Since I Reincarnated as the Third Son of a Duke, This Time I Can’t Make a Mistake ~My True Story Conquered by a Blank Fool~ Chapter 6


“Then, Arnold-sama, Can you tell me about your future plans?”

Seeing me take a breather, Clement spoke to me.

“Yes. First of all, please arrange a teacher who can teach the contents of the high school. After that, I would like a knight who teaches swordsmanship and a teacher who teaches magic.”

(First and foremost, I must hurry to strengthen myself. Even if I can’t physically get out of their hands, it should be a considerable restraint.)

“I’m sorry. And, even though I’m presumptuous, Is these things be okay?”

Arnold tilted his head at Clement.

Clément took this as his understanding and continued.

“Courteous words are a virtue, but as a noble, or even as a member of this ducal family, you should not speak like that to a servant.

(Maybe because I have memories of my previous life, I unconsciously had a habit of speaking politely to the elderly. From now on, I have to try to speak with dignity.)

“Okay, Clement. Thank you for your advice.”


“It’s a waste of words. I’m sorry for telling too much.”

And Clement bowed respectfully.

“Then, I will make arrangements for the teacher by the end of the day. When will you start?”


“I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

Then he bowed again and left the room.

Then the maids came into the room like they were taking turns, re-brewed the tea that was supposed to be cold, and went down to the wall where it was hard to see.

(I guess I’ll have to take control of the servants, but… for now)

“Nice to meet you, Mother. My name is Arnold Dunkerno….”

To be honest, I hesitated because I didn’t know what to say.

“Nice to meet you. My name is Mayrose Dunkerno. It may not feel like much, but I am your mother. And let me apologize first. I will cause you unnecessary trouble. I’m really sorry.”

“No. It’s not my mother’s fault. Rather, I’d like to thank you for giving birth to me. Whatever happens in the future, it’s my lack of power and it has nothing to do with my mother. There’s no need to apologize.”

Arnold said everything from the heart.

Even if He was despised as the child of prostitute, it would be much better than being born as a commoner, and furthermore, they have an environment in where they can increase their power. I thought I would be punished for wanting more.

“Yes… I may not be able to help much, but I can at least give consultation, so if you have anything, please tell me.”

Mayrose was a little discouraged by what she said in a sense, but managed to smile and somehow.


That was the end of my first conversation with my mother.

“Hey, where is the head maid? Call her.”

I called out to the maid who was waiting on the wall.


Saying that, the maid didn’t run, but quickly left the room.Originally, she should have come to greet me with the deacon, but she never came to say hello.Even if for some reason they were late, the chief maid should have been the one who came in to take turns with the chief deacon.Arnold vaguely guessed that it wasn’t.

Then came the sound of slightly noisy footsteps.It is clearly disqualifying for a professional servant to walk making such noises.Then came a good-looking maid.

“I have heard your call. Is there anything you need?”I see , my prediction was correct about the head maid who didn’t hide her reluctant attitude with a clearly sullen face.

“Why didn’t you come to say hi?”

I thought they would make excuse like that anyway, but I listened to it for the sake of form.

“There was a little trouble, and I was dealing with it.”

(There is no doubt that she was licking it without an apology, but I thought she would come up with a better excuse…or was there really trouble? you will know)


For the time being, I can’t do anything about it, so when I put the blame on it, the head maid laughed snoringly, thinking that I was just a child after all.

Even if I pointed it out, it would only be a false argument that I didn’t do it.

If he was a duke, he would have disposed of it without a doubt, but it can’t be helped compared to the current duke.

And the feeling of aversion to the murders of the previous life is inevitably getting in the way.

“And I didn’t even heard your name yet.” The head maid reluctantly replied with a decent thank you.

“My name is Ones Lawrais, and I am the head maid of this detached building. Nice to meet you.”

(Have you received an education for the time being? And Lawrais? Are you from a noble family affiliated with that woman’s parent’s house?)

Arnold’s education up to the age of five gave him a general understanding of this country’s aristocratic relations.And since most of the servants of the Duke’s household are commoners, it is normal for only the first names to be given in self-introductions, so that it is not possible to tell whether they are nobles or commoners. be.However, this head maid went out of her way to give her family name.

This is because her pride as an aristocrat does not allow her to serve a former prostitute, and she named herself as a genuine aristocrat unlike us .

Originally, it would be impossible for such an incompetent maid to become the head maid, but the Duke did not say anything about it during the succession dispute. However, if the maid causes any damage to the Duke’s household, the person who welcomes the maid will also be held responsible.So, if you have a decent head, you can send a capable person as a spy, but you should t send an incompetent person.

“Mother, why don’t you stay until dinner?”

Arnold deliberately didn’t respond to the head maid’s greeting and called out to his mother.

“Yes. I will.”

“Hey, guide my mother to her room.The head maid didn’t even reply, just thanked him and took her away.

I took a break and drank the tea that was finally brewed, but it was cold again.

“Hey, brew me some tea.”As if it had already been prepared, he poured the tea with a quick movement.

“Thank you”I said it casually, but after I said it, I thought it was not okay, but the maid smiled and went away, so I thought it would be nice to say thank you.






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