Rotten Ch 5

Extra 1 + 2

Extra 1


Lin Wen was adopted in the name of being Lin Wu’s playmate.

Lin Wu was domineering, his desire to possess and control Lin Wen drove him insane.


Both of the Lin family parents were getting old. They ended up dying when Lin Wu was 20, and at that point no one could stop Lin Wu from courting and plundering Lin Wen. 


When Lin Wen turned 18, he was raped by Lin Wu. He was no longer allowed to go to school. He was locked up at home every day with no way to vent, dream, nor hope.


While this was happening, Lin Wen somehow fell in love with Lin Wu’s bodyguard. The two would secretly communicate, making Lin Wen a little happier under Lin Wu’s extreme restraints.

But Lin Wu later found out about their little affair.


Some time that, Lin Wu told Lin Wen that the bodyguard had fortuitously died. After hearing the news, driven by his pent up emotions and suffocation, Lin Wen eventually killed ‘Lin Wu’.


Lin Wen took everything from Lin Wu. What he lost, what he never got the chance to have. He lived a fairly normal life, that is, until this chain of events happened.


The man put his arms around him, affectionate and sincere, he called out once more, “Wenwen…”

Lin Wen turned his head and looked at him. A handsome yet unfamiliar face.


“You can’t leave me anymore. I love you.”

Lin Wen was knocked unconscious.


Extra 2


The man was Lin Wu. He chose a person with a similar figure as himself very early on, and spent a sum of money to make that person have his face. He then also changed his own face to something completely unrecognizable.


He wanted to let Lin Wen and ‘himself’ go. Let ‘Lin Wu’ and Lin Wen end, and let Lin Wen start over with ‘Song Ming’. 


He wanted Lin Wen’s heart. He wanted his body along with his heart. For this he prepared so much, but Wang Ming’s appearance ruined his plan.


Unknown to the world, he was the serial killer in the news. Wang Ming had an overly sociable personality. On top of that, he seemed to be quite interested in Lin Wen. 


Lin Wu knew that he couldn’t wait any longer. His baby had always been so attractive, whether it’s that bodyguard or this Wang Ming, they should all be damned.


Scratch everything, forget it. Sure enough as long as he could have Lin Wen’s body, it doesn’t matter if he loved him or not.


So, don’t leave anymore.





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Status: Completed Type: , Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Chinese
Lin Wen had a secret. And ever since a certain point, he started feeling like he was being watched.


  1. Violet Evergarden 31 says:

    I can imagine this being a big oneshot of a ‘cat playing with a mouse’ game. So they aren’t real brothers, but both have twisted nature. One being gay but subjected to Stockholm Syndrome and the other being a Yandere psychopath serial killer. A candle for the 2 side charas and sadly this ended in a tragedy ending with the MC held by the captor till the end of his days.

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