Fu Shizhao has also been reborn.

Together with Tang Mian, who was in the car accident, they have been reborn to the age of three.

Fu Shizhao can be quite certain about the current time and their ages.

After all… this milk bottle was a gift from Tang Mian when they first met, and he has always treasured it dearly.

Tang Mian’s mother instructed the servants to  prepare a cup of warrm milk in this very bottle for him everyday to supplement his nutrition. It’s not that he didn’t like to drink it, but he was reluctant to do so. He wanted to wait for his foster father to come back and share it with him.

During that time, his foster father took him around everywhere. Although life was tough, it was much more carefree and happy than later on when he was taken back by the Fu family.

His foster father had a rough personality and remained unmarried and childless all his life. He couldn’t take care of him properly. In the end, because he got a job offer from the Tang family, Tang Mian’s mother pitied him. Unable to bear seeing how poorly he was being raised by his foster father, she decided to raise him together with Tang Mian, who was around the same age, so that he wouldn’t continue to suffer from malnutrition.

He and Tang Mian first met when they were three years old.

The first time he saw the young master of the Tang family, he hid behind his foster father. His gaze couldn’t help but stick to the well-behaved and adorable little child. He secretly thought that this was the most beautiful child he had ever seen.

Even through middle school, high school, college, and graduation, he always felt that Tang Mian was the most beautiful person he had ever seen.

The milk bottle was also secretly damaged by Tang Wei in that same year when he was three.

It was the first gift he received from a friend and also the best gift he had ever received. He cherished it so much that he held it in his arms every day.

Tang Wei couldn’t stand him, he couldn’t stand how well Tang Mian treated the suddenly emerged driver’s son. So, during a time when Tang Mian wasn’t around, Tang Wei secretly destroyed his cherished possession.

Children’s malice often comes in a fleeting moment, without any proper reason.

He secretly cried for a long time, not daring to tell anyone about this incident. The people in the Tang family just assumed that he simply didn’t like drinking milk, so they didn’t press him further.

Only his foster father noticed that something was wrong with him. Despite repeated inquiries, he didn’t speak up. He didn’t want to cause trouble for his foster father.

His foster father let out a gentle sigh, soothingly patted his head, and didn’t press him for more answers.

Memories from the age of three had long since faded, except for these two days which he had remembered for many years.

In his previous life, he had been precocious and sensible, always feeling like he was living under someone else’s roof.  His father was a servant, so he thought the child of a servant was also a young servant. So, even if he suffered grievances, he couldn’t complain to the master’s family. After all, being able to live in the Tang family with the young master was already a hard-won opportunity.

Tang Wei was a relative of the Tang family. If he were to have conflicts with Tang Wei… the family would often favor their own relatives rather than the child of a servant. Even worse, his father’s job might be at risk.

Even if the Tang family wasn’t like that, he didn’t want to make things difficult for those who had treated him and his foster father kindly.

So, he swallowed his pride in every situation, especially in front of Tang Wei.

Tang Mian probably never noticed these things all along.

His acting skills had always been good. It was natural for the young master to be a bit clueless sometimes, and not noticing was quite normal.

But not in this lifetime.

Leaving aside whether Tang Mian would let Tang Wei’s family off the hook, he himself wouldn’t continue to tolerate it in front of Tang Wei anymore.

In his previous life, the Tang family had been manipulated and framed into that situation… At that time, he was just a powerless student, constrained by the Fu family. He could only watch helplessly as the distance between him and Tang Mian, and between him and the Tang family, grew wider and wider.

Even though later on, he secretly helped Tang Mian deal with that wretched family of Tang Wei’s, visited the graves of Tang Mian’s brother and father in secret, and quietly went to the sanatorium to see Tang Mian’s mother, he never dared to let Tang Mian know about all of this.

He carried guilt in his heart.

A very deep and profound guilt.

Only by letting Tang Mian hate him could he feel a little relieved.

He was afraid that if he clarified many things, all the emotions would vanish, and the bond between him and Tang Mian would be completely severed.

Fortunately, he got a chance to start over from scratch.

Tang Mian also reincarnated with him…

From the moment he pinched his own face, he realized this. And when Tang Mian snatched his milk bottle later on, he was one hundred percent certain.

The young Tang Mian from his childhood wouldn’t “bully” him like this. Only the Tang Mian who was reborn with him could possibly do such things.

Thinking about this, a fleeting smile flashed in Fu Shizhao’s eyes.

For now, he couldn’t let Tang Mian know that he had also been reborn.

At least until Tang Mian’s perception of him in this new life changed a bit, then he could gradually reveal it.

In this lifetime… whatever Tang Mian said would be the truth. He wouldn’t provoke his anger anymore, and he wouldn’t be as foolish as he was in the previous life.


Tang Mian was awakened by a series of knocks on the door.

With a warm cup of milk in his belly and the coziness of his blanket, Tang Mian had been sleeping soundly. But this sudden onslaught of knocking immediately ignited his inner frustration.

In the previous life, in order to support the Tang family, he gave up his favorite hobby of painting and chose a finance major that he wasn’t good at. He studied day and night, barely squeezing in time for rest. Even after graduating, he was always busy with work, often forgetting to take breaks.

His once gentle nature had been worn down, causing his temper to fray a bit.

He—hated being disturbed while sleeping the most.

Tightly knitting his brows, Tang Mian sat up in bed like a carp leaping up a waterfall. He was about to get out of bed to see who the audacious person was that had interrupted his nap when he suddenly noticed Fu Shizhao lying beside him, staring at him without blinking.

Tang Mian’s frustration grew, but he also had a moment of clarity, at least he didn’t immediately rush over to open the door.

What are you looking at?

Wasn’t it unlucky enough that he had been the last thing he saw in the car accident in his previous life?

Seeing Tang Mian’s reaction, Fu Shizhao propped himself up on his arm and sat up, his voice tenderly soft, “I’ll go see who disturbed little brother from his sleep.”

Tang Mian’s inner anger was instantly extinguished by Fu Shizhao’s use of the term “little brother.” He remained stunned on the bed, watching Fu Shizhao put on his shoes and head towards the bedroom door.

That’s right, Fu Shizhao used to call him “brother” when they were younger. For some reason, he stopped doing so later on and started calling him “Xiao Mian” like his real brother did. He didn’t think much of it.

He and Fu Shizhao were the same age, with Fu Shizhao being exactly seven days older. It made sense for Fu Shizhao to call him “brother.”

Tang Mian pursed his lips, his gaze fixed on Fu Shizhao’s back.

Young Fu Shizhao was indeed much more pleasant to the eye than when he grew older.

This time, there was no way he would let him grow up into the “scheming wolf” as he was in the previous life.

What should he do when faced with his arch-nemesis from childhood in this new chance at life?

—Of course, he would exploit the lack of information and thoroughly bully him, molding him into his own little lackey, making him devoted to himself.

Though Tang Mian always felt there was something not quite right about that idea, a resounding “bang” — the sound of the door being opened — snapped him back to reality.

“Where’s Mian Mian?” A familiar chubby figure appeared at the doorway.

Tang Mian would never forget that face, even though he was now just a four or five-year-old child.

Young Tang Wei didn’t understand the complex power struggles among adults. He simply thought Tang Mian was good-looking and wanted to be friends with him. He often used his childish attempts at being friendly, which often manifested as bullying, to catch Tang Mian’s attention.

As Tang Wei grew older, he repeatedly humiliated Tang Mian behind his back, attempting to turn the financially struggling Tang Mian into his lover using his parents’ influence. However, Tang Mian always responded to him with sharp retorts.

Although he had succeeded in taking revenge in his previous life, and sent the entire family to prison, just one look at Tang Wei still made Tang Mian feel disgusted.

Even though Tang Wei was just a child now.


“Brother is sleeping,” Fu Shizhao leaned one hand on the door, while the other hand lifted, making a “shush” gesture. It seemed like an explanation, but it was actually a polite way of telling him to leave.

Naturally, Tang Wei wasn’t pleased with Fu Shizhao’s attitude. Relying on his physical advantage, he pushed Fu Shizhao aside, hoping to shove the bothersome kid out of the way and enter the bedroom to find Tang Mian.

Unexpectedly, Fu Shizhao was pushed straight to the ground by him and collided with a sharp-edged toy on the floor.


Fu Shizhao’s eyebrows furrowed, his eyes slightly reddened, and a bloody wound appeared on his arm.

Tang Wei froze instantly, looking bewilderedly at the hand he had used to push Fu Shizhao and then at Fu Shizhao lying on the ground.


He didn’t use that much force, did he?

Even if he did push him, it shouldn’t have resulted in such a serious injury…

Soon after, a small sob echoed in the empty room as Fu Shizhao’s bean-sized tears spilled down his slightly thin chin, falling straight down.

Unlike when he cried in front of Tang Mian earlier, he wasn’t unreserved this time. He was trying to suppress his sobs, but due to his small body’s inability to bear the pain, weak sounds escaped from him, making him appear even more pitiful..

When he moved his arm towards the toy’s sharp edge, he deliberately used a lot of force. It seemed like he was pushed by Tang Wei, but it was actually intentional on his part, and the effect was quite successful.

It hurt, a lot.

But it was still within the range he could tolerate.

If it were the him from the previous life at this moment, he would definitely have endured without making a sound.

Not in this lifetime.

Whether it was for the Tang family or Tang Mian.

Tang Mian was the softest-hearted person; he knew exactly how to lower his defenses.

Sure enough, Tang Mian, who had been sitting on the bed with his messy hair, rushed over without even putting on his slippers. He squatted beside Fu Shizhao, glaring angrily at Tang Wei, and shouted, “What did you do?!”


However, the voice of a three-year-old child was just too soft, and this words lacked any imposing presence.

Fortunately, the commotion in the room attracted the attention of two maids, who quickly brought a medical kit when they saw what was happening.

With Tang Mian’s support, Fu Shizhao also managed to stand up. His eyes were red, he was sniffling, and his nose was flushed. His uninjured hand tightly held onto Tang Mian’s hand as he softly called him “brother”.

Tang Mian’s lips were tightly pressed together. Instead of pulling his hand away from Fu Shizhao’s grip, he picked up a nearby baby wipe and gently wiped away the tears from Fu Shizhao’s face.

The current Fu Shizhao was a bit shorter than him and didn’t have much flesh on his body. He looked like a skinny stray animal.

Even though he and Fu Shizhao had been at odds for so many years, he couldn’t resist the current little Fu Shizhao’s act of seeking comfort.

Oh well…

The grown-up Fu Shizhao and the young Fu Shizhao were two different people in his eyes. He disliked the grown-up Fu Shizhao from the previous life, not the young Fu Shizhao.

As long as he “trained” the young Fu Shizhao to be a different person from the “scheming wolf” of the previous life, it would be enough.

He wanted to change the Tang family’s fate.

He also wanted to… change the fate of Fu Shizhao with the Tang family.

Soon, the maids brought the first aid kit and carefully tended to Fu Shizhao’s wound.

Fu Shizhao tightly bit his lower lip, using the grip on Tang Mian’s hand to transmit the trembling caused by the pain in his body. His tears couldn’t be controlled and kept falling down.

Tang Mian used the baby wipe to gently wipe Fu Shizhao’s face and softly comforted him with a few words, but his tears still wouldn’t stop.

Tang Mian had no experience with soothing children, and he was at a loss. So, in an act of desperation, he planted a kiss on Fu Shizhao’s face and said, “Be strong.”

Unexpectedly, Fu Shizhao’s tears stopped as he stared blankly at himself. His hazel eyes were filled with nothing but Tang Mian’s reflection.

Feeling a bit self-conscious under his intense gaze, Tang Mian averted his eyes with a slight awkwardness.

…Hmm, he’s quite easy to pacify.

Seeing this, the maids chuckled and praised Tang Mian.

“Young Master is really good to Zhao Zhao. He stops crying as soon as you comfort him.”

“Young Master is such a good brother.”

Tang Mian awkwardly responded with a soft “uh-huh” and redirected his gaze back to Fu Shizhao’s face. Seeing that Fu Shizhao was still looking at him, he used the baby wipe again to gently wipe his face.

As the youngest in the family, when he was very young, he had always wished his parents would have another sibling for him to care for. He would strive to be a good older brother.

However, his parents had concerns due to his hearing impairment in one ear, so they didn’t consider having more children.

He was determined to be a good brother.

…If this time, Fu Shizhao would be willing to keep calling him “brother.”

[1]Hello, our MC is very soft hearted so  please don’t take his grooming motives seriously. ehem.

Ps. I would really appreciate it if ya’ll left reviews on novel updates.


1 Hello, our MC is very soft hearted so  please don’t take his grooming motives seriously. ehem.

Ps. I would really appreciate it if ya’ll left reviews on novel updates.

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Returning to Infancy with my Nemesis

Returning to Infancy with my Nemesis

Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: , Released: 2023 Native Language: chinese
In the previous life, Tang Mian and arch-nemesis Fu Shizhao fought their whole lives, from their student days of constant conflict to later battles in the business world. Within the circles of Beijing, everyone knew that when these two collided, sparks would fly. Then, a car accident sent Tang Mian back to his infancy. He was still the young master of the Tang family. Despite his delicate and handsome appearance, he had a natural hearing impairment in his right ear, requiring the use of hearing aids for daily life. He was the darling of the whole family. Staring at the little child Fu Shizhao in the crib looking back at him, Tang Mian directly snatched the milk bottle from his hand and chugged it down. At this moment, Fu Shizhao had not yet been recognized by his family and was still the little child of the Tang family's driver. He was the childhood playmate of young master Tang Mian. At this time, the Tang family had not yet been framed by malicious individuals, his older brother had not committed suicide, his father had not been in a car accident, and his mother had not suffered from mental illness. Truly, the heavens had eyes, granting him a chance to completely overpower Fu Shizhao and change the fate of the Tang family. -After finishing the milk, Tang Mian directly snatched the little blanket from Fu Shizhao's body, lifted his little feet, secretly contemplating a plan, and drowsily fell asleep.   The attending nannies — "The young master really adores little Zhao. He drank up the milk for him knowing he doesn't like it." "Is the young master feeling cold? Let's raise the temperature in the nursery a bit more." "Zhaozhao seems to really like the young master's company too, running over to cuddle up with him."   Snatching the milk bottle and small blanket wasn't enough. Tang Mian embarked on the long and winding road of "pampering" Fu Shizhao — Young Tang Mian in kindergarten: "From now on, you'll be my little follower!" Elementary school Tang Mian: "I want a share of your snacks." Middle school Tang Mian: "Did you finish your homework? If you did, help me with mine." High school Tang Mian: "I can't get up... Could you bring me breakfast when you pick me up?" University Tang Mian: "Sign me in for the 8 AM class and join me for weekend gatherings." Fu Shizhao, who had been conditioned by these experiences since childhood, obediently accepted it all, making Tang Mian extremely satisfied. Thanks to his interventions, the Tang family flourished, dealing a heavy blow to their adversaries. Until one day, Tang Mian discovered Fu Shizhao's diary. It was filled with entries about him. "He was so cute when he was little, and he had a pleasant fragrance." "I love the way he bosses me around." "I signed up for the same program as him, contacted the school, and we'll be roommates." "I want to become his 'right ear.'" Tang Mian: ...


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