MTIU Chapter 31

Cannon Fodder Movie Emperor - Online proposal

‘How Vexing!’

—Was what He Gaoyi and Le Tianhua both felt regarding their new Reality Show.

Here, they needed to constantly show off their affection and harmonious relationship either in interaction or gestures. It couldn’t be helped. The other couples who joined the same Show were spreading dog food[1]affection shower every day. They had no choice but to put aside their real feelings, clenched their teeth, and started to weave a “beautiful love life” together.

They had pretended so much, absorbed in their acting too much, somehow they almost believe in the illusion they had created themselves. Wondering,

‘Do we really love each other, after all?’

The audience could actually over-interpreted their every word and action as a fluffy and sweet interaction. Claiming that the two of them must have a heart-to-heart connection, since they had similar tastes, or pick similar things. However, they really did have the same interests in the first place, otherwise, they wouldn’t get together, to begin with.

He Gaoyi had the feeling that this Reality Show, and its missions within, were specifically aimed toward their relationship as if it was purposefully tailored to promote their love.

For example,

There’s the Mission of, “Buy a gift for your partner“—but the location instructed to buy the gift from was a jewelry store.

Or another mission, “Buy some furniture for your love nest“—Good guy, the list of the furniture to be bought was all stuff to construct a Master Bedroom.

Even the mission of, “Buy some clothes for your partner“—At this, Le Tianhua and He Gaoyi looked at each other,

‘No matter how you look at it, the store has no normal clothes aside from wedding suits and wedding dresses!’

This Reality Show, “Are You Ready?” was simply absurd. Even if the payment was good, the shooting intensity was not high, but every mission or project within the Show was nothing but real Wedding Preparation.

That’s right, the real Wedding Preparation, the kind that the couple had to attend some specific class. A class where you could learn everything you need to pay attention to before getting married.

He Gaoyi and Le Tianhua felt like they had been set up unknowingly.

Starting from romantic dates, having a candlelight dinners—on the premise that they had to go to some part-time job project and gain some money to have one.

Those who watched their Show were happy to see the artists on screen working hard to do their part-time job. Wu Siyuan and the Program Director who saw the reward money flowing in their LIVE broadcast room, were pleased as well. All of their tedious preparation in the early stages of the Show was worthwhile, after all.

There were some audiences who noticed that He Gaoyi and Le Tianhua seemed to be awkward/embarrassed sometimes. But Wu Siyuan let the program crew suppress this doubt quickly.

At this critical juncture, these two people had to be strictly forbidden from messing things up.

Wu Siyuan ordered his subordinate to pay attention to the LIVE broadcast, while he himself went to the police station to submit the new information he had gotten recently[2]about his 3rd Uncle who paid the driver to hit him.


He Gaoyi and Le Tianhua were arranged to appear in a total of 10 episodes of the entire program. Each episode was recorded within 3 days per week, so they had to do this marriage preparation thing in a consecutive 10-week period.

Wu Siyuan’s show was quite generous and lenient to their artists, therefore some artists who were free somewhat, or didn’t have a packed-up schedule, were willing to be the guests.

In particular, the guests who really had the intentions to propose marriage, or had already gotten their marriage certificate but held no wedding yet. The Program crew made sure to discuss the purpose of the show beforehand with those couples. The Program was willing to facilitate them for events like taking their wedding photos and so on, on the premise that the couples gave their consent to let their wedding preparation be recorded and aired.

Since every couple had one goal in mind, and the ambiance of the show itself was obvious to all, the other artists regarded He Gaoyi and Le Tianhua as the same as them.

Therefore, during the recording, a lot of people looked at them with knowing looks or ambiguous smiles.

He Gaoyi and Le Tianhua could only numbly follow the Program’s task. As they were following the more and more outrageous tasks along the way, they came to a realization,

‘Wait, what if the Program crew asks us to propose marriage?’

Should they really ask for each other’s hand in this case?


On Wu Siyuan’s side, after delivering the recently collected evidence to the police station, he’s left to wait for the good news.

Qin Siyuan was a public figure. The previous car accident involving him was full of suspicious nature, so the police couldn’t slack off on the investigation. Besides, now that they were presented with new evidence, they had to pursue the matter to the end.

Wu Siyuan’s move obviously caused the Qin Family members, who were pretending to be calm, couldn’t help but feel apprehension once again.

Grandfather Qin eventually called Wu Siyuan to visit him in the nursing home.

“Are you sure that the ones in your hands are valuable evidence?”

There was no evidence at all to start with. But now, due to the information that Wu Siyuan had provided to the police, their investigation could proceed as they gained an important clue to follow.

So Wu Siyuan nodded in affirmation. “It depends on the police actions thenceforth.”

Grandfather Qin sighed. “Siyuan, I have wronged you.”

Should his sons and other Qin Family members were to be put in jail later, he would take back the resources originally handed to them and transfer all authority to his grandson, Qin Siyuan.

All these years, Grandfather Qin rarely meddled with the family, but his sons and daughters were really eager to seek trouble for themselves.

Was it because he had not given them enough? Or was it because humans are inherently greedy?

Looking at Qin Siyuan’s appearance in front of him, Grandfather Qin couldn’t help but reminisce about his youngest son who died early.


The Reality Show “Are You Ready” had finally reached its mid to late stages. The couples had begun to either propose marriage to their partner or even take their wedding photos one after another.

Since the progress of each couple was different, their scenes were divided into several LIVE broadcast rooms for the audience to watch. Though, they were more or less at a similar stage within the Wedding Preparation steps.

The photographer who took their wedding photos was contracted by Wu Siyuan specifically, despite the heavy remuneration to hire him.

In the Show, as long as they worked hard, they could actually have this great photographer to take their wedding photos. Therefore, almost all of the artists who joined in this Reality Show were eager to get married quickly and had this infamous photographer to capture their moment.

Anyway, as long as they completed the mission required in the Show conscientiously, such a Master would actually accept the commission with a smile.

Even He Gaoyi and Le Tianhua couldn’t help but feel moved by such temptation. However, when they realized the partner they’d take the wedding photos with was the other party, it became awkward.

The Reality Show itself had gotten even more popular by each day. The two of them also received several good endorsements as a result.

It was because those in the Entertainment Industry noticed that Qin Siyuan had lifted his ban on the aforementioned couple. So, He Gaoyi and Le Tianhua started to have more offers coming for them.

Even then, Le Tianhua still had no offer to act in some movies.

After all, currently, he’s neither a Traffic Star[3]an essential tool for obtaining attention on social media in Asian Market. who could bring a wave of fans, nor was he a critically acclaimed Actor. With his previous acting skill, no one had the thought to specifically look for him.

It’s true that Qin Siyuan no longer ban or suppress him, but for actors who neither had the ability nor capital, there’s no reason for others to request his participation.

On another note, netizens kept loudly urging He Gaoyi to quickly propose and marry Le Tianhua. There were even several brands that had expressed their willingness to sponsor the whole process of their wedding. All they had to do was to give a nod.

In addition, their manager was still eagerly collecting job offers that required their cooperation as a couple.

All in all, if they actually broke up at this point in time, or was known to be in disagreement with each other, no doubt, it would cause a huge problem. Should that really happen, perhaps, there really would be no way to make a comeback anymore.

The protagonist Gong and Shou, therefore, decided to have a serious talk between the two of them.

The conclusion of their discussion was that, when the time came for them to have no choice but to get married, then they would really have a wedding.

Firstly, it’d fulfill their fans’ wishes, as well as earn a wave of endorsement fees. During this period, they’d try to make as much money as possible.

Furthermore, if they get married while shooting “Are You Ready?“, even the wedding expenses would be nil, hence saving both money and effort.


Regarding the protagonist Gong and Shou‘s mental preparation, Wu Siyuan was still unaware of it.

He was awfully busy taking care of other things.

His Third Uncle had finally been apprehended by the police.

Following this moment, Qin Father and Mother, while taking advantage of the media coverage of this matter, used this opportunity to “expose” Qin Siyuan’s ruthlessness. They narrated how Qin Siyuan had been provoking the harmonious state of their family and had no sense of family affection at all.

Wu Siyuan, however, was unwavering.

He had been preparing for this exact possibility a long time ago.

So when he saw that the Company’s stock price showed a sign of fluctuation, he immediately held a press conference. The purpose was to “reveal” what had happened during these 6 months, one by one.

Included in his “storytelling“, of course, was the gaffe about He Gaoyi’s kidnapping and Le Tianhua’s threatening attempt. The funny thing was, they got themselves into that situation due to their own deliberate rumors they once created before.

As a result, He Gaoyi and Le Tianhua could appear in a Reality Show invested by Qin Siyuan as compensation.

This statement answered the question of why Qin Siyuan suddenly stopped his ban and suppression of the two people lately.

If those two didn’t seek death by themselves, no such thing would happen next time.

As Wu Siyuan elaborated on every event, everyone who paid attention to the press conference finally knew how thrilling these past 6 months had been for him. To make the matter worse, most of the obstacles were actually caused by his own relatives.

In spite of it, his parents actually said it was no big deal.

How could a parent have the heart to say these words to their own biological son?

Incidentally, Qin Father and Mother, were also watching the press conference. Needless to say, their expression turned darker as it went on. They really didn’t expect this eldest son of theirs to actually dare disclose everything publicly.

‘Shouldn’t he worry whether our Company’s stock Price will fall or be affected?’

Wu Siyuan naturally knew and had made plans already.

After finishing the Press Conference, there would be a meeting for the shareholders. Anyway, there’s still another surprise waiting for everyone.

Speaking about his parents, Wu Siyuan didn’t forget to mention the matter of their other “hidden son” by the way.

So, Qin Father and Mother who were still watching the Press Conference had their face changed greatly, from having a darkened expression to a pale one from shock. They quickly ordered their subordinate to check the state of their youngest son, fearing that Qin Siyuan had actually done something to him.

As the eldest son, Qin Siyuan was unaware that he had one little brother. The fact was only known after he started to investigate his own parents. Everyone who followed his news felt amazed at such a bizarre process.

Afterward, Wu Siyuan continued to talk about the matter of his resemblance to his Sixth Uncle, as well as the said Uncle’s dubious death.

Either the reporters present or the audience who watched the LIVE press conference, unanimously agreed that the Sixth Uncle’s death must not be a simple accident.

Even so, facts showed that it’s still impossible for a person to resurrect themselves nowadays. The parents themselves were actually weird to treat their biological son as their deceased Sixth Brother.

When they recalled why this Press Conference was held, to begin with, it was due to Qin Yingdi‘s parents’ accusation toward him.

It seemed that Qin Yingdi‘s parents probably truly regarded Qin Yingdi as their enemy.


After concluding his press conference, Wu Siyuan rushed to the Company to hold the shareholders’ meeting.

Speaking of which, the shares that the Original Owner’s parents owned in the Company do not account for much. Even if Grandfather Qin handed over the Company for them to manage, the shares had yet to be distributed among his children, including Father Qin.

So this time, the moment Grandfather Qin appeared in the meeting with his Lawyer, the remaining children had their hopes squashed flat.

Because for Qin Siyuan to dare to arrange all of this, meant he had gained the full acquiescence of Grandfather Qin.

The first thing to conclude in the shareholder meeting was, to remove Qin Ziming, that is, Qin Siyuan’s father from his original position.

Someone who couldn’t think logically, who spouted nonsense in front of the media, and who had caused serious losses to the Company, was not qualified to stay and manage the Company.

Qin Ziming didn’t say a word. He turned his head and looked at Qin Siyuan, and suddenly smiled.

“After everything, I still can’t compare to someone who looks like this.”

Wu Siyuan merely glanced at him.

‘The fudge?? It’s your own fault to start with, why blame me now?’

With Grandfather Qin presiding over the overall situation, this meeting with the shareholders soon came to an end.

Qin Ziming and his Wife were rid of their authority in the Qin Family business. While their combined shares were still higher than the other brothers and sisters, they were deprived of the right to intervene in any case.

Likewise, the more than enough shares in their hands were adequate to deliver some trouble to Wu Siyuan.

After all, he was just a young man who had just taken power in the circle.

But this only resulted in Grandfather Qin hurriedly letting all the shares in his hand be inherited by Qin Siyuan, in order for him to gain a stable position.

On the other hand, since Qin Siyuan had already known about the existence of his younger brother, Qin Ziming no longer hide him and simply brought his second son back to China.

In their minds, before or after the shareholders’ meeting, there’s only one son.

Naturally, they wouldn’t let go of the chance to make Qin Siyuan feel worse either.

“This is your younger brother. You can spare your time a little and mention him a bit.”

“We’re all family in the end. There’s nothing to worry about.”

Wu Siyuan lightly glanced at them and replied, “A family? Speaking about family, what is our family’s tradition again? Is it murder, or kidnapping?”

Afterward, Wu Siyuan simply ignored them.

His mission in this world had nearly completed. So there was no need to bother himself with this group of nasty people.

However, if this world were to end up like the previous world, where the Original Owner was sent back, the current situation would definitely be too confusing for him.

Not only did a younger brother suddenly pop out, but even his parents also didn’t recognize him as their son. The real Qin Siyuan might collapse when he was suddenly shoved to face this kind of circumstances.


The next time Wu Siyuan was finally free and had the time to open “Are You Ready?” LIVE broadcast, coincidentally was the moment when He Gaoyi was proposing marriage online.

Wu Siyuan slapped his thigh with emotion. “Nice Job!”

Immediately, the Local Tyrant Shipper who hadn’t been seen for a long time, started to shower the couple with rich rewards in the LIVE broadcast room once again



1 affection shower
2 about his 3rd Uncle who paid the driver to hit him
3 an essential tool for obtaining attention on social media in Asian Market.
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The Matchmaker Tool Is Uncooperative

The Matchmaker Tool Is Uncooperative

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Wu Siyuan is a tasker, bound to a self-proclaimed Cannon Fodder Supporting Actor System. His task is to be the Matchmaker Tool. They must promote and stimulate the romance development of the protagonists. The better he can promote the Protagonists romance, the better his reward would be! Wu Siyuan said, “Fine. I’ll be the Godly assist.”


Later, when the System looks at the dazzling F- at its Host’s task grade, then looking at the unrecognizable state of the CP’s romance, it finally realizes, “What kind of Godly assist have you offered?!”


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