POA Ch 17


Later on, they found another last piece of Crunchy Grass in the world, and soon, found another, and then found an entire patch of Crunchy Grass–


The best news was that they found traces of other dinosaurs here!


They saw a group of coelurosaurs, a type of small dinosaur that they would frequently eat as children. 


God knew how many years went by without them seeing these dinosaurs! 


They even saw the last triceratops that was living in their territory! There were even many dinosaurs they had never seen before–


“Look at that dinosaur with a very long neck! Goodness, he’s even larger than Dad!” White’s tone was filled with equal parts excitement and fear. “And that dinosaur there, there are so many spikes on its back, so mighty looking!”


“Mmhm, it looks dangerous. Let’s stay away from them, be careful of being eaten.” Black maintained his usual cautious attitude.


“…” Meng Jiuzhao shrank into Black’s neck feathers, speechless: Dear father, those are brontosaurus and stegosaurus, they are vegetarians!


However, Meng Jiuzhao was appreciative of Black’s attitude. Many newborn dinosaurs’ cause of death were their rashness and lack of fear. The reason why Black and White could live till now safely was definitely thanks to Black’s prudence.


Under Black’s command, they sneaked in carefully among the other dinosaurs, occasionally hunting a small dinosaur to feed their family. 


The two Kantas cubs [1]referring to Black and White who just left their nest hunted as they went, as per their instinct, but Meng Jiuzhao started to feel that something was off.


These dinosaurs did not seem to be foraging for food, nor were they migrating, but instead, they seemed to be…


Running for their lives?!


As soon as this thought surfaced in his mind, he couldn’t get rid of it. Meng Jiuzhao became anxious.


He did not know what era he was currently living in, but he instinctively felt that this was a newborn world.


The most important indication was the cold climate. History books stated very clearly that dinosaurs, represented by Kantas, attained their human forms after the great collision [2]was gonna use big bang, but not really sure if it’s the right term


They only survived by changing their diets, lifestyle habits and body size. After which, the planet first spent long decades shrouded in ash from erupting volcanoes caused by the collision before plunging into freezing cold.


A long ice age–


Meng Jiuzhao felt that he must be living in the ice age recorded in history books, but what was recorded in those books about these types of ancient past were always hazy and vague. 


No one actually knew what exactly happened in that day and age, and hence the information he read was no help to him. 


He only knew these: 


The length of the ice age– but knowing that it was millions of years provided no reference value;


The species that went extinct during that period– fortunately Kantas were not one of them; 


The continental drift that happened at the end of the ice age…


When he thought of this point, Meng Jiuzhao shuddered.


That’s right! He could understand more words recently, and he understood the story Black told him about Grandpa vanishing. Wasn’t that telling evidence of the changes in the planet’s crust?


This group of dinosaurs were really running for their lives!


1 referring to Black and White
2 was gonna use big bang, but not really sure if it’s the right term
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Primitive Once Again

Primitive Once Again

Score 8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Chinese
This is the story of a Kantas couple’s successful efforts to lay (steal) egs: “… You stole it?” Black’s expression tensed as he cautiously lowered his body, using his wings to conceal the nest more tightly. “I didn’t steal–” Listening to Black’s question, White’s expression became prouder. He stuffed the large white egg beneath his butt as he replied excitedly, “I laid it!” Boom– Black seemed to have heard the sound of a string known as rationality snapping in his head. He finally knew what was more infuriating than a husband leaving home for half a year only to come back with a wife three months pregnant. Which was– A wife leaving home for a few days to find out that his husband had laid an egg! The story’s protagonist → Meng Jiuzhao (crying) : I am that egg.   Support the author here


  1. Miompp says:

    This is actually really scary…

    Thanks for the chapter <3333

  2. Nell says:

    I hope they get to see their grandpa

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