Flash and Garp

When is the most painful moment for a woman?
During a caesarean section.

When is the most painful moment for a man?
Being castrated.

Borshemi felt fortunate to become the first pirate in the world of the Pirate King to be castrated. He felt a surge of blood gushing from the wound, and waves of intense pain assaulted his mind.

His face twisted in agony, and he clutched the wound, half kneeling on the ground.

A large amount of cold sweat oozed from his forehead, trickling down his temples, quickly blurring his vision, and he could only see the outline of a flintlock pistol right in front of him, the dark muzzle aimed at his forehead.

“No, please…”

Borshemi weakly begged, but it didn’t stop the deadly intent in the eyes of the small boy before him.


With the boy pulling the trigger, a bright yellow bullet shot out, piercing straight through the pirate’s head.

The lifeless body crumpled to the ground, raising a cloud of dust.

Yang Ming’s hands, holding the butt of the gun, trembled slightly, partly due to the strong recoil of the flintlock and partly due to the aftermath of his first kill.

“I… I’ve killed someone.”

The air was still filled with the lingering smell of gunpowder, mixed with the fresh scent of blood, making Yang Ming’s stomach churn.

But he knew, the world of the One Piece was a brutal one, where the weak had no way to control their fate. If he wanted to become stronger, sooner or later, he would have to tread this path, his hands stained with blood.

With great determination, Yang Ming forcefully suppressed the discomfort, taking deep breaths.

During the break, Yang Ming glanced with the corner of his eye.

Ace, Sabo, and Luffy coordinated seamlessly, already turning the other two ordinary pirates in circles. It wouldn’t be long before they defeated the enemies.

Taking advantage of this moment, Yang Ming checked the system’s notification.


“Congratulations to the host for uttering a classic quote from LoL (League of Legends), and earning a chance to draw from the lottery wheel. Would you like to start the lottery wheel?”


In Yang Ming’s view, an unobservable lottery wheel gradually appeared, divided into four sections: Normal Skills, Hero Skills, Equipment Items, and Hero Skins.

【Normal Skills】: Barrier, Purification, Clairvoyance, Ignite, Weakness, Flash, Ghost, Heal, Clarity, Garrison, Retribution, Mark, Teleport.

【Hero Skills】: Crystalline Fire, Lava Shield, Alpha Strike, Meditate, Infinity Sword Technique, Blade of the Void, Energy Pulse, Null Sphere.

【Equipment Items】: Hextech Belt, Righteous Glory, Twin Shadows, Trinity Force, Boots of Speed.

【Hero Skins】: Future Warrior, Wings of Steel, Lu Bu of the Warlords, Blade of the Champion.

The prizes on the lottery wheel were diverse, leaving people dizzy with choices.

Even more astonishingly, there were so-called Hero Skins!

Yang Ming didn’t know if, by obtaining a Hero Skin, he would transform into the appearance of a hero from League of Legends.

Of course, discussing this was too premature. It was better to focus on the prize at hand.

When the lottery pointer stopped at the Normal Skills section, Yang Ming’s eyes immediately lit up!

【Flash】: Allows you to instantly teleport a short distance to a designated location, with a maximum range of one hundred meters. Cooldown time of 5 minutes.

Flash was a skill with significant strategic value, combining escape, evasion, and pursuit. If used properly, it could be spectacular!

After resting, Yang Ming checked the remaining ammunition in the flintlock, finding there was just one bullet left.

He looked up at the remaining two ordinary pirates, fixing his gaze on the pirate who had been struck by his comrade.


In the next moment, Yang Ming’s figure disappeared from its original location.

When he reappeared, he landed behind the pirate, holding the flintlock firmly, and without hesitation, aimed at the back of the pirate’s head and pulled the trigger.


The pirate who was dealing with Ace had no idea that someone would appear out of thin air behind him. When he heard the gunshot from behind, it was too late to dodge.

The pirate took a fatal hit and fell to the ground, smoke and breath escaping from the gun’s muzzle. A look of surprise crossed Ace’s face as he watched the boy behind the gun.

Ace had been keeping an eye on the battle, and he was well aware that Yang Ming had just instantly appeared behind the enemy. This ability was simply mind-boggling!

“Is it possible that Yang Ming possesses the abilities of a Devil Fruit user?”

Ace didn’t pry into the matter further, not just because it wasn’t the right time, but also because it was Yang Ming’s secret. If Yang Ming didn’t want to reveal it, pushing the issue would only lead to unpleasantness between them.

Only one ordinary pirate remained on the field, not a match for the four of them.

With a final cry of agony, the pirate’s life came to an end.

“Well done!”

Ace gave a thumbs up to the three of them. However, he furrowed his brow and said:

“These three people are members of the Bursam Pirates. If they don’t return for a long time, it will definitely attract Bursam’s attention. We must leave this area as soon as possible. Otherwise, if we encounter the leaders of the Bursam Pirates on the way, we won’t be able to escape.

Ace’s suggestion is reasonable, and Yang Ming and the others have no objections.

With nowhere else to go, Yang Ming naturally clings to them.

Before leaving, Yang Ming searched the three bodies, confiscated two flintlock pistols and 20,000 Baileys, then followed Ace and the others back to Dadan’s house.

The island where Goa Kingdom is located is surrounded by mountains on three sides, and its name is Gorpo Mountain. It blocks the cold and damp air currents from the north, making the climate here pleasant and suitable for living.

Dadan’s house is located in the dense forests of Gorpo Mountain, situated in the southeast of Goa Kingdom on the map, not far from the unknown terminal station, with a difference of no more than five kilometers.

The mountain is steep and difficult to traverse, with thick undergrowth.

The sun was setting, and the residual sunlight shone through the gaps in the leaves, casting mottled patches of light.

The sounds of insects and birds echoed in the woods, and the cicadas’ chirping was unceasing.

In the winding path, Yang Ming pushed aside the bushes that blocked his view, revealing a wooden house ahead, with a front and back yard.

A woman who looked fierce was in the front yard, swinging an axe as if chopping firewood.

When she heard the movement coming from the woods, the woman turned her head to look.

The woman appeared mature for her age, in her thirties, the prime of her youth, but she had the face of a fifty-year-old woman. Her orange curly hair was tied up at the back of her head, giving her a somewhat wild appearance.

A white shirt couldn’t conceal her strong and robust figure, resembling that of a black bear. She wore deep green checkered pants with brown boots, a gold earring hanging from her ear, and a red bead necklace around her neck.

This combination not only didn’t reveal the slightest hint of femininity, but instead, with that fierce face, it was somewhat intimidating.

At the moment she saw Ace and the others, Dadan dropped the axe in her hand and, although she felt happy in her heart, she still put on a stern face, hands on her hips, scolding them angrily.

“Ace, Sabo, Luffy, why are you so late coming back? Do you know how dangerous it is outside at night?”

Ace and the others, who had been subjected to Dadan’s education of fists for years, immediately trembled, bowing repeatedly.

“I’m sorry, I was wrong!” (x3)

Seeing the three of them apologizing so sincerely, Dadan’s expression softened a lot. She crossed her arms in front of her chest and said gently,

“Get inside quickly. We have guests tonight, and I’ve prepared a sumptuous feast for you!”

Dadan’s words paused slightly, as if she just noticed an unexpected guest in the group, and asked,

“Who’s this kid?”

Ace stepped forward and explained Yang Ming’s background in detail.

At the same time, Ace recounted the experience they had before coming back, vividly describing how Yang Ming fought alongside them, making him a brother worth getting close to.

Hearing that Yang Ming was actually an orphan with no parents, and that he had been making a living scavenging at the unknown terminal station, Dadan’s maternal instincts surged. She hugged Yang Ming and exclaimed loudly,

“Yang Ming, starting today, you can stay at Dadan’s family without worries!”

Yang Ming was almost out of breath from being hugged so tightly, especially since Dadan’s chest wasn’t soft at all. On the contrary, due to long-term exercise, her chest was as hard as steel, making him feel as if he were being pressed against a steel plate, causing friction.

Fortunately, this painful torment didn’t last long. When Dadan released her arms, Yang Ming immediately took a deep breath. He had never imagined that being alive could be so wonderful, the air so fresh.

“Women, they’re really so scary!”

Dadan pushed open the door to the wooden house, and the interior scene came into view. The house had two levels, with the ground floor hall not adorned in luxury, but rather arranged with great care. The walls were painted in bright colors, and the kerosene lamps emitted a dim yellow light, creating a very warm atmosphere here.

Inside, there were groups of bandits moving barrels filled with rum or placing cooked meat on the dining table.

At the head of the table covered with a white tablecloth, sat a robust figure wearing a dog-head hat and dressed in naval attire, with the word “Justice” written on the white cape.

When Yang Ming’s gaze fell on this person, his pupils immediately contracted.

In the next moment, the man in the main seat stood up, as if he had instantly teleported, and he quickly appeared in front of their group. He raised his fist, the size of a sandbag, and without any explanation, gave a powerful punch to Ace and the others.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The fists landed on their heads. Even Luffy, who had consumed a Devil Fruit, ended up with a big bump, tears almost welling up from the pain.

Garp was quick to join in, planning to deliver an iron fist of love to Yang Ming.

But Yang Ming had no intention of experiencing Garp’s iron fist; that feeling definitely wouldn’t be pleasant. With his frail body, who knows what might happen.


Yang Ming aimed for an empty seat next to the dining table and disappeared from Garp’s sight.


Garp let out a surprised sound of astonishment.

When he turned back to look, he saw Yang Ming sitting in the seat, politely smiling at him.

“This kid, he’s quite interesting!”

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Pirates’ Magic Odyssey: Unveiling Eight Skills At The Beginning

Pirates’ Magic Odyssey: Unveiling Eight Skills At The Beginning

Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Novel Introduction: (One Piece + Meme + Invincibility) Yang Ming travels to the world of One Piece and obtains the Meme-Making Lottery System. By reciting classic lines from movies, novels, anime, or game characters, he can randomly acquire their abilities or items, and can even summon the characters to appear! “Work less and get more, that's my ideal!” “Congratulations to the host for speaking a classic line, earning the Eight Skills!” “Do you also wish to dance?” “Congratulations to the host for reciting a classic line from Naruto, obtaining the Sharingan!” “Thirty years east of the river, thirty years west of the river, don't belittle a young man's poverty!" "I want this day to never cover my eyes again, and I want this place to never bury my heart!”


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