POA Ch 52

Who's The Tastiest?

“… When the target is full, they may not be willing to waste their physical strength to catch more prey. At this moment, you will have to display your figure in a way that makes them think that you’re really delicious…”


Just as those Utah Raptors were about to pass him, White suddenly recalled Eim’s words. A light bulb flashed in his head: Maybe he could flaunt his figure?


He thought about his original form.


Here is a necessary introduction to the Kantas species:


Kantas are a branch of carnivorous dinosaurs, part of the Takas family which includes many other apex predator dinosaurs.


Adult Kantases have bodies covered in hard scales, and go up to 12 metres in length. They can weigh up to 7 tonnes.


They possess thick skulls and sharp teeth that are hooked backwards.[1]look up a T-rex’s teeth if you’re interested in how it looks. Thanks to Guan Zhong and everyone else on NUF for the suggestions! Their lower jaw bone is huge and sturdy, allowing more muscles to attach to it, giving them a stronger bite


Dinosaurs of the Kantas superfamily represented the evolution of dinosaurs. Not only did they possess strong hind legs, they also had wings which allowed them to fly for long distances. 


In Meng Jiuzhao’s previous life, they represented the pinnacle of natural evolution. [2]This terribly, terrible, description! I nearly flipped my table! I didn’t even read so much about taxonomy for my biology exams!!


The above was an excerpt from Meng Jiuzhao’s primary school textbook.


To put it simply, an adult Kantas looked like a cool and arrogant tyrant! [3]imagine the overbearing president look in dinosaur form


Now, let’s talk about the Kantas cub:


The juvenile Kantas referred to a carnivorous Kantas’ physical form before entering adulthood.


The juvenile form of a kantas has a body covered in down feathers, and a yellow, beak-like mouth with milk teeth inside. They have a similar appearance to a chick.


Ahem, this means to say that a Kantas cub is fluffy all over, and has a little bird’s beak. It’s bright yellow and has little baby teeth inside, and hence they look very much like baby chicks.


They were the elites of the entire universe, the great leaders on the top of the pyramids. On regular days, they would kill mercilessly, and a single stomp of their feet would shake the entire galaxy. 


In everyone’s eyes, Kantases were a mysterious group that were the perfect representation of cold and overbearing people. Who would have thought–


These great people looked so silly and cute when they were cubs!


The parents of these great people were really lucky~


When the first photograph of a Kantas’ juvenile form was exposed, there was a full length portrait of their adult form next to it. Comparing the two images next to each other, the effect was…


That photo was later named “A Dinosaur with a Little Chick Riding on its Head”.


The huge gap moe[4]The japanese term which means something is cute because there are two completely different sides to that something. Eg, the cold school bully who has a soft spot for animals etc hooked everyone in the galaxy, and a chibi animation was made following this trend. This animation was popular universally for 300 years, and the protagonist of the story, Kan Mengmeng[5]Kan from Kantas, Mengmeng from cute. Also, Oli’s favourite character in TINA!! Hehe I love TINA so much, became a classic God of Meng[6]Again, Meng=Moe=cute!


Cough cough– The author has gone off topic.


Actually, the intention was just to let everyone know that there were no similarities between the appearance of a juvenile and adult Kantas.


A Kantas cub had an extremely soft and weak appearance and looked extremely cute. 


If their parents were around, they might be able to rely on selling meng [7]acting cute to get some meat to eat. But if their parents weren’t around they would be easily bullied by others T﹏T


Black and White suffered a lot due to their smaller sizes. Only in recent years did their situation improve because they grew larger. Although they still possessed the silly but cute appearance of a Kantas cub, they had a sliver of the overbearing might belonging to an adult Kantas. 


However, there were still many baddies who picked on them because of their looks–


But now, there was a chance for him to make use of his appearance.


White transformed right in front of these Utah Raptors.


The 5 Utah Raptors paused in their footsteps.


The huge chick raised his head, weakly looking at the group of raptors in front of him: (*ˉ﹃ˉ) They look so tasty…


The five Utah Raptors lowered their head to look at the little guy who popped out from nowhere:


The first raptor: I’m full, not interested…


The second raptor: So many feathers, so hard to eat. I’ve been eating lots of hairy meat recently and my stomach is uncomfortable…


The third raptor: This guy is even losing feathers, could it possibly be sick?


“Roar–” The fourth raptor was more irritable than the rest. His mouth widened to its limit, and lowered his head to roar at the unwelcome prey.


Not waiting for him to make his next move, his companion next to him- the fifth raptor who was standing at the back- suddenly let out a shocked cry. The cry was full of fear and warning. What was he trying to say?


This prey is actually… A Kantas– ‘s cub?!


Even if it’s a cub it’s still a Kantas aaaaaaahhhh!


The fourth raptor jumped up in horror. As expected of one of the fastest dinosaur species, the raptors immediately bolted the moment they heard the warning cry.


His instinct to group together made the fourth raptor want to follow after his companions, but White didn’t give him the opportunity to. He leaped up and pounced on the raptor.


Although the cub White was similar in size to the Utah Raptor, his weight as a Kantas aided him tremendously. He successfully pressed down on the other party, not giving them the chance to fight back, and chomped down on the raptor’s neck.


But the moment he chomped down, he knew he did something wrong.


Crap! I forgot about the traps!


White wanted to release the raptor from his mouth as quickly as possible, but the raptor was the largest among the ones he just saw, and the strength of the struggling raptor was not to be underestimated. But when he wanted to bite down even harder, he realised that he wouldn’t be able to bite down hard enough since he lost many teeth.


In the end, Black had to jump in to bite the raptor to death.


“I’m sorry– We only managed to catch one of the five… We originally had the chance to catch another one, but because you had to help me…” White said depressedly.


Transforming back into their humanoid form, Black gently wiped White’s mouth with an animal skin cloth he carried with him.


“You caught the largest raptor out of all of them, and it’s enough for our family to eat.”


Receiving comfort from his lover, White nuzzled his partner heavily.


“Hehe~ It’s ticklish~” Black laughed and pushed him away, only to realise that White had rubbed a lot of feathers onto him.


His mood immediately worsened–


Why did so many feathers drop again?


Black hurriedly held his partner in place, not allowing him to move around. Carefully inspecting the region that was losing hair, Black asked hesitantly, “White, I don’t know if it’s just me, but it seems like you got fatter?”


“Fat?!” T口T White took a blow from this word.


“That’s not right, you…” Black pulled on White’s body as he looked up and down, “You seem to have grown taller!


To prove his point, Black transformed back into his original form and hopped to White’s side to compare their heights.


After a while, he confirmed, “You grew taller than me by half a wingspan!”


“For real?!” 


If White was feeling depressed earlier, now he was completely elated.


Now it was Black’s turn to be depressed. They got out of their shells at the same time, and grew up together. Teething and whatnot also happened together, but unknowingly, White had gotten so much taller than himself… Black was envious.


“You’ll grow taller too!! We just need to hunt more and eat more!” Now it was White’s turn to comfort Black.


The two cubs nuzzled each other.


Just when Meng Jiuzhao, who was stuck in between, thought that his little sweater was going to be removed from the nuzzles, the two cubs finally had enough tender time.


“Eh? Black, what’s that on your body? It’s kind of hard?” Ehite used his wing to point at Black. He was familiar with every part of Black’s body since they would always nuzzle together to keep warm, and he was sure that he had never felt something so hard on Black’s body.


Following White’s wing, Black turned around to take a look. But the location pointed just happened to be on his back, so he could only turn his body to let White take a look.


“Scales!” White exclaimed.


“What did you just say?” Black suddenly turned his head.


“Scales! Your scales are growing out! There’s a thin piece where your feathers fell off!” White’s voice was full of surprise.


Scales were something only adult Kantases had. Although the two did not know what this change signified, they knew that their father was covered in hard scales.


“Really?” Black’s voice also contained a hard to describe surprise.


“Really! Too bad you can’t see it… Why don’t I pluck it out to show you!” White happily suggested.


PIA— [8]cute smacking sound effect


His proposal was ruthlessly rejected.


“No way.” Back in his human form, Black decided that he had to be more diligent when bathing. While on the topic of keeping clean, he remembered Sita telling him the secret that using ginger to wash hair could let it grow faster. Black decided, in the future, their family had to take a ginger bath once a day!


Black’s family, immersed in the joy of them growing up, seemed to have forgotten someone.




A hundred li[9]0.5km=1 li away, Eim had been hiding for a long time. He felt like he was about to freeze into a giant ice cube, but seeing Black and White not return even after so long, he was slightly worried.


Brother and Dad squatted next to him, fluffy bodies providing warmth to his feet. Brother’s ears drooped, and he looked a little depressed.


“Brother, you’re the most delicious, they just don’t have the food luck[10]Food luck, or gourmet’s luck. The luck to eat something tasty. If you’ve read Toriko, you might know where I got food luck from.” Eim gently comforted his brother (Dang! Is this even considered comfort?!)


Brother Rabbit rubbed against Eim’s hand. 


Suddenly, his ears perked up! His dad next to him also let out a soft cry.


“Eh?!” Eim was stunned for a moment, only hearing thunderous footsteps coming from the direction that Black and White left in.


“You guys really did it?!” Eim stood up in surprise. Squinting his eyes, he tried to find the figures of Black and White to point to them the direction of the trap.


Who knew–


“Where are they!?” Eim was dumbfounded.


If there wasn’t anyone chasing after them, why would these guys run to their trap?


Those guys were walking so slowly just now, but were now running quickly as if there was a monster chasing after them. Were they having an after-meal jog?


But the heavens didn’t leave Eim any time to question anything. Those guys very obviously spotted him, and turned around. Before he knew it, those guys started running towards him!


Dad and Brother reacted quickly, they were already running away. Eim lagged behind for a second but he quickly started running away as well. 


The two rabbits and one person decided to run in 3 separate directions.


This was a snow rabbit’s life philosophy: When encountering an enemy, snow rabbits never escaped together. They had to run in separate directions and cause the enemies to split up, thus maximizing the survivability of their race.


But those 4 creatures called Utah Raptors seemed to have locked onto Eim, and kept chasing after him.


Look! Someone with good taste has appeared! To have so many raptors chase after me, I am indeed the tastiest!


While running at his fastest speed, Eim despairingly thought.


1 look up a T-rex’s teeth if you’re interested in how it looks. Thanks to Guan Zhong and everyone else on NUF for the suggestions!
2 This terribly, terrible, description! I nearly flipped my table! I didn’t even read so much about taxonomy for my biology exams!!
3 imagine the overbearing president look in dinosaur form
4 The japanese term which means something is cute because there are two completely different sides to that something. Eg, the cold school bully who has a soft spot for animals etc
5 Kan from Kantas, Mengmeng from cute. Also, Oli’s favourite character in TINA!! Hehe I love TINA so much
6 Again, Meng=Moe=cute
7 acting cute
8 cute smacking sound effect
9 0.5km=1 li
10 Food luck, or gourmet’s luck. The luck to eat something tasty. If you’ve read Toriko, you might know where I got food luck from
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Primitive Once Again

Primitive Once Again

Score 8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Chinese
This is the story of a Kantas couple’s successful efforts to lay (steal) egs: “… You stole it?” Black’s expression tensed as he cautiously lowered his body, using his wings to conceal the nest more tightly. “I didn’t steal–” Listening to Black’s question, White’s expression became prouder. He stuffed the large white egg beneath his butt as he replied excitedly, “I laid it!” Boom– Black seemed to have heard the sound of a string known as rationality snapping in his head. He finally knew what was more infuriating than a husband leaving home for half a year only to come back with a wife three months pregnant. Which was– A wife leaving home for a few days to find out that his husband had laid an egg! The story’s protagonist → Meng Jiuzhao (crying) : I am that egg.   Support the author here


  1. aion1269 says:

    Better to run to the traps.
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  2. aion1269 says:

    Oh i remember something, since the dinosaurs didn’t try to hunt the kantas but run away from them, they didn’t supposed to run to the opposite direction? Also their stomach are full, so they should not care to eat the rabbit but more to run for their life!?

    1. myu says:

      hm… my guess is that perhaps they happened to run towards eim, but eim thought that meant they were interested in him?

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