered here, 50% of them belonged to that woman, 30-40% probably belonged to Rei, and the rest belonged to the Duke. I feel like a person under surveillance.)

Arnold is sensitive to gazes, so he somehow figured it out from the gazes he felt when he first came.

And it was mostly right.

As expected, even Zaorg’s mother, Audrey, does not have the authority to do whatever she pleases in the Duke’s household.

However, because it was a struggle in the succession battle, it was overlooked to sneak 50% of the people into the detached house.

And the one who slipped in was a throwaway piece that would be eliminated in this duke household, who usually has a bad work attitude and boasts only of his family.

(Maybe they were betting on the balance between the risk of causing trouble by sending incompetent people and the fact that I would take root in a situation where there were only enemies, but if I were an ordinary aristocrat, In my previous life, I didn’t even have a house. Doesn’t matter if I’ve been living without it, so I’m going to give you roots just like that.)

Arnold couldn’t help but smile.

What makes Arnold different from other kids is that he experienced rock bottom.

Therefore, most of the harassment makes me angry, but I can quickly calm down.

Originally, even the emotion of anger was superfluous, but it had not yet reached that level.

(I’m fine, but I have to take care of my mother.)

On the surface, He doesn’t care about other people, but whether it’s because she’s a real mother or just because it’s His nature, He couldn’t let innocent people be exposed to harm.

(The power of personal connections is not limited to the power of nobles. The loyalty of the servants and knights who support the house is also one of the powers. However, it does not mean that anyone can be an ally. Because there’s nothing to be afraid of.First of all, it’s the selection of servants.Those who are the hands of that woman are now neglected.When I disposed of them one by one, rumors will spread that he is a person who would dispose of people for trivial matters. If I do, it will hinder me grasp of people’s hearts.Even If I leave it alone, it will cause some kind of problem.It’s fine to dispose of it after that.It’s the neutral position and the people at the end of Rei’s hands who are drawn in. The Duke’s hand is probably someone who has pledged allegiance to the Duke, so it’s impossible.I get the feeling that the butler and the maid who was making tea are the Duke’s hand, but… )

From lying on my back to lying down on my stomach.

(For the time being, it would be better to focus on military force for the next year. The chances of an assassin coming are low, but there is a possibility that the opponent is an idiot. Especially that woman has taken such measures. It’s the other party.It’s quite possible.And then I’ll look for a useful merchant and build a fortune.But I’ll build a business after I get the military power.Even if I get on track in my current state, they’ll probably steal it. That’s why it’s fine to start in earnest at the age of 6. It seems that from the age of 7, elementary school is…do you need to go?)

Knock, knock, the door was knocked.


The butler opened the door and entered.

“Arnold-sama, after this…”

I lifted my face from the futon and got off the bed as if nothing had happened.

I felt silent pressure from the chief butler, but I ignored it.

 Did the chief deacon lose his mind?

“…Arnold-sama, regarding your plans after this, Do you want to eat first or take a bath?”

“…Let’s have dinner first. Then invite Mother to join us for dinner.”

“I’m sorry. I’ll call you as soon as It’s ready.”

I was actually thinking of asking the chief butler if I could swear allegiance, but I thought I wouldn’t ask after seeing that outfit, so I put it off.

After that, when I was taken to the cafeteria, my mother had already come.

“Thank you for inviting me”Saying that, my mother thanked me.

For the time being, the hostess of this detached house is my mother, but the host is me.

“No, of course. Let’s eat together as much as possible from now on.”

Saying that, he smiled like a child.

As soon as we sat down, the food was brought to us.

When I turned my eyes to the head butler, he silently nodded and let the servant who was waiting on the wall out of the room.

(He’s a really capable butler. I’d like to win him over to my side, but…)

“Well, mother, let’s have it.”

Then the meal began in silence.

(Mumbling… I feel like it’s normal compared to yesterday, but it’s hard to judge if it’s because of the skill of the chef…)

(…it seems that my mother isn’t eating well.)

“Mother, isn’t it delicious?”

“No, I can’t eat that much to begin with, so I’m in trouble because there are too many.”

She said with a troubled smile.

“If so, can I have it?”

Originally, it would be a violation of manners, but today I sent the servant to do this.

My mother glanced at Clément, but she didn’t say anything and agreed.


I had Clement bring my mother’s cooking.

(Mumbling… I see. It’s not bad, I would have eaten it without any complaints in the past. However, the quality was clearly worse than the one I ate earlier, and even if I made a mistake, I wouldn’t give it to the Duchess. It’s a poor quality of harassment.Do you think that the former prostitute doesn’t know the difference in taste, or Did they assume that even if she do, she won’t be able to say anything?)

After that, I finished my meal and parted ways with my mother in the dining room.

After returning to my room, I took a bath.

(I can’t get used to the feeling of being washed by someone~)

I talked to the maid who was wiping my body before returning to the room after getting out of the bath.

“Call Clément to the room… um! Call him.”


(After all, I’m still not used to the command tone)

I was sitting on the chair in front of the table in my room with my eyes closed, my arms crossed and my little legs crossed when the door was knocked.

“Come in”

“Excuse me. I apologize for keeping you waiting.”

“Clément. Let’s start with miscellaneous matters. First of all, are you in charge of the 100 million dora that is given to you every year?”

“No, it is currently under the jurisdiction of Duchess.

(It would be troublesome if the vault keeper was that woman’s hand… no, would it be more convenient?)

“Will the management fee for this outbuilding be taken from there?”

“No. The management fee for this detached house will be paid by the Duke.”

“I see. Also, please prepare a list of all the servants in this detached house by tomorrow.”


“Also, I’d like a guide for tomorrow’s outing exploration. Please prepare someone who you can trust and who knows the name of the servants of this mansion. Can you do it?”

“Yes, it’s all right, Do you trust me?”

“Talk about that later.”

I answered while waving my hand.


Clement bowed respectfully.

“Next. Was it the head chef who made today’s dish?”

“That’s what I heard.”

“Right. Then tell him to be more diligent. Also, can you take the serving in your hands and change the serving for me and my mother?”

It’s fine if the chef’s skill improves after hearing those words, and if it drops even further, it shouldn’t be a problem to judge.

“I can do it, but if you don’t like it, why don’t you fire him?”

“You should know that it’s a bad idea to do it now. Stop trying.”

“I’m sorry.”

Even if you dismiss the head chef now, the only thing you’ll get is one less pest, and it’ll come back soon.

And if I fires a chef who can make delicious food if he cooks properly, he will say that he was unfairly fired because the food was bad, and my reputation will drop, and at least he will say that I am just a child with a tantrum. It will make an bad impression.Rumors and impressions, once circulated, are not easy to dispel. When I was falsely accused, it quickly spread in my neighborhood that I was a criminal. And until my death, the label of being a criminal never came off. Therefore, it is necessary to move carefully now that the first impression is not yet established. What gets in the way is the rule that “it is forbidden to give in to anyone”.It is difficult to judge which side will giving up first.

However, as long as Arnold doesn’t spread to the general public, it’s fine, and it’s clear from the previous question that he won’t drop out immediately when he’s 5 years old, so I thought that the temporary evaluation could be recovered later. Besides, the succession dispute to become a duke is not the top priority for Arnold. If it’s possible to get a position, He’ll take it, but I didn’t think about restricting Arnold’s actions for that reason.

“Also, for the time being, please leave the actions of the servants, except for those that you have judged to be extremely obnoxious.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, it’s my style to exterminate pests all at once. Even if you take them one by one, they’ll come back soon, right?”

“Yes, that was polite.”

“Ah, and let them know that I will be going around the mansion tomorrow.

It would be easy to judge a person who is really not afraid of being said to be an enemy, and even if he is not an enemy, a person who is really not afraid of his master is just incompetent and should not be an ally.


“Let’s get to the point, shall we?”




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Since I Reincarnated as the Third Son of a Duke, This Time I Can’t Make a Mistake ~My True Story Conquered by a Blank Fool~

Since I Reincarnated as the Third Son of a Duke, This Time I Can’t Make a Mistake ~My True Story Conquered by a Blank Fool~

公爵家の三男に転生したので今度こそ間違えない 〜黯然の愚者が征く己の正道譚〜
Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: , Released: May 2, 2022 Native Language: Japanese
A story about a man who was deceived in his previous life and suffered a terrible loss, but after reincarnating, he pursues unyielding power.


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