Garp's Appreciation


The black bear let out a roar and swiped its claw towards Yang Ming.

The sharp claws tore through the air, but couldn’t catch the target as Yang Ming had prepared and evaded in advance.


The bear’s paw slammed heavily on the ground, leaving behind a palm print and raising a cloud of dust.

Yang Ming took a step, circling around the black bear clockwise, using this strategy to avoid the attacks.

At the moment, Yang Ming’s attention was on the lottery wheel, hidden from the sight of others.

Summoned characters: Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi.

Ninjutsu/Taijutsu: Fireball Jutsu, Water Dragon Jutsu, Darkness Jutsu.

Bloodline Limits: Ice Release, Magnetic Release, Lava Release, Explosion Release.

“If I could draw these Bloodline Limits…”

Yang Ming shook his head, dismissing the idea as wishful thinking.

Considering the probability on the lottery wheel, the rarer and more powerful the ninjutsu and bloodline limits. The smaller the space they occupy, essentially a one-in-a-thousand chance.

Such a low probability is akin to winning a jackpot in a lottery; only the luckiest would believe they could obtain it.

As the spinning pointer halted, Yang Ming’s gaze sharpened.

【Konoha Taijutsu】: A taijutsu learned in the ninja academy after three years of study, possessing a solid foundation in physical techniques.

In that instant, Yang Ming felt a rush of memory and experience integrating into his body. As if he had gone through three years of training in the blink of an eye, enduring numerous challenges and exercises.

Regaining his focus, Yang Ming’s eyes became more alert.

When the black bear attacked again, Yang Ming found the moves too straightforward and predictable which easily discerned the bear’s intentions.

This time, Yang Ming didn’t choose to continue evading in circles; instead, he moved forward!

A real man should choose to attack!

Seeing this, Garp’s eyes lit up and thinking, “Is he confident, or just reckless? The outcome will be revealed soon.”

Garp stopped eating his doughnut, slightly bending his knees, and tensing his calf muscles, ready for a rescue.

Once Yang Ming was hit at close range by the black bear, Garp would swiftly support him with the Quick Shave technique from the Sixth Form of the Navy.

The bear’s paw missed Yang Ming by a hair’s breadth, creating a gust of wind that stung his face.

Seizing the moment when the bear’s old force had passed but its new force hadn’t yet emerged, Yang Ming took the initiative and closed the distance. He swiftly stepped on the ground with his left foot and leaping sideways, executing a fierce right-legged kick at the bear’s nose.

Just as wolves have their weak points, bears also have their own, namely their noses!

“Whirlwind of leaves!”

A snap sound as Yang Ming’s leg struck the bear’s nose.

The nose is the softest part of a bear’s body, and even with the slight limitation in force due to Yang Ming’s young age, it still inflicted considerable pain on the bear.

Seeing the clear effect of his attack, Yang Ming’s feet landed immediately. He performs a donkey roll to dodge the retaliatory stomp from the bear, causing the bear’s attack to miss again.

The bear had poor eyesight and couldn’t precisely locate Yang Ming.

Rolling between the bear’s hind legs, Yang Ming quickly repositioned behind the bear and did not hesitate to deliver a sneak attack.

“┗|`o′|┛ Argh~”

A wail full of tears and sorrow rang out, the surrounding leaves rustling. A few dried, yellow leaves fluttering down.

Ace, Sabo, and Luffy felt a sudden chill below their waistlines, giving Yang Ming somewhat strange looks.

“Didn’t Yang Ming also castrate a pirate with a spear during the battle earlier?”

“Could it be that Yang Ming has some unique quirks?”

The three shivered involuntarily.

When Yang Ming’s leg landed a hit on the bear’s groin, Garp completely relaxed.

Observing how Yang Ming, despite the vast difference in strength between him and the bear, he managed to make the bear scream in pain. Garp couldn’t help but smile with satisfaction.

Onlookers see the excitement, experts see the techniques.

Garp clearly perceived that, initially, Yang Ming appeared quite unfamiliar with fighting the bear. But as time passed, his combat skills became more proficient. He seamlessly integrated all aspects, giving no indication he was a beginner. It was as if he had already trained as a rookie for two to three years, with concise and powerful movements, devoid of any clumsiness.

“What did this signify?”

It showed that Yang Ming was a genius!

“Clap, clap, clap!”

Garp applauded, pushing the bear aside and said, “Today’s practical lesson ends here!”

The bear was fuming; it was so close to smashing Yang Ming’s head earlier, only to be interrupted by this annoying man. The bear’s eyes glowed with hostility.

Garp seemed to sense something and suddenly turned to look.

In that moment of eye contact, even though Garp’s face appeared calm, the bear felt like it was facing the most terrifying monster of its life. Its ferocity dissipated instantly, and with a whimper of frustration, it dragged its exhausted and sore body back into the forest.

“The human world is too terrifying; I’ll never come back again!”

When the black bear’s figure completely disappeared from sight, Garp turned to look at the four of them.

“I must say, you are the worst bunch of students I’ve ever had.”

Looking at Luffy’s carefree appearance, even picking his nose. Garp couldn’t hold back his anger and scolded him, “Luffy, especially you, you rascal! I’ve taught you so many times to use your brain in battle, not just charging headlong.”

“Look at Yang Ming, he’s truly a rare genius. He just had one class with me today and has already learned with such progress. You should learn from Yang Ming, got it?”

Hearing this, Ace, Sabo, and Luffy trembled.

During training, they usually saw Garp with a stern face, rarely receiving such high praise.

All three turned their heads to look at Yang Ming, who humbly said, “Teacher Garp, you’re too kind.”

Yang Ming knew his own abilities; he wasn’t a genius, just a kid who had gotten lucky.

“Was that fair?”

“It was perfectly reasonable!”

What amused Yang Ming was that he seemed to have become someone else’s child, used by Garp to teach a lesson to Luffy and the others.

Little did they know, Yang Ming’s response in Garp’s eyes, demonstrated humility and politeness that makes Garp extremely satisfied.

A hand as broad and sturdy as a bear’s paw was placed on Yang Ming’s shoulder, Garp’s gaze sharp as he said, “Yang Ming, consider going back to the Marine Headquarters and becoming a Marine with the Admirals from now on!”

A thought flashed through Yang Ming’s mind, realizing that this was Garp’s thoughtful intention; not wanting to see a potential Marine talent wasting their time outside, deliberately extending an olive branch to him.

Once Yang Ming agreed, he could become a recruit in the Marine Headquarters.

Knowing how the story would unfold, many of Yang Ming’s ideas required him to join the Marines.

“As for becoming a pirate?”

Not every pirate is as remarkable as King Luffy; there are some good-looking ones, and also some grandfathers.

Any pirate without much background who seeks attention before even reaching the Grand Line has to endure the cruel slaughter from the Marines.

With the meme-lottery system, Yang Ming lamented that he hadn’t memorized more lines. In the early stages, it was necessary to grow slyly.

Yang Ming stood firmly, raised his head high, and proclaimed, “Teacher Garp, I’m willing to become a just Marine!”

Seeing this, Garp nodded with a smile.

“Good, very good.”

Finally, Yang Ming wasn’t led astray by Ace and the others.

Garp was almost burst into tears, feeling that things weren’t easy.

After Yang Ming accepted Garp’s olive branch, the relationship between them became much closer.

Meanwhile, Garp increased the difficulty of Yang Ming’s training.

These training exercises were extremely challenging, bordering on madness.

For instance, binding Yang Ming to a hot air balloon and making him fly in the sky. Kicking him off a cliff, causing him to fall from a dozen meters high into the sea, or driving several fierce jackals and tigers to chase Yang Ming through the forest.

No matter which training exercise it was, it pushed the limits of a person’s physiology.

Faced with Garp’s careful instruction, Yang Ming never complained, enduring everything with gritted teeth.

Eat, train, sleep.

Yang Ming felt like he was back in his senior year of high school, leading a tense yet fulfilling life.

Without needing to think too much, he just had to constantly complete these extremely challenging training exercises to gain a sense of accomplishment.

Young people possess boundless potential, and after completing the training exercises, Yang Ming’s efficiency in operating the Six Powers increased significantly. With abundant food, he mended the injuries lingering in his body, while simultaneously strengthening his physique.

In just two months, Yang Ming had grown taller than before. His body showing obvious muscle contours, no longer resembling the slender figure from before.


On this day, Yang Ming lifted a stone as thick as two people, weighing over two hundred pounds. In his previous life, this would have been an impossible feat for a child. Now, Yang Ming could only barely lift it.

“23…46…99, 100!”

After lifting it one hundred times, Yang Ming abruptly set the stone down, his arms slightly twitching from fatigue, sweat pouring from his body like a spring.

Provoked by Yang Ming’s actions, Ace, Sabo, and Luffy also had to ramp up their efforts, training crazily beside him. Their frenzied energy was chilling.

There was no way around it; they had to endure it. If they didn’t train well, Garp would use Yang Ming, “the child from someone else’s family,” to teach them a lesson.

“It was unbearable!”

Just as Yang Ming leaned against the stone, quietly circulating the Liuku Immortal Thief to alleviate the soreness in his arms, he saw Garp walking over.

Garp cleared his throat, stopped the other three, and said, “After this period of training, it’s also time to evaluate your performance.”

“I’m giving you a task now; within seven days, eliminate the Bursam Pirates.”

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Pirates’ Magic Odyssey: Unveiling Eight Skills At The Beginning

Pirates’ Magic Odyssey: Unveiling Eight Skills At The Beginning

Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Novel Introduction: (One Piece + Meme + Invincibility) Yang Ming travels to the world of One Piece and obtains the Meme-Making Lottery System. By reciting classic lines from movies, novels, anime, or game characters, he can randomly acquire their abilities or items, and can even summon the characters to appear! “Work less and get more, that's my ideal!” “Congratulations to the host for speaking a classic line, earning the Eight Skills!” “Do you also wish to dance?” “Congratulations to the host for reciting a classic line from Naruto, obtaining the Sharingan!” “Thirty years east of the river, thirty years west of the river, don't belittle a young man's poverty!" "I want this day to never cover my eyes again, and I want this place to never bury my heart!”


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