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16. Bringing in a party (3)


As soon as the last monster fell to the floor, a mud window floated up.

The [System] level has been raised.

‘Finally…!’ Ye-Hyeon thought.

Ye-Hyeon clenched his fist and cheered inside.

With an empty boss room just around the corner, Ye-Hyeon could only shoot 10 levels.


Skills: Inventory (L)’ has been leveled up.

The long-awaited message window sparkled one after another.

Ye-Hyeon carefully opened an inventory window as he climbed into the gate checker returning to the camp.

Ye-Hyeon was just going to check lightly to see if there was anything different, but something was strange.


Slot: 5/30

‘Is it an error? If I open it, there might be nothing!’ Ye-Hyeon thought.

Ye-Hyeon looked through the inventory window with a distrustful look.

Ye-Hyeon thought he had to wait and see until he hit level 20.

After returning to the camp, Ye-Hyeon told Yoon Seung-Jae that he wanted to rest for about a week under the pretext of physical strength.

Yoon Seung-Jae expressed his unexpected concern that he would be with him if Ye-Hyeon was sick.

Of course, Ye-Hyeon kicked him out without a blink.

Ye-Hyeon rested well on the first day.

Thinking that he didn’t have to go to the gate the next day, he felt relaxed, so he felt drowsy and slept.

On the second day, Ye-Hyeon was still in bed until late afternoon.

Ye-Hyeon’s back was throbbing from lying down for so long.


Ye-Hyeon sighed, hugging the pillow.

He took a week off to find Shin Do-Gyeom, but Ye-Hyeon didn’t want to wake up.

‘I hate it.…… If I was determined to meet Shin Do-Gyeom, I could meet him without taking a week off.’ Ye-Hyeon thought.

It was enough to adjust the schedule of the sweep operation a little, but Ye-Hyeon hated it.

To be honest, Ye-Hyeon didn’t want to meet Shin Do-Gyeom.

Ye-Hyeon was upset to see how much Shin Do-Gyeom hated him with accurate figures.

He couldn’t be happy to know that the person he admired hated him.

He shouldn’t care if he wants to know the reason why the number in Shin Do-Gyeom’s Status Window is decreasing!

Ye-Hyeon forced himself to stand up while making a groan.

There was no justification to postpone it any longer because Ye-Hyeon also got “Inventory.”

Ye-Hyeon already knew where Shin Do-Gyeom was appearing when he asked new F-class hunters.

Ye-Hyeon forced his feet to move and headed to the archery field.

Although the camp also had training facilities, it was safe to say that there was no new hunter to continue the boring training, although you could experience the thrilling practice as you wanted.

It was not a bad way to improve your skills through practice.

However, new hunters tended to neglect training.

The timing is different, but one day, the time to feel the wall and concentrate on training will return.

Ye-Hyeon heard that it was when he went up to Gate B after going to Gate C only.

Ye-Hyeon seemed frustrated by the skills of other hunters rather than monsters.

Shin Do-Gyeom did not seem to stop training even in the camp.

It’s too much for a genius to work hard.

While complaining, Ye-Hyeon smiled slightly.

As expected, Shin Do-Gyeom was cool.

The archery range in the camp was also located in the middle of the mountain.

Ye-Hyeon had to climb the winding mountain path for a long time.

“Is it here?” Ye-Hyeon looked around with a suspicious look on his face when he finally arrived at the archery range.

The Archery range, located in a remote area, was too shabby on the surface.

It felt like it wasn’t managed at all.

When Ye-Hyeon opened the old door and entered, the interior was more organized than the exterior.

Fortunately or unfortunately, Shin Do-Gyeom was not seen.

Ye-Hyeon came back without much regret.

‘I’m going to hike every day again.’Ye-Hyeon thought.

Ye-Hyeon sighed again as he plodded down the mountain path.

It was more troublesome than hard.

Ye-Hyeon hoped it would be the same for a few more days, but Ye-Hyeon was able to find Shin Do-Gyeom on the third day.

Ye-Hyeon didn’t seem to fit in with Shin Do-Gyeom in many ways.

“Long time no see.”

Shin Do-Gyeom ignored Ye-Hyeon’s greeting.

Somehow, the atmosphere seemed colder than when Ye-Hyeon was suspected of a stalker.

‘Is this because it’s minus 35 points?’

“I’m sorry, but can you spare a moment during training?” Ye-Hyeon asked.

“I don’t think that’s a bow supply, is that right?”

However, Ye-Hyeon was not the type who would back down.

Ye-Hyeon sat with his buttocks attached whereas Shin Do-Gyeom had no choice but to shake his head when shooting an arrow and Ye-Hyeon continued talking naturally.

It was not much different from what Ye-Hyeon did in the training center, so there was nothing difficult.

Originally, the second time was easier.

“Wow, you’re good at shooting. Did you just shoot the arrow in front of you?”

Ye-Hyeon purposely clapped and praised Shin Do-Gyeom.

Ye-Hyeon could have not said a word because it bothered him, but Shin Do-Gyeom managed to not lose his concentration.

Shin Do-Gyeom disregarded it and the one-sided conversation continued for as long as two hours until Shin Do-Gyeom put down his bow.

Ye-Hyeon was wondering if he could have a conversation now, but Shin Do-Gyeom tried to leave the archery field right away.

“Oh, wait a minute.”

Ye-Hyeon hurriedly blocked the entrance.

Shin Do-Gyeom looked down at Ye-Hyeon with a slightly annoyed face.

“You need to talk to me.”

“I have nothing to say to you.”

“Not you, but me.”

Ye-Hyeon smiled like a person who was ignored and had no guts.

Shin Do-Gyeom, was not a person who would hate anyone, even though he was fickle and exclusive.

There must be a reason why he is pushing him away.

“I’ll be straightforward. Do you want to party with me?”

Also, Shin Do-Gyeom was a person who thoroughly distinguished between public and private matters.

‘No matter how much you hated me, it wouldn’t be impossible to get you into my party if I had a good reason.’ Ye-Hyeon thought.

“…Do you mean a fixed party?”

Shin Do-Gyeom changed his attitude in an instant.

After hearing the words, Ye-Hyeon felt his mouth open slightly without realizing it.

Ye-Hyeon was excited by the sharp but polite way of speaking of Shin Do-Gyeom after a long time.

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Why did you choose me?”

A warning light appeared on Shin Do-Gyeom’s face, which contained only minor discomfort.

It didn’t matter if he is an archer, but they had a bad relationship, so it would be a strange situation if Shin Do-Gyeom didn’t doubt it.

“Of course, it’s because of my skills. Do you know that I’m in grade F?”

Shin Do-Gyeom picked out a deflated laugh.

The smile, which was close to ridicule, seemed to be toward Shin Do-Gyeom himself, not Ye-Hyeon.

However, even at the moment, Shin Do-Gyeom’s eyes showed self-confidence and strong will, not despair.

It was something that only a truly strong man could have.

So it was even more unfortunate.

Ye-Hyeon wanted to go to the examiner who evaluated Shin Do-Gyeom right away and argue with them one by one.

“I have a good eye for people.”

Of course, it was a complete lie.

While waiting for entry in front of the gate, Ye-Hyeon used to spend time predicting who would be the higher grade by pointing to the two hunters he saw for the first time, and the correct answer rate was less than 30%.

Ye-Hyeon acted more confidently.

“If you refuse, I’ll follow you to the end,” Ye-Hyeon said so, but there was no answer if he refused or not.

It was possible because there were only a limited number of places to go to at the training camp, but there were not one or two gates and it was impossible to travel around the country chasing only Shin Do-Gyeom.

Shin Do-Gyeom raised his eyebrows.

On the surface, he is the one controlling the situation, but in fact, the initiative was handed over to Shin Do-Gyeom from the beginning.

Ye-Hyeon was in a hurry.

Ye-Hyeon has to actively appeal to Shin Do-Gyeom because he wants to recruit a high-grade hunter by using the advantage of having a party with the Healer.

Maybe it’s because it’s the object he has longed for and still admired.

Ye-Hyeon didn’t want to tell only false stories as Ye-Hyeon did to others.

Ye-Hyeon fiddled with his earlobes, lowering his gaze from staring at Shin Do-Gyeom to the floor.

“I’ll be honest with you. I want to be strong. No, you have to be strong. So that we can clear any gate.”

Ye-Hyeon paused and swallowed his dry saliva.

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