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26. Rest(2)

After arriving at Hunter Market, Ye-Hyeon stopped by the armor store immediately. The small and shabby store, which is a little more in the corner than the defense store Baek Hae-Won told him, was a place that Ye-Hyeon often used before regression.

“What are you looking for, Hunter?”

As soon as Ye-Hyeon entered the entrance, the owner approached with a smile.

“There’s still hair.’

Ye-Hyeon looked at the owner’s head. Instead of the shiny head from any angle, little hair was left.

“I’m looking for leather armor.”

“You’ve come to the right place. Our store specializes in leather. Let’s see, the product that just came in today…….”

The owner naturally tried to lead him to the stand in the center of the store, but Ye-Hyeon stood in place and did not move.

“I’m not interested in this and want to go underground.” Ye-Hyeon cut off the owner’s words in a casual tone as much as possible.

“Oh, you want to see the underground stuff?”

The owner quickly scanned Ye-Hyeon with his eyebrows raised.

Ye-Hyeon was not wearing any equipment because he came straight from his sister’s house to Hunter Market.

Hunter, unarmed at Hunter Market, was one of the two. It’s either a veteran that doesn’t need weapons, or it’s just a newbie.

“All right, come here.”

The owner hummed and beat rhythmically on the wall in the corner of the store. Soon the walls opened, and the dark stairs were revealed.

“I remember a person’s face amazingly, but I don’t remember this Hunter. It’s your first time here. Who told you about the underground store?”

The owner tried to dig up information with a friendly smile.

Ye-Hyeon went down the stairs, retreating seriously.

Small stores run by individuals usually had a separate secret space where only good items were collected. To get there, he had to use the password set by the owner.

Ye-Hyeon, who looked around the basement lightly, immediately pointed to the defense hanging from the mannequin.

“This is nice.”

“Wow, you have a good eye. This is made of the famous lulut leather. You know it’s hard to find something with flame resistance, right?”

The owner rubbed his palm and talked long and hard.

“It’s originally 150 gold, but since it’s your first time visiting…… I’ll give you 135 gold. You know you can’t buy this thing at this price.”

When Ye-Hyeon smiled, the merchant laughed as if he liked it.

“Isn’t this Dejaer leather, not lulut leather?”

However, Ye-Hyeon quickly withdrew his hand and spoke in a businesslike tone.

“What? What did you just say?”

Desjair leather is similar in color to Lulut leather, but it has no special advantage except for its durability. Products made of desjair leather could be bought for 70 golds at most.


Defenders made of Desjair’s leather.

It’s strong.

It is possible to know the difference without checking the status window, but he did so out of habit. He saw the other armor hanging on the other mannequin and pointed at it.

“That must be the one made of lulut leather.”

“Haha, you have a very good eye. If you buy the Lulut armor as an apology, I’ll give it to you for 130 gold.”

Even if it was flame-resistant, it was not very useful because it had a low rating. Ye-Hyeon closed his eyes and smiled broadly. “You’re selling it too expensive. I’ll buy it for 100 golds.”

There was a reason why Baek Hae-Won recommended a large armor store. The product is normal, and there’s no need to rip off new hunters.

A new hunter who doesn’t know the market price often gets tricked when he pushes his foot into a private store because of rumors of many hidden treasures.


He was found to have lied one after another, but the merchant laughed loudly rather than being embarrassed.

” I didn’t know you were a veteran, Hunter. Come over here.”

The merchant, who was misunderstood, smiled and took Ye-Hyeon down one more time.

In Hunter Market, the one who was unknowingly attacked was a fool. Instead, those who knew the information well were treated as much.

“Hunter, which way is Irbil?”

” I like people with good eyes, too.”

The owner, who was ahead, secretly looked back at Ye-Hyeon.

This is not a normal bet.

He could almost read what the owner wanted.

‘Can you give me free information?’

Ye-Hyeon pretended not to know and smiled.

“Let’s see. He’s not a tanker and has a little callus in his hand, but he doesn’t seem to be fighting with a weapon himself. Is he a mage?”

The owner mumbled, rubbing his chin with a serious expression as if he had become a detective. Ye-Hyeon shook his head, and the owner could only give up when all he receives is a smile.

“You’re not going to tell me the answer, are you?”

“Of course.”

Ye-Hyeon answered sharply, looking at the wizard’s costume on the wall. Baek Hae-Won said he would wear it someday, but he didn’t want to.

Ye-Hyeon chose light armor and a robe with a subtle sky blue color without much decoration at a reasonable price range.

“A total of 150 golds. How would you like to pay? A lump sum payment? An installment plan?”

“On a lump sum.”

Ye-Hyeon answered with a smile. The merchant smirked, too.

If you answer the installment plan immediately because you are attracted to the word of installment plan, you will be kicked out immediately. Hunter’s lump sum transaction was natural as it was not strange to die at any time.

“Please ship it to my accommodation. And….”

Ye-Hyeon tapped the counter with his fingertips and tilted his shoulder toward the owner.

“I want to buy information about alchemists.”

Another reason why Ye-Hyeon frequently used this store was that the owner bought and sold information.

“Alchemist? Hmm… Are you a monster or a hunter?”

“It’s a shame.”

He seemed to need to learn about the alchemist because he asked for information without bargaining.

“Please contact me if you find out later.”

Ye-Hyeon turned around without hesitation.

It was a little after lunch when he bought everything needed to put in the inventory.

“What shall I do now….”

Ye-Hyeon sat by the fountain and yawned. He was thinking about going back or eating alone, but Yoon Seung-Jae called.

-Hyung, since you need to buy new armor. Do you want to go with me tomorrow?

“I already bought everything.”

– What? When?

Imagining Yoon Seung-Jae would be blinking his big eyes now while pouting. Ye-Hyeon smiled at the thought.


– Is Hyung in the Hunter Market?

“Oh, but I’m going back now…….”

– I’m in the Hunter Market too. Where are you? I’ll go now.

“Never mind, never mind. It’s near the central fountain.”

Ye-Hyeon, who was refusing, changed his mind and told him the place. It wasn’t loud, but being alone was a little awkward after hanging out with the party members.

He had been alone all his life.

Since this happened, he was going to draw some points from Yoon Seung-Jae.

‘I need to get some information as soon as possible.’

The intimacy point was now only 30 points. It was a waste to lose 50 points to random information at the beginning. “Still, it’s 100 points, but the target information won’t have a mistake, right?” Yoon Seung-Jae appeared in the distance while Ye-Hyeon was staring at the status window. “Hyung!”

“Hey, slow down, slow down.”

Yoon Seung-Jae, who found Ye-Hyeon, ran as hard as he could.

Ye-Hyeon hurriedly waved his hands. If he bumped into Yoon Seung-Jae, one of them would break.

Fortunately, Yoon Seung-Jae slowed down just before hitting and hugged Ye-Hyeon carefully.

Ye-Hyeon, who was very nervous in preparation for the shock, also relaxed his body.

“I missed you.”

Yoon Seung-Jae giggled playfully and rubbed his forehead on Ye-Hyeon’s shoulder. Since he got hurt, Yoon Seung-Jae often hugged Ye-Hyeon.


He wanted to push him away, but he was sure he would complain again, so he didn’t.

“……It’s nice to see you on your day off.”

Ye-Hyeon was thinking about how Yoon Seung-Jae would like it and said it as hard and awkwardly as if he was reading a textbook.

“Huh? Really?”

[system] You got 10 points of intimacy.

It was so awkward that it was noticeably acting, but Yoon Seung-Jae liked it.

“Yoon Seung-Jae…”

Yoon Seung-Jae was in big trouble because he was so kind. It seemed to be because he was as innocent as a child.

‘If someone does a little good to you, what if you fall for it and get cheated?’

“Of course.”

Ye-Hyeon was worried but lied hard. Although he was stabbed, he had no choice but to use Yoon Seung-Jae’s good personality.

Ye-Hyeon, who turned his gaze, was surprised. From head to toe, a black figure slowly approached from the direction Yoon Seung-Jae walked.

“Yoon Seung-Jae is that…….”

“Oh, that’s right. Joo-Ho Hyung came with me. I met him on the way.”


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Regression Of The Dating Sim Player

Regression Of The Dating Sim Player

Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Choi Ye-Hyeon, an F-class hunter with no combat ability, has only skills to check the status window of himself and the other hunters. Choi Ye-Hyeon made money by following the ranker party and selling potions and status ailments at a slightly higher price than the market price. Then, a huge gate that has never appeared before appears in the sky over Seoul. Due to the unusual size, the Hunter Association dispatched all the hunters, but they were annihilated before they even reached the boss room. Just before his death, a notification window flashes in Ye-Hyeon's blurred vision. 【system】 Loading is complete. Do you want to start? (yes/no) When he opened his eyes, he went back to three years ago. Ye-Hyeon's ability (job), who was a simple 'player', was changed to 'dating sim player'. In order to save his older sister who will be in coma, and to survive by clearing the extra-large gate that will appear three years later, Ye-Hyeon is uncertain, but he has no choice but to attack the four targets as the system tells him to.  


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