POA Ch 8

This incident caused Meng Jiuzhao to be dissatisfied with Black for a period of time. However, this changed as his understanding of the world increased: the concept of “Tribes” here were different from that of earth’s.


In this place, tribes were more like gatherings. Every year, everyone would agree on a common location and all come together to copulate and reproduce, and after a short while, separate. In the following year, many of them will not be present. It could be perhaps because they didn’t need to come, or due to their deaths from environmental pressures. Deep feelings did not exist between members of their race, and people like Black and White who would come to the set location for the gathering every year were few. Actually, their territory was close by, making it relatively convenient to come here.


Due to their familiarity with the surroundings, they naturally were able to guide other Kantas to this place, making the Kantas more amiable towards them. That guy who lost his cub and didn’t have anyone to help him probably recently reached maturity and did not know many people, hence others were not willing to treat him amiably.


Meng Jiuzhao was blessed to be born in a family with rare good relationships in this primitive age.


Families who were familiar with each other had more harmonious interactions. When their cubs have shed their first coat and grown thicker fur, these families would even keep their cubs together so that some fathers could leave to hunt. By this time, the cubs would have the ability to differentiate their parents and cases such as cub theft would not occur.


And right now, Black and White had the honour of hosting those cubs in their own nest.


In this group of furballs, Meng Jiuzhao, who was all bare, stood out. Everyone were cubs, and each was fiercer than the other when it came to snatching food. Little wings would flap, and little claws would stomp on Meng Jiuzhao’s head in the process of hopping to the food. Meng Jiuzhao, who was pressed down by the butts of countless tiny cubs, got angry, and decided to use his ultimate move– to sell meng[1]aka, act cute. He blinked as he looked straight at White (It was his turn to take care of the cubs today and Black went out to let loose). White was KO’ed and Meng Jiuzhao was carried in his arms to be personally fed.


Even though Dai Mao was the last to hatch, he was larger than the other cubs. Even in a crowd of dazed furballs, he was still a unique existence. The first chick to think of the bad idea of using Meng Jiuzhao as a launchpad was him. Currently, he was jumping on the head of the other chicks like a wild pheasant to the food, seeming extremely lively. Because he was capable of grabbing his own food, White did not need to give him extra attention.


A cub’s daily life basically consisted of eating and sleeping, and the group of little ones quickly got sleepy. Now, it was Meng Jiuzhao’s turn to be happy. To his left was a fluffball, and to his right was another fluffball. On his head was one, and he could even grab one to cover his body. How very warm! A cub’s soft down was much more comfortable and warm than the hard feathers of the adults, and these warm and tubby bellies caused Meng Jiuzhao to be extremely moved.


In the evening, the adults came back with lots of prey, and each fluffball was exceedingly happy. They were already able to eat meat, and could tell the differences between different meat types, which was an important part of their childhood growth. On the other hand, Meng Jiuzhao was still only able to drink milk. Eating meat and whatnot had to wait till his teeth grew out.


However, the adults’ grim expressions did not match the spread of food they brought back. They did not feel happy about the amount of food they had brought back, but were instead somewhat worried.


“Winter will come much earlier this year.” A mature looking winged man said. He was called Wei, and was the oldest of the people the couple had friendly relations to. His words were very credible.


“The females left much earlier than they used to, and that itself is strange. The creatures downhill have also started migrating, and the ice is rising faster than usual. We need to leave quickly.” Another authority of the group– Gulunza stated his observations.


The others discussed while sharing what they saw. Finally, after confirming the current situation, with Wei as their representative, they found the other members of their race and explained the situation.


With the approval of the elders, this year’s mating season was brought to an early closure. In the following days, the winged people did their best to let the cubs eat more, and the cubs could no longer take their sweet time growing. Carrying nothing else with them but their cubs, the winged men embarked on a journey.


Black and White had more to worry about: The other cubs could already consume meat, but they had a fragile, bald baby who could only drink milk. He was even bald all over before his shedding age and lacked the insulation of feathers. What could they do about him?


In the end, listening to Wei’s suggestion, they chose a smaller bodied, larged eared animal to be his nanny and brought it together with them.


Meng Jiuzhao naturally had no idea about his fathers’ worries. Although he was aware that the adults were worrying about something, he did not know what that something was, and when everyone left, he was still in deep sleep. Only when he woke up the next day did he realise that he had already left the warm nest.


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1 aka, act cute

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