MTIU Chapter 8

Cannon Fodder Stand In Lover - No Harem Member Able to Offer a Good Fight

Wu Siyuan knew that his Weibo side account was quite easy to recognize, especially since he had appeared and talked in front of Shi Yuanbai previously. What was unexpected to him was that apparently Shi Yuanbai went to check the JiangShi Super Topic frequently.

But of course, instead of stopping other brainless fans, he’d make sure, definitely, to share this great news with his good buddies in the dormitory. How could he be stingy to share a good joke with his brothers?

Therefore, even if Wu Siyuan ceased his activities in the Super Topic, it didn’t mean the other Local Tyrant brainless fan, Chen Xuyao, who drew the comments lottery and hype up the CP, would stop. There were also 2 other Local Tyrants brainless fans, in the name of Wu Siyuan’s two other roommates, Gao Min and Feng Jiazhen.

It was truly distressing for Shi Yuanbai to see JiangShi CP hype had yet subsided at all. On the contrary, Jiang Jingtong was proud and happy. He even occasionally talked to him about the Super Topic posts.

Fortunately, that Gu Siyuan kept his promise. He had a sense of restraint, constantly reminding other fans to keep their crazy talk enclosed in the Super Topic, keep rationality, and don’t distort the CP facts with falsehood.

Naturally, it fell on a deaf ear. How could CP fans’ imagination be restrained? The other fans on the Super Topic were still dancing like crazy[1]a joke to refer to the fans’ unscrupulous actionhenceforth.


Recently, a Director who was also one of Chen Xuyao’s relatives invited Chen Xuyao and his Parents to attend his birthday party. Chen Xuyao planned to bring his 3 roommates along with him. After all, these kinds of banquets were quite boring. It was better to bring his good buddies to have fun and go out to relax together. The party was held on the weekend anyway, everyone was free.

Speaking about family status, if Wu Siyuan were to use the identity of the Gu Family, actually he was not qualified to participate in such banquets. Even if their business had started to grow recently, it was not to the point of having influence throughout the country. It’s a good start to have this opportunity and get acquainted with people from the Entertainment Industry.

When he listed the spare tires who appeared in the original plot, apparently there happened to be a Big Fish in the Entertainment circle. He was a popular Idol at that. Being called as Big Fish meant his family background was quite formidable, his Idol career had no impediments thereof.

He wondered if this popular Idol would also appear at this birthday banquet. 

“Do you want me to ask about him?” Chen Xuyao said without hesitation when Wu Siyuan revealed these bits of information to him.

They were all people who boarded the same boat, naturally, they had similar purposes and goals to achieve.

“Will it be troublesome to handle?” 

Chen Xuyao replied nonchalantly, “My Uncle should be happy to help.”

Calling the said Uncle, that is the Director, he quickly asked him about the Idol. 

“Wen Yongliang? How did you know about him?” The Uncle laughed.

Wu Siyuan didn’t know what Chen Xuyao ​​and his Uncle talked about afterward. 

He was thinking about Wen Yongliang, the Idol Fish. Wu Siyuan surmised this guy was different from Zhang Lianze and the Cameramen-Brother. Wen Yongliang might not be easily shaken in his impression of Shi Yuanbai. 

After finishing his phone call, Chen Xuyao waved his hand and informed the good news, “It’s all set. My Uncle has agreed to help. You may not know, but our family really hated Jiang Jingtong to death. As soon as I told them our plan, my Uncle immediately say he’ll help.”

Hearing his reassurance, Wu Siyuan was convinced that Chen Xuyao’s family and Jiang Jingtong must have had a conflict. If so, how could they still maintain such a harmonious surface? Whether it was on the Business ground, or in any gossip or news, Wu Siyuan had never seen anything abnormal in the relationship between the Chen Family, Jiang Family, or the Shi Family.

Wu Siyuan asked in a low voice, “Actually, do you have any deep bloody feud with Jiang Jingtong?”

Chen Xuyao ​​chuckled. “Not really, but there is indeed a grudge between us.”

He began to tell Wu Siyuan about his older sister, who had been sent abroad. Telling about the affair between her, Jiang Jingtong, and Shi Yuanbai.

“That scum is obviously a gay, but he dared to pretend to be a straight man to hook up with my sister.”

His face sank slightly. “You don’t know, but he deceived my sister, causing her to be obsessed with him, almost like a madman.”

On the other hand, Jiang Jingtong had always refused to admit to having any relationship with her. Others laughed at her and regarded her as a crazy stalker.

The final blow came when his sister fell into a scheme and was framed. There was no evidence to prove it was instigated by Shi Yuanbai. The Chen Family could only send her abroad for the sake of safety, far away from the center of disputes. 

Chen Xuyao believed it was Shi Yuanbai’s scheming. However, Shi Yuanbai did it cautiously and left no clue behind. No one believed his conjectures. Actually, even his family was a bit skeptical about Shi Yuanbai’s involvement. What’s clear was, that Jiang Jingtong was the root of evil!

Unfortunately, Jiang Jingtong had covered his entanglement with his sister from others. No one knew aside from the party involved. There was really no way to accuse him directly. Everyone thought it was his sister who was deeply infatuated on her own. Besides, it’s just a matter of puppy love, others regarded it as no big deal. 

The Chen Family and the Jiang Family were in different fields of business. There wasn’t much room for the two parties to go against each other and relieved their grudge. At most, they could only retaliate in petty revenge.

The method Gu Siyuan taught him so far was really a brand-new way to retaliate against them. Even in the first step of the plan, Chen Xuyao had been impressed already.


At the birthday party.

Wu Siyuan finally saw the popular Idol Wen Yongliang at the banquet.

Different from the image of Little Milk Dogs[2]cute and obedient guy who seem harmless and loyalmost Idol usually had, Wen Yongliang took the path of the Sporty image. In the two years since his debut, he had appeared in two military-themed movies. Even if a lot of media referred to him as an Idol, in Wu Siyuan’s view, this guy actually could be regarded as a qualified and stable Actor.

Before coming to the banquet, he had studied the information about Wen Yongliang. He even went to watch his movies. His evaluation was, great acting! This guy deserved his popularity.

He didn’t know how exactly Shi Yuanbai established their first contact. According to the brief description in the original plot, apparently, they once played together when they were children.

The plot developed into that kind of scenario where such a short contact magically left a deep impression on one of the children, making him have an early love, unable to forget. When they meet in adulthood later, even though Wen Yongliang knew that Shi Yuanbai had Jiang Jingtong in his heart, he never stopped loving him. He dedicated himself to being an eternal spare tire who guarded the unreachable White Moonlight to death.

Just recalling his character setting had caused Wu Siyuan to have a headache.

‘Can such a person be successfully retrieved from the abyss of dedicated Spare Tires?’

He caressed his chin with a pensive look, musing about the timeline when Shi Yuanbai met with Wen Yongliang after they grew up. 

If it was before his senior year, then it meant right now Wen Yongliang had been in contact with him.


During the banquet, Wen Yongliang was one of the early guests.

He just took over a new movie directed by Director Guan Yi, that is Chen Xuyao’s Uncle. As the lead Actor, naturally, he had to keep his courtesy and attend the Director’s birthday celebration.

Director Guan Yi usually didn’t invite people from the Entertainment circle to celebrate his birthday. Wen Yongliang didn’t expect he could actually be given the opportunity to come today.

Coincidentally, Director Guan Yi’s quirk had impacted Wu Siyuan, who found his hope to forge relationships with people from Entertainment Industry to fly away. Apart from Wen Yongliang, only the Director himself came from the Entertainment circle. Other guests were either relatives and friends of Chen Xuyao’s Uncle, or his business partners. They all had nothing to do with the Entertainment Industry.

Fortunately, Chen Xuyao was really a good buddy. 

He brought Wu Siyuan, Gao Min, and Feng Jiazhen, and introduced them to his Uncle. He even took the initiative to help Wu Siyuan establish a contact.

“…Siyuan’s family engaged in the Cinema business. If Uncle wants to have a better theater resource, you can find him.”

Wu Siyuan didn’t waste the opportunity given, while for Chen Xuyao’s sake, Director Guan Yi also spare a moment of conversation with him.

Afterward, Guan Yi brought Wen Yongliang to meet them and began to introduce them as well,

Xiao Wen, there are not many young people here, most are all old men. There are only these young people. Why don’t you have a chat together? They were all A University’s students.”

Knowing they came from A University, Wen Yongliang’s eyes subtly lit up. He knew that one of them was Director Guan Yi’s nephew, but he didn’t seem to be familiar with Shi Yuanbai.

He turned his attention to Wu Siyuan, who had just chatted with Director Guan Yi. “Hello, I’m Wen Yongliang.”

After getting to know each other briefly, Wen Yongliang finally brought up Shi Yuanbai in their conversation.

Wu Siyuan smiled and responded with, “Shi Xuege, yes, I do know him. He came to see me a while ago.”

Wen Yongliang was surprised. “Isn’t he a senior?”

Wu Siyuan nodded. “He is. But he just found me to talk about the Super Topic.”

Super Topic?” Wen Yongliang parroted in confusion.

Afterward, it was finally Chen Xuyao’s turn to perform, bragging about the JiangShi CP.


The more Wen Yongliang listened to these 4 Junior’s words, the more disoriented he felt. It was a little difficult for him to accept the so-called facts.

Wu Siyuan, “…I have a lot of pictures that I haven’t posted yet. Unfortunately, Shi Xuege seems to be unwilling to let others know about his relationship with Jiang Xuege. He told me a while ago not to post them.”

“What relationship does he have with Jiang Jingtong?” Wen Yongliang blurted out in a hurry.

Then, Wu Siyuan kindly showed him the JiangShi moment taken on the day of the basketball match.

“Although we think they’re such a sweet couple, but Shi Xuege doesn’t admit it, of course, we can’t talk nonsense. However, Jiang Xuege never denies his close relationship with Shi Xuege!”  

Wen Yongliang’s heart was getting colder the more he heard how Shi Yuanbai and Jiang Jingtong interacted in the college. 

He once asked Shi Yuanbai about the relationship between him and Jiang Jingtong. Shi Yuanbai told him that Jiang Jingtong was the one who forcefully pursued him. He was unwilling, but Jiang Jingtong threaten him using his family background. He had nowhere to hide, and no one to confide in. He could only suffer the harassment by himself. He felt it was difficult for him to even breathe, and wished he could escape from here.

Shi Yuanbai had asked him for help to leave the country after his graduation. Hoping Jiang Jingtong would lose interest in him after he left for a few years.

But now listening to Chen Xuyao ​​and the others, things were completely different from what he knew.

The sweet smile Shi Yuanbai had in the photos and the trivial events that happened in the college were different from what Shi Yuanbai confessed to him.

It was even Jiang Jingtong who tried to please him in every corner.

Shi Yuanbai said that Jiang Jingtong used his family’s power to oppress him. He said Jiang Jingtong had threatened other people around him and used the money to send them away. He also said Jiang Jingtong had always looked down on him;

‘All of them are lies!’

According to this student named Gu Siyuan, even choosing a birthday gift for Shi Yuanbai was something Jiang Jingtong needed to carefully consider. Shi Yuanbai had also happily accepted the gift offered.

Every time Shi Yuanbai liked something, Jiang Jingtong would deliver it in the next second.

Oh wait, this Gu Siyuan also said that right now Jiang Jingtong had changed. He didn’t deliver it in the next second, but in 2 minutes later.

‘There’s hardly any difference, damn it!’

Seeing that Wen Yongliang had an expression as if the sky was falling, Chen Xuyao tacitly stopped talking. 

Wu Siyuan looked at his contemplative look and decides to give him the final strike. “Brother Wen, you just need to open JiangShi Super Topic. You will know how sweet they are!”

Wen Yongliang’s inner world was already raining heavily, as a result, Wu Siyuan’s last reminder successfully added lightning and thunder inside.

He smiled reluctantly. “I have something to do. Excuse me, I’ll go first.” 

Wen Yongliang didn’t see it, when he turned around, the four dormitory buddies raised their fingers in a Peace Sign: Hell yeah!

Wu Siyuan sighed. “It turned out Shi Yuanbai’s harem members don’t seem to be very good at palace fighting[3]They were easy to give up and admit defeat to the Protagonist Gong instead of fighting to get Shi Yuanbai’s love?”

“It’s normal. After all, there are not many people who can be deeply infatuated.” Chen Xuyao replied indifferently.


On Wu Siyuan’s side, the plan went smoothly, but on Shi Yuanbai’s side, the situation seemed to be bad.

Previously, in his investigation, there was this sophomore who seemed to keep getting closer with Jiang Jingtong recently. Shi Yuanbai went to find some paid thugs and let them teach that guy a lesson. 

Unexpectedly, after Jiang Jingtong found out about the incident, he actually went to visit the said guy, and accompany the bitch in recuperation whenever he had time.

Shi Yuanbai confronted him about it, but Jiang Jingtong dared to say that since the guy was hurt because of him, he must be responsible.

“…If I hadn’t asked him to wait for me that day, this kind of accident would not have happened.”

Shi Yuanbai almost vomited blood in anger. 

At first, he thought Jiang Jingtong knew it was him who paid the thugs to beat the crap out of that bitch, unexpectedly he gave such an excuse instead!

Seeing the sophomore take the opportunity to lean on Jiang Jingtong, Shi Yuanbai suddenly felt a little flustered.

Recently, his Potential Stocks seemed to run away from him one after another. If even Jiang Jingtong were to leave, then what should he do…



1 a joke to refer to the fans’ unscrupulous action
2 cute and obedient guy who seem harmless and loyal
3 They were easy to give up and admit defeat to the Protagonist Gong instead of fighting to get Shi Yuanbai’s love
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The Matchmaker Tool Is Uncooperative

The Matchmaker Tool Is Uncooperative

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Wu Siyuan is a tasker, bound to a self-proclaimed Cannon Fodder Supporting Actor System. His task is to be the Matchmaker Tool. They must promote and stimulate the romance development of the protagonists. The better he can promote the Protagonists romance, the better his reward would be! Wu Siyuan said, “Fine. I’ll be the Godly assist.”


Later, when the System looks at the dazzling F- at its Host’s task grade, then looking at the unrecognizable state of the CP’s romance, it finally realizes, “What kind of Godly assist have you offered?!”


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