POA Ch 5

But a baby’s range of activities were extremely limited. Meng Jiuzhao only drank half a bowl of milk before falling asleep[1]yes, author used the same sentence from the previous chapter..


White watched Black carefully swaddle the cub and place him in his own embrace, while saying, “It’s been tiring for you, let me, let me!”


“No, you are too strong, and will definitely crush the cub. It’s our weak and precious cub!” Black dismissed it coldly. He gritted his teeth secretly. His lower body was long numb, but he was still unwilling to give up his position.


“Let me hug him~ This one [2]White is acting spoiled had a hard time laying this egg!” White continued pestering.


“Speaking of laying the egg–” Black shifted his sight from Meng Jiuzhao’s little face to White’s large face. His original gentle countenance became fierce. “You have not given a proper explanation to the question from before! Speak, where exactly did the egg come from!”


Although Black’s tone was cold, he deliberately lowered his volume. He did not want others to know that there were issues concerning the origin of the egg, what if the cub was taken away?


“Ah?” White showed a foolish expression. “Haven’t I explained clearly? I laid it! When i went to shit, I found this egg in my *bleep* [3]also censored in the raws. If I wasn’t the one who laid it, then who was?”


Black’s expression became more ferocious, even slightly vicious. “Explain! Were you raped by Zhe? Since young, that guy has been looking at you with strange eyes. Did he take the opportunity when I wasn’t around to–”


Black gave White a look which said “Even if I did not explain, you should understand.”


“I’ve been wronged– For the past few days, have you been ignoring me because you thought this?” White looked stunned. “I don’t even know Zhe, this egg…”


“You little, you’re still quibbling. When we were just born you were already snatching food, causing me to not grow up as strong as you. That’s alright, but when we grew older and started building a nest, you kept stealing my building materials and causing me to be unable to find a wife…” New grievances piled on top of old ones, causing Black to turn over old accounts.


“This… That…” Because everything he said was true, White had no way of rebutting.


“Not only that–” As he wanted to continue ranting, Black suddenly frowned. Pain came from an indescribable place. Black hugged the cub in one hand while using the other to reach for behind. When he felt an object, his expression became strange.


He lifted that hand up, raising it before White’s eye and opening his fingers, only to see that on his palm was an–


“Egg!” White turned pale.


It turns out that this was how laying eggs felt like. It felt like his chrysanthemum was pricked, and was not the least bit painful. Black kept a straight face as he silently commented in his mind.


But like this–


“I know now!” White suddenly became more energetic, pointing at Black as he said self-righteously. “That egg must’ve been laid by you too! You little fellow, not realising that you laid an egg when you were shitting. If not for me realising in time, the eggy would be frozen and stinked to death! You careless fellow!


After finding an excuse to be rid of suspicion, White felt smug and started bringing up old grievances. “You’ve been careless since you were born! You obviously weren’t born in our nest, but you ended up walking into the wrong nest and came for food in ours. With an additional competitor, it’s obvious that I would need to snatch food to have enough to eat! As for the nest, that land had been marked by me in advance, and I even built up part of it already, but in the end you still recognised the wrong nest and built onto my nest, so I had to help you build your nest. If not for you looking for a fight with me and breaking both our houses in the process, how could we not have found a partner that year?”


“So these were your true thoughts.” Black’s voice got more solemn. “ Anyway, the people of our species have a habit of splitting up once the eggs are laid, and now that each of us have eggs, goodbye!”


“Ah!? That’s not what I meant!” White paled.




Meng Jiuzhao, who was already fast asleep, did not know that a pair of loving husbands quarrelled all night because of his arrival. The exterior appearance of the space-time capsule caused the couple to treat it as an ordinary egg. It was made of a special material which could change in size according to the object it contained.


After that disaster, Meng Jiuzhao did not manage to be saved and ended up starving to death in the capsule. Over time, his bones rotted but his genetic information was preserved and kept safe. The machine only had to wait for the right time, for the right chance, when it confirmed the suitability of the outside world for survival, for cell repair to initiate.


Some creatures like Black and White had to swallow stones to aid digestion. One of them could have accidentally swallowed a capsule together with other stones, which ended up egested. Their body heat could have stimulated the activation of the capsule, causing it to start functioning once it left the body, and causing the body in the capsule to regenerate. Due to the unsuitable cold climate outside, this could’ve caused regeneration to be partially complete. However, thank goodness to White checking after doing his business, and treating the capsule as his own egg and taking it home, giving him constant warmth, that the regeneration could continue.


Black and White did not know of these things, and neither did the person involved, Meng Jiuzhao, know. Additionally, there was another secret regarding the capsule. Meng Jiuzhao was not the only–


Translator has something to say:

I love Black and White’s couple shenanigans AHAHA


1 yes, author used the same sentence from the previous chapter.
2 White is acting spoiled
3 also censored in the raws

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  • Ahahaha! Best parents, right here. Bickering but loving. You can definitely tell they were nestmates, even if not blood related. There is a squabbling element similar to siblings! Time to chase the wife back though. These odd little children will need a lot of looking after from both parents!

    Side note- I fully appreciate how unique it is to have children be created through the final act of digestion. 10/10. What a brave writing choice!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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