POA Ch 56

The person was large, with hair long enough to cover their entire face, and had nothing on their body.


“It’s a male.” Since he had misidentified genders multiple times recently, this time, Fendi was very careful when speaking. 


“I’m not sure if he’s still alive.”


Because this unfortunate fellow was inseparable from the unlucky bear, they could only bring both bear and person back to the tribe.


“What is this?” The moment they returned to the tribe, they were surrounded by others.


“It’s some unlucky fella who accidentally fell into the trap. I’m not sure about his current situation, but let’s just put him next to the fire.” Placing the person next to the fire, Sita invited the females over to help. 


They boiled a large pot of water. Since the pot wasn’t big enough to contain both the person and bear, they could only soak the animal skin cloth in the hot water and wipe them on this poor guy, in hopes that he could thaw faster.


When the poor guy finally separated from the bear after great difficulty, Sita put him in the pot of hot water, only allowing his head to float above the water. She remembered Carat who was still hibernating, and seeing that there was still some space in the pot, she threw him in as well to take a hot bath.


Sita went back into the kitchen. She left Carat there just now, but now she couldn’t find him there.


“Did any of you see Carat? Is he awake?” After leaving the kitchen, Sita asked the tribesmen who were currently grilling meat.


“We didn’t~ Isn’t he currently hibernating?”


Frowning, Sita decided to go back to the kitchen to take a look. The guy Carat could’ve rolled over in his sleep to some corner of the kitchen.


At this moment, Eim called her from not far away.


“Sita, you must be hungry after working for the entire day, right? Come here and eat something!” Eim beckoned to her with a skewer of meat in his hand.


Her stomach rumbled at that exact time. Thinking that it wasn’t a big deal to look for him later, she walked towards Eim and the others.


Aside from his rabbit family, Black and his family, Xuehua, and Andy were sitting around Eim.


Seeing their harmonious interactions, Sita couldn’t help cheering up. Receiving the roast meat that Eim passed to her, she sat next to Black’s cubs.


“Aiya, Baby’s braids are so cute today as well~” It was a new hairstyle that Sita hadn’t seen before, and she touched it fondly.


Black, who was very happy about his cub being praised, continued, “Xuehua taught me this style today~ Baby likes it very much!”


Meng Jiuzhao felt like crying but didn’t have any tears to shed.


Which eye of yours can tell that I, like, it, very, much? Any real man wouldn’t be happy if they had braids tied on them!


He failed to understand his parents’ interest towards the hair growing on his head. In his opinion, it was unbearable for a man to have such long hair: it’s disgusting that these hairs would get into your mouth every time you eat, okay?! In the morning, your hair would also get stuck on your neck when you sit up alright? [1]feel a female’s suffering muahahaha


But Black and White seemed to really like his hair, they would peck and comb it daily. Oh yeah, now that they have a new skill in braiding, he was forced to have different feminine hairstyles on his head every day! Meng Jiuzhao felt terrible!


But his male god was the initiator of this…


Meng Jiuzhao could only do his best to correct this perverted[2]not literally perverted, it kind of means absurd situation. He was going to eat more meat and grow quicker, and when he grew up, the first thing he would do was to chop off these braids!


While he made a pledge to himself, Sita already exchanged pointers with Black on how to braid, and started happily eating the roast meat.


“Tasty–” The moment the meat entered her mouth, Sita’s eyes widened. She had never had such delicious roast meat, roast meat without any burnt portions! With even doneness throughout! Without the slightest fishiness! (←Hey! Isn’t that the bare minimum? Your expectations are too low!)


Sita, who was used to Carat-Style Black Cuisine, was stunned by the deliciousness!


“Eat more if you like it~” Eim smiled good-naturedly, before placing another piece of meat onto the fire.


Since Carat’s grilled meat tasted too unique, Sita didn’t have any favourable impressions towards meat. She only ate meat every day to cater to her body’s needs, and mealtime was similar to eating medicine. 


To everyone in the tribe, eating was a particularly painful affair. But Eim’s barbeque was completely different, and made Sita think that she was going to become a meat eater!


Unknowingly, she ate n times more roast meat than she usually did.


When Sita stopped after eating her fill, she was embarrassed to find that Eim had run out of meat.


“Apologies, I finished all your meat…” She spoke in embarrassment.


“No worries, I don’t eat that much, so I can go and ask Black and White for a little bit of theirs. Their meat should be done roasting by now.” Eim generously waved his hand, turning his head to look at the family’s fire.


“Black, have you finished roasting your meat?”


“Not yet–” Black stared intently at the roast meat on the first. He was a serious person, and this quality of his permeated into every aspect of his life, even barbequing.


“Oh my god! Where did you find this snake? It’s huge! No wonder you’re not done cooking even after so long.” Eim said as he leaned in curiously.


“Is this not a worm? White and I previously dug one out from the snow before, but that one was too tiny, and wasn’t enough to eat.” Black carefully flipped over the meat hanging on the roasting rack.


“This is definitely not just a worm! It’s a snake! I’ve never seen such a big snake before!” Eim looked at the snake in front of him with excitement, even helping to run a handful of Crunchy Grass on the snake, “Is snake tasty?”


Yeah, I’ll let you taste it in a bit.” When there was an abundant supply of food, Black was a generous person. With a snake this big, he didn’t mind splitting to share. Of course, this was based on whether their family’s cubs had enough to eat.


Since the start of their conversation, Sita had a bad premonition. Reality proved that even if Sita didn’t seem much like a woman, she still had a woman’s sixth sense–


Turning her head stiffly to look at the snake on the grilling rack horrified her to the point that the fine hairs on her body stood up!




The skewer of meat in her hand immediately fell onto the floor, and she rushed to their grilling rack, grabbing the snake from the rack and throwing it on the snow.


“?” Black and Eim looked at her with questioning faces.


“Is there something wrong?” Eim tilted his head.


Everything is wrong~~~~~~ Sita wanted to cry but no tears came out.


“The meat you’re roasting is Carat! This snake is Carat, ahhhhh!”


Eim and Black: =口=


“Oh, fortunately he was too heavy so I didn’t gut and skewer him…” Black wiped his hands, looking at the snake on the ground.


“Aiyo, I was just about to suggest to you to cut him into pieces~” Eim was also in a daze.


Hey! Why does it sound like you find it a pity!!!!! Sita’s hair stood up as she thought.


Snow rabbits are truly too fearsome!


Sita hurriedly inspected the big snake lying on the snow. Because of his tall height(?), she only finished her inspection after a long time.


“Thank goodness Carat’s skin is thick, and he hasn’t been cooked!” Sita announced the results of her examination.


Still not fully cooked after roasting for so long… Carat, how thick is your skin… Eim couldn’t help thinking.


In the end, Carat was carried by Sita into the pot where the unlucky male from the trap was soaking. To prevent these unlucky fellows to become more unlucky and be mistaken for food by the other tribesmen, Sita carefully carried the large pot and brought it to her own nest.


Thus, when Wiesel woke up in a daze, all he saw was something long coiled around him.


He reflexively bit down.


Only for a tooth to fall out.


He held his mouth as he cried out in pain.


This action of his successfully attracted Sita over.


“You’re awake?” Sita, who was knitting sweaters by the fire, looked at the youth in the pot. Placing aside the half knitted sweater, she took a piece of animal skin she prepared earlier and walked to the pot to pass it to the dazed looking man.


Wiesel blankly reviewed the skin that Sita passed him, lowering his head to sniff it. He opened his mouth wide, seeming as if he was going to stuff the skin into his mouth. Sita rushed to stop him!


“Are you dumb from hunger!? How are you supposed to eat something like this!” Immediately snatching the animal skin from the young man, she wrapped him up in it, then carried him out of the pot.


Eating his after-meal fruit, Meng Jiuzhao watched Sita carry a man larger than her to him.


This kind of looked like a princess carry, right?


Wiesel sat stiffly on the spot, not daring to move an inch.


Because his head was lowered, his eyes inevitably met Meng Jiuzhao’s sparkling ones.


Looks… Looks tasty…


Starving to the point that his liver hurt, Wiesel couldn’t hold back his drool.




His saliva fell on the fruit that Meng Jiuzhao was eating.


Looking at the half eaten fruit in disgust, Meng Jiuzhao stretched out his little paw to the man before him.




Wiesel emotionally hugged the pink and tender looking cub in front of him~ Just when he was about to swallow the cub with a “nom”, he smelt a terrible smell.




A scent that smelt like a nightmare was emanating from the cub he held in his hand–


Wiesel froze, and finally noticed a few people next to the cub. Among them were the 2 that he couldn’t forget even if he died!


It was the Kantas who bit off Victor’s head!


Wiesel’s pupils constricted instantly.


His hands trembled uncontrollably. Seeing the two Kantas stare at him, he felt as if he had to do something. Just at this moment, the cub pushed the half eaten fruit back to him.


Haum[3]The cute nomming sound~ Wiesel swallowed the entire fruit.


He saw the child in his hands grinning, showing a pair of canine teeth.


Were these the rumoured teeth that were capable of biting through the largest dinosaur, the brontosaurus? Wiesel thought in awe


Meng Jiuzhao: = =/// You think too much, these are just Earth-style Tiger Teeth, they can’t even crunch through chicken bones, daijoubu. [4]妥妥哒 was used, which is a net slang for don’t worry. I’m using daijoubu because just don’t worry doesn’t sound good enough to me


From this, everyone should now be able to guess the identity of the unlucky fella.


That’s right~ It’s the only Utah Raptor in the group of 5 who managed to run away that day!


Translator has something to say:

Apologies for going missing for so long, I’ve been swamped with work recently.

I’ll post another chapter later for the one I’ve missed last week


1 feel a female’s suffering muahahaha
2 not literally perverted, it kind of means absurd
3 The cute nomming sound
4 妥妥哒 was used, which is a net slang for don’t worry. I’m using daijoubu because just don’t worry doesn’t sound good enough to me

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