I Don’t Know Martial Arts
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I Don’t Know Martial Arts

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Shizun Posted on: Updated on: View: ? Views
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Synopsis I Don’t Know Martial Arts

Along with his friend, he transmigrated as a person in the martial arts novel Murim Story. The problem is,

“What is the old file room? Is it like multi-day work?”

“What is the North Sea Ice Palace? Is it something like the Northern Daiko?”

My friend is a BL fan,while I’m a romance fantasy fan.

“It’s weird, but don’t men watch martial arts a lot? Even if I do, why don’t you know martial arts?”

“I liked romance fights more than sword fights since I was young.”

My name here is Ha Myo-Ha.

I don’t know any martial arts, but I can’t run away when I’ve already transmigrated.

Fortunately, I’ve been reading a lot of romance fantasies

He has not forgotten the absolute law of fiction. That’s…

The more you try to stay away from the main character, the more you get entangled!

I get closer and closer to the main character ‘Yoo Seol-Hwa’ on purpose.

Besides, I’m a big fan of myself pretty people.

Countless beauties and handsome men appear one by one.

The martial arts world view is quite a place to live!

the moment I thought that ‥. The atmosphere around me is getting weird

“You guilty prisoner. Stop digging your grave.”

From ‘Pang So-Seo’, a beautiful man with a gentle feeling

‘Mo Yong-Hwa’, with a cat-like charm, and ‘Yoo Seol-Hwa’, a man with cold feeling.

And even an unknown person who use magic… … .

My friend looks crazy picking up fights with these guys.

Can I survive here?



  1. hana says:

    this is not a hate comment, but constructive feedback. please do not translate novels that are hard to mtl, you will make a lot of mistakes and readers won’t be able to understand. for example, in the synopsis, 구파일방 = 9 schools of highest authority in martial arts setting, 다공일수 = 1 su (bottom) paired with multiple gong (top), 북해빙궁 = northern sea ice palace (literally); the name of a sect commonly found in martial arts setting, 북부대공 = northern duke

    just a piece of advice, there are many works that are more mtl-able (although ofc you will still have to edit it). and google is free if u need any help (u can actually google the terms i’ve corrected above). if you are wondering, i do know a few works that should be easy to understand. again, not hating, I appreciate people translating kr bls but surely you’d like readers to understand the work? unless you don’t really care, then i can’t really help xx

    1. Shizun says:

      Thank you Very much, a recommendation would be good

      1. hana says:

        i’ll put it in order of the more easier to read stuff the top and a short description in case u have preferences. some i have not read completely so i’m not too sure. all are 1v1 because i don’t like love triangles or harem

        복수하는회귀자를사랑하는법 (slow romance, healthy relationship, mc is kinda passive)
        소 잃고 가이드 고치기 (kinda similar to above)
        베타테스트종료 (19+, misunderstandings and hurt/regret i think)
        데스페라도 (19+, relatively shorter than the others, good chemistry and relationship)
        플레이어로살아남방법 (pretty long and slow, mostly plot and little romance)
        리베라 리스트 (19+, bdsm elements, mc cries a lot)

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