MTIU Chapter 33

Cannon Fodder Movie Emperor - Take Him Away!

This time, just like in the previous world, the System suddenly appeared after disappearing for such a long time.

[“Host, let’s go, we can leave for the next world early this time as well.”]

Wu Siyuan was perplexed. “Huh? Is it Lord God’s instruction again?”

The System sighed. [“Yes, Lord God said we must leave this world and go to the next as soon as possible.”]

Wu Siyuan was elated. “Then, this must be because I once again performed extraordinarily well, right?”

The System was a little bit unsure and hesitantly replied, [“Uh…Perhaps?”]

Wu Siyuan chided his System, “Why are you so unreliable as a System? Didn’t you say before that I am bound to you? Shouldn’t you know everything, so why are you clueless now?”

The System felt he was unjustly accused, hence quickly stating his own defense, [“Please cut me some slack. It’s none of my responsibility in the first place, okay? It’s all because too few Systems are working under our Lord God. For instance, right now I’m taking 2 jobs at once. Seeing that I needn’t worry that much about you here, I went to take care of my other Host in a Spiritual World who needs more of my guidance.”]

Honestly, Wu Siyuan didn’t give a damn about this. He was just trying to fool the System.

“Is this permitted at all?”

The System immediately explained honestly, [“The Lord God has given us permission, besides, I’m still sharing all the responsibilities with you as my Host.”]

It turned out that if misfortune were to befall him, the System would be held responsible and would also be in trouble—or so Wu Siyuan had surmised just now, and he felt inevitably more at ease.

“Fine, fine, I’m not someone who holds a grudge over trivial matters either. Since I’ve accomplished my task here impeccably, then you better hurry up and ask the Lord God, ask him if we could get a reward for perfecting our task.”

[“Of Course, I will!”] The System supported Wu Siyuan’s bonus application very much. If possible, it would also like to apply a petition so that one System should just focus on 1 Host.

The System had watched Wu Siyuan’s achievement in this world. Even if the plot deviated a little bit from the original one, but hey, Wu Siyuan here actually discovered the hidden plot as well[1]The similarity between Qin Siyuan and his Dead Uncle and his parents’ real feelings toward him. If this kind of performance deserved no bonus, then even the System wouldn’t feel good either.

In addition, aside from helping the protagonists end up being together, Wu Siyuan even kindly helped the Protagonist Gong in solving the original biggest love rival of his, no other than the infamous Director, Liu Tianhe! Despite his young age, his talent was something else. He was also one of those Big Shots in the Entertainment industry—this kind of person, undoubtedly was He Gaoyi’s love rival in winning the Protagonist Shou.

However, Wu Siyuan actually dealt with him in one move. His smooth method and swift action when throwing the love rival out of the picture were simply worthy of applause.

Let’s not forget the scene when the Protagonist Gong and Shou eventually got married. The sight of countless people celebrating and congratulating their union was truly moving. Even the expression of the protagonists in their wedding picture was nothing but filled with joy! Just look at how affectionately they stared into each other’s eyes—nothing else could be said aside; they must be deeply in love with each other!

That was how the System personally evaluated Wu Siyuan’s task in this world.

It wasted no time and promptly sent its evaluation, as well as applying for some bonus to the Lord God.


——The moment this heartfelt report arrived at the Lord God’s side, he couldn’t help but crush the medal in his hand.

Lord God, “…”

‘Outrageous! I’ve never seen a System and a Human as shameless as this pair!’

Somehow, the option of recycling this little System started to appear in the Lord God’s mind.

‘Should I retrieve the System assigned to this Wu Siyuan, send it back to the furnace, and remold it?’

Taking another look at the task result of this pair, the Lord God really wanted to laugh in rage. His whole body ached all over from the suppressed anger.

Alas, there’s nothing he could do aside from self-hypnotizing.

‘Patience…Patience is a Virtue. I am an impossibly gentle, extraordinarily kind, and boundlessly generous Lord God!’

After successfully suppressing his rising temper, somewhat, the Lord God shouted yelled loudly at his subordinate,

“Hurry up! Go and send back Qin Siyuan! Arghhhh! How maddening! It’s utterly unreasonable! Quickly let that little System drag that Wu Siyuan away from that world!”


On the other side, after conversing with his System, Wu Siyuan waited patiently for the arrival of the next world.

After finishing the 2 worlds  Wu Siyuan sincerely regarded himself to have an innate talent for this kind of job. He thought he was simply fitting for this task of turning those protagonists of chasing wives to the crematorium-cases[2]Story where various misunderstandings happen causing the Gong to chase their Shou after realizing their “love”.; with countless misunderstandings of ‘I misunderstood you, You got hurt, You left, I chase you, A Rival Appears, I’m jealous, I’m angry, etc‘——from those dog blood drama couple becoming your Sweet Everyday Couple for Life. No one can disturb their love.

Hey…It’s not an easy job.

“System, by the way, what happened to the Protagonists of the previous world after I left?” Wu Siyuan voiced his curiosity.

The System thought that peeking at the world’s development after they had finished their task was a trivial thing, so It didn’t hesitate to grant Wu Siyuan’s wish and planned to check the previous world.

Contrary to what It thought, when It wanted to open the channel, only a big caution in red appeared:

{You Have No Authority to View!}

[“Huh? How strange…What’s the matter?”] The System was baffled.

Wu Siyuan pondered for a while before an idea popped up in his mind, “I see! The Lord God must not allow us to see to prevent us from disturbing their happy life anymore, right?”

Hearing his guess, the System was no longer bothered. [“So that’s how it is! It makes sense.”]

Initially, the System almost had a heart attack due to unexpected circumstances. If the warning was due to Wu Siyuan’s bad performance, then as a System It would also be held accountable. According to Its senior Systems, It’d undoubtedly be lambasted by the Lord God.

But since the Lord God just didn’t want them to disturb those couples’ happy life, then there’s nothing to be afraid of.

The System was assuaged by the conjecture, and at the same time, Wu Siyuan also breathed a sigh of relief.




Qin Siyuan’s POV

After Qin Siyuan was informed of what’d happened to him in the past-future, he felt that life was truly tedious.

The System gave him the choice between reliving his life on his own or giving away his body to the Tasker—he chose to give up his body in the end.

At first, he was asked to wait in line for the next reincarnation, but for some reason, during his waiting someone suddenly exclaimed,

“Dear Me! It’s ‘that‘ Tasker again who took the mission in your world!”

—in this way, Qin Siyuan was later taken to another place instead.

In the new place he was told to wait for a while, afterward, another System appeared. It was different from the System who struck the deal with him before. That said, these Systems all have no specific face or expression to speak of actually.

That System said, [“Why don’t you…uh, stay here and wait? I’m not familiar with the Tasker who used your body actually, anyway, I heard that if it is him, then most likely than not, you need to go back to your own world in the end. So, well, just wait here, or you can also look around a little.”]

This explanation was a little bit confusing to discern. But Qin Siyuan caught the point that System wanted to say; the Tasker using his body might end up causing some trouble somehow…?

Not long after, another System also came to him.
[“It must be boring waiting alone. Here, you can learn some useful knowledge, who knows, perhaps you can apply this knowledge once you get back to your world.”]

Just like this, Qin Siyuan was inexplicably taught all kinds of business management skills in the waiting room of the Lord God space.

Previously when he was alive, Qin Siyuan actually could feel that his own parents were not so fond of him, or even disliked him, due to the grievance from the older generation, or so it was supposed to be. As a retaliation, Qin Siyuan then chose to enter the Entertainment industry instead of the business world.

Whether this choice was right or wrong, Qin Siyuan honestly didn’t know it. Because the result of his rebellion was…nothing.

His parents still had that same attitude toward him. Unfortunately, however, it was his Grandfather who had raised him since childhood who ended up being disappointed in his choice.

He was unfamiliar with the other youngsters in the Qin family, though their relationship wasn’t bad either. There were even several of his cousins who were somewhat trustable.

—At least, that was how before Qin Siyuan knew what would happen in the future. Those people turned out to be traitors. Ultimately they were the ones who’d step by step push him down to the abyss—for the sake of the Qin Company or whatever other reason there be.

As for He Gaoyi, not once did anything he said was true, since the very beginning.

Qin Siyuan wondered if the world he was living in was a fake world, where everyone and everything was false as well.

When there’s no System that told him the truth, he’d break down miserably at the end of the day.

‘What’d the Tasker who uses my body think of me when he came into that world, I wonder…’

However, Qin Siyuan soon didn’t even have the heart to dwell in this so-called past-future.

He was bombarded with a lot of study material in the waiting room. He knew that studying was a pain, which was why he chose to apply to the Acting Department in the first place.

Something like calculus or whatever…was this really something made for humans?


Amidst Qin Siyuan’s struggle in his studying, he heard the System who put him in this hell chatting with another System:

[“Fudge me! Will that world still work just fine? After messing around this much, that Tasker and little System are actually still alive??”]

Upon hearing the Systems’ gossiping and listening to their flabbergasted exclamation, Qin Siyuan’s inwardly first reacted:

‘By that world they mean…could it be my Original world where a Tasker is currently using my body?’

Afterward, he thought,

‘…That Tasker, he couldn’t possibly destroy the world, like what many Taskers did in those novels I read before, right? Or did he kill the protagonists and cause the world to collapse or something?’

Soon, Qin Siyuan didn’t have time to guess again because the System began to push him to study twice harder as before.

When the time came for Qin Siyuan to leave that Space and back to his own body he couldn’t describe how excited he was at that time (escaping from that study hell)


The next time Qin Siyuan opened his eyes, he found himself sitting in a luxurious office, with a stack of reports and contracts looming in front of him.

Qin Siyuan, “…”

Before he could generate any reaction, someone already knocked on the door and directly came in.

“Boss Qin, here are 5 more proposals waiting for your approval.”

—The person put another stack of papers on the desk before excusing himself and leaving.

After Qin Siyuan assimilated the memory from the life that Tasker had lived in this world to his own, Qin Siyuan’s reaction was:

‘…Oy, Mr. Tasker, You might as well destroy the world in this case!’

Even if that Tasker didn’t unscrupulously abuse the protagonists Gong and Shou, but why must he leave such a big company in his hands like this??

Qin Siyuan closed his eyes.

‘Oh well…anyhow, that Tasker has chosen a better future for me.’

Those Cousins, his Brothers and Sisters who deceived him, all had ended up in prison. Some of them who had been released were immediately sent abroad by their parents.

Additionally, his own parents, Father Qin and Mother Qin, until today they still couldn’t get what they wanted. Any other trouble had also been wiped out cleanly by the Tasker.

Qin Siyuan was extremely grateful…and he swore he’d be even happier if only there weren’t any piles of papers on his desk.

By the way, the Tasker also considerately left a filming schedule for Qin Siyuan to take this year.

With how much work left on his plate, however, how could he even find the time to shoot some movies? Or deciding what Movie he’d take to start with?

Speaking about filming…

Qin Siyuan decided to take a look at He Gaoyi and Le Tianhua.

‘Aren’t they true love? I want to see how these lovers become—They, who were trying to use me as a stepping stone, and They—whom my past-future self has also given everything to, foolishly…’

He didn’t need to deliberately investigate these two people to know about their current situation. Everything about their life was available online.

Apparently, these two finally decided to divorce each other. This time, without that Tasker who’d worked hard to mediate their situation, the matter had blown up. However, these two weren’t very popular right now, and their fans quickly dispersed after this news came out.

Let’s not forget that several contracts hadn’t expired yet, requiring them as a couple. Consequently, a lot of liquidated damages needed to be burned. In the end, they still couldn’t get through the divorce at all. What’s more, they weren’t exactly popular in the first place, but now even that tiny popularity had been declining. Every day, new Actors came up to the stage further burying their presence into oblivion.

Qin Siyuan couldn’t care less about what kind of fate these two would end up in.

He merely scrolled briefly through their current state, before hurrying to finish the work in front of him. Afterward, he took his bodyguards and went to the nursing facility to meet with Grandpa Qin.

Those Systems he met in the waiting hall were heartless and fierce, they really had bad customer service—Having said that, now Qin Siyuan felt a little bit regretful about not studying more materials before going back to this world.


On the other side of the universe, Wu Siyuan was currently preparing to enter his next world.

The system, [“Host, are you ready!”]

“Okay! Let’s go!!”




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1 The similarity between Qin Siyuan and his Dead Uncle and his parents’ real feelings toward him
2 Story where various misunderstandings happen causing the Gong to chase their Shou after realizing their “love”.
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The Matchmaker Tool Is Uncooperative

The Matchmaker Tool Is Uncooperative

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Wu Siyuan is a tasker, bound to a self-proclaimed Cannon Fodder Supporting Actor System. His task is to be the Matchmaker Tool. They must promote and stimulate the romance development of the protagonists. The better he can promote the Protagonists romance, the better his reward would be! Wu Siyuan said, “Fine. I’ll be the Godly assist.”


Later, when the System looks at the dazzling F- at its Host’s task grade, then looking at the unrecognizable state of the CP’s romance, it finally realizes, “What kind of Godly assist have you offered?!”


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    Woah, that’s a first for me! Seeing OG! MC regret twice, forget EQ, even his IQ was low(not taunting, just facts)No wonder he was tricked, his complacent attitude in terms of relationships was gullible, no support from family side and even losing everything in the end (including his own body, could have chose to relive but didn’t) made him look like a coward, neither too good (since he has to work on business matters and filming so no time for enjoyment) nor bad (atleast the ‘troublemaker pests’ in both family and CP are washed off and the others into hiding)
    Surprisingly he could have taken advantage of the gap to read more acting materials and grasp business matters so he wouldn’t still end up like a loser he was before, but grasping only a part of what was learnt unenthusiastically wouldn’t be enough (acc to his reactions) and half knowledge is dangerous. Hopefully he can adjust using the Tasker’s memories and come into more contact with good potential business partners having decent morals(even if it’s too late to regret, learning never ends, be it theory or experience) On a side note, this arc was also fair enough, though I liked the previous arc more, just my preference)

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