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27. Medium gate sweep (3)

An S-Class Hunter had a unique spirit or aura.

Baek Hae-Won hides it neatly, but Ye-Hyeon sometimes felt it while following Ranker parties in the past.

When Hunter, who has S-class abilities, showed intense hostility or favoritism, invisible energy seemed to pour out of his body.

When he faced such energy, his head bowed, and his heart trembled. The air seemed to freeze cold, and the skin seemed to sting.


Ye-Hyeon breathed out a trembling breath and leaned slightly on Yoon Seung-Jae.

The back of the two people who blocked him, and the warmth that hugged him, were honestly reassuring. Ye-Hyeon doesn’t know how long it’s been since someone stepped up for him when he was in a difficult situation.

‘I’m not alone this time…….’

For the first time, Ye-Hyeon felt a sense of belonging that he was part of the party. He felt strange for no reason. Ye-Hyeon rubbed the tip of his nose with the back of his hand.

“The little ones don’t even recognize the top and bottom…….”

Lee Young-Shin did not lose his will since he was born with a B-class Ability. Lee Young-Shin, who had stepped back half a step, took another step forward.

Lee Young-Shin’s face was turning red and blue. His pride seemed greatly hurt because he stepped back against the new hunter, even for a moment.

Baek Hae-Won is watching, so he can’t attack, and it doesn’t seem to work if he only threatens with words, and he can’t back down like this, or else his pride would be hurt.

“Hunter Lee Young-Shin, I’m sorry, but we have a meeting. Can you move?” Baek Hae-Son interrupted with good timing and created a justification for Lee Young-Shin to step down.

Lee Young-Shin glared at the group for a moment.

Lee Young-Shin spat on the floor and turned around as if he was just standing back. It seemed rather insignificant that he could not give up his bluff until the end.

“Hey, you said you’re a healer. Why are you being suppressed by that guy?”

When Lee Young-Shin disappeared, Shin Do-Gyeom looked down at Ye-Hyeon coldly.

Perhaps it was because of his mood, but his expression toward Lee Young-shin and Ye-Hyeon did not seem very different.

“I know. Maybe because I’m not used to it yet?”

Ye-Hyeon laughed bitterly and scratched his head. He knew it in his head, but he still seemed to have a habit of being careful when he was a supporter.

“Anyway, thank you for your help.”

“Me? Don’t be mistaken.”

Against Shin Do-Gyeom, he couldn’t let his guard down for a moment.

“Hyung, who is that person? Why did he pick a fight?”

“……Ask Hunter Baek Hae-Won.”

Ye-Hyeon passed on Yoon Seung-Jae, who was frustrated, to Baek Hae-Won and followed Shin Do-Gyeom.

Shin Do-Gyeom’s face was not very good. Initially, the white face was several times paler, and the under eyes were colored blue. Still, it was amazing that he didn’t look fragile.

<Status Window>

Name: Shin Do-Gyeom

Age: 24

Level: 39

Occupation: Shrine’s Second Coming (S)

Title: Grade F Hunter (F), New Hunter (F)

Skill: White-shot (S) (passive), Skylight (A), Sun’s Arrow (S) (not acquired),

Condition: Bleeding (D) [Time remaining: 7 hours and 10 minutes]

Ye-Hyeon, reading Shin Do-Gyeom’s status window step by step with a fanatic mind, opened his eyes wide.

Oh? Did he learn one more skill? Wait, it hasn’t been long since he became Level 39, but his level went up.’

Shin Do-Gyeom got the second skill that Kwon Joo-ho, who exceeded 40 levels, did not get. It was a growth that was difficult to see in just a week.

There’s no way he went to the dungeon without Ye-Hyeon knowing.’

If a party member of a fixed party participated in the gate individually, the leader, Ye-Hyeon, was supposed to be contacted.

Did he just train like he was going to die? For a week?

Shin Do-Gyeom’s hands were wrapped in tattered bandages. Ye-Hyeon didn’t have to ask where the bleeding came from.

Ye-Hyeon immediately opened the inventory. Essentials such as vital force potion, mana potion, and beef jerky accounted for three out of five compartments, and one compartment was left for emergency use. After thinking about what to put in the last space, he put bandages for bleeding treatment, which is more than the most common condition.

He didn’t expect he would use this already.

Ye-Hyeon secretly took out a bandage to treat the bleeding and approached Shin Do-Gyeom.

“I told you to tell me if you were hurt.”

Shin Do-Gyeom gave his hand obediently while glancing at Ye-Hyeon.

Ye-Hyeon was stunned by the bloody bandage.

“Are you going to use your bow like this?”

Ye-Hyeon frowned. Looking at the shape of the wound, after roughly treating the outside with a low-level vitality potion, he used his hands again, resulting in scabs and falling repeatedly.

Aside from losing vitality due to bleeding, it must have hurt just staying still. Kwon Joo-Ho and Shin Do-Gyeom, why don’t they know how to take care of their bodies?’

Ye-Hyeon barely held back his sigh.

“Since when did you get hurt?”

“You know what to do.”

“This guy…”

For a moment, Ye-Hyeon was emotional and tried to respond, but he suppressed it with superhuman patience.

It doesn’t even matter if he was worried.

Shin Do-Gyeom was still good. However, he hated him as well. As time passed, he felt like his love and hate were mixed.

Without hiding his anger, Ye-Hyeon purposely tightly wrapped a bandage for the bleeding treatment on Shin Do-Gyeom’s hand.

It could hurt, but Shin Do-Gyeom didn’t breathe a single sound. So it was even more annoying.

The bandage for bleeding treatment disappeared as if it melted when only the name was wrapped around the area where the bandage bleeding occurred. Shin Do-Gyeom’s hand, which had been ruined, quickly became clear when he confirmed that his condition had disappeared and even treated it with a “light of healing.”

“It’s done.”

Ye-Hyeon bluntly threw Shin Do-Gyeom’s hand in the air.

[System] The intimacy of ‘Target 3: Shin Do-Gyeom’ has increased by 1 point.

‘Did his hands hurt?’

He felt sorry that the closeness increased due to the meanness. Ye-Hyeon turned his head around.

“Hey, don’t stay with him. Come here.”

Yoon Seung-Jae gestured as if he had heard the whole story from Baek Hae-Won. Yoon Seung-Jae is trying to match Shin Do-Gyeom.

It was surprising that Shin Do-Gyeom, who is known to be feisty, was not offended.

“You’re so sensitive to me.”

“If a strange guy sticks to you again next time, don’t deal with him and run to me. No, I’ll just stay by your side.”

“We could be closer than this……?”

Ye-Hyeon sincerely asked back. At this rate, he might follow him to the bathroom.

“It’s time for us to enter soon, so get ready.”

Baek Hae-Won, who returned after seeing the situation at the gate entrance for a while, urged. Ye-Hyeon hurriedly packed his luggage.

Ye-Hyeon, who entered the gate, first looked at the group. He couldn’t see who was assigned to the same route properly because he was entering at the end.

‘Oh, I’m in trouble.’

Ye-Hyeon, looking at them one by one, wrinkled his in frustration. Fortunately, there was no Lee Young-Shin, but four out of 15 were from Lee Young-Shin’s group.

Baek Hae-Won also gave a slight caution.

“Wow, there’s a healer here. We’re lucky.”

“Nice to meet you, Healer.”

“We are happy to have you.”

“Healer! Healer! Please say hello. Isn’t it too cold?”

Lee Young-Shin’s group even winked at Ye-Hyeon, bending excessively. It was clear that they had heard something from Lee Young-Shin.

When strangers formed a group, the loud people influenced the early atmosphere.

“Healer? Who’s the healer?”

“I think you’re talking about the one in the sky-blue robe.”

When Lee Young-Shin’s group showed interest in Ye-Hyeon and made a fuss, others glanced at him and whispered.

“I’m annoyed.”

Yoon Seung-Jae hid Ye-Hyeon behind his back.

“From now on, I’ll split you into three parties.”

The association assigned personnel to each route and temporarily designated a leader. Of course, the leader of the route to which Ye-Hyeon belongs was Baek Hae-Won.

“Our regular party is in charge of one party, and the rest is…….”

Lee Young-Shin’s group was one tanker, two melees, and one long-ranged. However, Baek Hae-won split Lee Yong-Shin’s group into three parties.

“Will you be okay?”

Yoon Seung-Jae looked at Ye-Hyeon anxiously and looked at the group giggling. He had to stand in the front, but when he tried to leave behind Ye-Hyeon, he looked back.

“Of course. Don’t worry, and hurry to your seat.”

Ye-Hyeon pushed Yoon Seung-Jae’s back.

When no party member was left, Ye-Hyeon, a long-distance dealer from Lee Young-shin’s group, approached Ye-Hyeon.

“Healer, I have a question. Can I ask you?”


“What’s your relationship with Hunter Baek Hae-won Hunter?”


Ye-Hyeon answered sourly.

“Then why did you skip the party for the newcomers? Maybe you like to follow strong people.”

The long-distance dealer continued to ask questions even though Ye-Hyeon was openly wary. He could see that he was trying to figure out something.

It was best to ignore such a person.

He knows, but…….’

Ye-Hyeon was annoyed that they kept belittling his party without knowing anything.

“Yes, so.”

Ye-Hyeon said sternly with a blunt face.


“That’s why I made this party. I like strong people.”

Eyyy don’t mess with his harem.


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