POA Ch 63

Hunting Horned Cattle

Meng Jiuzhao who was driven mad by this problem suddenly noticed the other cubs’ expressions:


Different from their usual innocent expressions, the looks they had on their face reminded him of what he had only seen on the adult hunters. This was the focussed look that only hunters possessed, the moment they locked on to a prey, they would have nowhere to escape.


What if he was the one in their field of vision at that moment…


Meng Jiuzhao couldn’t help shivering.


The young hunters quietly crawled behind the shrubs. The figures of the horned cattle flashed past the retina[1]author used vitreous body, which is a jelly like substance in your eyeballs, but i felt like retina would be better of their eyes. At this moment, they only cared about their prey.


Louis was no exception, he was the first to confirm his target. Meng Jiuzhao quickly noticed that his eyes stopped moving after he focused on one spot. Meng Jiuzhao also saw the other cubs also looking in the same direction.


They actually chose their targets so quickly?


Following their line of sight, Meng Jiuzhao looked at the small cluster of horned cattle.


Even if a large majority of them were gone, there were still many identical looking horned cattle left– Meng Jiuzhao wanted to cry but he had no tears.


He didn’t know how the other cubs could identify them, perhaps it was by smell or by sight. Although he knew that a human’s 5 senses were naturally weaker than other creatures, what they relied on to defeat lions, tigers, mammoths and dinosaurs and take over the world was not an animal’s intuition!


I was once a man who stood at the top of Earth’s food chain!


I ate more than a hundred cows in my previous life!(←Although they were all bought from supermarkets 囧)


During those times, you were caged up, and this lord [2]He referred himself as grandpa, usually to show his higher status but also used in jest even got tickets to see you!(← At the zoo 囧)


Carefully encouraging himself, Meng Jiuzhao looked at the horned cattle again.


After collecting his thoughts, he carefully analysed the herd. Looking closely, he actually managed to spot a small issue: These horned cattle were actually split into 3 groups.


The most healthy ones made up a small group. They would raise their heads from time to time to observe their surroundings, and not only that, they also secretly directed the movement of other horned cattle. They were the leading group of the herd, and were located in the center, which was also the safest position;


The young horned cattle were easy to identify, they followed behind their mothers and walked at the front of the herd. The female horned cattle and other horned cattle secretly used their bodies to guard the young. This group of horned cattle were greatest in number, and mostly consisted of young cattle who could still breed. After observing that these cattle looked similar, Meng Jiuzhao made a bold guess: the cattle there were all in their prime;


After identifying the above 2 groups, the composition of the last group was evident. Crossing out the leaders and the ones in their prime, the last one could only be the group of old, weak, sick, injured or pregnant cattle– And the cubs were focussing their attention precisely on this group.


Meng Jiuzhao also looked at this group.


The breath of the cubs around him became even more inaudible. Meng Jiuzhao held his breath as well, tightening his muscles like the rest, before–


Shooting out! Just like an arrow from a bow! He didn’t practise jumping for nothing over the past few years. Meng Jiuzhao quickly approached the furthermost horned cattle, jumping dexterously onto the back of the last horned cattle.




His expression went blank.


Eh? Where’s everyone else? Why was he the only one who jumped on this cow’s back?!


Looking at the rioting horned cattle, he stiffly grabbed onto the horns of the cattle he was riding.


The moment he jumped out, the other little hunters also made their moves.


However, everyone’s targets were different.


3 of them chose a pregnant horned cattle and the other 2 went for a horned cattle with scratch scars on its body. As for Louis–


He immediately went for the largest one~ ((﹃)It had the most meat)


How could it be easy for a cub to be able to tell which prey was the most suitable to hunt! They had to fail continuously before making use of the past experiences to find the correct target.


Only Meng Jiuzhao chose the right one. For his first hunt, he made the perfect judgement!


He was a true study tyrant, no explanations needed!


Study tyrant Meng Jiuzhao nearly cried from the furious attempts of the horned cattle to shake him off.


Why do you have to run so quickly? Whyyyyy~


Louis was the first to notice Meng Jiuzhao’s predicament. He immediately gave up on his current prey, dashing towards Meng Jiuzhao with his wings spread open. (← He still couldn’t really fly orz)


The other cubs also ran over, but by the time they arrived, the herd of horned cattle had gone into disarray. They gathered together and moved continuously, making it hard to approach them as a moment of carelessness would result in the cubs being trampled to death under their hooves.


Louis was getting further away from him.


Seeing Louis continuously jumping up in an attempt to get closer, Meng Jiuzhao felt worried for him getting injured despite hoping for him to save him.


While he was feeling tangled, Meng Jiuzhao made a realisation: The horned cattle have started berserking! And the direction they were running in was actually the opposite of their tribe…


I don’t want to ride this so far away!!!!


Seeing Louis desperately chasing after him while chirping, Meng Jiuzhao gritted his teeth. He brought out the notebook he always had on him- the stone slate- then–


He started desperately bashing the cattle’s head with the stone.


“Moooo!!!!!” The aged cow below him let out a huge, pained cry, and its footsteps immediately got chaotic.


Thinking that this move was effective, he continued bashing harder. The stone slate in his hand broke into 2 very quickly. Fortunately, he prepared many of such stone slates for his lessons, so he immediately took out another stone slate from the leather bag he carried and continued hitting, hitting, and hitting!!!!!!!!


The horned cattle was bashed to death.


By the time Wiesel caught up to him with a bunch of cubs in tow, they saw Meng Jiuzhao panting furiously with blood splatters on his face.


The news that Black’s bald cub had hunted a horned cattle on his own spread throughout the entire tribe that night.


Since it was the first creature he had hunted, Salle gave the cow to Black’s family for them to have for dinner.


Salle must have done this because he could tell that this cow wasn’t easy to eat– While eating the meat he “hunted”, Meng Jiuzhao thought with a blank expression.


This horned cattle was probably the worst that Black and White had ever eaten. It was very old and its texture was tough and dry. However, they still happily finished it.


Black, who had been worried that his bald cub would starve, was a little relieved. After dinner, Black gently hugged Baby as he brushed out his hair.


“Baby is amazing! When Dad was your age, my first hunt ended in failure! How did you kill the cow?” As a reliable parent, Black had always been concerned about his children’s studies, White next to him also pricked his ears to listen.


“…” Meng Jiuzhai silently took out a stone slate from the leather bag he carried.


“Oh!” Black recognised this immediately. Wasn’t this what Baby called “Sita’s notes”?


So Sita’s lessons were very good for Baby~ Those ghostly scribbles could actually aid in catching animals! [3]ghostly scribbles=math integration formulae


(^ω^)=(Black and White made a smooth misunderstanding.)




Since Baby, the one with the least lethality out of the cubs, successfully hunted a horned cattle during Wiesel’s first combat training lesson, Sita felt that it was off to a good start and left the following lessons to him as well.


Wiesel felt that he had more responsibility now and was moved to tears, vowing to teach the cubs everything he knew!


And so, the Utah Raptor Killer Legion training was the rage within the cubs of the Vash Tribe.


By the time their parents noticed, these cubs had long become Utah Raptors in various skins[4]like wolves in sheep skin but sub the wolves and sheep. ╮(╯▽╰)╭


Realising that horned cattle could’ve been too big a target for the cubs, the next targets he chose advanced gradually.


Although there were 7 cubs, they had a clear division of labour: Paula, Naki and Coco who could transform to their original forms were responsible for chasing their prey. They were responsible for separating their prey from their group. 


Then, Mitre and Peith [5]Coming up with an englishified version of this name was so hard. Google suggested Beef, but I think (hope) their parents wouldn’t name them after something they eat, who were unable to transform yet were agile, would take turns to jump onto the prey and attack them with their bites. 


Lastly, Paula, who had the greatest bite strength would bite the throat of the prey and kill it.


Whenever he saw these sisters hunting, Meng Jiuzhao would feel his throat dry up. At this point of time, they didn’t need to go up. Meng Jiuzhao and Louis were only responsible for “confirming the target” and “carrying the prey back”.


“Mummy said that in the Lion herd, the females are responsible for hunting while the males only need to eat. Females that aren’t good at hunting can’t marry good husbands!” Towards this behaviour, Paula had her own explanation. To marry a good husband in the future, she had to work hard.


Just like this, the second generation of macho women of the Vash Tribe have started secretly growing up.


Translator has something to say:

Due to various factors [6]means:I was procrastinating too hard and couldn’t find motivation to open this doc, I ended up holding off updates for an entire month. There’s another chapter  before this that I released today, so remember to read that [7]means: I’m sorry

Also to the curious commenters who were wondering what smut I was translating, it’s Brothel Open For Business, for selected arcs. It’s the most degenerate piece of text I’ve worked on, but pwp clears my head very well… Overall, I enjoy translating it.


1 author used vitreous body, which is a jelly like substance in your eyeballs, but i felt like retina would be better
2 He referred himself as grandpa, usually to show his higher status but also used in jest
3 ghostly scribbles=math integration formulae
4 like wolves in sheep skin but sub the wolves and sheep
5 Coming up with an englishified version of this name was so hard. Google suggested Beef, but I think (hope) their parents wouldn’t name them after something they eat
6 means:I was procrastinating too hard and couldn’t find motivation to open this doc
7 means: I’m sorry
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Primitive Once Again

Primitive Once Again

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Chinese
This is the story of a Kantas couple’s successful efforts to lay (steal) egs: “… You stole it?” Black’s expression tensed as he cautiously lowered his body, using his wings to conceal the nest more tightly. “I didn’t steal–” Listening to Black’s question, White’s expression became prouder. He stuffed the large white egg beneath his butt as he replied excitedly, “I laid it!” Boom– Black seemed to have heard the sound of a string known as rationality snapping in his head. He finally knew what was more infuriating than a husband leaving home for half a year only to come back with a wife three months pregnant. Which was– A wife leaving home for a few days to find out that his husband had laid an egg! The story’s protagonist → Meng Jiuzhao (crying) : I am that egg.   Support the author here


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