Regression (2)

Ye-Hyeon was not familiar with playing.

I pretended to hang out with my friends, but I thought it would be better to study or sleep during the time I used to play games.

Even such Ye-Hyeon knew what Dating Simulation was.

Simulation of dating a beautiful girl and forming a relationship.

In short, it was a game to target various beautiful women and date them.

Ye-Hyeon was so out of breath that he was speechless.

I felt like I was already in a mess.

Are you telling me to date? When did I ever say I wanted to be in a relationship?

Ye-Hyeon couldn’t resist and burst into anger.

“I know it’s no use getting angry at a Status Window, but if I didn’t argue, I would explode in anger and I would die.”

Judging from the job name and status window of the player, Ye-Hyeon also guessed that his ability was a game-related ability.

Now, the loading window I saw just before I died seemed to mean that the game installation was completed. It was ridiculous to find a proper ability just before I died after suffering for more than three years, but it was crazy that it was a Dating Simulation.

Even though Ye-Hyeon was angry, he couldn’t give up his feelings and checked the details.

<Dating Sim Player>

Player of the Unpublished Game.

“This is an explanation.”

Ye-Hyeon’s hair was almost split in annoyance.

Before and now, the status window was uniformly unfriendly.

In addition, the grade was L-class and legendary, which was higher than S-class, but it was no consolation.

It was rather unpleasant because it seemed to be teasing him.

Is it because it’s Dating Simulation time that you lacked information for, Status Window? There have been more than one or two complaints accumulated since the awakening. It is a game system, and there is no helpful start such as power or agility, and other people’s status windows showed no vitality or mana. There was no basic explanation as to how to level up, when to get skills, so I had no choice but to find out directly by bumping into my body every time. Even that, there was no way to check if the method was correct.The more I pondered, the more I felt unfair and despondent.

With a deep sigh, Ye-Hyeon closed all the useless windows, and something sparkled in the corner of his view.

After hesitating for a while, Ye-Hyeon opened the exclamation mark-shaped icon.

Complete the <Quest> tutorial.

Compensation: Store availability, ???

“You want me to finish the tutorial now?”

Ye-Hyeon gritted his teeth while staring at the word tutorial.

Quest and store were functions that did not exist before the regression.

It seemed that the color of the window, which used to be only blue, changed.


[system] Unauthorized access.

It didn’t open right away, either.

Ye-Hyeon frowned and waved his hand over the window.

He hope they sell potions that are hard to get.

Like a debuff release potion, Ye-Hyeon didn’t expect to get any good skills or items in the store.

There are some new features


Tutorial 1

Contact the target.


Ye-Hyeon, who confirmed the point opening and level up tutorial chest, narrowed his eyes.

Due to the system that can only gain experience by contributing to it, there was no opportunity to raise the level until he became an official hunter.

If he have a few more tutorials, he may be able to levelp up 10 levels and gain inventory skills before being sent to the gate.

“But I’ll only be a good porter.”

It was a bit of a temptation, but I quickly dispelled the hope.

Ye-Hyeon lamented with self-help and tapped the bold “TARGET OF ATTACK” with his fingertips in the chest window.









It seemed that there were four targets.

I was already in trouble.

Ye-Hyeon pressed down on his throbbing brow.

“Give me a hint. How can I find them?”

I was at a loss. I thought it would be better to stop by the Hunter Association’s headquarters, leaving the chest that could not be solved right away.

Ye-Hyeon looked down at the bill he was holding tightly in his hand.

There were five, 10,000 won sheets with clear folds.

Even when he swept money into the supporter just before his return, he had a lot of debt left, so it was clear that he was struggling with interest rather than paying back the principal.

It may be a small amount of money for someone, but it was blood money for his sister and Ye-Hyeon.

“If you have money to give me, you should buy me something delicious…”

My sister said, It’s a waste to spend money on me, but she would give me even a few thousand won, saying it’s pocket money for me.

Ye-Hyeon spread the money he received from his sister and put it in a used box, instead of a piggy bank, he searched for a winter coat pocket hanging deep in the closet.

Unsurprisingly, tens of thousands of won in emergency funds came out.

Ye-Hyeon hurriedly called a taxi after just changing his clothes.

“I don’t usually take a taxi because it’s a waste of money, but I thought I would be able to calm down a little if I had to take an awakening test quickly.”

“Go to Hunter’s Association headquarters, please.”

“Hunter headquarters? Are you a hunter? Or are you going to do an awakening test?”

“Oh, well…”

The taxi driver showed interest, but Ye-Hyeon turned his head out of the window, blurring the end of his words.

Unlike central Seoul, there were traces of the initial gate explosion in the outer area where Ye-Hyeon lived.

Not a single grass has grown on the black ground yet.

It’s already been 12 years.

No, it’s been nine years!

It reached a height of about 10 meters and shone a mysterious light as if it were not in this world.

Researchers from each country were dispatched to investigate, but nothing could be obtained except information that it was a substance that had never been found on Earth.

People were crazy about mysterious objects.

At first, he was excited about the message of aliens, but later, conspiracy theories prevailed that it was the work of a group trying to conquer the world, and soon became a sign of destruction.

When people noticed that the lights of the jewels stuck side by side on the top were extinguished one after another, they expected the object to be identified the moment the last light was extinguished.

However, after time passed, the only thing waiting for humanity was a ruthless explosion.

People who flocked to see the moment of history directly with pure curiosity, or full of doubts, or to make money by leaving records, were caught up in a huge explosion and sacrificed.

The whole world was in turmoil.

They thought explosion would be the end, but immediately after that, the same-looking objects appeared everywhere again.

Countries tried to destroy even the troops, but the square object did not have even minor scratches.

They tried to shoot not only knives and guns but also missiles.

It explodes, it resurfaces, it explodes, it resurfaces.

The black object got the name Death Stone.

The endless death monument was like the judgment of God to destroy the Earth.

It was Lee Sun-Woo, the “first awakened” who broke the chain of despair.

Lee Sun-Woo, who walked into the black tombstone with a detached face like a prophet who received the revelation, walked out a few days later looking exhausted.

Dragging the body of a huge monster creature that can only be seen in movies with its blood dripping arm.

When Lee Sun-Woo came out, the monument of death, which had been shining softly, lost its light, and disappeared a few days later at the moment when the last jewel was almost blackened.

There were no traces of the monument’s disappearance.

Since that day, people who have blossomed their abilities and abilities beyond human limits have begun to appear.

Humans seemed to have evolved to survive in line with rapid environmental changes.

The world called the day when Lee Sun-Woo cleared the gate “Evolution Day” to commemorate human survival.

Ye-Hyeon closed his eyes tightly.

For Ye-Hyeon, it was not a day of evolution but a day of tragedy.

He lost his parents in the third gate crash at a young age of 15 and was in debt.

Later, not only his parents but also his sister were almost lost, so the Gate was like Ye-Hyeon’s enemy.

“It’s okay”

anxiety suddenly raised in his head, but Ye-Hyeon comforted himself and grabbed his fist.

There’s still time.

“I won’t let my sister fall into coma again.”

It wasn’t until half a year after his sister fell that he would know the exact name of the disease.

Mana rejection.

Mana were the unknown energy released from the gate.

Analysis of Mana is very useful to obtain information about the gate’s internal environment and monsters, but a very small population, less than 0.1%, has failed to accept Mana and has become increasingly weak.

People with  Mana Rejection did not even develop Ability.

It was instantaneous for a person to be branded as a human being who failed to adapt to the new world.

There have been attempts to develop treatments, but there have been no results due to the lack of active research.

Before returning to Korea, all Ye-Hyeon could do was save money and artificially let his sister survive.

“This time, I wanted to find a way to treat my sister at all costs. No, I wanted to get rid of all the gates if I could.”

Ye-Hyeon rubbed his stuffy stomach.

A datim sim player even if I tried not to think about it, the new job kept running in my head. There was bound to be an ending to the game. If I had a choice ending, I wanted it to be a future where the super-large gate was cleared and all the gates disappeared. It may be an impossible wish, but I thought I would not be able to endure it unless I had a hope.

The taxi stopped after a long time.

“We’re here.”
“Thank you.”

Ye-Hyeon opens two folded 10,000 won sheets and hands it over.

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