MTIU Chapter 34

The next time Wu Siyuan opened his eyes, he found himself currently inside a cave. His whole body felt sore all over. To put matters worse, there’s a lot of noise from outside the cave.

Fortunately, the System’s work efficiency was good. It immediately passed him both the memory of the original owner and the original plot of this world.


The 3rd world Wu Siyuan traveled this time was a cultivation world where Cultivators and immortality exist.

The Original Owner in this world was a Golden Core cultivator. He managed to reach his current height mostly relying on external help. Various pills and treasures were dumped by his Shixiongs[1]Shixiong: Senior Brother/Older Male Martial Siblingand Shijies[2]Shijie: Senior Sisters/Older Female Martial sibling to help him form his Golden Core.

The reason why his Shixiongs and Shijies could support him that easily was because they were far older. When the Original Owner was admitted as the disciple under their Master, the other Shixiongs and Shijies were already thousands of years ahead of him in the journey of cultivation.

Not long after his admission, their Master successfully ascended[3]Ascension: Promotion from a Cultivator to a real Immortal, thereby changing world to live in the Immortal Realm after. From then on, the original owner was raised by his Shixiongs and Shijies.

In name, the original owner was their youngest Shidi[4]Shidi: Junior Brother/Younger Male Martial Sibling, but in reality, the other Shixiongs and Shijies brought him up like their own son and pampered him like their own baby. In this way, the original owner had been taken good care of in the sect for so many years.

However, since they were much older, eventually those Shixiongs and Shijies one by one ascended to the Immortal Realm. Even the youngest of his Shixiong also successfully ascended to immortality, leaving the original owner in the world of cultivation.

Even if all of his Shixiongs and Shijies were no longer there, however, the original owner was not left abandoned. His well-being was entrusted over to the current Sect Leader, who was the apprentice of the original owner’s youngest Shixiong.

The original owner was indeed way too young in his generation, that even the Sect Leader, his Shizhi[5]Shizhi: Martial Nephew—the disciple of one’s martial siblings, was actually older than him. If before, his Shixiongs and Shijies raised him as their own son, then the current Sect Leader raised the original owner like his own younger brother.

It was common knowledge in their Sect that everything must be first offered to this Little Overlord, only then could be divided among others.

The original owner was called Zhu Siyuan. He was a Musical Cultivator[6]Using Music Instruments and songs/pieces as their means.

To tell the truth, he was neither terribly powerful as a Cultivator, nor was he terrifyingly fierce as a person. However, everyone was most afraid to have anything to do with him. The real problem wasn’t the individual, but because if they ever hurt this Zhu Siyuan, then the whole Sect behind him would retaliate like a mad dog.

As the Little Overlord in his Sect, Zhu Siyuan also admitted an apprentice under his name 10 years ago. Anyway, even his Shizhis had their own apprentices, so why not take one as well?

The one Zhu Siyuan accepted as his apprentice was the Protagonist Gong of this world, Gu Feiyu.

When he got accepted to the Sect, Gu Feiyu was already 15 years old. It was because of his outstanding look that made Zhu Siyuan noticed him and decided to take him as his first apprentice.

Gu Feiyu himself was not only good-looking but also had a sweet mouth. He’s really good at coaxing others. Zhu Siyuan later was thoroughly manipulated by him to the point of being unable to decide things by himself. Most of his spiritual treasures, spirit stones, and all kinds of divine artifacts, all of the good things that were given to him by his Shixiongs, Shijies, and Shizhi — were given to Gu Feiyu instead.

As Gu Feiyu grew up, the feelings Zhu Siyuan had for him also gradually changed, from the original Master and Apprentice into a romantic affection.

Gu Feiyu was well aware of it. He knew about his Master’s feelings and took advantage of them to cheat more valuable things out of him. Not only did he deceive Zhu Siyuan for his treasures, but he also took advantage of his affection by making Zhu Siyuan accept more apprentices who were all brought and recommended by him.

As expected, Zhu Siyuan indulged all of his whims. Whatever Gu Feiyu desired, Zhu Siyuan would grant his wish. Therefore, accepting this bunch of new apprentices to the Sect was not a big deal.

That was how a new horde of apprentices who helped strip Zhu Siyuan’s treasures and wealth were added in.


After receiving the original owner’s memory until this point of his arrival, the corner of Wu Siyuan’s lip rose in a mocking smile.

‘Really, a bunch of blood-sucking vermins!’

Right now, Zhu Siyuan was supposedly trying to break through from the Golden Core stage to the next Nascent Soul stage[7]In a classic Cultivation setting the stages usually are like this: Qi Refining Foundation Building Golden Core Nascent Soul Spirit Formation Spirit Transformation Void Refining Transcending … Continue reading. The noise at the cave entrance came from the other Sect members who came after knowing the news.

Zhu Siyuan didn’t have sufficient strength or thorough preparation yet. In the original plot, he failed to break through the stage and was seriously injured instead.

However, this wasn’t important. The thing was, after Zhu Siyuan went out of his cave after failing to advance his cultivation, he found out that his dearest apprentice, the guy who had coaxed almost all his wealth bare — actually dared to accept a new apprentice while he was in seclusion. Worst of it, the illegally admitted apprentice was Gu Feiyu’s nominal fiance.

All this while, Gu Feiyu kept telling him that the one he loved was Zhu Siyuan, so how dare he!

Getting both physical and psychological blows obviously worsened Zhu Siyuan’s injuries.

After this point in time, this and that happened, countless framing and face-slapping from the nominal fiance to Zhu Siyuan also happened — ultimately, Gu Feiyu righteously condemned his Master who, allegedly, had violated both the Sect’s ethics and morality — in the end, under the banner of justice, Gu Feiyu had to slay his own Master.


Well then, let’s see this bunch of White-eyed Wolves[8]White-eyed Wolf: Ungrateful Bastard..’ Wu Siyuan stood up, ready to confront them outside.

Now that he had come to this world, Wu Siyuan chose not to try breaking through Nascent Soul rashly.

Just like in the previous world, to assist with his task, the System gave him a golden finger. It was a cultivation guide. It was perfect for him to learn how to cultivate or how to utilize his current cultivation.

Even though the original owner reached his current cultivation just for show, but in Wu Siyuan’s hand now, it’s not impossible to really advance to another stage.

Right now, however, the most important thing to do was to teach those blood-sucking vermin outside a good lesson. They must be taught properly what it meant by Respect for your Teacher!

Anyway, it wasn’t like he was in urgent need of an apprentice. If those apprentices were all wastes, then just recruit new ones. In this YuQing Sect, Zhu Siyuan was a Little Overlord, after all, so, who’d dare to prevent him?

Wu Siyuan held his head high, tidied up his robes, using a freshening technique, and — there he was, the handsome Little Overlord was back!

There was a restrictive formation in the cave entrance. After unlocking the barrier, Wu Siyuan walked out.

“What is with all this noise? What kind of decency do you all have!” Wu Siyuan coldly interrupted the buzzing conversations.

He spread his gaze, looking at the disciples in front of him expressionlessly.

A middle-aged man with sharp facial features and an imposing manner came out from the crowd and bowed to Wu Siyuan.

Shishu[9]Shishu: Martial Uncle— to call the Junior or Senior of one’s Master., congratulation on finishing your seclusion[10]Cultivators often enter a secluded/closed cultivation to find insights or just cultivate more power this time!”

He knew that despite the big fanfare, the gain from this secluded cultivation was nothing much. Regardless of achievement, however, the welcoming for this Shishu could not be half-hearted — It was what this middle-aged man thought.

He’s YuQing Sect’s current Sect Leader, whose name was Xi Zimo. Or in other words, he was Zhu Siyuan’s Shizhi.

Wu Siyuan nodded slightly at him.

“This time, I went into seclusion and successfully gained some enlightenment. That being said, it is not yet the time to try breaking through to the Nascent Soul stage.”

Hearing his words, Xi Zimo was incomparably relieved. Only God knew how he almost had a heart attack when he saw Thunder and Lightning from tribulation when a Cultivator advanced through to the next stage[11]In classic/orthodox Cultivation setting, a Cultivator has to face thunder tribulation or being struck by Heavenly Thunder as a test when they advance to the higher stage. Usually when forming a … Continue reading, suddenly appeared in his Shishu’s cave. His Shishu had always been weak and frail, there’s no way for him to face this Thunder tribulation!

Fortunately, this Shishu didn’t intend to force a breakthrough recklessly.

What’s more, for the first time, his Shishu even made such progress, getting enlightenment from his seclusion! Xi Zimo was overwhelmed with joy that he felt like he’d shed tears at any moment. It hadn’t been easy for him.

At this time, a young man suddenly rushed forward.

Shifu[12]Shifu: Master—similar to Shizun., you finally come out from your seclusion!”

His expression was filled with concern, but Wu Siyuan could tell at a glance that it was just a perfunctory greeting. Even his caring look right now was just a pretense, an act to deceive both Zhu Siyuan and others.

Compared to the real concern that Xi Zimo had, the way this young man almost plastered ‘I care about you’ on his face was too deliberate.

No matter what, Wu Siyuan had performed as an Actor in the previous world, even if he couldn’t compare to the real Movie Emperor — but he could be said to be a professional among amateurs.

“Oh? It’s you, Feiyu. What’s the matter? Why are you coming here in such a hurry? And you even brought many people along with you…?”

Gu Feiyu didn’t immediately respond.

Somehow, he felt that his Shifu had become a different person after coming out from this seclusion.

But of course, he didn’t think that far to the point of suspecting his Master had been replaced by another soul or something. Because if that were the case, their Sect Leader, Xi Zimo, should have noticed it right away.

Gu Feiyu smiled, and replied, “Naturally, I came here to welcome Shifu back from his secluded cultivation.”

Wu Siyuan nodded casually. “Since you’re intending to give a welcome to your Shifu, it should be done seriously. So, what are you doing, bringing your Juniors and making a lot of noise here instead?”

Gu Feiyu threw a displeased look at the group of rowdy Juniors who followed him. But what annoyed him the most actually was Zhu Siyuan, who didn’t give him any face and reprimanded him publicly like this.

He lowered his head and said in a low voice, “Shifu, this disciple has an important matter to tell you…”

Xi Zimo who stood next to him couldn’t stand this farce anymore and directly cut him off;

Shishu has just come out from his seclusion. What kind of thing is more important than letting your Shifu take a rest first? As Shishu’s Head Disciple, how can you be so ignorant?”

If it were earlier, Xi Zimo wouldn’t have criticized him directly. After all, everyone here knew how much Zhu Siyuan cared about Gu Feiyu.

However, Zhu Siyuan had expressed his displeasure to this bunch of people lounging in front of his cave. This Shishu of his even looked at Gu Feiyu with no ripples in his eyes at all. Therefore, Xi Zimo no longer silently tolerated Gu Feiyu’s behavior.

Wu Siyuan didn’t refute him and even approved what Xi Zimo had said.

Shizhi, come back with me. I have something I need to discuss with you.”

Xi Zimo immediately nodded and said yes repeatedly.

As for Gu Feiyu, without even glancing at him, Wu Siyuan strode out, leaving him and other disciples from YuQing Sect behind.

Afterward, Xi Zimo’s disciples drove those disciples who came to be spectators back to where they should be.


The matter about Zhu Siyuan coming out from his secluded cultivation — to say it’s a big deal, but nothing much happened — but to say it’s an insignificant matter wasn’t right either. Anyhow, as long as he came out unscathed, nothing else mattered.

In the past, some Elders in YuQing Sect felt dissatisfied with Zhu Siyuan’s treatment. Even so, ever since Xi Zimo’s cultivation level advanced greater, and those few people who tried to make trouble were taught a lesson by him, no one else dared to criticize Zhu Siyuan.

Long before that, nobody actually dared to say anything about Zhu Siyuan, because his Shixiongs and Shijies were there. After his youngest Shixiong, who was Xi Zimo’s Master, ascended to the Immortal Realm, Xi Zimo who was entrusted to take care of Zhu Siyuan hadn’t gained a firm foothold yet in the sect. That was why some people dared to let out unscrupulous remarks.

However, after Xi Zimo consolidated his power not long after, Zhu Siyuan came back to be the Little Overlord in YuQing sect.


On Gu Feiyu’s side.

Being ignored and reprimanded in public, for the first time, Gu Feiyu was actually humiliated by Zhu Siyuan. During their trip back to their own peak, the other Juniors didn’t even dare to breathe loudly around him.

The new apprentice who was personally accepted by Gu Feiyu without Zhu Siyuan’s acknowledgment, quickly approached him to appease his temper.

This new apprentice was called You Yushu. He was Gu Feiyu’s nominal fiance. In addition, he was also the Protagonist Shou of this world.

Gu Feiyu frowned as he spoke; “In my opinion, that Idiot must be throwing a tantrum, knowing that I took you into the sect under his name. But it’s okay, I can just coax him to agree with this.”

“Feiyu, even if Shifu refuses to acknowledge me, I don’t mind. As long as I can be with you, it is enough for me. Even so, this…” You Yushu paused his words. He was currently holding one of Gu Feiyu’s hands.


“…This, in this case, it’s you who are going to be embarrassed by Shifu’s actions.” You Yushu finally said.

Gu Feiyu also grasped his hand in return. He took a deep breath before convincing You Yushu confidently:

“Don’t worry. That Idiot always listens to my words.”


On the other side, Wu Siyuan went back to the main hall at the top of the Peak[13]Peak: In classic Cultivation setting a Sect usually resides in a mountainous area, thus one Master usually occupies one Mountain or a Peak.. It was built by the original owner’s Shixiongs and Shijies. No one should enter this residence at will, not even Zhu Siyuan’s apprentice.

Even if Zhu Siyuan was a Little Overlord, he was obedient and always followed what his Shixiongs and Shijies told him. Even after they all ascended, Zhu Siyuan still remembered and abided by their instruction faithfully.

Speaking of which, Wu Siyuan actually knew what Gu Feiyu wanted to say to him just now. Coincidentally, a meeting would be held tomorrow for their YuQing Sect Cultivators to talk about the upcoming Inter-Sect Conference, where all the disciples from other sects would be present. Wouldn’t it be a good chance for Gu Feiyu to speak his mind at that time?

Wu Siyuan knew he’d end up in trouble anyway, so why not, just make it into a big deal! Otherwise, it’d not live up to his nickname as YuQing’s Little Overlord.

That said, of course, Zhu Siyuan wasn’t a real Overlord.

In their YuQing Sect, there were still other old Ancestors who had yet to ascend. In their eyes, Zhu Siyuan was just a child. Furthermore, they had watched Zhu Siyuan from childhood until now. This Little Overlord didn’t have much power, to begin with, to actually start big trouble. Besides, he still had a sense of proportion in his actions. Therefore, the real Overlords in the sect didn’t care about his antics. Those Ancestors would only appear if there’s any imminent danger threatening YuQing Sect’s existence.

As soon as Wu Siyuan arrived at his main hall, he asked Xi Zimo,

Shizhi, does our YuQing Sect still have a vacant Peak to occupy?”

The moment he heard Wu Siyuan’s question, Xi Zimo’s expression turn cold. He guessed that his Shishu must have asked him for his apprentice, that Gu Feiyu again.

And that Gu Feiyu, he really had done a good job. He was able to sweet-talked this Shishu of his, and able to gain a lot of things through him.

It was clear that Gu Feiyu was not a good thing at first glance. Unfortunately, his Shishu was stubborn and had been unwilling to listen to his persuasion. And he, despite being older, but his seniority was 1 generation below his Shishu, after all. According to etiquette, it was inappropriate for a Junior to keep nagging at his Senior every day.

Meanwhile, the other Ancestors were in seclusion. If not, he could ask one of them to help persuade this Shishu of his.

Otherwise, if this went on, his Shishu might get not only his wealth but even his life cheated out of him by that Gu Feiyu.

‘I can’t let this happen!’

Xi Zimo had a lot of thoughts in his mind, but in reality, he was zoning out.

And Wu Siyuan, who didn’t get a reply to his question, urged him once again with a hum, “Hmmm?”

After which Xi Zimo hurriedly responded, “Yes, we do have one. But it’s a little far from YuQing Sect’s main Peaks. That Peak’s environment is not very good either. Not a single tree can be found. Absolutely no one likes to live in such a place.”

The place described by Xi Zimo was actually very much in line with what Wu Siyuan wanted.

He didn’t hesitate to immediately mark a deal, “That’s good. Then please get that one Peak for me.”

Xi Zimo opened his mouth, intending to speak, but Wu Siyuan stopped it by waving his hand. “I need a rest. Shizhi, please come here and pick me up again tomorrow morning.”

In this way, Xi Zimo had no choice but to obey his words, and left the hall.

Before leaving, he didn’t forget to praise his disciples for their hard work in controlling the situation earlier and further instructed them to keep guarding Zhu Siyuan, and prevent anyone from disturbing his rest.

The disciples stationed here were all arranged by Xi Zimo. They either followed his instruction or obey Zhu Siyuan’s direct command. Therefore, no matter how infamous Gu Feiyu was for being favored, these disciples wouldn’t listen to his words, and it’d not be easy for him to come to this Peak at all.

Exactly as what Xi Zimo had been wary of, Gu Feiyu did come to the Peak at night, trying to meet with Zhu Siyuan. However, he was mercilessly rejected from entering.

“Gu Shixiong, Sect Leader has ordered us, no one shall disturb his Shishu from resting. Please, don’t force us into a difficult situation, Gu Shixiong.”

In front of others, Gu Feiyu had been maintaining a gentle and refined character. It shouldn’t be broken at this point, hence, after being told so, Gu Feiyu could only grit his teeth and walked back.




T/N: in case you got confused by the characters’ relationship:

Sect Leader Xi Zimo: “My Uncle is younger than me and I have to take care of him.”

Little Shishu Zhu Siyuan: “My Nephew is older than me and I can rely on him.”


1 Shixiong: Senior Brother/Older Male Martial Sibling
2 Shijie: Senior Sisters/Older Female Martial sibling
3 Ascension: Promotion from a Cultivator to a real Immortal, thereby changing world to live in the Immortal Realm after
4 Shidi: Junior Brother/Younger Male Martial Sibling
5 Shizhi: Martial Nephew—the disciple of one’s martial siblings
6 Using Music Instruments and songs/pieces as their means
7 In a classic Cultivation setting the stages usually are like this:

  1. Qi Refining
  2. Foundation Building
  3. Golden Core
  4. Nascent Soul
  5. Spirit Formation
  6. Spirit Transformation
  7. Void Refining
  8. Transcending Tribulation
  9. Mahayana.

8 White-eyed Wolf: Ungrateful Bastard.
9 Shishu: Martial Uncle— to call the Junior or Senior of one’s Master.
10 Cultivators often enter a secluded/closed cultivation to find insights or just cultivate more power
11 In classic/orthodox Cultivation setting, a Cultivator has to face thunder tribulation or being struck by Heavenly Thunder as a test when they advance to the higher stage. Usually when forming a Golden Core, forming a Nascent Soul, etc.
12 Shifu: Master—similar to Shizun.
13 Peak: In classic Cultivation setting a Sect usually resides in a mountainous area, thus one Master usually occupies one Mountain or a Peak.

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