POA Ch 38



There seemed to be something different mixed in here. After bleaching his eyes and looking into the tent again, he saw a male lion openly leaving the tent.


Hold up– What happened to everyone in the nest being female?


Wasn’t that obviously male?


He compared with the people currently in the nest, and found that that male lion was probably the female called Andy. 


When he entered the nest yesterday, he noticed that the one who looked the prettiest and most like a female was the one called Andy. Who would have thought–


This world was really too good at shocking him!


Completely unable to comprehend Meng Jiuzhaos shock, Sita swept her hand and energetically brought the remaining people out.


“Are you really gonna teach us how to build a nest that is huge and warm?” Black looked at Sita, slightly emotional.


In his opinion, if Sita taught this unique skill of hers to him, it would definitely increase the difficulty of her finding a partner, so how would an ordinary person be willing to teach this to others?


“Of course! I’ll teach you guys everything I know! The earlier you build a nest, the faster you can move out, the faster you can go and lead your own lives, and the less you will interfere in my search for a partner, isn’t it?” Sita grinned as she said.


Such a good person~


The two cubs who didn’t have an elder to guide them on how to build nests were extremely moved.


“Before I start, let me say that building a nest requires strength. Only those with great strength can build the sturdiest nests!” Considering that they had cubs with them, (and that those cubs were so very cute,) Sita was already prepared to do any manual labour for them.


“Don’t worry, we are very strong!” White patted his chest, taking the chance to show Sita his biceps.


“…” Looking at that arm with barely any muscles, Sita went silent.


However, what Black and White did next surprised her: they were experts at digging, their motions agile and good. As newbies, the foundation of the nest they built was the best Sita had ever seen! Branches as thick as an arm could be easily carried by them with one hand. Not only them, even Louis, the little chicken they raised, could use his mouth to bring branches to them, not tired even after running dozens of rounds. And so, in just one afternoon, a large portion of the nest was already built.


Even Eim, along with his rabbit father, brother, third aunt and little cousin, managed to dig a perfect foundation.




“Black, your nest is way too big. Also, Eim, yours is way too small! I’ve said before that they must be built according to your original sizes!” Sita frowned.


“It’s built to our original sizes~”  Black and Eim looked at each other, not finding anything wrong with the nests they built.


Thus, the largest and smallest nests of the Vash tribe were made, right next to each other. Alright, they did actually look quite harmonious sitting next to each other.


“Well, if it’s comfortable for you, then so be it. You really can’t judge a book by its cover!” Nobody disliked people with ability. Having gentle appearances did not mean that they were not good at production related activities, but on the contrary, they were much better at it than others!


“Next, we need to cover the top of the nest with snow, then you need to go to the kitchen to ask Carat for a large pot of water to pour on the snow. When the water freezes, it will make your nest more sturdy. Oh, and also, you need to set a fire inside your nest to drive out the moisture. If you do all these properly, you should be able to move in when night comes.”


Sita was a good teacher with dedication. Not only did she teach Black and the others how to build a nest, she also taught them many life hacks.


“When the fire has burnt out, you can move the charcoal away and pile some hay on top of the ground. It makes the warmest bed!”


“When you have a fire burning, you can dig a hole in the ground and place some snow inside. The next day you will have hot water to drink.”


These tips were new to Black and White, and also extremely useful. To Kantas who were born and grew up in a place with only ice and snow, this thing known as warmth was something they could only feel as cubs, when they were tightly snuggled under their father’s belly.


Of course, compared to the other Kantas who had to live alone after leaving their nests, they, who chose to live together, could feel much more warmth from each other.


While a fire was roaring inside their newly built nest,


“Dear, you don’t need to worry about your balding wings for now!” White’s eyes sparkled as he looked at Black.


“You too!” The usually stern Black also showed a tiny smile.


The two lovey dovey cubs looked into each other’s eyes. At that moment, they could see their boundless concern for each other.


Black and White tightly held each other’s hands.


Meng Jiuzhao felt like he and Louis were being third wheels, so he turned over, trying his best to roll over to a less noticeable location, of course, as close to the fire as possible.


So warm~


In the past, he thought that the huge matter of discovering fire would have to wait till he was older. But who knew, the beastmen living here were actually quite smart!


“Chirp~” Probably thinking that Meng Jiuzhao was playing with him, Louis chirped as he ran after Meng Jiuzhao all the way to the fire. [1]roasted chickenΣ(;゚∀゚)ノ


“Louis! Louis!” Unable to find other sources of entertainment, Meng Jiuzhao could only play with Louis, calling his name to train his tongue.


“Chirp chirp~~” Louis started chirping even more happily, using his butt to roll Meng Jiuzhao all over the place.


F*ck! I’m your brother! Not a ball!


“Aiya! Look at Baby and Louis, playing so happily!” Idiotic father White, happily witnessed his misery.


“How can Louis roll his brother with his butt?” As expected, only Black could be relied on! The task of saving Lao Tzu [2]Means your father, I. In this case it is used in a comedic way rather than being rude. is up to you!


Meng Jiuzhao, who was rolled around until he was dizzy and his eyes were spinning around, was so grateful he shed tears.


“Louis! Louis darling! Don’t use your butt! Use your feet instead! Use your feet to roll Baby! You have to roll Baby more evenly!” The next moment, this gratitude he felt morphed into deep resentment


“Remember when we were small, we would also frequently roll around together for fun!” Looking at the children playing (?!) around, White let out a rare sigh filled with emotion.


“We weren’t simply doing that for fun. By rolling back and forth on the snow, we could remove any tiny bugs between our feathers. Speaking of bugs, I feel so itchy~” Black commented seriously. 


However, speaking of itching, he immediately felt that there was an extremely itchy sensation somewhere on his body.


White looked at him with understanding.


And so, the next moment, two large sized bald cubs appeared in the warm nest. The XL sized nest seemed to be tailor made for them, and they started happily rolling around on top of the twig-covered floor.


To put it bluntly, even if they already had children, they were still basically cubs, with a love for boisterous playing and rolling after each other.


Translator has something to say:

This chapter is so sweet but the phrasing gives me headaches… Also, thank you for the comments here and reviews you leave on novelupdates! Though I can only check them once a week, I’m really happy to read them ^^


1 roasted chickenΣ(;゚∀゚)ノ
2 Means your father, I. In this case it is used in a comedic way rather than being rude.

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