POA Ch 59

Black's Worries

Volume 2: Green Fairy Tale


Black slowly flapped his wings.


They were no longer little meaty wings. The current Black now had a pair of huge membranous wings covered in thin grey scales that appeared translucent under the sun, a beautiful sight to behold.


Black continued flapping his wings.


Flapping his wings…


“Aiyo———–” Following a long scream, a huge Kantas came down from the sky. He fell heavily onto the ground, causing the ground to shake.


His huge wings drooped down as Black walked over with a stern face to pull out White who was stuck in the snow.


Both Black and White have been practising how to fly recently.


7 years was enough for their body to skyrocket to 5 times their original size! Although they were still slightly smaller when compared to a completely matured Kantas, they were definitely enormous when compared to Kantas of their age!


The feathers that originally covered them had dropped and now their appearances were closer to dinosaurs. Their entire body was covered in dark scales causing them to look extremely ferocious and cold.


When their wings hardened, they started wanting to fly. God knew how long they had longed to be like adult Kantases and fly in the sky!


But cruel reality gave them a blow. The road to the sky for these 2 soon-to-be adults wasn’t smooth at all.


It couldn’t be said that they absolutely couldn’t fly. White could still fly a little up and down, but Black couldn’t fly at all.


“Is it because I’m too heavy…” Black was a little worried.


“It’s definitely not, dear. I love your round butt and tummy. Believe me, you aren’t fat at all, definitely do not lose weight.” White vowed to his partner.


The young Kantas used his huge body to nuzzle against his equally huge partner.


Although they no longer had warm and soft feathers, even if all they could rub was cold and hard scales, they still felt extremely warm and loving doing this.


The matter of flying could be taken slowly, they had more important matters:


Today, they were going to observe the training of their cubs!


Things had to be explained from yesterday–


Gina’s cub, Paula, caught a mouse (← Gina is a lion beastwoman, and her cub is also a lion beastwoman)


As this was her first catch, Paula was extremely happy, and pleasingly gave the mouse to Baby.




Baby was scared by the mouse and fainted. (←He had a natural fear of mice)


Louis was also scared (←Since he had a severe case of mysophobia), and took an obvious jump backwards.


Black thought that this problem was quite serious, and after thinking for a while…


It seemed that the cubs of other families had started bringing small prey back home. Although they were really tiny, such as mice and rabbits, they were still meat, but the two cubs of his family–


“Dad~ We found really delicious grass!” / “Chirp chirp~”


“Dad! This fruit is also delicious!” / “Chirp!” v(^▽^)v




Thinking about it, it seemed like the cubs of his family were only bringing back grass!


A Kantas who likes eating grass… Heavens! They must have raised their children wrongly!


Daddy is going to cry at this rate!


Becoming more guilty as he thought more, Black felt that he had not guided his cubs onto the correct path.


Tossing and rolling, he struggled to sleep the entire night. Hence, the next day, he decided to pull White along to see what their cubs did when their parents’ weren’t around!


Children were born liking to play with each other, and cubs were the same. There was an area set aside in the tribe for the cubs to play, and there would always be someone watching over them, occasionally teaching them how to hunt.


Although Black wasn’t willing to let his cubs leave him, he would still let Louis and Meng Jiuzhao go there even on days he didn’t go out. After all, opponents with similar strength were the best training partners.


The 5 female cubs played happily together, but played completely differently from girls this age from earth. 


Their playing looked more like fights, and through the fights, the cubs would slowly hone their hunting skill and strength. So when seeing these fights, the adults would never stop them, but instead encourage them. There would even be a beastman next to them pointing out how the cubs could avoid their opponent’s attacks and how to restrain them more firmly.


Compared to the other cubs who were listening intently, their bald cub was obviously distracted.


They saw him secretly identifying every plant he saw, even tasting them from time to time.


The other families’ cubs were grinding their claws, but their own cub was chomping on grass everyday. Seeing this, the black line in Black’s heart slowly slid down. However, he still held it back and continued observing.


Xiao Ding walked over with 3 horned sheep held with  straw rope.


Since they had growing cubs in their tribe, they frequently left wounded prey for the cubs to practise with.


“Cubs~ It’s mealtime! Whoever catches these horned sheep gets to eat them!” As she spoke, she loosened the hand leading the sheep.


Finally released from their binding, the horned sheep ran all over the place in a panic.


Xiao Ding’s words managed to catch the cubs’ attention, the moment she let go of the rope, the girls started chasing after the poor horned sheep. Paula even rode one of the horned sheep without being taught how to, and fiercely bit its neck.


The tribe’s teaching seemed to have no problem. Looking at these fierce cubs, Black thought. 


But Baby… Why didn’t Baby have any reaction?


Other people’s cubs have all charged in! If you don’t join them, you won’t have meat to eat! Black secretly worried over this.


As soon as he felt anxious, he felt his back right teeth dully ache again. He frowned slightly, returning his attention onto Meng Jiuzhao.


Meng Jiuzhao finally moved.


He moved a single finger.


“Louis! Hornwort[1]角兰草, google translated to hornwort. The closest thing in chinese is 墨角兰, Marjoram, but it may also be a fantasy species since it grows on horned sheep! There’s Hornwort growing on the neck of that horned sheep!”


Hornwort! That was a herb he was searching for for a long time!


Receiving the order, like a hungry tiger catching its food, little chick Louis used his weight to suppress the 5 female warriors, successfully obtaining the ownership of the 3 horned sheep.


Black eventually returned to his nest with 3 horned sheep and 2 cubs in tow.


Although it seemed that his family’s cub was the winner…


He wasn’t the least, bit, happy!


Black initially wanted to say something, but seeing Meng Jiuzhao grab onto the straw rope looking at him so happily, no words came out.


Black wasn’t interested in his cubs’ prey. He was only worried, worried that when they encountered a situation where they truly needed to fight to obtain food, Baby wouldn’t be able to get anything.


Losing meant a downward spiral of losing strength, leading to starvation, and death.


They couldn’t give Baby a strong body, but they wanted to at least give him the ability to eat his fill.


“Baby, this won’t do. From today onwards, Dad will be supervising you, and making sure you hunt a horned sheep every day!” Black announced his punishment.


“Give!” Speaking at the same time as Black, Meng Jiuzhao looked at Black with Bright eyes.


Everytime Meng Jiuzhao looked at him with those eyes, Black would always be at a loss for words.


Black let out a sigh and received the item Meng Jiuzhao passed him– A straw rope, well, it’s grass once again.


“Dad, you said that your teeth have been hurting recently, right? It won’t hurt after you eat this!” He heard his family’s bald cub say happily.


Black’s teeth had been hurting recently.


The process of him changing teeth did not go smoothly since the beginning. As his milk teeth grew very deep, it was extremely difficult for them to fall out, making it difficult for new teeth to grow out as well. Although Black didn’t say it out loud, Meng Jiuzhao could easily tell from his usual behaviour that Dad had been facing some troubles recently.


Toothache wasn’t a disease, it just hurt a lot [2]It’s some chinese saying that I’ve never heard in english nor chinese. Although this was common knowledge among Earthlings, to these two Kantas cubs who left their father at a young age, this may not be clear to them.


Initially, it was probably only a little painful, but after a long time of neglect, the area had gotten severely inflamed. Meng Jiuzhao noticed that Black’s appetite had dropped drastically due to this, and he couldn’t sleep well at night.


Although White was sensitive and realised that his partner’s state hadn’t been right, he didn’t have much experience so he couldn’t tell what exactly was wrong with Black.


Thus Meng Jiuzhao started searching everywhere for herbs.


In the era he lived in, Traditional Chinese Medicine had already declined. The only reason why he could recognise so many medicinal herbs was thanks to his experience in the orphanage. 


During those days, to save on hospital bills, the dean would plant lots of medicinal herbs in their yard. Meng Juizhao helped to tend to them before, and among the plants were a couple that were anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving.


After searching for so long, he finally found two herbs that he was barely able to use, so he excitedly brought them to Black, but they seemed to be of no use. Meng Jiuzhao’s memory was too foggy, truth to be told, he couldn’t guarantee that the herb he found was the right one.


For something he had been searching for so long to suddenly appear, Meng Jiuzhao was overjoyed.


When he saw Black hold the straw rope without moving, he jumped down. Finding the stone mortar Black used to pound meat with when he was younger, he made the straw rope into paste.


Under White and Louis’ gaze, with shining eyes, he stuffed the paste into Black’s mouth.


This ordinary looking grass unexpectedly became so terribly spicy when mashed into paste. After the spiciness came a wave of refreshing cold, and Black even noticed that his back teeth which had been hurting for many days didn’t hurt as much anymore.


It turned out, his family’s cub had been digging for grass and fruits everyday to find a way to cure his toothache?


From that day on, Black’s collection welcomed half a “Straw rope”.


Translator has something to say:

My apologies, but I’ve been getting very busy with my work and haven’t been able to upload as frequently as before.


1 角兰草, google translated to hornwort. The closest thing in chinese is 墨角兰, Marjoram, but it may also be a fantasy species since it grows on horned sheep
2 It’s some chinese saying that I’ve never heard in english nor chinese
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Primitive Once Again

Primitive Once Again

Score 8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Chinese
This is the story of a Kantas couple’s successful efforts to lay (steal) egs: “… You stole it?” Black’s expression tensed as he cautiously lowered his body, using his wings to conceal the nest more tightly. “I didn’t steal–” Listening to Black’s question, White’s expression became prouder. He stuffed the large white egg beneath his butt as he replied excitedly, “I laid it!” Boom– Black seemed to have heard the sound of a string known as rationality snapping in his head. He finally knew what was more infuriating than a husband leaving home for half a year only to come back with a wife three months pregnant. Which was– A wife leaving home for a few days to find out that his husband had laid an egg! The story’s protagonist → Meng Jiuzhao (crying) : I am that egg.   Support the author here


  1. Lizzieeee says:

    They are a lovely family, I’m happy that black and ehite are now adults.
    You dont have to worry black, there is still louis who will give meat to his darling brother. Thanks for the chapter ❤ No worries, we can wait for you to upload, your work is more important. Break a leg translator.

    1. myu says:

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    Is there a possibility the mc become the doctor of the tribe?

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