MTIU Chapter 5

Cannon Fodder Stand In Lover - Dedicated Licking Dog is no good

‘Does he have no precaution or self-preservation?’

Looking at the new chat message, Wu Siyuan was a little bit astonished. He didn’t expect the bait he threw earlier was eaten quickly by the fish. What happened with the supposed protagonist’s IQ Halo?

He had already prepared 101 ways how to successfully fool Jiang Jingtong, so that he could give assistance to the protagonist Gong in the name of his Love Mentor. But as a result, he got hooked by the mere trailer he threw?

If only Wu Siyuan knew what Jiang Jingtong thought about hitting 2 birds with one stone, he would understand it’s not about IQ but Scumbag attributes.

On the other side, Jiang Jingtong had sent another new reply in a flash. 

[Alright, so what are your suggestions?]

Wu Siyuan didn’t immediately type his answer. He held his chin and recalled the original plot in his mind:

The reason why Shi Yuanbai finally accepted Jiang Jingtong’s marriage proposal after returning to the country actually had something to do with the original owner. He was jealous of Gu Siyuan who had become Jiang Jingtong’s other half and the acknowledged Madame Gu. Although Jiang Jingtong used the original owner as a stand-in, economically and legally he treated Gu Siyuan as his righteous spouse, as the other Master of the Jiang Family.

It was the status, power, and wealth a Madame Gu brought to Gu Siyuan that he was jealous about to be exact. Of course, it was what Shi Yuanbai thought. But in reality, the original owner was such a silly white bun[1]a naive and innocent personwho had never used his authority or wealth as Jiang Jingtong’s legal spouse. He had never made waves[2]participate or do anything eyecatching outside, and was a legit stay-at-home spouse, almost like Jiang Jingtong’s nanny instead.

If it were a true nanny so be it. After all, the monthly salary of a live-in nanny was quite impressive. But the original owner didn’t even get a penny. The sailor was addicted to the sea yet the wife at home still had the hope he would go back to the shore—Despite knowing Jiang Jingtong’s countless cheating, Gu Siyuan actually still held on to the hope that his husband would repent one day.

But how could it be so easy? Derailment was such an addictive thing. If there was a first time, there would be a second, third, and so on. Once someone was on board, there was no turning back. More importantly, the original owner was almost like a transparent person, aside from being a stand-in there was nothing interesting in him worth for the Scumbag to turn back.

If they were to talk about feelings, perhaps Jiang Jingtong did have a tiny affection left for the original owner. Otherwise, he would directly bring his lovers to his family openly. At least, Jiang Jingtong still retained a face for Gu Siyuan as the legal spouse. There was no disturbance in their marriage. Everyone helped maintained a harmonious state on the surface, that’s until Shi Yuanbai came back to the country.

In this case, Wu Siyuan felt he could start his Emotional Counselor career from this aspect.

[Since the state of your relationship is a bit complicated, I need to know a few things about you two.]

Receiving Wu Siyuan’s reply, a smile unfurled on Jiang Jingtong’s face. 

He thought this Gu Siyuan really wanted to match him and Shi Yuanbai, but he didn’t expect things to turn out this way.

Sure enough, how could there be someone who is truly unaffected by the charm of a man as excellent as him?

Initially, his estimation for this Gu Siyuan was for him to require a little effort to capture, but it turned out the guy was just the same as anyone.

[That’s fine by me. You can ask anything, I will definitely answer them all.]

Seeing Jiang Jingtong readily cooperated with his rhythm, Wu Siyuan was not polite and proceeded step by step according to his plan.

[In your interaction with Shi Xuege, have you always complied with his wish?]

Jiang Jingtong smiled contemptuously. But he still pressed his fingers on his phone screen to type a reply.

[Naturally. How can I neglect anything when it comes to my beloved?]

What Jiang Jingtong didn’t say was, ‘Well, are you feeling envious now? Thinking you want to receive such care instead?’

On the other side, Wu Siyuan;

‘My beloved?’

He stared at the 2 words blankly. He wondered if the Progatonist Gong had something wrong with his brain. It was just now that Jiang Jingtong attempted to flirt with him, but in another second, he actually had the face to blatantly call another guy His Beloved.

‘Does this mentally ill Jiang Jingtong really understand the meaning of the words, or not?’

In spite of his personal emotions, Wu Siyuan continued to reply. This was work. He must be professional.

[Jiang Xuege, I’m afraid you have to change your attitude. Have you heard about a certain saying?]

What kind of saying he hadn’t heard before and needed to be so mysterious about? Jiang Jingtong was too lazy to cater to Wu Siyuan’s endeavor. He was confident the other party would soon tell him to continue the conversation. 

Contrary to his expectation, Wu Siyuan, however, after seeing no reply from Jiang Jingtong, stopped paying attention to the chat. Throwing the phone into the drawer, he continued to listen to the lecture seriously.

Fortunately for him, the Professor who originally had noticed his unfocused state, decided to discard the idea to criticize him once he saw Wu Siyuan regained his serious mode in listening to his class.

‘It’s alright, for one to know the mistake and immediately correct it!’

Therefore, the abandoned Jiang Jingtong could only furiously wait for Gu Siyuan’s non-existent next chat.


Jiang Jingtong guessed Gu Siyuan would rush over to find him after class. This kind of scheme, what was it called again, Retreating in order to advance? Too bad for that guy, he had seen a lot of people use this strategy to seduce him before. 

Thanks to Gu Siyuan having an attractive appearance, thus, Jiang Jingtong was willing to indulge and enter his supposed trick. 

After the bell rang, he didn’t go out and sat in the classroom, waiting and simulating a response he would give to Gu Siyuan later.

As a result, he waited for a long time, but no one came.

He had no choice but to sullenly go by himself. Assuming Gu Siyuan might be flustered, not knowing which classroom he was in today, he would graciously let him go this time.

When he arrived at the classroom Gu Siyuan was in earlier, he was welcomed with an empty and silent room. The residual temperature of the Air Conditioner was the only thing that indicated a class was being held here before.

Jiang Jingtong, “…”

He sucked a deep breath, turned his heels, and left. 

‘Damn it!’


What’s even more infuriating was that, because Chen Xuyao forgot to pack one of his pens, he went back to get it, and happened to meet Jiang Jingtong loitering in front of their classroom.

Of course, he would not give him a good face and questioned him coldly, “Why are you here?” 

They had a bad relationship in the first place, so Jiang Jingtong ignored his offensive questioning and left without paying him any attention.

Chen Xuyao suddenly had a strange smile on his face. He went back to the dormitory and immediately told his buddies a good joke.

“Siyuan, I suspect he was there to find you.”

Wu Siyuan looked at his phone, Jiang Jingtong hadn’t replied to his message yet. There was no reason for him to go to his class instead, right?

So he denied the possibility, “That shouldn’t be the case.”

Chen Xuyao shrugged. “Okay, never mind about him. It’s not a good thing to be involved with that guy anyway.”

Nodding in agreement, Wu Siyuan added, “Actually, we don’t have to be so vigilant of him. I think he might have lost some screw in his brain.”

“You think so but you’re still his CP fan?” Gao Min was perplexed.

Wu Siyuan raised his index finger and shook it. “Tsk, tsk, you don’t understand it. I just want two Scumbags to end up with each other instead.”

“Well said!” Chen Xuyao walked over and hooked his shoulder. “In this case, since we see eye to eye,  that means from today onwards, I am also a CP fan of the two of them!”

Seeing his enthusiastic response, Wu Siyuan wondered if Chen Xuyao, who had never appeared in any part of the protagonists’ love and career plot,  was also a behind-the-scene victim in fact?

Thenceforth, JiangShi CP inexplicably received a new batch of CP fans, in the form of the other 3 roommates.

Gao Min and Feng Jiafeng vaguely knew the reason  why Chen Xuyao hated Jiang Jingtong so much. What surprised them was Gu Siyuan actually, who seemed to have nothing to do with Jiang Jingtong. It was a wonder why he held such extreme dislike. Could it be, since Jiang Jingtong turned out to be different from the fans’ fantasy, he was hit hard, love turned to hate thereby?

Meanwhile, Chen Xuyao who was eager to participate in the plan started to ask about the current progress. “How do you plan to match them?”

To be honest, Wu Siyuan had no definite idea yet. He took out a book with the title Psychology and another book with a glaring title Methods of Pursuit of Love.  “At present, I need to study these two books carefully. I could use them to teach Jiang Jingtong how to better pursue Shi Yuanbai.”

He clenched his fist. “With Jiang Jingtong’s flimsy method, it is impossible for him to defeat The Sea King[3]Chinese slang for Player, that is what Shi Yuanbai waseven in his next life. So, we must gather everyone’s wisdom and help them quickly tie the knot!”

Gao Min curiously asked. “Then, what’s the benefit to you when they finally get together?”

Wu Siyuan, “Why of course, there’ll be much harvest. First, Jiang Jingtong won’t bother me again, and most importantly, it will eliminate the harm Scumbags may cause to society.”

What Wu Siyuan said concurred with what Chen Xuyao wished. He couldn’t stop nodding in agreement. “Yes! Absolutely right!”

Looking at this guy, Wu Siyuan itched to just ask what had happened to him, really? Jiang Jingtong and Chen Xuyao were not of the same age. Even if they both came from wealthy families, different generations meant they were unlikely to be in the same group of friends, and should have less involvement, right?

However, since Chen Xuyao didn’t intend to tell anything, Wu Siyuan decided not to ask either. Anyway, it’s always a good thing to have more allies. More people meant more power. He didn’t have to think and do everything by himself anymore.


Previously, Gu Yingzhuo had repeatedly reconfirmed whether his son was really interested in the company. After he was sure of Wu Siyuan’s serious intention, he began to occasionally send some company problems to Wu Siyuan for him to try solving.

Wu Siyuan would also ask some things about the stock market to his cheaply acquired Dad. Soon, the relationship between father and son was getting closer. 

On another note, it was Jiang Jingtong who finally couldn’t hold on to pretending anymore.

He sent a message to Wu Siyuan to ask what did he mean in his last chat.

[What is the saying you’re talking about? Why do you have to stop halfway?]

Wu Siyuan picked up his phone and sent his reply patiently.

[Oh. I thought Jiang Xuege wasn’t interested in knowing!]

Seeing this kind of reply, Jiang Jingtong narrowed his eyes dangerously.

[Was it just a joke?]

[How could it be? It’s just that, since Jiang Xuege didn’t seem to be interested, why should I keep telling you and bother your time?]

Wu Siyuan’s reply came quickly. He made it like everything he did was due to his consideration of Jiang Jingtong.

The person targeted was also successfully fooled. He thought it must be the case. That Gu Siyuan wouldn’t have the guts to say nonsense to him.

So he hurriedly asked Wu Siyuan, urging him to say the second half of the sentence. To which, the reply he got was,

[The saying I talked about earlier was, of course, Licking Dog[4]Bootlicker will have no good end!]

[Did you just scold me again? Dare to say I’m a Dog?]

Wu Siyuan, “…”

Oh. Although he didn’t originally mean to say it that way, he didn’t expect Jiang Jingtong to be so easily provoked.

[That’s not what I mean. I’m talking about your attitude. I just want you to understand that being too attentive can be counterproductive.]

Jiang Jingtong inadvertently contemplated his current state.

Between him and Shi Yuanbai, he had always been the active party. On many occasions, whenever Shi Yuanbai just glanced a moment longer, he’d definitely try to understand what he wanted and immediately presented the things accordingly. In the case when he heard Shi Yuanbai say that he liked something or was a little interested in anything, he’d ask someone to buy it for Shi Yuanbai in no time.

Jiang Jingtong was bewildered. Could it be that Shi Yuanbai dislike those things? Impossible! Every time Shi Yuanbai got something from him, he would smile happily.

[What’s the problem with giving a loved one something he likes?]

[There is no problem. However, there must be a proper strategy.]

Jiang Jingtong sneered. In the final analysis, it was just this Junior being jealous and wanting him to stop giving Yuanbai gifts.

He replied coldly to Wu Siyuan.

[Alright. I know what I’m doing.]

Wu Siyuan shrugged after seeing this message. As expected of a Scumbag who had a lot of money. He was very sure that Jiang Jingtong definitely didn’t know what he was doing!

Forget it, leave him alone. This guy really had no clue that he was wasting so much effort.


For the next month, Wu Siyuan was busy with his own affairs.

His father kept sending him some small problems of the company for him to deal with. In respond, Wu Siyuan also gradually understood how the Gu Family’s company operated in general.

In the midst of his busy schedule, he still didn’t forget to brush his presence and promoted JiangShi Love every day in the Super Topic. He would unfailingly draw a lottery in his post every week.

Chen Xuyao ​​soon followed Wu Siyuan’s footsteps and marched into this Super Topic together. Learning from Wu Siyuan, he also used the lottery method to quickly improve his new Weibo side account level.

As a result, when Shi Yuanbai opened this Super Topic again, he found two Local Tyrant[5]slang for rich dudesaccounts who regularly drew lottery prizes, while demanding everyone to wish that he and Jiang Jingtong would be together soon.

Shi Yuanbai, “…”

He was neither an Idol nor a Superstar, but Shi Yuanbai for the first time felt the horror of fanatical fans.

Contrary to those CP fans’ wishes, actually, he felt that Jiang Jingtong’s attitude was weird recently. In the past, as long as he gave a hint, Jiang Jingtong would give him what he wanted. These days, however, the gift would indeed be given, but there was a slight delay in between.

For him to suddenly change his attitude, just what had happened? 

Was it because of Gu Siyuan?

Shi Yuanbai immediately waved off this thought. With Gu Siyuan’s brain-dead behavior, his action when meeting Jiang Jingtong was probably similar to when seeing him. The first sentence he said would definitely ask Jiang Jingtong; When are you going to be with Shi Xuege?

Shi Yuanbai felt that he understood Gu Siyuan very well.

And he did hit the jackpot with his guess.



1 a naive and innocent person
2 participate or do anything eyecatching
3 Chinese slang for Player, that is what Shi Yuanbai was
4 Bootlicker
5 slang for rich dudes
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The Matchmaker Tool Is Uncooperative

The Matchmaker Tool Is Uncooperative

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Wu Siyuan is a tasker, bound to a self-proclaimed Cannon Fodder Supporting Actor System. His task is to be the Matchmaker Tool. They must promote and stimulate the romance development of the protagonists. The better he can promote the Protagonists romance, the better his reward would be! Wu Siyuan said, “Fine. I’ll be the Godly assist.”


Later, when the System looks at the dazzling F- at its Host’s task grade, then looking at the unrecognizable state of the CP’s romance, it finally realizes, “What kind of Godly assist have you offered?!”


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