Since I Reincarnated as the Third Son of a Duke, This Time I Can’t Make a Mistake ~My True Story Conquered by a Blank Fool~ Chapter 1


My life have no meaning.

How many times have I cursed this fucking life?

I joined a major company as a new graduate, and one year after joining the company, I got married to my girlfriend, whom I have been dating since I was a university student, and had a child.

I lived a smooth life, but it was just a crappy sense of justice that made the me go crazy.

The trigger was the boss’s dishonesty that I happened to find out.

I hated being corrupt, so I immediately went to my boss to warn him.

But the boss snorted and treated me without apology.

Angered by this, I tried to further investigate my boss’s dishonesty and accuse the upper management.Then it became clear that the boss was not only dishonest, but also embezzled the company’s money.I took all evidence together and submitted it to the top management of the company.

The people in upper management told me to leave it to them and took all the data.

I must have been an ignorant idiot at the time.

Why did I submit the data without even making a copy of it?

I thought that the world was full of good people, and if I could just submit the evidence, the hammer of justice would fall on that boss.

But there are bad people everywhere in this world.

When I went to the company the next day, I was called by the president.I thought it was an interview about that boss, but when I was told to go to the president’s office,they asked where did I keep 500 million? I don’t know what’s going on, and while I’m upset, the story progresses differently, and in the end, they told me they’ll sue me! To Get out now! I was confused, I explained that I didn’t done anything like that, but they didn’t listen to me saying that they had all the evidence.When I asked for help from the people in the upper management of the place, all I did was grin.I didn’t understand what it meant, so they told me the rest will be settled in court! I went home without being able to deal with it.

When I explained the situation to my wife,


“If you have proper evidence, you’ll be fine! There’s no way they can prove that you did it!”

She encouraged me.However, I couldn’t say that I handed over all the evidence, and I couldn’t help but feel uneasy.

After that, the day of judgment came.

Result is guilty.

I appealed, of course, but was dismissed on the grounds that there was conclusive evidence.

After that, the world recognized me as a criminal, and I was sentenced to return the embezzled money I never had done.

My wife said she would continue to support me . I couldn’t afford to cause any more trouble to my wife and children, so I persuaded her to divorce me.

After that, there was no place to hire me with a criminal record, so I did part-time job as a part-time worker.

Ten years later, I was suddenly someone spoke to me while lying on a park bench.

It was the former boss who was doing that dishonesty.

The boss looked down on me and talked about those days.

The upper management was also took part in that embezzlement, and he was proud to say that the person who submitted it first was wrong.

The president is an idiot and never doubts that the upper management because they were his family. He believes the upper management without comparing the words of the upper management with a regular employee who has been with the company for several years.

And that 500 million money was embezzled by my boss and upper management.

After several years of joining the company, I was already an excellent person, and it was obvious that I was inflexible, so He wanted to eliminate it before the president liked it.

At that time, a duck came carrying a green onion on his back, so he planned to sacrifice me.

It was easy to falsify because they had all the evidence in their hands.

When he said that in a mocking tone, I became enraged and grabbed him.


And I got into a scuffle and was pushed away.


It was the road that I was pushed away, and unfortunately the car was coming at a speed that could not stop.


When I looked at my ex-boss’s face, he had a pale face.


I thought, let’s take a look.


From now on, you too are a criminal.


And I have learned in this life.


A weak sense of justice is not allowed to be spoken to.


And justice is utterly worthless!


You can only trust yourself in this world, and you can’t do anything if you don’t have the power and status to push your own opinion! !

And I was hit by a car and died.


 If there is a next time , I swear that I will never make a mistake.



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Since I Reincarnated as the Third Son of a Duke, This Time I Can’t Make a Mistake ~My True Story Conquered by a Blank Fool~

Since I Reincarnated as the Third Son of a Duke, This Time I Can’t Make a Mistake ~My True Story Conquered by a Blank Fool~

公爵家の三男に転生したので今度こそ間違えない 〜黯然の愚者が征く己の正道譚〜
Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: , Released: May 2, 2022 Native Language: Japanese
A story about a man who was deceived in his previous life and suffered a terrible loss, but after reincarnating, he pursues unyielding power.


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