Since I Reincarnated as the Third Son of a Duke, This Time I Can’t Make a Mistake ~My True Story Conquered by a Blank Fool~ Chapter 17



Arnold returned to the study after finishing his training with Cordeau.


“Clement, after this it’s time for magic training, right?”


If Arnold’s memory is correct. It was supposed to be the first magic lecture after Cordeau’s training, but there was no sign of the magic teacher coming at the appointed time.


“Yes, Arnold-sama.


“I don’t care. It’s not your fault. I’m not the kind of person to get angry over such unreasonable things.”


Arnold has experienced unreasonable things in his previous life, so he has an extraordinary aversion to unreasonable things.


Arnold’s mood was therefore one of anger.


“excuse me”


At that moment there was a knock on the study door.


“Get in”


“excuse me”

A maid, name Mina, came in.

I whispered to Clement, handed him a document, and stepped back behind Clement.




“Arnold-sama, I received information about a magic teacher.


“Yes. Is He coming soon?”


(Did that woman do something behind the scenes again? It would be troublesome if the magic teacher became an enemy…)

The existence of a teacher is quite large to become strong. If you can hold it down, the time and effort it takes to become strong will increase considerably.




“Then let’s go outside.”


It was a waste of time to wait, so I planned to train my swordsmanship outside, and by creating a situation where my master was waiting outside, depending on the teacher’s attitude, I would send him back.


“No, you don’t need to.”


Suddenly I heard a woman’s voice coming from somewhere, and there was a bright light in front of the desk, and there stood a tall, beautiful woman dressed like a witch.


“Mr. Arnold!!”


Immediately, Clement and Mina were ready for battle, and Clement grabbed Arnold, who was sitting on a chair in the study, and evacuated him with unseen speed.


“I apologize for the urgency.”


Clément said so and dropped me off.


The study was filled with a disturbing atmosphere, but the woman looked at Arnold alone without worrying about Clement and the maid’s gaze.


Mina moved slowly to a position where she could protect Arnold, and Clement was about to jump at any moment.


“Clément, Mina, step back.”




“Don’t make me say it twice”




And so Clement and the maid retreated as they were told, although they were in a position to protect at any time.


(No hostility, but…)


“So who are you? Isn’t it rude to suddenly break in?”


“Oh, I’m sorry. My name is Madry Leylark. I’m here to be your magic teacher. Nice to meet you, young master.”


She said so with an alluring smile.


“Murdley Leilark!?”


The always calm Clément yelled unusually.


When I glanced sideways at Clément, perhaps embarrassed by my confusion, I corrected my posture, cleared my throat once, and began to speak.


“There are only four Madley Leylarks in the world.God-classTheosMagician and alias “Witch of Original SinElpuzun HexHe is also a world-famous wanted criminal who has been excommunicated by the Bhutika Church.”


“”Witch of Original SinElpuzun Hex’? ”


“The magic of this world is only allowed to be used by the Bhutika religion. This is because the Bhutika religion’s god Rama-sama sealed away the people who used magic freely and did evil long ago. It is a teaching that humans who become able to freely use magic will fall and be punished by the gods.Laylark-sama confronts this teaching head-on and uses magic freely, causing the world to fall into chaos. It’s a second name given to him because the church judged him to be a person with sin from birth and excommunicated him.”


“That’s not a hoax made up by the rotten people in the church just to make the world their way. There’s no reason I should follow it.”


Madley’s face frowned, perhaps from the disgust of the Bhutika religion.


“God-classTheosI mean? ”


“It is the highest rank among magicians.”


(Does that mean that this woman is one of the top class magicians?)


“Does the Duke not use magic freely?”


“On the surface, the church is aware that the Duke is using magic freely, but it is not something that the church can interfere with, so he has been pardoned.”


“That’s also annoying, isn’t it~. It seems that I’m considered to be an enemy.”


“So? Originally, a different teacher was supposed to come, but why did you come?”


“Hmm, I thought you were a victim of the church too…”


“I am the victim?”


He glared at Madley.


It’s true that the priest may have made me drink boiled water, but I have no intention of ending it like this.


I will definitely pay the price to that priest.


Therefore, I do not intend to end up as a victim.


“Oh, I’m sorry, but you don’t intend to forgive that priest, do you?”


“Of course….Hm? Were you there?


There’s no way Madley, who was excommunicated, was there…


“No? I wasn’t there? But I know.”


Madley said so meaningfully with a bewitching smile.




“Originally, the teacher who was supposed to come was someone who had a lot of interest in that aunt. Isn’t it a waste to let her precious talent go unnoticed?


(That old woman….you mean that woman? I don’t think she’s old enough to be called an old lady…but more than that.)


If the teacher who originally came was one of those women’s hands, then that would change the story. In order to prevent such a situation from happening, I asked Clement directly to arrange a teacher. There was nothing suspicious about Clément, but he could no longer be trusted unconditionally.


(I can’t help thinking about Clement right now. For now, it’s the woman in front of me.)


“So you’re trying to use me as a force to destroy the church?”


“No? I don’t care about that. I can do it all by myself when the time comes. What I want is the development of magic. You’ve got a glimpse of the possibilities. “Tene”


After talking about the church with a feeling that he didn’t really care, he looked at Arnold with a serious expression.


“So you’ve been watching me the whole time?”


“Not all the time, you know? There was an interesting talented person, so I was just peeping a little.”


Murdley declared without a hint of guilt.


(However, there are not many chances to ask the world’s best magician for guidance. This opportunity should not be missed.)


“Can you see my magical talent?”




“Mr. Arnold”


Clement was sending a silent gaze to Arnold saying that it was no good.


As expected, I can’t easily let someone whose background I don’t know approach Arnold.


“Clement. I’m sorry, but this time I’ll let you go through my selfishness.”


“Oh, so you’re saying I’m fine as a teacher?”


“Ah, but it’s still provisional.”


I sent Clément a glance and gave him an order to investigate, including whether it was really Madry Leylark himself.


Clément immediately nodded strongly as if he knew it too.





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Since I Reincarnated as the Third Son of a Duke, This Time I Can’t Make a Mistake ~My True Story Conquered by a Blank Fool~

Since I Reincarnated as the Third Son of a Duke, This Time I Can’t Make a Mistake ~My True Story Conquered by a Blank Fool~

公爵家の三男に転生したので今度こそ間違えない 〜黯然の愚者が征く己の正道譚〜
Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: , Released: May 2, 2022 Native Language: Japanese
A story about a man who was deceived in his previous life and suffered a terrible loss, but after reincarnating, he pursues unyielding power.


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