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19. Hunter Market (1)

“The bow is good. Cool. I’m looking forward to having a dungeon with you.”

Fortunately, Baek Hae-Won spoke favorably.

Shin Do-Gyeom wriggled the corners of his mouth, but he didn’t reply.

The conversation ended so helplessly that he was even nervous for a moment.

“Did the four of you already work together?”



Baek Hae-won lost his words for a moment as if he had asked a question in anticipation of a positive return.

Ye-Hyeon gently avoided his gaze.

He was embarrassed when he thought he was trying to go ahead with someone who knows better than me how the world of Hunter works.

“I think it’s enough to experience it at the accommodation.”

Yoon Seung-Jae complained, putting his chin on the back of his hand.

It was a voice that felt Newbie’s spirit.

He could see that he wanted to run to the dungeon right away.

Baek Hae-won laughed low as if Yoon Seung-Jae, who was full of confidence without knowing anything, looked cute.

“It may not have touched you yet, but a synergy with colleagues is more important than each ability to survive in the dungeon.

A party that fits well is not an addition, but a multiplication.

Baek Hae-Won emphasized, “To survive”.

It was a gentle but firm tone.

Ye-Hyeon captured each of the people sitting around a round table, who are now party members.

Yoon Seung-Jae, Shin Do-Gyeom, Kwon Joo-Ho, and Baek Hae-Won.

It was a miracle that they gathered as a party.

“But I don’t think there’s anything dangerous in the C-class dungeon with these members.”

They are not going to clear it, but they still are going to deal with the remaining monsters.

Of course, the Dungeon was not a strange place to see any unexpected change.

Ye-Hyeon knows well, but there are four S-class members, so honestly, Baek Hae-Won’s story didn’t reach him well.

“Then, should we try to match our data first?” Baek Hae-won shook his head when Ye-Hyeon asked.

“No, if I tell you everything that would’ve happened. It wouldn’t be worth it.”

Baek Hae-Won smiled and tapped his cell phone.

He seemed to be trying to help in earnest.

“…thank you.”

Though isn’t that bothersome? Ye-Hyeon lowered his head lightly, hiding his bitter feelings.

“Let’s see……. The C-class small sweep is the day after tomorrow or five days later. When is the best time?”

Ye-Hyeon looked back secretly.

Looking at the expressions of the three people, he didn’t think he needed to ask.

“We are leaving the day after tomorrow.”

“All right. I’ll tell you how to apply. Did you sign up for Hunter Community?”


“Since Ye-Hyeon is the leader, you can apply as a representative.”

He was used to applying for participation with my eyes closed, but Ye-Hyeon stuttered as if it was his first time.

“If you press the button at the bottom, would be done. Yes, good job.”

Baek Hae-Won’s explanation was simple and easy to understand.

“Probably, we will be able to receive the supplies provided by the dormitory by this week. From now on, you have to get it on your own at Hunter Market. Have you visited Hunter Market? Shall we go together next time when you have time?”

“Now. Now.”

Yoon Seung-Jae, who had his eyes half closed to the continuous boring story, jumped up.

Ye-Hyeon smiled.

“Shall we, then?”

Kwon Joo-ho slowly got up from his seat at Baek Hae-Won’s answer.

“I’m done. It’s all over now, right?”

On the other hand, Shin Do-Gyeom said harshly and left without a moment to hold on.

Ye-Hyeon followed Baek Hae-Won, swallowing his disappointment.

Hunter Market was located near Seoul and was also called Hunter Village because it was attached to the largest hunter accommodation in Korea.

“Wow. Look at it. The sword is as big as my body!”

Yoon Seung-Jae whispered to Ye-Hyeon in an excited voice.

Hunter Market was one of the few areas where you could wear armor freely.

It was quite fun to see the colorful equipment, so Ye-Hyeon would sometimes sit at a cafe for a day on his day off.

Of course, only arms were allowed, and the use of weapons or Abilities was strictly prohibited.

Whatever the reason, those who acted aggressively were treated as criminals.

If you’re not a fool, you won’t commit suicide by turning all the hunters around you into enemies.

“Shall we stop by the grocery store first?”

Baek Hae-Won, wearing a modest gray robe, pointed to a five-story building that stands tall in the distance.

“Then we go to see the armor.”

“Armor? Can we go see the weapons first?”

Yoon Seung-Jae was like a kid with sweet candy in front of him.

“You didn’t give up on the inspection, did you?”

He was a little worried.

“Defense is more important than weapons.”

Even with Yoon Seung-Jae’s immature words, Baek Hae-Won calmly told him.

Ye-Hyeon almost nodded unconsciously, but finally stopped.

“If your offense is weak, you can attack several times, but if your defense is weak, you will be injured immediately. Surviving is the first priority.”

It is true that survival is the most important, but Baek Hae-Won emphasized it many times.

“Well… All right”

Yoon Seung-Jae muttered bluntly with an unwilling face.

“Now, shall we go?”

Baek Hae-Won smiled brightly.

The conversation did not increase in particular, but Baek Hae-won talking caused the illusion that the atmosphere became friendly.

Ye-Hyeon walked in step with Baek Hae-Won and glanced back.

Kwon Joo-ho, who followed a couple of steps away, was calmly looking around.

The plump lips rarely showed any signs of opening.

Come to think of it, he had never heard Kwon Joo-Ho’s voice.

Now, beyond frustrating, he was wondering when the hell he was going to talk.

He made eye contact with Kwon Joo-Ho as if he had been looking at him for too long while thinking about miscellaneous things.

Ye-Hyeon turned his head reflexively.

Was it too obvious?

‘I was conscious, but I didn’t want to look back. Maybe it’s just my feeling, but the back of my head seemed to sting.’ Ye-Hyeon thought.

As he sighed deeply, he suddenly saw the group reflected in the mirror.

The first thing that caught his eye was Yoon Seung-Jae’s hair shining in the sun.

Yoon Seung-Jae used to laugh playfully even when there are only two of them, but his expression changed quickly giving off bright energy unique to high school students.

The wide shoulders and solid waist, which do not match the cute face, exuded a unique charm of the transition period from a boy to a young man.

At first glance, it would be noticed that he seemed to be taller than Ye-Hyeon.

‘No way. I’m sure I saw it wrong!’ Ye-Hyeon tried to deny it.

Ye-Hyeon’s eyes soon fell on Kwon Joo-Ho.

Ye-Hyeon hated Kwon Joo-Ho, but he couldn’t deny that Kwon Joo-Ho was handsome.

Even though he was dressed modestly in black clothes, he was a handsome man enough for passers-by to turn around.

If he exclude his personal ill-feeling, the deep and dark eyes seemed to be filled with excellence at first glance.

But I don’t like it if I don’t like it.

Ye-Hyeon slightly frowned.


Baek Hae-won burst into laughter as he covered his mouth with his hand, it was not known what he was talking about with Yoon Seung-Jae.

Baek Hae-won was covering half of his face with a hood, but the delicate nose, red lips with soft lines, and sharp jawline were enough to create a mysterious atmosphere.

Baek Hae-Won’s fingers were thin and pretty.

Ye-Hyeon took turns looking at the three painted people and fiddled with his cheeks.

He doesn’t like his young face very much, but he’s never been spoiled by his appearance anywhere.

But being between the three, he felt discouraged.

‘If there’s Shin Do-Gyeom here…’

Ye-Hyeon shook his head.

This was all due to the superiority of the comparison target.

He could see why he was included in a dating sim.

Ye-Hyeon approached Baek Hae-Won.

“But isn’t Hunter Baek Hae-Won very busy?”

“Ha ha.”

Baek Hae-Won smiled even though it wasn’t a funny story.

The covered eyes are probably beautifully curved in the shape of a half-moon.

“I’m free because the project I was in charge of recently is over. About three months?”

“Oh, I see…”

“However, it will not mean that I will give mentoring for three months. I thought it would be one or two months at the longest. ”

Before that, he needs to know whether he is targeted or not.

” It is nothing much, but if you are a beginner hunter, you can only buy things that are shiny, regret them, and get ripped off and get information only through trial and error.”

Taking care of new hunters was one of the most shunned tasks of hunters, as there were not only one or two new hunters, and they had to repeat the same explanation every time.

He was too kind, to apply as a mentor.

It became increasingly difficult to know whether Baek Hae-won was just nice or had other intentions.

“Then shall we move to the armor store? You don’t have to buy armor and weapons right now. For the time being, the supplies I received from the accommodations are enough. I think I look around as an experience.”

“But it’s better to buy a new one.”

Yoon Seung-Jae smiled.

Yoon Seung-Jae seemed to have already decided to buy new equipment.

“Wow. How about that, Hyung?”

As soon as Yoon Seung-Jae entered the armor store, his eyes sparkled, and headed straight toward the shiny silver armor. ”

What the camp gave me looks dull because it has a strong iron feeling.”

Ye-Hyeon confirmed the price of the armor, recalling the dark armor.

The armor cost 200 gold, which is well over 2 million won.

Ye-Hyeon took a couple of steps back.

The equipment used by rankers sometimes costs 10 billion won, but the 2 million won armor was quite expensive for new hunters to use.

“Do you think it’ll suit me?”

“Oh, it’s good.” Yoon Seung-Jae didn’t care about the price at all. He was a young man from a rich family. Ye-Hyeon bit his lower lip slightly.

“Ye-Hyeon, come here.” Baek Hae-Won gestured to Ye-Hyeon in the distance.

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Regression Of The Dating Sim Player

Regression Of The Dating Sim Player

Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Choi Ye-Hyeon, an F-class hunter with no combat ability, has only skills to check the status window of himself and the other hunters. Choi Ye-Hyeon made money by following the ranker party and selling potions and status ailments at a slightly higher price than the market price. Then, a huge gate that has never appeared before appears in the sky over Seoul. Due to the unusual size, the Hunter Association dispatched all the hunters, but they were annihilated before they even reached the boss room. Just before his death, a notification window flashes in Ye-Hyeon's blurred vision. 【system】 Loading is complete. Do you want to start? (yes/no) When he opened his eyes, he went back to three years ago. Ye-Hyeon's ability (job), who was a simple 'player', was changed to 'dating sim player'. In order to save his older sister who will be in coma, and to survive by clearing the extra-large gate that will appear three years later, Ye-Hyeon is uncertain, but he has no choice but to attack the four targets as the system tells him to.  


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