Dyeing Your Pheromone
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Dyeing Your Pheromone

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Synopsis Dyeing Your Pheromone

Luo Xingyun is a straight Beta man, an ordinary and fringe character with only mathematics and physics in his heart.

Two seats away from him were the top Alpha Pei Yan, who is handsome and compelling, a schoolboy in the south of the city, and a master of all disciplines.

One day, Luo Xingyun witnessed Pei Yan being beaten by the school bully in an alley. So, he silently pulled his misty blue turtleneck sweater up to the top of his head, picked up the crowbar, and gave the school bully a sap from behind, securing Pei Yan’s victory.

He flicked off his clothes when it was over and hid his merit and fame deeply.

Since then, the legend of a well-known thug has been circulating in the college. No matter how the school bully tries to track him down, there is no clue at all.

But then… Luo Xingyun realized Pei Yan was always staring at him vaguely since then.

A few days later, Pei Yan asked Luo Xingyun to go to his dormitory.

Luo Xingyun pushed the door and entered. He found Pei Yan sitting there, concentrating on his misty blue turtleneck sweater.

In front of him, Pei Yan rolled up his sleeves with fair fingers and held them to the side of his face like a gentleman inviting him to dance. He even sniffed him lightly.

“It smells good.” He said with dark eyes staring at him.

Luo Xingyun: “…Classmate, I’m Beta.”

Pei Yan: “Are you sure?”

Luo Xingyun collected his own body surface secretions and even distilled a bottle of pure Omega pheromone.

It is Pei Yan who is biologically compatible with the differentiation at the age of 18.

The process of differentiation is unstable, Pei Yan enters the susceptible period at the same time, ‘A value’ explodes, and a series of psychological problems appear, including monopolistic desire, aggressive desire, protective desire, destructive desire, and all kinds of unknown dark thoughts.

The doctor advised Luo Xingyun and Pei Yan to set up a support group. Pei Yan protects Luo Xingyun’s safe differentiation while Luo Xingyun gives Pei Yan psychological guidance and maintains reason.

Luo Xingyun: “How can you get better?”

Pei Yan stared at his long and white neck and gently licked his canine teeth: “If you let me take a bite, I will be alright.”



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