POA Ch 41

The males of the tribe laughed as they watched the cubs play. They did not treat the cubs as meticulously as the females did, but they were still quite proud seeing the cubs fighting and playing so energetically.


It seemed that the victor of the previous fight were the two fierce male cubs who were the children of their new female members~


These female members who were capable of having such strong cubs… Really made them attracted~~


Next to the bonfire, many pink coloured flames were lit. [1]most likely referring to the guy’s crushes on Black and White


As a result, Black and White, who were already very welcomed by the people of the tribe, became even more popular because of these two oil bottles. [2]oil bottle refers to child from a previous marriage aka Meng Jiuzhao and Louis.


The way beastmen showed their goodwill was very practical: gifting meat!


Thus, not long later, Black and White found large amounts of meat placed before them. As Carat prepared a lot of chicken for dinner, everything before them was chicken.


Looking at all these “Kantas” that died with resentment,


The faces of the two cubs turned ashen.


“Roar–” A lion’s roar suddenly came from one side.


There were originally many males still coming towards the two, but listening to this roar, those people stopped decisively and retreated.


“It’s Andy!”


“Have the new females caught his eyes?”


“Damn it– So many females have already fallen for him, why can’t he just leave two for us!”


The person everyone called Andy was a mature lion, a beastman with strength second only to the tribe chief, as well the second most well liked man by the females of the tribe, with the chief being first.


He joined the tribe on his own, and liked doing things and living alone. Because he was cared for by Sita for a short period when he first joined the tribe, only she was able to speak with him.


“He’s been living with Sita recently, right? I even thought that they had gotten together!”


“No way! Aren’t there other females living with her? I heard that it’s because he wasn’t feeling well…”


“How does he look unwell? Just today he managed to hunt down three black spotted wildebeests alone!”


The males discussed, until the man called Andy opened his mouth, causing everyone’s discussion to come to a halt.


However, all he did was yawn.


With a wave of his paw, he swiped the chicken given by everyone else to one side, and then laid down next to Black.


After a while, acting as if it was accidental, he pushed out a branch. The branch was covered with finger-sized berries.


Meng Jiuzhao immediately recognized this as the fruit he had for most of his meals this year– the fruit that Louis first found him. Ever since the earthquake, they had never found any more of this fruit. Unexpectedly, he saw it again today.


Logically, people would get sick of eating a single type of food for a very long time. However, thinking of the abundant salt and sugar content of this berry, Meng Jiuzhao’s little paws started wriggling.


Andy’s ears twitched.


He casually laid on the ground in front of Meng Jiuzhao. After yawning a big yaw, he started grooming his paws. After he licked it clean, he looked at Meng Jiuzhao with sparkling eyes.


“What are you trying to do?” Black didn’t understand.


Dinosaurs and Mammals were practically entirely different groups, and understanding the other’s body language was difficult for Black.


“I think… He’s trying to say that he’s very clean, so he wants to carry your cub.” Eim’s face froze.


Having a rabbit cub enter the arms of a lion or letting a tiger touch them seemed like a very cruel thing to do.


Unease could be seen in the lion’s eyes. His ears twitched again as he carefully pushed out the branch of berries held in his arms, bit by bit.


Meng Jiuzhao’s soft body leaned against Black, as he looked unblinkingly at this beast.


He looked beautiful.


In his past life, large, beautiful, purebred cats like this had long gone extinct.


Meng Jiuzhao carefully stretched out his hand, touching the tip of the large cat’s paw. 


Feeling Meng Jiuzhao’s probing, the lion flipped his paw, showing the pads of flesh that were previously hidden.


Because they were living in the wilderness, his paw pads were not soft, but they were smooth, round, and warm.


Meng Jiuzhao got more courageous, and started stroking the big cat’s mane. It was rough and dry, but really thick and fluffy.


He felt more at ease and started using his little hands to grab the Winter Fruit in front of the lion.


The berries were slightly tastier than the ones he had previously. It was sweeter and less salty, making the sweetness of the berry more pronounced than its saltiness. There was also a cooling sensation, making the berry much tastier.


“Ah!” Meng Jiuzhao grabbed a handful of berries and motioned for Black to open his mouth. He then grabbed a few more and stuffed them into White’s mouth.


“Louis! Louis!” Not needing to be called a third time, Louis hurriedly stepped across White’s arm and jumped down. Without even standing firm, he opened his mouth for Meng Jiuzhao.


“Chirp chirp~” After eating the berries, Louis let out a chirp of gratitude.


Finally, he looked at the branch that was only left with a couple of berries, slightly embarrassed. In the end, he picked off the last few fruits and placed them into Andy’s mouth.


The scene of a lion using its large teeth to chew on the tiny fruit was– kind of funny.


Meng Jiuzhao thought with shining eyes


Louis glanced at his brother, before jumping aside without saying anything. He picked up a dead chicken and placed it under Andy’s nose.




With this sound, little chicken Louis was covered in vomit and became chicken soup[3]drenched chicken, but chicken soup sounds funnier.


“Chirp!!” What happened to the promised shining eyes looking at me?! [4]Louis wanted Meng Jiuzhao to look at him like how he looked at Andy eat the berry, how cute


Louis made a horrified chirp, flapping his wings to get out of the vomit. As a cub carefully taken care of by the clean-freak Black, Louis grew up to be a cub that loved being clean. He had never felt so disgusting before!


“I forgot to tell you guys, recently Andy can’t smell meat. When he smells it he will feel like vomiting, not to mention what Carat makes–” Sita hurriedly rushed over, holding a clean animal skin cloth.


After handing the cloth to Black, she helped Andy to a place with better ventilation and gave him some hot water.


It was only probably this strong woman of the mammoth race who was capable of running around with a male lion on her back, even carrying him to let him drink water– Meng Jiuzhao thought with admiration.


Andy weakly transformed into his human form, using his own hands to hold the basin of water to drink, before signalling to Sita to check on Louis.


Only now did Meng Jiuzhao recognize him as the male lion who casually left Sita’s nest this morning.


“What exactly did you eat, for you to be sick for an entire month? How can there be a lion who can’t eat meat?” Sita’s movements sped up as she ran to Black and picked up Louis who was still jumping around the place. 


Very quickly, she used the clean animal skin cloth to wipe off Louis until his fur was puffed up, and said, “Andy is the second strongest male in the tribe, after the chief. He used to have muscles like mountains, but now– Look, he’s skin and bones…”


Hearing her words, everyone looked towards Andy: Was this what Sita called skin and bones? It was obviously called having well-proportioned muscles, alright?


Thinking back to the residents of the Vash tribe they had seen during the past few days, they remembered that no matter the gender, everyone was quite muscular. 


Alright, if this was your standard then it’s no wonder that Black and Eim’s figures were seen as pitiful by others.


Meng Jiuzhao expressed: Andy, by losing your large muscles, you have become a handsome man. I think that’s pretty good.


Sita was a dedicated female. She carefully wiped off the dirt on Louis’ body, even sniffing him, “Louis darling, the smell on you is from the most majestic lion in our area! You can even walk sideways now!” [5]I’m not sure if this is an english saying, but if it isn’t it just means that one can do anything without worries because they have backing from someone strong


“Chirp!” What she got in return was an angry peck on her finger.


“Alright, alright! Since you don’t like it that much, let’s give you a hot bath!”


Sita called the other females, and everyone heated up a large pot of water in her nest.


That’s right, a large pot. She used the large pot Carat used to boil chickens.


“What is she trying to do?” Black, who has never heard of a hot bath, frowned.


“I, I don’t know either…” The countryside rabbit who has never taken a bath since birth, Eim, also had no way of explaining.


And so, when they saw Sita intending on putting Louis in the pot, everyone jumped in shock!


“Eh? What’s up with you guys? What am I doing? I’m just planning on giving Louis a bath? Heavens! You guys don’t know what a hot bath is?”


Hence, the looks the females gave Black and Eim became more subtle.


“Let’s get another pot, so all of us can take a cosy hot bath together! (ˉ(∞)ˉ)” Someone suggested.


Even though these females seemed like macho men, in the end, they still liked cleanliness, so everyone accepted this suggestion happily.


Author has something to say:

A little theatre originating from a brain pit ⊙ω⊙  by AXiuXiu and Liang who have huge brain pits

Meng Jiuzhao: TAT even if me have small jj, I still don’t plan on dating macho women!

Louis: Chirp! Chirp! Chirp chirp chirp! (Look at me! Look at me! I have a jj so date me!)

【The focus isn’t on whether there’s a jj alright!】

Liang -_-||: Anyways, you girls don’t have to fight for him anymore, this boy already has a chicken…

Author-sama: A real chicken buddy, there is no need to explain ^ω^ [6]there is actually a need to explain this: chicken buddy (鸡友 ji you), gay buddy (基友 ji you). they have the same pronunciations and author substituted the gay with chicken because Louis looks … Continue reading


1 most likely referring to the guy’s crushes on Black and White
2 oil bottle refers to child from a previous marriage aka Meng Jiuzhao and Louis.
3 drenched chicken, but chicken soup sounds funnier
4 Louis wanted Meng Jiuzhao to look at him like how he looked at Andy eat the berry, how cute
5 I’m not sure if this is an english saying, but if it isn’t it just means that one can do anything without worries because they have backing from someone strong
6 there is actually a need to explain this: chicken buddy (鸡友 ji you), gay buddy (基友 ji you). they have the same pronunciations and author substituted the gay with chicken because Louis looks like one, hence this pun. Gay because if it wasn’t obvious enough, Louis and Meng Jiuzhao are a CP

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