PMOUESATB Chapter 14

Navy's Six Techniques (1/2)

Whenever he thought of losing to Yang Ming in public, Drake couldn’t swallow this anger and wanted to find a way to save face elsewhere.

Young people often act with enthusiasm, without considering the consequences of their actions.

Drake was undoubtedly one of those types of people. He asked Tina to arrange Yang Ming’s residence in the same Room 601 where he stayed. And he intends to show Yang Ming who’s in charge.

While waiting, just when Drake thought Tina was playing him, he heard the voices of Tina and Yang Ming outside the room.


The knob of the door was twisted, and the door swung ajar.

Finally, the figure that Drake had been thinking about appeared before his eyes. He flexed his wrist, speaking with ill intentions:

“Yang Ming, the new member. Welcome to Room 601. How about calling me the dormitory leader?”

For the convenience of managing boarding students, the naval academy set up a dormitory leader in each dormitory, responsible for daily life in the dormitory. Though the authority wasn’t significant, it still held power if they wanted to mess with someone.

Seeing that Yang Ming remained silent, Drake smirked:

“Young man, do you know that the navy has strict ranks, with clear distinctions between superiors and subordinates?”

“I am the dormitory leader, which puts me half a rank above you. If you’re unwilling to address me with respect, are you trying to challenge authority?”

Yang Ming glanced at Drake, feeling speechless. Did they think he was ignorant of the internal rules of the navy because of his young age?

It was true that the navy had strict ranks and clear hierarchies. However, there was another rule within the navy.

Might make right!

Moreover, isn’t it tradition for the underdog to triumph over the superior?

“You’re pretty arrogant…”

“Then be my son!”

Yang Ming’s immature voice echoed in the dormitory, as if a slap had been fiercely slapped on Drake’s face, making his complexion alternate between red and blue.


Tina covered her mouth and laughed.

If it weren’t for the fact that they were all students of the same class, needing to give Drake a bit of a face, Tina would have burst into laughter.

Tina’s beautiful eyes stared at the young boy. She found him more interesting than the other boys she knew.

Yang Ming didn’t pay attention to the girl’s thoughts beside him; his attention was on the sound prompts in his mind.


“Congratulations, the host has quoted a classic line from One Piece and earned a chance to draw. Would you like to start the drawing roulette?”

In Yang Ming’s line of sight, a drawing roulette appeared, and no one around them noticed.

The roulette was divided into two categories: Devil Fruits and Techniques.

Devil Fruits: Dark-Dark Fruit, Flame-Flame Fruit.

Techniques: Navy’s Six Techniques, Fish-Man Karate, Cross-Dressing Fist.

Yang Ming contemplated inwardly. The reason he didn’t receive summonable characters or similar prizes was likely due to his presence in the One Piece world.

Tina’s smile seemed like she was rubbing salt into Drake’s wounds, making him feel both irritated and ashamed.

“Daddy Masterson, Jonathan, let’s do it together. Teach this kid a lesson!”

It’s unclear what Drake and the other two promised, but they instinctively moved to attack Yang Ming.

Observing this, Tina’s eyebrows lifted in surprise, as she sensed that the situation had taken an unexpected turn. She couldn’t help but scoff, remarking, “It’s quite excessive for you three young men to gang up on a child!”

Just as Tina was about to intervene, Yang Ming raised his hand to signal her to hold back.

“Let them come at me with all they’ve got!”

The confined space within the dormitory limited Yang Ming’s ability to maneuver.

However, at this particular moment, he showed no intention of evading. Instead, he adopted a wide stance, standing his ground as if he welcomed the attacks from Drake and his companions.

Tina was at a loss, but she saw Yang Ming’s calm and composed expression. It didn’t seem like he was pretending; this eased her anxiety.

“Putting on a show!”

Drake’s expression turned cold in his mind. He repeatedly punched as if venting his frustrations, relentlessly pounding Yang Ming’s body.

However, the moment his fist landed on Yang Ming’s body, Drake’s expression suddenly changed.

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Pirates’ Magic Odyssey: Unveiling Eight Skills At The Beginning

Pirates’ Magic Odyssey: Unveiling Eight Skills At The Beginning

Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Novel Introduction: (One Piece + Meme + Invincibility) Yang Ming travels to the world of One Piece and obtains the Meme-Making Lottery System. By reciting classic lines from movies, novels, anime, or game characters, he can randomly acquire their abilities or items, and can even summon the characters to appear! “Work less and get more, that's my ideal!” “Congratulations to the host for speaking a classic line, earning the Eight Skills!” “Do you also wish to dance?” “Congratulations to the host for reciting a classic line from Naruto, obtaining the Sharingan!” “Thirty years east of the river, thirty years west of the river, don't belittle a young man's poverty!" "I want this day to never cover my eyes again, and I want this place to never bury my heart!”


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