Since I Reincarnated as the Third Son of a Duke, This Time I Can’t Make a Mistake ~My True Story Conquered by a Blank Fool~ Chapter 16


When I woke up, I was sleeping in my own bed. One of the maids who was waiting immediately left the room. Another maid offered water.


(What happened…)

Clement, Cordeau, and a man who seems to be a doctor enter.


“Arnold-sama, are you okay?”


“Oh, I feel a little sick, but there’s no particular problem. What time is it?”


“It’s 7:12 in the morning of the 2nd day in the light. You’ve been sleeping all night since you collapsed yesterday. I’d like to see a doctor just in case.”


There are 12 months in a year in this world, but there are 30 days in each month. , Under darkness, under darkness, under light, under earth, under wind, under water, under fire, as one cycle.


So now it’s May 2nd.


“Nice to meet you, Arnold-sama. My name is Carl, a doctor who has served the Duke family for generations.




Carl then put his hands on my body and seems to have performed some kind of magic.


“I haven’t seen any abnormalities in your body so far. Ether is also recovering well.”


“May I ask what happened? My memory is a little fuzzy.”


“I would like to ask you to explain it from me.”


Cordeau, who had been refraining until then, offered so with a tense face.




“Thank you. Do you remember yesterday that Master Arnold was training to feel the ether?”




(That’s right. Certainly…)


“When I was performing the Ether Circulation Ceremony on Arnold-sama, Arnold-sama’s Ether ran out of control and he fainted.”


And Cordeau vigorously prostrated himself.


“I did something irreparable to Arnold-sama because I misjudged the end of my life. I’m really sorry that it ended up like this even though you trusted me!! What will be the punishment? I am willing to accept it from you as well.”


Cordeau was rubbing his head against the floor with the momentum of blood.


“Carl. What harm can I expect from this?”


“From now on, there will be no effect on my body. I wonder if I can continue working from today. I should be careful


“I see. It was hard work. Now, Cordeau.”




Cordeau replied without looking up.


“There is no punishment for you”




It was Dr. Carl who spoke up.


I hurriedly blocked my mouth and hardened at the unintentionally raised voice.


“That was my mistake. Thanks to your ether circulation, I found something like a valve clogged with ether. And the result of opening it easily without thinking is the result. Stop it once and use ether. After hearing how to operate it, there was a way to do it.Therefore, that was my mistake.And thanks to you, I was able to recognize the existence of ether.I am grateful, but I have no intention of punishing you.”


Arnold understood Cordot’s dedication and had no intention of alienating the brightest from him.


Besides, I was the one who said I trusted Cordeau.


Forcing the blame on those below me is the thing I most want to avoid.


That’s why he protected Cordeau even if he admitted his own mistake.


For Arnold, he would be better off dead if he was to blame himself on someone below him .


And Arnold was wearing golden ether, showing Cordeau that he was able to manipulate ether.


“B-but that doesn’t show it!!”


Indeed the truth may be the result of Arnold’s thoughtless actions. But for those who were watching from the surroundings, they didn’t know that.


In that case, everyone thought that Cordeau was the most suspicious, and in fact, He was interrogated many times while Arnold was unconscious.


Unbeknownst to Arnold, Cordeau tried to hide Arnold’s negligence by saying that it was all his fault after knowing that Arnold had shook off Cordor’s control in order to protect Arnold. .


“Have you ever seen an aether go out of control like that before?”


“No. I haven’t heard of it.”


Karl replied to Arnold’s question.


“Then it can’t be helped. If you still want to be punished, follow me on the next expedition. And be active there. That will be your punishment. Okay?”


“Yes, that was polite.”


Cordeau wasn’t completely convinced, but he thought it would be disrespectful any more, and was thinking of repaying Arnold’s consideration by doing his best in the upcoming expedition.


“Mr. Arnold”


Clement, who decided that he had taken a break, spoke to me.


“Um…why is the color of the aura gold?”


Clement asked in an unusually articulate way.


“What does it mean?”


“Each person has a different color in the aura that the ether emits. And that color represents the characteristics of an individual, and it has not been confirmed that the color of an individual changes. Master Arnold goes out of control. The color of the aura that appeared when you awakened was certainly black.However, the color you just showed me was gold.”


“Even if you say that, I don’t know. In the first place, I saw the aura for the first time yesterday.”


“excuse me”


If you think about it a little, you can understand it, but Clement, who was upset, couldn’t think that far.


It was a different thing for the aura to change so much in this world.


“For the time being, I will move normally from now on.


Arnold got ready in the morning and then had breakfast with his mother.




I just told my mother that I didn’t need to worry because she was worried about yesterday.




This morning, the liberal arts teacher arrived at this mansion, so it was the first class.


“Nice to meet you, Mr. Arnold Dunkerno. My name is Meyer, and I will be in charge of Mr. Arnold’s education class from today.


Meyer lowered his head.


Arnold was stiff with his mouth ajar.


Seeing Arnold like that, Meyer-sensei couldn’t stand the laughter and began to tremble.


“…Sensei, this is not the first time.”


“No, I’m meeting Arnold Dunkerno for the first time.”


“That’s also… Is that so?”


Arnold twisted his head in thought.




Meyer-sensei started laughing as if he couldn’t stand it.


“… you were making fun of me, weren’t you?”


“I’m sorry. It’s been a while, Mr. Arnold.”


Mr. Meyer was a teacher who taught me liberal arts for two years from the age of three, and he was loved since I was little.


When I moved to this detached house, all the servants from the previous mansion had been relocated to another place, so I thought I wouldn’t see them for the time being.


So we have a very close relationship.


“However, I can no longer speak like this.


For a moment, I tried to say that my original tone was okay with Meyer-sensei’s strange way of speaking, but I was able to endure it.


It’s because I understand that it’s no longer the way it used to be.


“I asked you.”


Arnold tried his best to answer yes.




The contents of the class included etiquette, mathematics and history, which were the contents of the middle school, and magic engineering, which was not possible until now, was added.




“Thank you for your hard work, Arnold-sama.


Meyer-sensei held out a vial containing a green liquid.


“This is bot poison. The symptoms are relatively mild, and it is also a poison that is easy to use. Take the prescribed amount every day.”


Poison resistance measures are essential, so I asked Clement to be a reliable person who is familiar with poison.


I didn’t know that Meyer-sensei was familiar with poison, but I’m sure he’s a trustworthy person.


“At least about 50 types. There are about 150 types of minor poisons that are resistant to it.”


“Ask everything”


“Then, I would like to divide it into several years and build resistance little by little.”


This is the only way to build resistance over time, so you will gradually build up resistance from poisons that are relatively easy to use.


However, even if it’s poison, the poison that you can get often isn’t that expensive, but minor poisons and highly effective poisons are reasonably priced.


This year, even an expedition to the Wylbord family costs money, so even though there is an annual payment of 100 million Dora, it is a price that cannot be relieved.




(It may be necessary to quickly gain strength and start business ahead of schedule.)




From the afternoon onwards, Kordo will teach swordsmanship again.


“Today, I would like to learn how to handle ether, strengthen my body, and practice wielding a sword.”




— ∇ ∇ —




“Gugi gi gi gi gi”


“With an image that is more pressing!”


I’m currently training to strengthen my body by wearing ether, but somehow it’s difficult to handle ether.


Although it can be released, it seems that using ether to that extent is inefficient in the first place, and it seems that it is an image of holding back the ether that has spread around the body and solidifying the body with ether, but from Arnold’s body it feels like a mushy feeling. I was not able to strengthen my body at all, just a small amount of aura was coming out.




“Normally, it’s difficult to make an aura out of your body, but… Let’s get this far for today. Let’s take a break and then learn how to use the sword.”




After resting for about 5 minutes, I was handed a single sword.


Unlike yesterday’s sword, a child’sPage classPaigeIt was a common sword often used by




“Then try swinging your sword as you wish.”


Once I took a firm stance, I swung it up and down.




“…That’s right. The muscles aren’t bad. I need to fix it a little, but the way my swing isn’t that bad. However, I still don’t have enough muscle strength overall. It’s because I don’t have enough strength overall.Let’s add muscle training.In addition, endurance is also necessary to increase the duration of the fight.Let’s run.”


After doing practice swings several times, I was taught how to train my muscles, and at the end I was made to run.


It was a pretty hard workout for a 5-year-old, but Arnold’s hunger to get stronger didn’t allow him to raise his voice for something of this magnitude.



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Since I Reincarnated as the Third Son of a Duke, This Time I Can’t Make a Mistake ~My True Story Conquered by a Blank Fool~

Since I Reincarnated as the Third Son of a Duke, This Time I Can’t Make a Mistake ~My True Story Conquered by a Blank Fool~

公爵家の三男に転生したので今度こそ間違えない 〜黯然の愚者が征く己の正道譚〜
Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: , Released: May 2, 2022 Native Language: Japanese
A story about a man who was deceived in his previous life and suffered a terrible loss, but after reincarnating, he pursues unyielding power.


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