POA Ch 46

Thus, when Sita woke up much later, she only saw the clean states of the Kantas family who were all in humanoid form.


What greeted her was also a piece of belly meat of a Utah Raptor that Black had specially left for her.


Next to a toasty fire, Sita ate her dinner of delicious smelling meat, slightly puzzled.


“This is the flesh of an Utah Raptor, it’s our favourite type of meat! Louis and Baby also like it!” Black encouraged Sita to eat with shining eyes. He was extremely grateful for her kind treatment towards them up till now.


Sita silently thought in her heart:


How hard… Could this type of food really be called a delicacy? Black and White must have led very hard lives before.


But unwilling to waste their efforts, Sita tried her best to swallow it down. And thus, the last evidence of the 3 raptor’s existence on this continent was gone.


After eating the roast meat, Sita tried to move her body, and a burst of severe pain hit her–




The stimulation from the pain made Sita wake up from her confusion! Her memory finally cleared up and–


“Monsters! There are monsters!” Sita looked around alertly. She finally remembered that horrifying situation before she fainted!


“Ah?” White tilted his head.


Realising that she was probably referring to the few raptors, he thought worriedly: could it be… That Sita doesn’t feel full? That’s true, they only left a piece of stomach flesh from a total of 3 Utah Raptors for her… But at that time they were really hungry!


“That… There’s no more…” White braced himself and said.


“All three are gone?” Sita still felt uneasy, listening carefully to the sounds around her.


“All three… are all gone…” They were all eaten, and not a single bit was left… White felt a little guilty.


“How could that be? Did you guys do it?” Sita couldn’t understand. How could that group of vicious monsters be scared away by a couple of rabbits? That was too inconceivable.


“Using fire ah~ That’s what you taught!” Remembering the taste of roasted Utah Raptor, White licked his lips. [1]peak miscommunication lol


So that’s how it is!


If they were beasts, of course they would be afraid of fire!


Looking at Black and White, Sita felt her eyes heat up, “You guys were too risky! Why would you come back to save me! You’re really… Really—”


Really a bunch of kind people!


“Thank you! Thank you for saving me! And even helping to treat my wounds…” Sita was moved to tears.


She hugged Meng Jiuzhao and Louis as she cried loudly. Through crying, this strong lady let go of the greatest fear she had ever felt since birth.


After having a shower in tears, Meng Jiuzhao comfortingly patted this poor girl.


What actually happened: Black and White, who were originally running away with the rest of the beastmen, heard the roar of a Utah Raptor. They rejoiced inwardly as their drool flowed out. They left without informing the rest, and the moment they saw an Utah Raptor, White pounced over. As for Sita who was besieged by the raptors–


Meng Jiuzhao stated that White simply didn’t notice at that time.


As for treating her injuries… He could only say that Louis was too hungry waiting for the meat to finish cooking. At that moment, he happened to smell the delicious scent of blood from her body, so he couldn’t help licking off a few mouthfuls of blood as an appetizer?!


Reality was really too cruel!


So [2]so was english in the raws, let’s just let Sita stick with the beautiful delusion she conjured up!


“Regardless, thank you, thank you for coming to save me.” Raising her head to look at Black and White, Sita spoke with great sincerity.


Not caring about her own injury, Sita carefully inspected Black and his entire family.


She noticed that White had lost a few teeth in the process of saving her, making her full of remorse.


The teeth of beastmen were extremely important, how would White lead his life without teeth in the future–


Sita made her decision: She had to repay White and his family!


Very quickly, she found a way to repay him.




Holstein, a male mammoth, and also Sita’s little brother.


“Big sis!” When they were about to leave this place, Holstein’s voice came from far away.


Sita barely managed to hold herself up, before she saw the tribesmen.


“Big sis! Big sis, are you okay? I heard from Eim that you guys encountered danger. Are you alright?”


The thought of his only sister, who single handedly brought him up, getting hurt made Holstein unable to wait at the tribe for more information. 


He immediately proposed to the chief, to get him to arrange a group of strong beastmen to help in his search for Sita.


When he spotted Phil and Philly’s corpses in the distance, Holstein nearly fainted. But Eim said that his dad heard Sita’s voice, so the group followed Eim’s father’s directions, and finally found Sita.


Next to the fire, Hol was so touched he wanted to give his big sister a huge hug.


“Don’t touch me!” Sita gave her little brother a fist.


“My body is covered in wounds, and hurts to death. Don’t touch me!”


Great, Big Sis’s actions are still so fierce and powerful. With such a heavy punch, it seems that she’s really fine. Holstein touched his head as he thought with relief.


“That… White… Because he saved me, he lost his teeth. Help me carry him back.” Sita unceremoniously made a request to her little brother.




This was the first way of repayment she thought of.


“Ah?!” Thinking about the beauty’s shocking weight, Holstein went silent.


He rubbed his waist… 


The medicated plaster he applied there was only recently taken off…




What did teeth and piggybacking have to do with each other? White’s injury wasn’t even on his legs?


But the current circumstance did not allow him to think for long. Holstein was knocked down flat by Sita, and the next moment, the familiar weight pressed down on him again.




With only a few days in between… The beauty… Has gotten heavier…


Standing up tremblingly, Holstein once again trudged back to the tribe with Black’s family on his back.


Author has something to say: 

Fendi looked at Holstein with eager eyes: I wanna switch with you

Holstein looked back tragically: I wanna switch with you +1


The Little Theatre from a Brain Pit:

By: Yue Hua

Lighting candles for the Utah Raptor who was angered to death~


At the Dinosaur Trial Court of the Afterlife:

Judge: How did you Utah Raptors die?

Utah Raptor 1: [shivering] I was bitten to death by a Kantas

Utah Raptor 2: [sobbing] I was also bitten to death by a Kantas

Utah Raptor 3: [dully] I was… angered… by a Kantas cub… and a furless cub… to death…


Author-sama: Buahahahahahahahahaha

PPS: I’m gonna enter V soon [3]I think you know what this means…:)


1 peak miscommunication lol
2 so was english in the raws
3 I think you know what this means…:

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