POA Ch 45


Warning: graphic descriptions  


The two Utah Raptors locked onto Sita who was running for her life.


Ever since that earthquake from long ago, they had never eaten. Those two hairy creatures were only considered a drop in the bucket, and they had to hunt more to eat their fill.


The difficulty of surviving here was much lower than in their homeland. Initially, they were cautious, but they quickly noticed that the creatures here were easy to kill. The only problem was the creatures’ small bodies, causing them to be unable to eat their fill.


But as natural-born hunters, they still treated every hunt with caution.


The prey in front of them suddenly became bigger!


Due to their previous hunts, this sight no longer surprised them. In their homeland, there were also a type of dinosaur that could transform like this. 


Those dinosaurs were their hunters! So during the first few times they saw these transformations, they would run away in fear. But after a few more times, they quickly noticed that those transforming creatures were not their natural predators, and were in fact very safe to hunt.


Additionally, when these creatures transform, they get bigger, meaning that there’s more meat to eat!


The two Utah Raptors quickened their pace in excitement.


The big creature before them was very furry, and looked like a mountain of meat. This was the largest prey they had seen since stepping foot on this land, and it also meant that they could finally have their fill.


They let out a howl, calling more companions over for the meal.


This was Sita’s first time feeling such fear. This was a fear of death.


Ever since she became an adult, she had never been this scared. She had the strongest body on this continent and the sturdiest tusks [1]解释 was used in the raws, which mean explain. I think the author typoed it for a word with similar spelling which were enough to protect her and to deter any carnivorous beasts from hunting her.


But now, these monsters before her were definitely different from the failed carnivores from before.


Sita didn’t know that these monsters that were chasing her were actually the most ferocious small dinosaurs on another continent, but she could instinctively recognise their danger.


These monsters had a mouth full of teeth, and blood mixed with saliva continuously dripped out of their hideous mouths. 


Sita realised that the blood probably belonged to Phil or Philly.


Not only were their teeth sharp, they also had exceptionally sharp claws.


Their claws were huge, Sita noticed. Once she was attacked by them, she would have no chance of getting back up. Those claws were 9 to 10 centimeters long, and could easily pierce through her thick layer of fats!


She could only run, but very quickly, she despairingly found out that those monsters were actually running faster than her!


These guys were so excited that more drool started flowing out. 


They blocked her path of escape!


Sita’s eyes widened.


The monsters rushed towards her collectively–


Right now, the only thing that could protect her was her thick fur.


However, once one of the monsters jumped onto her, she could feel that this last layer of defence could not hold up any longer.


Very quickly, she felt pain that she hasn’t felt in a long while. These fellows have finally pierced through her thick skin. 


Blood gushed out of Sita’s back.


Sita let out a desperate howl. As she did, another two monsters pounced on her. Unable to support their weight, her huge body slowly fell.


She felt her fur being ripped off in chunks. The monsters made more wounds on her body, causing even more blood to leave her body.


Her consciousness began to blur.


She knew she had to stay awake, but losing large amounts of blood made it hard.


“Sita!” In her subconscious, she heard someone call her name.


Tears fell from her eyes.


It was great to hear her companions’ voices at the end of her life, but…


“Roar…” Sita gave a weak response. She was reminding them to flee. With so many monsters, they would be unable to retaliate. Run, they had to run back to the tribe, and warn the others of the danger! It was extremely dangerous…


“Sita!” The voice got closer. Sita tried her best to open her eyes, and saw White’s face.


White jumped over, desperately biting the monster who was currently eating her. 


This was the last thing she saw.


Then, she lost consciousness.




White desperately bit the Utah Raptor. 


His sharp teeth easily passed through the raptor’s skin, and then bit down with strength even a raptor would find unbearable.


The raptor quickly cried out and let go of Sita. His bone broke from the bite!


The other 3 Utah Raptors abandoned Sita and surrounded him.


White lifted his head, touching his mouth before spitting out a mouthful of blood.


Along with the blood spat out were a couple of teeth.


A ferocious light flashed past his eyes as he stared closely at the injured raptor.


White leaned over, before rapidly completing his transformation! [2]mahou shoujo transformation scene AHAHA


The moment he completely transformed, he pounced, viciously chomping on the neck of the injured raptor’s companion!


The Utah Raptors now realised that they had kicked an iron plate [3]offended someone they couldn’t afford to offend, and made a piercing screech. Their natural predator suddenly appeared before them, causing them to lose their will to fight.


Not caring about their injured companion, the 2 raptors quickly ran–


But if White was there, how could Black not be present?


Black’s mouth opened and shut, and he quickly bit off another raptor’s head.


Now, only 1 was left, and that was the one whose leg was broken by White.


“Chirp~” Uncaringly tossing aside the raptor corpse in his mouth, Black chirped encouragingly to Louis, meaning for him to go over.


Black felt that it was time for their cub to learn more about the hunting game.


No way– Meng Jiuzhao opened his mouth while being hugged by Black.


You can’t just let a kindergartener skip grades and start doing an elementary schooler’s work!


If not for Grandpa no longer being around, you wouldn’t be hunting alone either!


There was only one conclusion: a youth with chuunibyou was terrifying! Grandpa, why didja leave so early!


Seeing his brother actually jumping onto the injured raptor bravely, Meng Jiuzhao’s mind was a jumbled mess.


He saw Louis, who jumped over, roll down the back of the resisting Utah Raptor.


The raptor who was in a desperate situation opened his mouth, planning to bite Louis, but was stepped on by White. The poor raptor then wanted to use his tail, but it was then stomped on by Black.


“Louis darling, go! Bite him! Bite him!”


Meng Jiuzhao: This feels like they’re cultivating a bully, how broken!


Under the loving gazes of his two fathers, Louis learned from his parents’ example, and fiercely bit the neck of the raptor.


Meng Jiuzhao, who was in a daze, felt himself being poked.


“Ah?” He raised his head and saw Black’s motherly expression shrouded in holy light.


He had an ominous premonition, and the next second, sure enough–


“Baby, go! Bite it with Louis!


Black placed him next to Louis.


“Ah…” What do I do if I don’t want to?


However, Black poked him again.


Louis, who was biting the neck with all his strength, looked at him with sparkling eyes.


White also waved to him with a grin–


Meng Jiuzhao bit the raptor next to where it was being bitten by Louis with a look as if he would rather die.


The Utah Raptor took its final breath.


Meng Jiuzhao felt that this dinosaur was most likely angered to death.


Black found some fire stone and seasoning in Sita’s clothes, so the family of four started a fire and happily ate some roast meat.


“Coming to a tribe was definitely the right choice! Look, with a fire, meat has become so much tastier!”


“We have to tell our fellow Kantas in the future!”


As the two cubs spoke, they carefully dragged Sita (who was still alive) next to the fire.


“But I dropped a few more teeth…” White was a little frustrated.


Black leaned over, taking a closer look because gently licking the spot where White’s teeth used to be.


“It doesn’t matter, just leave the hunting to me in the future! Plus, roasted meat is much softer than raw meat, so you can continue eating meat!” Black comforted his partner.


“Chirp! Chirp!” Little chicken Louis also jumped over to comfort his father. He expressed that he has started hunting today, and could procure food for the entire family now.


“Daddy is so touched!” Hot tears welled up in White’s eyes as he pulled Louis and Meng Jiuzhao into a hug. 


After the whole family had an affectionate hug, everyone had a good meal, followed by an enjoyable grooming session.


To them, cleaning up blood and maintaining the cleanliness of their feathers was a nightly routine, as well as an important way of deepening their familial relationship.


Translator has something to say:

The author’s VIP chapters start at 47… And this chapter already felt so long…

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1 解释 was used in the raws, which mean explain. I think the author typoed it for a word with similar spelling
2 mahou shoujo transformation scene AHAHA
3 offended someone they couldn’t afford to offend
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Primitive Once Again

Primitive Once Again

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This is the story of a Kantas couple’s successful efforts to lay (steal) egs: “… You stole it?” Black’s expression tensed as he cautiously lowered his body, using his wings to conceal the nest more tightly. “I didn’t steal–” Listening to Black’s question, White’s expression became prouder. He stuffed the large white egg beneath his butt as he replied excitedly, “I laid it!” Boom– Black seemed to have heard the sound of a string known as rationality snapping in his head. He finally knew what was more infuriating than a husband leaving home for half a year only to come back with a wife three months pregnant. Which was– A wife leaving home for a few days to find out that his husband had laid an egg! The story’s protagonist → Meng Jiuzhao (crying) : I am that egg.   Support the author here


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