POA Ch 62

Utah Raptor's Hunting Class

The sweater Meng Jiuzhao originally wore was now getting too hot for this weather, hence Black made some alterations to it, making it much thinner than before.


While looking at Meng Jiuzhao wearing a new sweater with eager eyes, Louis expressed that since he shed his feathers, he also required one. Meng Jiuzhao was pestered by him until he had no choice but to give in and make Louis a thinner sweater too.


In the end, Louis contentedly put on the sweater that Meng Jiuzhao made for him.


As the weather changed, the most obvious manifestation was the change of the land. What used to be covered by large swathes of ice and snow was now all green, and their markings were little by little destroyed. Hence, the members of the Vash tribe had to re-inspect their territory, causing everyone to be especially busy recently.


Since the adults had to go out early and come back late, the children also had no choice but to have a few more hours of lessons.


This made Sita troubled recently.


The source of her troubles was the bald cub of Black’s family.


Before Meng Jiuzhao appeared, Sita never knew that hunting was something that needed such attention to detail.


“Sita, how many horned sheep are there in our territory?”


Damn! How am I supposed to know that?


“Sita, do you know how many horned sheep are born in a year?”


Damn! Did I live in a horned sheep tribe before? Why are you asking me?


“Sita, do you know how many baby horned sheep that are born each year can grow up to adulthood?”


Damn! I’m not a horned sheep!


Meng Jiuzhao had a variety of questions, and they were all regarding things Sita never thought about before. 


Now that there was an additional bald cub during their lessons, every lesson to her was like a battle. But Black’s bald cub was too cute, and unwilling to see the unhappy look of the cub when his questions were left unanswered, Sita forcefully placed the responsibility of finding answers on the hunting team.


To prevent this bald cub from asking such questions about other prey, Sita simply got the hunting team to collect the data of every prey. Thus, aside from marking their territory, the hunters got another duty: 


Count the types of prey on the territory, approximate their numbers, find their usual activity area, where they drink water, what the poops of the different prey look like…


The tasks were very detailed, but the good thing was that these happened everyday and within their territory, so it did not clash with the route they used for marking their territory.


However, when they started working on these tasks, they noticed the importance of these details that they usually overlooked!


Now, as long as they got people to wait at the places those prey would frequent at certain timings, they would be able to hunt more prey. Even those new to hunting would rarely come back without any catch.


Up until now, all the changes that the warmer weather brought to their tribe was good. Food became more abundant and everyone in their tribe could eat more, and even the cubs were chubby from all the food.


Finally, Sita announced that the cubs could practise combat!


Sita looked around, before choosing the target of their training, Wiesel, who was sleeping in the kitchen.


Thus, today with the cubs was someone who once brought with him a rain of blood, but now washed his hands from such activities and became a chef– The man Wiesel!


Ever since he became the sous chef of the Vash tribe, Wiesel has been living a very good life. Although his human form was only slightly fatter than before, his original form has gotten bigger by 3 sizes~


Looks delectable ← White’s judgement.


Extremely satisfied with his current lifestyle, Wiesel gave up any thought about looking for his Utah Raptor herd. All he thought of daily was how to make his dishes taste better so that he could maintain his job for the rest of his life. (囧)


In the kitchen, Wiesel was worrying that there wasn’t enough Crunchy Grass. There seemed to be too little Stem Fruit as well, and just as he was about to go out himself to harvest some, Sita came and dragged him out for duty.


“I have some things to do with the rest outside, so I’ll leave the combat training of these cubs to you!” After giving a hasty explanation, Sita disappeared like the wind, leaving Wiesel and the cubs to stare at each other blankly.


Among them were the 2 Kantas cubs–


Wiesel felt his legs go soft.


Meng Jiuzhao was not aware of the fact that Wiesel was the Utah Raptor from that year. His only impression of Wiesel was no different from the other cubs’: Wiesel = Many delicious food!


Hence, the moment he appeared, the cubs’ eyes started sparkling.


“Wiesel! What’s for dinner?” Paula was immediately energised. Easily jumping onto Wiesel’s neck, she hugged him and asked.


“Uh… Meat soup, roast meat, and some grilled fish… But there are no more Stem Fruits, and without them, the soup won’t be very tasty…”


“Then let’s go and pick some!” Tigress cub Naki also jumped up to hug Wiesel’s neck.


Even though the 2 cubs weren’t light, thanks to his original form being an Utah Raptor, it wasn’t difficult for Wiesel to carry them.


Since he settled down in the Vash tribe so many years ago, Wiesel could be said to have watched these cubs grow up. Compared to the other tribesmen, Wiesel, who worked in the kitchen everyday, had much more free time. Therefore whenever they couldn’t find any other adults, they would sneak into the kitchen to find him.


As a dinosaur living in a new place, surrounded by his predators, lonely Wiesel easily started playing together with the cubs. These cubs were the largest reason why he decided to stay with the tribe.


Not only did he patiently play with them, he would also secretly cook some food for them. This caused him to remember the times when his parents were still around. Then, his community still existed, and he would also help his parents take care of his newborn siblings. It was a pity… They all died in that terrible disaster.


“That’s not allowed, Sita told me that today was the day of your actual combat training.” Wiesel firmly rejected Naki’s suggestion.


For a long time, he hadn’t been included in their tribe’s hunting team. This made Wiesel feel like he wasn’t accepted into the tribe, but now Sita actually told him to teach the cubs how to hunt!


What did that mean? The cubs were the greatest treasures of a tribe! The future of the tribe! Sita was entrusting the future of the tribe to him! This made him feel full of pride from being given such an important task!


He felt that he was finally being accepted by the tribe!


Wiesel fearlessly and energetically brought these cubs out for their training. Of course, he didn’t forget to bring his vegetable basket. After their training, he still had to pick some Stem Fruit to make soup~


While on the way to Salle’s team, Sita was slightly uneasy: The other tribesmen back at the tribe were too strong and unsuited to accompany the cubs for their combat training. Wiesel was the slimmest among them, but because she was rushing out, she could only choose him. Now that she thought about it, would his thin body… Be… Crushed to death by the cubs?


Ai [1]sighing sound, I should go back earlier just in case.


Sita picked up her pace.




The combat training Sita was expecting to be carried out → Wiesel acting as prey and letting the cubs pounce on him as practice.


The combat training Wiesel carried out → catch a prey for the cubs to hunt.


The misunderstanding started like this, so, Teachers, make sure to properly convey what you want to do~


“The taste of food is secondary, filling your stomach is the most important goal when hunting. To do this, we have to first choose a suitable target.” Ex-Killer and Member of a Bandit Group, Wiesel-laoshi [2]teacher, sensei started his lesson.


After so long of not being in the bandit business, Wiesel-laoshi actually secretly felt a little excited~


The group of little fluffy children listened very carefully.


“Old, weak, sick, injured, pregnant! Those are suitable targets!” The first profound knowledge Wiesel-laoshi taught everyone was very, extremely, shameless!


However, the little ones took this to heart. Seeing the kids next to him naively nodding to show their understanding, Meng Jiuzhao’s face went 囧.


Well, in this world that followed the law of the jungle [3]strong eat the weak, things like conscience and morality that were taught in class in his past life weren’t needed. 


Teacher of my past life, I’ll return what you taught back to you!


Meng Jiuzhao started taking notes with a serious face.


“Additionally, definitely do not fight alone, we have to gang up on our target!” The second profound knowledge Wiesel-laoshi taught… also didn’t seem the least bit elegant = =/// 


However, what he taught the cubs of the Vash tribe were indeed the secrets to survival of the Utah Raptors that his father had taught him.


As a well-known gang of killers, Utah Raptors generally did not live alone. They lived in groups, searching for the weakest one in a group of prey before striking it down together.


“… After you choose your prey, you have to approach without letting them notice you. Then you have to rush in and scare them so they flee, the weakest will definitely be the slowest to escape. At this moment, you will take turns chasing them until they get further from their group, despair can hasten their death.


“Right, how are your jumping strengths? Oh~ That’s very good! 


“Next, you need to demonstrate your jumping ability and jump onto your prey! When you jump on them, use your claws to tightly grab their skin and tear it up! If you can’t tear it after one try, don’t worry, just jump again and again! Bite them! Then when the prey can’t stand up straight because of their blood loss, just bite through their necks.”


Wiesel emotionally recounted a perfect hunting scene. If Sita was there, she would immediately realise that it was what she previously went through.


The cubs were stunned when they heard this. Wiesel-laoshi’s version of hunting seemed… a little different from Sita-laoshi’s? 


However, Wiesel-laoshi’s version does sound more interesting. Jumping onto their prey sounded very fun.


The cubs were eager to try.


Wiesel chose a horned cattle for the cubs to test on.


After confirming their target, Wiesel gave the cubs their first problem.


The first problem immediately stumped Meng Jiuzhao.


Looking at the herd of horned cattle, Meng Jiuzhao was full of tears. From his eyes, everyone looked the same? How was he supposed to choose the “old, weak, sick, injured, or pregnant” among these identical looking horned cattle…


This was too difficult for an Earthling!


1 sighing sound
2 teacher, sensei
3 strong eat the weak
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Primitive Once Again

Primitive Once Again

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Chinese
This is the story of a Kantas couple’s successful efforts to lay (steal) egs: “… You stole it?” Black’s expression tensed as he cautiously lowered his body, using his wings to conceal the nest more tightly. “I didn’t steal–” Listening to Black’s question, White’s expression became prouder. He stuffed the large white egg beneath his butt as he replied excitedly, “I laid it!” Boom– Black seemed to have heard the sound of a string known as rationality snapping in his head. He finally knew what was more infuriating than a husband leaving home for half a year only to come back with a wife three months pregnant. Which was– A wife leaving home for a few days to find out that his husband had laid an egg! The story’s protagonist → Meng Jiuzhao (crying) : I am that egg.   Support the author here


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