First target (2)

2. First target (2)

The gate was created, but the representative change was the perception of sexual orientation.

I didn’t know when I was going to die, but I didn’t have time to care about whether someone else’s romantic relationship was between the opposite sex or the same sex.

That tendency was especially common among hunters.

Although homosexuality became more common than before, perhaps due to the perception of generosity, heterosexuality was still the mainstream.

Although he had never been in a relationship because he had a hard time living, Ye-Hyeon vaguely imagined that he would one day meet a friendly woman, marry her, and start a family.

But the target is a man.

“You should look forward,”

The other side proudly blamed Ye-Hyeon, although it was clear that both sides were wrong.

Ye-Hyeon raised his head half stunned.

The first thing that caught my eye was the fluffy hair.

I thought it would feel good to stroke it because it was a curly and fluffy hair.

The thick eyebrows hung on the tip of the slightly long bangs were very distorted.

Judging from the tightness of his lips, he seemed to have made a scary impression on himself, but he looked grumpy because of his slightly drooping eyes and still remaining baby fat.

Ye-Hyeon looked closely at the man who had a fresh atmosphere.

He is younger than he remembered, so he couldn’t recognize him at once, but Ye-Hyeon obviously knew him.

Yoon Seung-Jae.

Ranked 22nd.

Unique tanker using a brightly decorated shield.

He was a promising hunter who was expected to enter the top 20 called the concrete layer in a few months due to the steep rise.

I have never met him in person, but the rumor that he is a young master who lives with superior taste was famous.

I think he was quite younger than me.

“Are you about 20 years old?”

Name: Yoon Seung-Jae
Age: 19
Level: 4
Job: ??
Guardian (?)
title: Hunter aspiring (F)
skill: ???(?), ???(?), ???(?)
status: normal

Ye-Hyeon, who checked Yoon Seung-Jae’s status window, almost grabbed the back of his neck.

19 years old.

Even if I went back and became 3 years younger, Ye-Hyeon’s mental age was 27 years old, so he felt that it was 8 years apart.

“Isn’t this really a crime?”

I felt dizzy.

Feeling that he must have mistaken he checked Yoon Seung-Jae’s age and confirmed it again.

“What are you staring at? Do you have any complaints? Or did you fall in love with me because I’m so handsome?”

The fact that he is too young than the fact that the target is a man was many times more damaging.

Ye-Hyeon wanted to deny the reality.

Maybe ‘Beauty’ in “Dating Simulation” is not a dating relationship either.

It’s a “beautiful boy training demonstration” so you have to nurture the beautiful girls well… ”

Ye-Hyeon opened the target window with a prayer.

intimacy point: 0

affection point: 0

intimacy point: 0

affection point: 0

intimacy point: 0

affection point: 0

4. Yoon Seung-jae:

intimacy point: 0

affection point: 0

However, as always, the status window betrayed Ye-Hyeon’s expectations.

If there was only one of intimacy or affection, I would force myself to insist, but the fact that each was divided meant that I need to seduce them.

“Hey, hey, why aren’t you answering me?”

Yoon Seung-Jae crouched next to him and tapped him on the shoulder as if he felt strange when he looked blankly in the air.

“Ha…I wondered why things were going well.”

I had a headache because I was worried that other targets might be young.

Ye-Hyeon touched his forehead.

“Did you hurt your head?”

Hearing the unfriendly question, I felt more pathetic than worried.

Ye-Hyeon waved his hand as if chasing a fly bug with a bothered expression.

“Take your mind off me and go your way.”

I didn’t talk nicely because my stomach was noisy.

However, because I had been crouching here and there for several years, my tone was thought to be an annoyed one

“You? Did you just say you?”

Yoon Seung-Jae spoke informally first and jumped when Ye-Hyeon spoke informally.

Ye-Hyeon twisted his lips.

Ye-Hyeon knew very well that he looked younger than his age.

Wherever he went, he was treated lightly and ignored, but he couldn’t help but know.

Looking young didn’t help him live in a tight world.

Ye-Hyeon hated his appearance.

When Yoon Seung-Jae touched a part that could be called a complex, he slightly got annoyed.

Ye-Hyeon opened his mouth by looking up and down at Yoon Seung-Jae.

“Yes, you. I said you because you looked like a child. Even if I can’t do it, I’ll be five years older than you.”

“What? Five years older? How old are you?”

“Why should I tell you that?”

Ye-Hyeon talked back even though he knew it was childish.

It’s not Yoon Seung-Jae’s fault, but I was so frustrated that I wanted to vent my anger by teasing Yoon Seung-Jae.

“Oh, my God. Ha. I was dumbfounded. ”

Yoon Seung-jae laughed out loud and grabbed Ye-Hyeon’s arms and raised him up.

” Uh…”

Ye-Hyeon stood tall in his place without realizing it.

Yoon Seung-Jae showed no signs of difficulty after raising a grown-up adult man.

Even if Yoon Seung-Jae is at level 4, his ability will not be much different.

My pride was hurt when I thought I lost to a kid who didn’t even use his ability.

Even his height only reach his eyes.

“If I hadn’t been paged, you wouldn’t have been left alone. Be prepared when we meet next time.”

Yoon Seung-Jae grumbled and checked the time, and passed by Ye-Hyeon, leaving a line like a third-class villain.

“How do you know if you’ll see me next time or not?”

He complained to himself, but it was Ye-Hyeon who was in trouble if he didn’t see him again.

Yoon Seung-Jae’s hair shook gently every step he took.

Even after the light brown back of his head completely disappeared, Ye-Hyeon couldn’t easily take his feet off and stood around.

What am I supposed to do with a kid like that? I’m afraid I’ll be caught.

I shook my head, and I heard the sound of forgetting the iron king behind my back.

Ye-Hyeon, who was deep in his thoughts, looked back, shrugging his shoulders.

“Hold on! Weapons are prohibited in the headquarters!”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

The person with the nunchucks around his waist was rubbing his neck awkwardly.

Ye-Hyeon laughed dejectedly with a sound of deflated air.

“Let’s go home.”

On the bus going home, Ye-Hyeon leaned against the window and looked at the scenery changing rapidly with sunken eyes.

I didn’t do much, but I was tired.

Ye-Hyeon tried to accept the situation that changed regardless of his will.

If you think about it carefully, it may be fortunate that the target is Yoon Seung-Jae.

I’m saying that if a minor is my target, a 19 year old would be better.

It may end at the level of holding hands or hugging.

No, it has to end.

It’s a system, but I’m sure you have that much conscience!

Ye-Hyeon shook his head to himself.

And Yoon Seung-Jae’s number 4, not number 1, meant that the target was already set.

I don’t know if the system will take care of the balance, but assuming that the deviation of the targets was not significantly different, other target targets were likely to be rankers similar to Yoon Seung-Jae.

First of all, I was relieved that at least one person was a ranker.

Ye-Hyeon opened the status window, which had been glittering and disturbing the view.


Tutorial 2 Increase the intimacy or affection.

Compensation: 100 points of affection,

Ye-Hyeon rubbed his chin with a serious look.

Aside from who the other person is, I have never been in a relationship, so I didn’t know how to improve my affection.

“Can’t you just give up your affection and increase your intimacy?”’

It would not be difficult to think of it as an extension of the business of intimacy.

Since he is a child, he may rise up even if he pats his head moderately.


Ye-Hyeon sighed again.

Nothing can be solved by worrying more now, so I thought it would be better to prepare to persuade my sister.

What’s the big deal?”

That night, Ye-Hyeon waited until his sister left work and called.

“Why did you call? ”

“Just. Are you busy now?”

“No, I just arrived at the dorm. Why? ”

Ye-Hyeon couldn’t easily open his mouth off and hesitated.

Before returning to Korea, he said he would become a hunter, but he had a big fight with his sister who opposed him and ran away from the house.

They often argue, but they haven’t had a real fight since their parents died.

The two haven’t even talked for over half a year.

Ye-Hyeon understood his sister’s concern only when he almost lost one leg at the gate where he was first dispatched, and he hugged and reconciled with his sister who ran to the hospital with a contemplated face.

It’s all memories now.

My own memories!

” What? What are you trying to say?”

As the heavy silence prolonged, his sister smiled and evoked the atmosphere.

Ye-Hyeon took a big breath.

“I’ve awaken.”

“-… What?”

” I’m going to be a hunter. I’m going into training camp tomorrow.”

“Don’t be ridiculous! Hunter?!”

My sister’s voice trembled.

“If something go wrong because of the gate, I’ll, I’ll…”

His breathing also became rough.

I couldn’t hear the cry, but I could see her sobbing with her mouth closed.

Ye-Hyeon could not easily persuade or comfort her.

The death of his parents was also a big wound to Ye-Hyeon, but it remained a bigger trauma to his sister.

It was on a trip to commemorate her sister’s admission to college that their parents died.

The four families headed to Daegwallyeong, where my sister wanted to visit, and we’re caught up in an explosion of a gate that was not detected at the time because there was no detection technology.

People said.

It’s a miracle that Ye-Hyeon and his sister survived.

They couldn’t even find their parent’s body.

There were only two empty coffins lying alone in the mortuary.

Next to Ye-Hyeon crying sadly, his sister only looked at the floor with a pale face.

My father’s company went bankrupt and was in debt, and the insurance company refused any compensation, saying that the gate explosion was a natural disaster.

I had no relatives to ask for help.

My sister, who is only 20 years old, suddenly became the sole guardian of a second-year middle school brother.

The two moved to a semi-basement single room the size of a booger and continued their lives.

Young Ye-Hyeon believed when his sister said everything was okay.

I wanted to believe so.

I never thought my sister would secretly cancel her college entrance and go to the factory to earn our living expenses.

It was when I was in my first year of high school that I learned the truth.

I once went to the factory leaving my supplementary class during vacation because I wanted to give a small gift to my sister who was a college student and didn’t have any cosmetics, let alone pretty clothes.

Ye-Hyeon ran into her sister there.

The factory was also widely rumored to be the most demanding job search site, although it pays a lot of money.

Ye-Hyeon ran away without knowing what to do.

My sister, who returned home late at night, hugged me and cried silently.

The feelings flowing from his sister were so heavy that Ye-Hyeon couldn’t say anything because he was sorry again.

Only then did Ye-Hyeon realize that his sister blamed herself for the deaths of their parent.

My sister, who was covered with guilt and a sense of debt, put everything she could to raise me in the stead of our parents.

Ye-Hyeon, who knew that it was not him who was interested in learning, tried to persuade her with a high school dropout letter.

“I’ll make the money it’s the older sister’s studies.”

At that, my sister shook her head stubbornly with an expression that seemed to collapse at any moment.

Ye-Hyeon realized another fact.

I was my sister’s support in a different sense.

Ye-Hyeon graduated from a good university and joined a decent company only for her.

However, no matter how hard I worked, the debt did not decrease.

It was around that time that Ye-Hyeon return.

“Sorry. I couldn’t tell you because I thought you wouldn’t like it, but I’ve dreamed of becoming a hunter since I was young.”

“……was it a dream?”

My sister’s voice was hoarse and split at the end.

Ye-Hyeon hid his upset heart and licked his lower lip.

“I want to block the gate myself so that it doesn’t explode again.”

My hand holding the cell phone was full of strength.

I was glad it was a phone call.

My expression right now will never be that of a person with a noble cause.

“I don’t know if I can do that,”

Ye-Hyeon added with a bitter smile.

There was a long silence.

Ye-Hyeon didn’t rush and waited in good faith.

Occasionally, a sign of stopping to speak came over the phone.

“…Don’t get hurt.”


It was a long time before I ended the call.

“Thank you, sister.”

I told her with all my heart in a short word.

Whenever this happened, I blamed myself for my poor expression.

I will protect you no matter what!

Ye-Hyeon renewed his commitment and burned his will.

“It’s okay.”

“I haven’t had a stomach ache until now, but suddenly… I have to wash up, so hang up.”

“Okay. Good night.”

My sister said bluntly, but she didn’t let go of her cell phone until Ye-Hyeon hung up first.

Ye-Hyeon looked down at the blackened screen.

I felt restless.

“I’m just going to pack,”

Ye-Hyeon stood up from his seat, rubbing his hot cheeks.

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Regression Of The Dating Sim Player

Regression Of The Dating Sim Player

Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Choi Ye-Hyeon, an F-class hunter with no combat ability, has only skills to check the status window of himself and the other hunters. Choi Ye-Hyeon made money by following the ranker party and selling potions and status ailments at a slightly higher price than the market price. Then, a huge gate that has never appeared before appears in the sky over Seoul. Due to the unusual size, the Hunter Association dispatched all the hunters, but they were annihilated before they even reached the boss room. Just before his death, a notification window flashes in Ye-Hyeon's blurred vision. 【system】 Loading is complete. Do you want to start? (yes/no) When he opened his eyes, he went back to three years ago. Ye-Hyeon's ability (job), who was a simple 'player', was changed to 'dating sim player'. In order to save his older sister who will be in coma, and to survive by clearing the extra-large gate that will appear three years later, Ye-Hyeon is uncertain, but he has no choice but to attack the four targets as the system tells him to.  


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