Provocation Everywhere Ch1

Provocation Everywhere

Ai La, the girl who had just passed her eighteenth birthday, left the party that was prepared by her mother and came to Lu An Ru’s house.
Oh no, in 2038 is 16 years old, now 18 years old, should have been called a woman. That’s why she is leaving for her best friend’s house; it was all because of stress.
She put her hands angrily on her wrist, then cast a sharp gaze at her best friend hoping that would be enough to make her feel guilty and return to the injustice she had suffered because of her.
But the girl, as she catches the gaze, there are no signs, not even slightly of impatience or guilt, on her pretty face.
She slowly picks up the small hammer in the crab-eating tool with her fingers and taps the top of the crab shell. She beat the crab shell to separate it from the flesh and cut off the crab legs with scissors and tongs. Serve a professionally set menu with a white porcelain bowl, filled with crab meat and crab roe, which almost amazed Ai La.
Actually, this could be handled by a smart home robot. Even if you don’t, just leave it to her rich bestie “Lu An Ru” and her private five-star chef. But since she was a serious and careful person, Ai La had the illusion that this little witch’s best friend “Lu An Ru” might start to improve herself? Or did she change her profession to take a course in cooking skills? Has she turned a blind eye because of the frequent provocation in the past month?
Whenever you think of something, you’ve become afraid, and when you think about it, you automatically complement it with an excuse.
She is just about to stop Lu An Ru’s tongue for a while and intends to reject the challenger to decide win or lose. Unfortunately, the increased knowledge did not last for three seconds, as did Lu An Ru’s pretentious professionalism.
When Lu An Ru cut the crab shell from the middle, she opened the crab with her hands artistically, and no stains were left. Then she handed over the crab to the chef who had been waiting for her and smiled as clean as an angel.
“Master Li, sorry to have put you a trouble”.
Chef Li received with both hands and dealt with crabs that were sticking to the roe due to improper handling. There is no emotion on his face, and he said politely, “No problem miss, Great Job”.
Ai La thought of the little witch’s temperament, and consider it extremely reasonable, got into trouble is one of Lu An Ru’s Hobby.
It must be Lu An Ru’s beloved younger brother, Sheng, craving for eating a crab yellow noodle dish. She helped by taking care of the crab, cleaning inside then becoming a supervisor.
And by the time the meal is ready, it will shine brightly, and she can show off her hard work and her transformation in front of her younger brother in a big way.
Ai La showed all her patience and waited for Chef Li to leave after peeling the last five crabs. She immediately sat next to Lu An Ru and took out the computer that was wider than her palm. While picking a conversation, she grabs Lu An Ru’s small arm to prevent her from avoiding the question.
“An Ru, when you joined the fighting club, our group received 1256 personal challenges, which has seriously affected the team’s atmosphere. Do you have a good conscience? Aren’t you going to make any statement?”
Lu An Ru Shook her head casually, and shouted to Chef Li who was far away; “ Chef Li put more crab vinegar in Xiao ming’s bowl, he likes it”.
“All right”. Chef li stopped, and waited for a few seconds after answering just in case there are other requests, then continue to walk to the kitchen. Then after walking five steps, she asks to come again. “Chef Li, give me a little mustard, I like it”. Chef li stopped again and nodded with smile.
In fact, Lu An Ru didn’t need to emphasize this thing too much. He had worked here for five years and was familiar with it, but he still acted as if he was listening carefully. He knows that every time Lu An Ru calls him, she never loses faith in him and simply doesn’t want to answer questions from a red-haired woman.
After the third world war, a new era began. Many artificial-intelligence breakthroughs calculated formulas that have life and emotion. It feels like artificial intelligence can perform tasks so much better than servants who need to sleep. It was hard to find an employer who would stick to his old skills, so Chef Li cherished it.
After a while, Lu An Ru and Ai La were both silent, as if thinking about something. Judging by their looks, Chef Li felt that Lu An Ru would no longer use him as a shield, and he turned silently. He just turned around and got called again. Be patient with your qualities, adjust your facial expressions, and be ready to twist your body. I hear the fire coming in an outburst of rage; “Lu An Ru, you’re almost got it! Please, be a little self-conscious”.
Chef Li swept the light from the corners of his eyes, making sure that the eldest lady was too shaken to give further instructions. quicken one’s pace back to the kitchen and give them a good place to talk. It’s not that he’s not protecting his master. He just knows how strong their relationship is. And if he stays would be useless except only for the delay. The only risk is you losing to protect the ingredients from the bowl.
In the living room, Ai La did not stop her action until Lu An Ru shook and her eyes were dizzy. She watched Lu An Ru recoiling a little, and start countenance flared again, Ai La’s heart sank a lot.
No Hard work only soft tricks.
Ai La pulls the fruit plate closer to the table and acts as a housekeeper. Peeling the crystal clear sunshine grapes and give them to Lu An Ru’s mouth.
A sudden burst of sweet water-filled Lu An Ru’s eyes with happiness, and her eyes twinkled with sleep. Ai La’s old story was just in time to bring back the past.
“An Ru, you can see that people’s anger is difficult to calm down. You have to give them a response. I understand that the Yue Xiang academy advocates freedom and openness, and will not impose penalties on those who refuse to challenge. But, you are the first leader of our Class C Study Group. Now, there are some things that must be done, “If you lead by example in some things, you’ll be scolded for being too cowardly”. The most important thing is that these team members are innocent. They followed the old ninja turtle”. Ai La deliberately raised the tone of the word ‘too cowardly’ hoping that could be provoking Lu An Ru’s anger. Of course, the last sentence is reserve, that you can turn things around.
Lu An Ru slightly open his upper and lower eyelids, she looked at the screen. Seemingly awakened by the data, she asks incredulously, “How many challenges are there?”
“Yes, 1256 copies”
Ai La wipes her hands with a tissue to unlock her microcomputer and entered the group PK application interface, pointing to the projection as a sign of seriousness.
“It really can’t be delayed any longer”
Lu An Ru lowered his eyes and stared at her with an unbearable expression. “More than a thousand people. My hands are invincible against all fist”. Ai La’s impulse to curse was suddenly brought to her lips, but considering the situation, she swallowed it with a fist in her hand.
“You’re acting like a fool. We just took the entrance examination at the beginning of the year, 300 people went to the intermediate level and they also entered the four clubs. Thousands of challenging letters are sent out continuously by more than a dozen people. You just have to give them, we can respond to this way.” As the highest academy in the new era, Yue Xiang is a dream place for all those who seek to become stronger. Unlike ordinary schools, Yue Xiang focuses on stimulating the potential of each student. Students should not only need to learn basic knowledge such as cultural subjects, but also can choose the four major clubs according to their potential. There is a sorcery club, martial arts club, literary club, and healing club.
Graduating from Yuexiang’s junior level is enough for the major common schools and social companies to break through and only a few people can advance from junior to intermediate level.
The students have a deep respect for their true skills, and the persistent spirit of resistance is focused on each person who wants to challenge. “Especially, Martial Arts clubs have developed this spirit to the fullest, compared with other clubs, which like to promote simulation.” The society is enthusiastic about the martial arts club, and its actual combat, and must subdue the opponent. Good words are positive words, bad words are bravery and ruthlessness. As for why Lu An Ru can stir up so many people’s discontent, perhaps she is too modest.
I heard it right, the word “modesty”.
On her first monthly entrance examination, Lu An Ru beat her male opponent to the ground, literally on the ground! It’s not unusual at first, isn’t it? but many people present exclaimed astonishment and the other was several heads above her. After leaving the match, She learned that her opponent was actually a senior B-level student. At the end of last semester, she felt that she had not reached the desired level of physical ability, so she spontaneously apply for repeating to Secondary C.
The prestigious academy deserves respect, no matter what way it pursues to be stronger. In the same way, a fair match is important, and a winner who has achieved a cross-level victory through their own ability will also be recognized by everyone and convinced by their opponents.
However a sentence of death came out of the gloomy surroundings, and Lu An Ru looked at Gao Ying who was to congratulate her and complained a bit angrily.
“You tell me sooner, I will pretend to lose.”
Gao Ying almost choked when she heard those words. One sentence revealed two points. One, Lu An Ru did not take the opponent proper at all. Secondly, it was revealed that An Ru had no recollection of who was who because he had not regarded the majority of his colleagues. Which offended a lot of people.
The president of the martial arts club, Huang Qite, has a resolute, stubborn and fierce personality. The next day he takes advantage to get a commendation by saving the circumstances. It’s utmost pity for the martial arts club to criticize Lu An Ru for his bureaucratic behavior.

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Magnificient Years

Magnificient Years

Status: Ongoing Type: , , Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Synopsis : [Main Line] Lu An Ru : “My existence is to break the unfairness”. The crowd insult : “Sorry to say, You’re such a big BUG”. [Introduction] Lu An Ru : “The future I want is simple, it’s only you and me in the glorious times, and no one could snatch it away”. The crowd laughing : “Look at that! shameless people are going to show off again in the daytime”. Then there is a man behind Lu An Ru, the corner of his mouth curled up like this the last mercy of God before reaping her life. The crowd lowered their voices down : That’s right, give us more shit. I can’t beat a man or curse a woman, what else can I do? o(╥﹏╥)o)


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