MTIU Chapter 35

Cannon Fodder Master - Has the Master Died...?

Gu Feiyu was confident, thinking that Zhu Siyuan would definitely go with him to the meeting for the Sects’ assembly the next day. It’s not a problem even if he couldn’t meet him tonight, he’d just tell him about You Yushu the next morning.

Contrary to his expectation, Zhu Siyuan was picked up by Xi Zimo early on the day of the meeting.

When Gu Feiyu knew about it, he sneered.

‘Heh. No matter how much Sect Leader tries to guard against me, in the end, won’t all the things he offers for his Shishu belong to me? As long as I beckon him over, that Zhu Siyuan will trot obediently to me.’

He was sure that what made Zhu Siyuan angry this time must be the group of Junior Brothers making a racket in the cave entrance yesterday. But, this kind of displeasure should also pass in 2 or 3 days at most.


Wu Siyuan stood next to Xi Zimo, facing the disciples of their YuQing Sect. As a Sect Leader, Xi Zimo was currently giving his instruction to the disciples regarding the upcoming Conference.

After Xi Zimo finished his speech, Gu Feiyu in the audience immediately threw an eager look in Wu Siyuan’s direction.

Wu Siyuan noticed his heated stare, and he knew that Gu Feiyu was feeling impatient. The Protagonist Gong currently must have been thinking about how he’d directly come to him after the meeting ended later, informing him about the admittance of the Protagonist Shou.

But Wu Siyuan thought this occasion was rather suitable, so he directly called him out;

“Feiyu, do you have something you want to say?”

Since the Protagonist Gong looked like he couldn’t wait to speak his mind, then just let him say his piece in the full view of everyone, no need to wait for later, right?

Apparently, Gu Feiyu himself agreed with Wu Siyuan’s choice. In his opinion, right now was also a good opportunity. In front of these many spectators, as a Master, Zhu Siyuan would not refuse and embarrass his own Head Disciple.

Little did Gu Feiyu know that the one he was confronting right now was no longer the affectionate Zhu Siyuan, but Wu Siyuan who dedicated himself to playing the wilful Little Overlord Zhu Siyuan to the utmost!

He was the big Baby of YuQing Sect. The last person who should be asked about propriety, and the number one person who embodied spoiled and uninhibited individual.

No matter what this Little Overlord did, so long as he didn’t commit murder or kill himself, someone behind him would smooth things over for him. Someone else would be ready to clean up the troubles he brews.

If it’s just a matter of unwillingness to give any face to his own apprentice, could that even be called a problem at all?

The Protagonist Gong wanted to use the circumstance to pressure him into acquiescing to his whims—

‘Oh, Boy, do you know who are you against?’

Wu Siyuan, was someone who had earnestly completed the task assigned by the System. In the full 2 worlds he lived in prior, he had diligently worked for the goodness of the protagonist.

Wu Siyuan’s whole purpose was to prevent the Protagonists from encountering any detour or obstacle in their beautiful romance!

So, what exactly were those detours and obstacles? Well, for example, Zhu Siyuan here originally existed to set conflicts within their romance.

According to the original plot, if the original owner hadn’t always been trying to intervene in the relationship between the Protagonist Gong and Shou, they wouldn’t have suffered so much.

Naturally, as a conscientious Tasker, Wu Siyuan wouldn’t do anything to harm the protagonists of the world. On the contrary, per his mission given, Wu Siyuan would help to accelerate their relationship as fast as possible. Let the Protagonist Gong and Shou fell deeply in love as soon as possible!

Therefore, the first thing he ought to do was to erase himself from the equation within the protagonists’ life. Stay away from their affair as far as possible! And let them warm their deep love with peace of mind without Zhu Siyuan getting in the way.

—One Master and one apprentice had their own thoughts.

And as expected of the Protagonist Gong, he did live up to everyone’s expectations. Gu Feiyu who had been given the chance didn’t waste the opportunity and quickly explained the important situation:

Shifu, before, when Shifu was still in seclusion, I found someone who is well-suited to be admitted under your teaching, Shifu. Therefore, in order not to bother Shifu’s cultivation, I have helped Shifu to accept him as a disciple.”

Wu Siyuan was expressionless as he replied, “This new apprentice, tell me, was it you who’d like to accept him as a disciple, or did you accept him as a disciple on behalf of your Shifu?”

Gu Feiyu didn’t expect Zhu Siyuan to throw such a question instead.

He was silent for a while before answering, “It is a disciple I accept under your name, Shifu.”

Gu Feiyu’s answer instantly drew a slight commotion among the disciples. The disciples around him were frowning as they heard his words, and the others also realized how strange those words sounded.

It was because no matter how much Gu Feiyu was favored by Zhu Siyuan, what he did was inappropriate.

As expected, Wu Siyuan in front of them suddenly shouted in displeasure;

“Unfilial disciple! Did you regard your Master as the dead or what?! So long as a Master is still alive, no one can replace him to accept any apprentice on his behalf!”

With Wu Siyuan’s unabated castigation, Gu Feiyu was left standing on the spot, completely humiliated.

Even then, Gu Feiyu didn’t feel any fear in the least facing his Shifu’s berate publicly like this. He knew that Zhu Siyuan would likely disagree at first.

He had guessed it, thinking that Zhu Siyuan should probably know the relationship between him and You Yushu, hence he wouldn’t easily agree to take You Yushu in.

Adjusting his previous attitude, this time Gu Feiyu spoke carefully;

“This disciple knows he is wrong, Shifu. However, You-Shidi is really pitiful. He has lived such a miserable life all this time. His Father doesn’t love him, and his Mother doesn’t care about him. Most importantly, he is a cheerful and optimistic person, I think Shifu would love to enjoy his company.”

“—Shifu was still in secluded cultivation before, this disciple didn’t know when would Shifu come out, so he braced himself to accept a disciple on your behalf, Shifu.”

During these few years, there’s actually a rumor spreading quietly among YuQing Sect’s disciples that Zhu Siyuan wasn’t exactly a respectable Master. It was said, that he had been demanding his own disciples to offer him treasures under the pretext of filial piety.

Now, that Gu Feiyu deliberately describe how pitiful and miserable You Yushu’s life was, he could use it as Moral Kidnapping.[1]A CN term—meaning “to use moral value to threaten/force/give pressure to others so that they will do the thing you ask them to do

Look, someone was so miserable, why are you so ruthless and refuse to accept him as a disciple?

Gu Feiyu wanted to use this circumstance to achieve his goal and by the way, worsening Zhu Siyuan’s reputation even more.

Wu Siyuan snorted coldly.

“Hmph! Immoral disciple! Let’s set aside the matter of whether you have disrespected your Master or not. Since you seem to be fond of accepting disciples so much, then I shall grant your wish and expel you from being my disciple. From now on, you may form your own Sect, and recruit your own disciples. Those disciples who were recommended by you can worship you as a Master instead. I will not take your hard work in selecting those excellent disciples. In any case, they are all recruited by you, so let them follow you as your disciples.”

The people present were stumped in silence with this sudden mass expulsion.

Wu Siyuan felt the atmosphere was just right. He nodded with satisfaction.

Glancing at the rows of his so-called disciples, Wu Siyuan righteously spoke;

“We have been Master and Disciples for 10 years. You have used a lot of treasures and resources of mine. As your former Master, however, I will be magnanimous and won’t force you to give back what you’ve taken and used.”

Afterward, wearing a disdainful look on his face, he also added;

“Besides, I have never liked second-handed goods. For those of you who used to worship me as a Master, just take those treasures as some gift.”

The other spectators were still left speechless.

They were caught off guard by this unanticipated outcome.

Just how did things progress to this point all of a sudden, anyway?

Gu Feiyu himself had never expected this either. His mouth opened as he uttered in disbelief, “Shifu…”

Wu Siyuan, on the other hand, looked at him as if he was looking at something revolting.

Benzuo[2]Benzuo: This Lord—a Martial self-reference for those in an important position. Similar to Emperor referring to himself as Zhen is no longer your Shifu. You are already a Shifu yourself right now, please do remind your disciples that they are no longer my disciples, and should also start calling you Shifu from now on.”

After finishing his words, Wu Siyuan took out a Qiankun[3]Qiankun: Dimensional storagebag, and threw out pieces of —— to put it nicely they were miscellaneous things, and to put it bluntly…these were simply garbage.

But Wu SIyuan later said referring to these garbages, “Oh, these are your spiritual treasures you have painstakingly gathered for 10 years, that you’ve previously offered as a form of filial piety to Benzuo. Naturally, Benzuo will not hoard them. You may take them back and use them yourself.”

The other disciples from YuQing Sect immediately craned their necks, trying to see clearly what those treasures were.

Gu Feiyu had always been at the forefront among the disciples in YuQing Sect. It was inevitable. After all, his luck was good. His Master not only favored him but also owned the best resources among the Elders in the Sect. Despite the refined character he built, Gu Feiyu would still inadvertently show off the necessities provided to him—from spiritual foods, clothing, and other accessories. All of the other disciples had always been envious of his luxurious life.

However, when those disciples once went on the same outing, exploring some Hidden Realm[4]Hidden/Secret Realm: a small world or a huge hidden space in Cultivation setting, that usually are left by Ancient BigShots. They usually are filled with both Monsters and Treasures., Gu Feiyu and his other Junior Brothers who were brought along with him kept telling the other disciples from the same sect that Zhu Siyuan had been treating them harshly. He was exploiting his status as their Master and forcing them to search for precious spiritual treasures and gave them to him as offering.

That being said…

—This miscellaneous stuff was…

—The so-called precious treasure…apparently?

Even a conman wouldn’t be so shameless to call them treasures, right??

This kind of trinket that nobody would pick up even if they were lying on the side of the road, which part of it could be called as precious?!

In just an instant, the way everyone looked at Gu Feiyu had changed.

The person who was the most furious of them all was Xi Zimo.

‘My little Shishu has always gotten the best thing even for the material for his snacks! When has he ever been treated this poorly by anyone?!’

Now Xi Zimo was even more convinced that this group of so-called disciples under Zhu Siyuan were truly a bunch of Beasts. He didn’t like Gu Feiyu at first glance, but it turned out he was really the embodiment of a White-eyed Wolf.

Just how brazen was Gu Feiyu to dare accept a disciple without his Shifu’s acknowledgment?

Respect your Teacher, they who have guided you to the Way —— Did all those studies about etiquette, courtesy, and conduct were all for naught?

Gu Feiyu was just a Cultivator in the Foundation Building period. But this no-name character was able to act unscrupulously by relying on his Shishu’s favor. Really, what a disgrace!

He relied on his Shishu’s status, but dared to be impudent.

Accepting a Disciple on behalf of one’s Master could be done…only when the said Master had passed away!

‘Does he regard my Shishu as a dead man? Presumptuous! What an insolent conduct!’

The more Xi Zimo digested the newly exposed facts, the angrier he became.


As for Gu Feiyu;

Right now his face went pale for a second and his expression turned dark for another second.

Never had he thought Zhu Siyuan would react like this. Neither did he ever expect him to take out the stuff he gave all these years in public.

Of course, Gu Feiyu wasn’t stupid. He knew from the very beginning that the stuff he offered to Zhu Siyuan was garbage compared to his own spiritual treasures. However, Zhu Siyuan had never cared about them before. What he appreciated was the thought of Gu Feiyu giving him gifts, not the value of the supposed gifts.

But, why did Zhu SIyuan suddenly care about their value today?!

Wu Siyuan, on the other hand, continued to speak, still with a cold tone:

“That’s right. I heard a lot of YuQing Sect disciples saying that I have treated the disciples under my seat harshly. Allegedly, they have been under oppression for a long time. They said, I have forced my own disciples to work hard but take all of the resources they have earned into my own hand. Why, it sounds like I really am pathetic — for me to rob others of these miscellaneous things.”

He glanced in the direction of Gu Feiyu’s Junior Brothers. “… this stuff was offered by Gu Feiyu, so Benzuo will return them back to him. As for you all, since you never offered anything, there’s also nothing Benzuo needs to return to you.”

Everyone had already been eyeing Gu Feiyu with a weird gaze, but now that Wu Siyuan said even more unbelievable things, the way the looked at Gu Feiyu and the several lackeys around him became even more marvelous.

Xi Zimo was still the most infuriated of them all, however.

He thought, if these past 10 years everything transpired like what his Shishu had just said, then wouldn’t that mean his Shishu had been living a miserable life under his nose? Even his own apprentice dared to spread rumors and worsen their Master’s reputation.

Looking at what happened today, what else did Xi Zimo fail to understand? That Gu Feiyu must have done them all on purpose!

On one hand, he used various valuable things that his Shishu had given him, on the other hand, he was spreading rumors that his Shifu was treating his own disciples badly.  As if that wasn’t enough, he still regarded his Shifu as a dead man, by daring to accept an apprentice without a Master’s consent.

Don’t think that everyone is clueless. They knew that You Yushu who was mentioned earlier was Gu Feiyu’s nominal fiance. Deliberately describing his life to be miserable and pitiful, wasn’t that just forcing his Little Shishu to treat him well? He must have brought his own fiance here intending to gnaw on his Shishu’s wealth and resources together.

Xi Zimo once heard from Zhu Siyuan that the other disciples under him were all recommended by Gu Feiyu. But looking at them now, they were simply a group of White-eyed Wolves raised by Gu Feiyu himself. Gnawing on their Master’s wealth, but spreading rumors about him behind.

Perhaps the blunder this time was because his Shishu entered seclusion unexpectedly for rather a long time. Gu Feiyu couldn’t wait any longer, and finally decided to accept You Yushu into the Sect without the usual route of recommending first to his Master.

Gu Feiyu said he took You Yushu as a disciple on behalf of his Master because he thought his Master would like You Yushu’s company. But in reality, it should be Gu Feiyu himself who’d love to enjoy You Yushu’s presence, right?

‘Just because my Shishu has been pampering him all these years, he has no scruples about treating his Master as if he was dead. What a filial disciple! Now that Shishu has expelled him from the Sect instead, let’s see what can he do.’

The Cultivation World wasn’t short of mind-blowing things. There were various people with their various quirks in the world of Cultivation. Xi ZImo had seen and met all kinds of people, but he had never seen such a disciple as Gu Feiyu!


Gu Feiyu had been brought to the limelight, and all of his dirty laundries was laid bare publicly just like that. Aside from staring at Zhu Siyuan with a humiliated and resentful look, he was unable to conjure a proper reaction to this sudden revelation.

How dare you! How dare you treat me like this! Didn’t you say you will always trust me with all your heart?!’

‘…Just what the hell is wrong?’

Gu Feiyu couldn’t figure it out.

He even wondered if the so-called enlightenment Zhu Siyuan said he had gained during his seclusion this time, was actually true. Could it be, he truly become smarter after gaining some insight?

But Gu Feiyu also thought that it should be impossible. With just Zhu Siyuan’s brain capacity, no matter how much insight he gained, he couldn’t become smart and even learn to retaliate in a flash.

‘Someone else must have guided him from behind!’

Gu Feiyu averted his gaze toward Xi Zimo, the one he suspected the most, this time with a look filled with hatred. Though, that said, he could only stare hatefully at him, but didn’t dare to say anything to the Leader of YuQing Sect.

Wu Siyuan in front still hadn’t finished what he wanted to talk about, however.

He continued to make a statement, “Alright. By now, you all must have figured things out already. Let me announce it once again; Gu Feiyu, you may take those apprentices you have recommended to me as your own. You go and take them to Sunset Peak. As my last goodwill, Benzuo will grant you a whole mountain for you to reside in. From today onwards, you may live there with your disciples.”

This time, Gu Feiyu couldn’t hold back his rage anymore. He spat out a mouthful of blood due to the extreme stimulation.

Wu Siyuan didn’t spare him any glance. He turned his eyes away, too lazy to give them any more attention.

“—That’s it. Tomorrow, I need my Lefeng Peak to be free of unrelated people. So, you have to move out, all within today.”

After finishing what he had to say today, Wu Siyuan went back to standing in leisure, putting his hands behind his back, and gave a signal to Xi Zimo to take care of the rest by the way.

XI Zimo, “…”

He was exasperated. His Shishu was way too willful, isn’t he? Even if Xi Zimo admitted that he’s very satisfied with today’s show, but in the end, it was him who needed to face others and offend them later when taking care of the aftermath.

Oh, well, forget it. It wasn’t like this was the first time anyway. If his Master ever found out he didn’t take good care of this Little Shishu of his, his Master might become angry that he’d descend from the Immortal Realm just to beat him up.




It wasn’t just Xi Zimo who had had his fill of entertainment today. The other disciples of the YuQing Sect were also enjoying the unexpected showdown.

After watching the situation from start to finish, they began to talk in some small groups, gossiping about what had just happened.

Judging from Gu Feiyu who was unable to refute, and looking at his expression, they concluded that what Zhu Siyuan had conveyed must have been true. Otherwise, anyone would definitely strongly repudiate such an accusation, not to mention, Gu Feiyu. If even a portion of it was untrue, that guy must have cried out miserably for the injustice.

There were not a few disciples who were creative enough to record what happened today on their Recording Stone. That was obvious. Such exciting gossip shouldn’t be enjoyed alone — they must share this with their own relatives and friends outside the sect!

For some time, the biggest joke shared among people in the Cultivation world had unanimously become one person, Gu Feiyu.

Surprisingly, YuQing Sect had raised such a high-level White-eyed Wolf.

His own Master was still alive and kicking, but the disciple dared to accept a new apprentice on his behalf without any consent.

Not only had he disrespected his Master, but he had also immorally slandered his own Master for many years.  Hence, his Master, Zhu Siyuan, decided to expel him from the Sect.

Zhu Siyuan didn’t pursue Gu Feiyu any further, but other people who felt they were the messenger of justice thought that he was too lenient. How could such a grave misdeed be punished so lightly? Not only did the expulsion seem too simple, but Zhu Siyuan even prepared a Peak for his former disciples to reside from then on.

Others were lamenting;

Hey…even if that Zhu Siyuan has been spoiled too much and has always been acting as he pleases, in the end, he is still too kind-hearted…’

On the contrary, Xi Zimo who’s Zhu Siyuan’s Shizhi, was rather bad at dealing with things, isn’t he? As a Sect Leader of YuQing Sect, why didn’t he kick those White-eyed Wolves from his Sect ground sooner?



1 A CN term—meaning “to use moral value to threaten/force/give pressure to others so that they will do the thing you ask them to do
2 Benzuo: This Lord—a Martial self-reference for those in an important position. Similar to Emperor referring to himself as Zhen
3 Qiankun: Dimensional storage
4 Hidden/Secret Realm: a small world or a huge hidden space in Cultivation setting, that usually are left by Ancient BigShots. They usually are filled with both Monsters and Treasures.
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The Matchmaker Tool Is Uncooperative

The Matchmaker Tool Is Uncooperative

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Wu Siyuan is a tasker, bound to a self-proclaimed Cannon Fodder Supporting Actor System. His task is to be the Matchmaker Tool. They must promote and stimulate the romance development of the protagonists. The better he can promote the Protagonists romance, the better his reward would be! Wu Siyuan said, “Fine. I’ll be the Godly assist.”


Later, when the System looks at the dazzling F- at its Host’s task grade, then looking at the unrecognizable state of the CP’s romance, it finally realizes, “What kind of Godly assist have you offered?!”


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