PMOUESATB Chapter 13

Drake smirked and said, “You wouldn’t understand, this is a familiar method between men!”

Tina glanced at Drake thoughtfully, seeing through but not revealing. Naturally not wanting to expose his little scheme.

Tina found herself rather intrigued by Yang Ming. She wanted to see how Yang Ming would handle the challenges from Drake and the others.

At this moment, Yang Ming naturally had no idea that Drake was full of mischief and he was thinking about giving him a lesson.

The naval school had a cafeteria specifically set up, not open to the public and just only for school students.

The cafeteria had three levels, each able to accommodate hundreds of students for meals.

Since the cafeteria hired chefs from all over the world, the menu options were abundant, offering local dishes from the East Sea, West Sea, South Sea, and North Sea, as well as famous regional cuisines from various countries along the Grand Line.

Of course, the students chosen to attend the naval school were carefully selected talents. The naval headquarters was well-funded, and the meals in the cafeteria were all free, allowing people to eat heartily.

When things are free, who would decline them? Yang Ming scooped up a bowl of white rice, with a heap of grilled meat and vegetable salad on the table. He ate voraciously.

Whenever food entered his stomach, it would be quickly broken down into nutrients in the shortest time. The nutritional essence from the food was extracted by the Six Sensei Thieves. At the same time, under the effect of Flame Breathing, the transformed Qi began to nourish the eight major parts of the body: the heart, lungs, large intestine, small intestine, stomach, triple burner, gallbladder, and bladder.

The eight major parts formed a synergy, creating a resonance that was imperceptible to ordinary people.

Yang Ming could clearly perceive that his stamina, exhausted after a day of labor, was being replenished rapidly. His body felt as if it had been rejuvenated, displaying a vibrant vitality.

When Tina arrived at the cafeteria, she happened to see Yang Ming finishing his meal and returning for a second serving.

Looking at the empty plates left on the table, she couldn’t even find a speck of food residue under the storm-like appetite, and Tina seemed to be looking at a starving ghost.

Just watching Yang Ming eat made Tina feel full.

Speaking of which, Tina still brought some food back, sat opposite Yang Ming, and said, “Professor Zeff asked me to arrange your accommodation.”

Yang Ming had just swallowed a piece of grilled meat and hadn’t even had time to chew. He simply swallowed it down and responded amidst his busy eating, “Understood.”

Immediately, Yang Ming once again immersed himself in the noble mission of a professional eater.

Are beautiful women pleasing to the eye? Is eating more important?

In Yang Ming’s eyes, the slender figure of the girl before him, with some well-developed parts, wasn’t as important as the grilled meat in his hands.

At least, beauty could fill one’s stomach, but what could beautiful girls do?

After all, he was just a kid.

Being ignored, Tina wasn’t upset. Instead, she also displayed a demeanor that appeared leisurely but was actually swift and efficient, quickly finishing the gourmet spread on the table. Finally, she elegantly pulled out a handkerchief to wipe off the grease from the corners of her mouth.

After being full and satisfied, the two walked side by side.

The naval school specifically established a dormitory for students to stay in.

The dormitory building faced away from the sea and towards a flower field.

As the sun set in the west, the building cast long shadows on the ground.

Unidentified plants grew in the flowerbed, blooming in various colors such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple, emitting an enchanting fragrance that attracted numerous bees and butterflies to gather pollen.

A pink butterfly flapped its wings and gently landed on Yang Ming’s shoulder.

Yang Ming didn’t notice, listening carefully as Tina introduced the dormitory area:

“Due to the small number of women who enlist in the military each year, female students admitted to the naval school account for less than 30% of the total student body. Therefore, the school doesn’t have a separate dormitory building for female students, and males and females reside together in the same dormitory building.”

“The naval school has strict regulations regarding relationships between male and female students. Love affairs are prohibited during school, and any discovered will result in expulsion from the institution and ineligibility for military service.”

“The dormitory building is divided into four-person rooms, six-person rooms, and eight-person rooms.”

“Ordinary students stay in six-person and eight-person rooms. Yang Ming, you’ve already proven yourself as having the potential of a top student. You’ll be assigned to a four-person room.”

As Tina recounted the story, they eventually reached Room 601.

The moment the door opened, Yang Ming saw three students: Drake, Daddy Masterson, and Jonathan.

Drake flexed his wrist playfully and said with ill intentions, “Yang Ming, welcome to our 601 dormitory. How about calling me your dorm leader?”

Yang Ming looked at this subordinate’s poor acting skills without expression and calmly said, “You’re amazing.”

“Want to be my son?”

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