Rotten Ch 1


Lin Wen felt like he was being followed.


It wasn’t just once or twice, it happened multiple times. But the most frightening part was that he noticed some of the things in home had been moved.


Lin Wen had always been a cautious person. It was impossible to regard this as a mere feeling. He believed in his memory.

Lin Wen installed surveillance cameras in the room, its mobile app allowed him to witness the video feed in real time.


On the first day, no one came in or out of his room.

On the next day, there was nothing.

On the third day, also nothing.

On the fourth day, a package was sent to Lin Wen’s office.


He worked in a creative advertising company. He was well-known in the office for his fine appearance. His tall and handsome figure was very popular with both men and women alike.


Lin Wen’s package was delivered by a newcomer from the next department over, Wang Ming. He looked very soft, showing off his two sweet dimples each time he smiled. Even Lin Wen was impressed by his looks.


“A package? Mine?” Lin Wen asked. He was wondering who would even send him a package as he took it. Wang Ming replied, “Yeah.”


After Lin Wen took the package, Wang Meng didn’t immediately leave. He looked at him eagerly as he said, “What did you buy? It’s so light.”

Lin Wen smiled, “I don’t know. I think someone else sent it to me. I’ll take a look.” He then took a paper cutter and opened the box. There was only a paper envelope inside. Lin Wen paused.

As he took out the envelope and opened it, his face changed.


“Brother? Is it something bad?” Wang Ming asked in concern, wanting to look over and see what’s inside.

Lin Wen swiftly blocked his vision. He said slowly, “It’s nothing.”


After sending Wang Ming away, Lin Wen returned to his office and stared gloomingly at the stack of photos in his hand. 


Shown in the photo was a close-up shot of a dead body. There was a whole stack of it, each with different angles and close-ups of the various body parts.

And the place where these photos were taken… was at his house.


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Status: Completed Type: , Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Chinese
Lin Wen had a secret. And ever since a certain point, he started feeling like he was being watched.


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