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30. Event Occurrence (1)

The party atmosphere was a mess because Ye-Hyeon was showing an expression like never before.

Shin Do-Gyeom was more sensitive, perhaps because Ye-Hyeon was nitpicking, and Yoon Seung-Jae was busy looking at Ye-Hyeon with his round eyes wide open. Kwon Joo-Ho was not much different, but he seemed to feel bad and he didn’t like the confusion. Baek Hae-Won could not do anything in the atmosphere and only observed Ye-Hyeon with an interesting expression.

Ye-Hyeon trained his mental strength by listening to front and back conversations several times a day when he was a supporter, so he could smile right away.

Originally, he would have gone to Shin Do-Gyeom earlier and apologized and struggled to relieve the rigid atmosphere. No matter what Shin Do-Gyeom said in the first place, he wouldn’t even have refuted it.

‘Am I full now? Or am I just tired?’

Ye-Hyeon rubbed his stomach with his shoulders drooping. Skepticism followed one after another.

It may be because I have been busy after regression, but now it was unclear what he was thinking and how he was feeling.

He doesn’t even know what the capture target even meant.

Ye-Hyeon swallowed a sigh. He felt uncomfortable with the cold air.

Contrary to the party situation, the gate attack went quite smoothly.

The engineering team reached the middle boss an hour or two after the lunch break. Small gates usually end in a day, so this feels a little slow, but it belongs to the average.

“Do you see the boundary over there? It’s the middle boss area from the front.”

Kim Jae-Hyung pointed about 5 meters away.

Unlike the boss room, which can only be entered by operating the portal, and which follows all routes, the middle boss existed individually for each route and there was no separate portal.

The way to recognize the middle boss was simple. If there is a large vacant lot out of the blue or if the topography changes strangely, the middle boss always appeared.

“Yes, that’s the standard.”

Ye-Hyeon bowed his head slightly thinking of the past. Perhaps because it was so impressive, it just popped into my mind.

“Zombie Wolves won’t be difficult to deal with if we keep our distance well.”

Kim Jae-Hyung briefly explained after watching Ye-Hyeon’s party.

A dark green figure with hair falling out on a large stone in the distance looked small. It was huge like a boss-class monster, so he could see it at a glance from afar. The Zombie Wolf lay down on his stomach as if he had died.

If a general monster comes to Hunter on his own, the middle boss was usually asleep if Hunter didn’t approach a certain distance.


Yoon Seung Jae confirmed the zombie wolf. The zombie wolf certainly didn’t look good.

It’d be even more terrible if they saw it up close.

Zombie Wolf had unusually long fangs to be a wolf. He was drooling as if his mouth couldn’t close, and there was a faint ugly smell. In addition, it had an unpleasant green color that seemed to match a zombie’s color.

“You said that Hunter Baek told you everything about the pattern in advance, right?”


“All right, then we’ll move on right away.”

When Baek Hae-Won answered without hesitation, Kim Jae-Hyung smiled satisfactorily.

“Just avoid the floorboards.”

One party’s close-range dealer told with his eyes squinted.

Party hunters have been noticeably open-minded since receiving treatment from Ye-Hyeon. In addition, when Ye-Hyeon’s party did a good job of fighting unexpectedly, their hostility lessened.

Zombie Wolf’s body has a strong acidity like hydrochloric acid. Instead of the flesh being cut off despite the skin’s softness, the armor melted gently when it touched the flesh. In addition, it was often restored to its original state quickly due to its excellent regenerative power.

Still, Zombie Wolf had a simple pattern and no anomalies, one of the best middle bosses in the C class. The pattern was also known, so it was boss-level in terms of status, but in terms of treatment difficulty, it was closer to elite-level.

It’s less aggressive than anything else, and even if it’s possible, it moves to the nearest target and maintains the battle line.

The most annoying is the fluorescent green body fluid that is randomly emitted anywhere. The acidity could corrupt the flesh, so they had no choice but to avoid it. The longer the fight lasted, the more the floor was covered with body fluid, so there was no room to move.

“We’ll get as close as we can. Follow me.”

Kim Jae-Hyung took the lead, lowered his body, and walked slowly.

It doesn’t matter if the middle boss only makes a close attack, but Zombie Wolf can make a long-range attack, so it was efficient to approach before the wolf noticed.

Ye-Hyeon followed safely into the last room.

The distance to Zombie Wolf was still about 10 meters away. However, it was no longer easy to hide because the area around the rock was dry with no grass.


Kim Jae-Hyung shouted and ran out. Yoon Seung-Jae jumped out with his shield raised.


Zombie Wolf, who found Kim Jae-Hyung, raised his head and howled loudly.

Dozens of deep tunnels were seen behind the Zombie Wolf. Some zombie wolves summon Grave Dog in battle.

In that case, it became a little more difficult to deal with. Ye-Hyeon was a little nervous, but fortunately, the battle was still fine.


Zombie Wolf leaped up and spouted green liquid. The party split in perfect order to avoid its bodily fluids.

The Zombie Wolf jumped down from the rock and rushed to the nearest Kim Jae-Hyung and Yoon Seung-Jae.


Zombie Wolf swung its front feet one after another.


Yoon Seung-Jae was pushed all the way back just by blocking the attack once. He didn’t fall or fly because he kept his balance well, but as he was pushed back the dust flew severely.

You need to deflect Boss-class monsters’ attack and not accurately stop it because they were different in weight from ordinary monsters. Yoon Seung-Jae is still technically immature.

On the other hand, Kim Jae-Hyung was only pushed back a couple of steps behind.

If you’re more skilled, you’ll be able to stop it.

Even if it was an S-class skill, it was still impossible.

As soon as he grows more, he would instinctively realizes the right way to use it.

Yoon Seung-Jae’s skill “Holy Shield” not only strengthens the shield but can also create a transparent shield in the air, which Yoon Seung-Jae did not even realize.


Yoon Seung-Jae soon came to his senses and blocked the zombie Wolf again. He was trying to imitate Kim Jae-Hyung, but he was leaning his shield awkwardly.

Ye-Hyeon quickly examined the party one by one.

Kim Jae-Hyung did not miss the gap when the zombie Wolf put his leg on the ground and went under his feet and hit the zombie Wolf’s foot with a shield.

Kwon Joo-Ho circled the slanted zombie Wolf and cut him with a sword. Even if the sword grazes, the flesh splashes everywhere. Kwon Joo-Ho managed to attack and avoid at the same time.

Of course, the attack was often cut off in the middle, but this wasn’t bad for the first time dealing with Zombie Wolf.

‘Isn’t ‘Sword dance of Despair’ a combination of agility and attack skills?’ Ye-Hyeon watched carefully.

Ye-Hyeon had no choice but to listen to Kwon Joo-Ho’s news before regression. Kwon Joo-Ho usually used one sword, but sometimes he fought with one sword in each hand.

The use of two swords was extremely disadvantageous to defense and the power was dispersed, so there were no advantages but many disadvantages. However, Kwon Joo-Ho’s double swords are not a disadvantage battles. It is beautiful and strong as if he is doing sword dance.

Therefore, he hought the double-handed sword would look better than what he is using now.

Shin Do-Gyeom’s arrow was accurately inserted into the wound cut by Kwon Joo-Ho.


Zombie Wolf slightly crouched its upper body, apparently in quite pain.

Yoon Seung-Jae hit the half-bent zombie Wolf’s knee hard with a shield.

Shin Do-Gyeom’s “Splitting Sky” was originally used for a lot of enemies. For a single target it was bound to lack its offensive power.

Ye-Hyeon looked ambiguous, not liking or disliking it.

Needless to say, Baek Hae-Won was perfect. Looking at the battlefield widely, he quietly helped not only Ye-Hyeon’s party but also Kim Jae-Hyung’s party when needed.

Ye-Hyeon licked his lower lip.

Three people, except Baek Hae-Won, should learn more skills and improved so that they could deal with the middle boss. Then they could could monopolize the route for a clear and not just sweep.

Then how much is the compensation?’

He had no choice but to be greedy.

In addition to Baek Hae-Won, Seo Soo-Hee and Kim Jae-Hyung continued the battle remarkably and stably.

Ye-Hyeon looked at Seo Soo-Hee for a moment.

Her ability, which acts as a shadow, was also the first time Ye-Hyeon such ability.

At first glance, it seemed to be nothing more than an assistive measure, but it was more useful than he thought, such as interrupting zombie Wolf’s movement to help accurately hit another hunter’s attack that would pass by.

She’s only a C-Class hunter with an S-Class ability? No matter how timid Seo Soo-Hee’s personality was, Ye-Hyeon is still envious.

As he watched the battle and swallowed his envy, an exclamation mark icon blinked in the corner of his view.

It was the first time a quest appeared during a battle. Ye-Hyeon quickly checked the contents after taking refuge in a safe place.

<Unexpected Quest>Affinity Event

Please select an event target.

1. (Not selectable)

2. Baek Hae-Won

3. Shin Do-Gyeom

4. Yoon Seung-Jae

Finally an event.

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