MTIU Chapter 30

Cannon Fodder Movie Emperor - Ready to do some work

Unexpectedly, after He Gaoyi’s kidnapping incident, the relationship between him and Le Tianhua improved.

They no longer tried to use Qin Siyuan to hype themselves, after all, lives are more precious than anything. What if some people whose brain circuits were not in the right place popped out again? They might shorten their life expectancy by a few years if such things still had to happen next time.

The two protagonists continued to stay together and played the roles they had been given seriously.


On the other side, Wu Siyuan indeed had finished his every business fastidiously. But that also meant the workload on him kept getting higher.

In conclusion in the Qin Family Drama, due to the previous kidnapping case, for now, everyone was trying to hide their tails and stayed honest. As for the suspicious Third Uncle, the person had been acting as if he was detached from worldly desire.

While it appeared calm on the surface, in reality, Wu Siyuan still had to put on guard even against the Original Owner’s parents.

Perhaps Wu Siyuan’s own family situation in the past had affected his view. But in this world, he didn’t feel it was strange to feel beware against the Qin Father and Mother.

Just in case, he secretly collected their hair and went to apply for a paternity test between them and Qin Siyuan.

Before the result came out, Wu Siyuan took a break from his busy schedule and checked the status of his “Are you Ready” Show by the way.

Unlike the previous dating Show, this Variety Show of his, chose couples who truly were preparing to get married. Wu Siyuan had instructed the Program Staff to communicate and make sure the Stars couples or internet celebrity couples who were invited to participate really had the intention and were ready to get married.

Of course, for He Gaoyi and Le Tianhua, naturally, Wu Siyuan “believed” the two of them must also have this intention, after all, they’re the Protagonists Gong and Shou!


Speaking about Qin Family, then it should be started with Father Qin.

Father Qin actually had 6 siblings. Among the 6 brothers and sisters, Father Qin was the second son. There was 1 eldest brother, 2 younger brothers, and 1 younger sister. All of them were born to the same Mother and Father.

Their 6th Brother, however, was a half-brother, born from Grandfather Qin’s second Wife. Unfortunately, both Wifes died early. Grandfather Qin’s 1st Wife died soon after she gave birth to their 5th child. Afterward, by the urge of other relatives, Grandfather Qin married his 2nd Wife.

His Second Wife had been accompanying him for more than 20 years, but she still passed away first, in the end. It was because their 6th Son (the half-brother) had an accident, and the Second Wife followed not long after in grief.

The eldest Uncle was not suited to be a businessman. After countless competitions and the death of the 6th Brother, most of the family business finally fell into the hands of the 2nd Son, that is, the Original Owner’s Father.

What’s worth noting was, Qin Siyuan’s birthday was on the same day as that of the Qin Family’s taboo day, the 6th Uncle’s death anniversary.

Furthermore, on the day Qin Siyuan was born, Grandfather Qin who wanted to comfort his grieving wife, said to her,

“He must be the reincarnation of our Sixth Son.”

As a result, Qin Siyuan had never celebrated his birthday on his supposed day of birth.


The result of DNA identification had yet come out, so Wu Siyuan could only use the information regarding the Qin Family to start investigating why the Qin Father and Mother had such a strange relationship with their own son.

While it looked like they had some concern about their son, but more than that, there was also a complex feeling beyond.

After the hospital informed Wu Siyuan that the DNA identification result had come out, it was proved that Qin Siyuan was 100% his parent’s biological son.

If so, going back to the previous matter, just because of one sentence from Grandfather Qin, did it really cause the Qin Parents to have the heart of harming their own son? Knowing that their own son had almost been murdered in front of their eyes, yet they persuaded this son of theirs to not hold a grudge against the perpetrator instead?

Well, Wu Siyuan was more familiar with this kind of relationship between relatives, truth be told.

There was no clear information about the grievance of the previous generation in the Qin Family. Presumably, it was due to the bad relationship, between the children of the First Wife and the son of their stepmother, that is, the 6th Uncle.

What Wu Siyuan would never expect even in his wildest guess was that, the Original Owner’s parents might actually regard Qin Siyuan as the real 6th Uncle coming back to life.

When he found the photo of the deceased 6th Uncle and took out a mirror to see his own face;

Wu Siyuan, “….”


‘I’m sorry for blaming you guys!’

It turned out he had wrongly blamed the Qin parents.

Now that he saw the 6th Uncle’s photo and compared it to his own face, his face was really a spitting image of the said Uncle!

At this time, Wu Siyuan recalled Grandfather Qin’s attitude towards him, and how he didn’t react when he sent his cousins and even the Fourth Uncle to prison.

Perhaps this attitude was how it was supposed to be as the family head. But if it wasn’t out of neutrality, then it’s simply true love![1]biased for the 6th Uncle and Qin Siyuan who resembles him

Wu Siyuan pressed his lip into a thin line.

If he decided to proceed under this conjecture of his, then, he wondered if his appearance really gave the Qin Father and Mother to have some concern after all. Or maybe, they really did regard him as the “reincarnation” of the 6th Uncle, hence they really didn’t care whether this son of theirs had an accident, or if he was in danger.

Besides, the one who had control over their family and businesses was Grandfather Qin. And now, he almost passed this control over to Wu Siyuan.

Therefore, Qin Father and Qin Mother were on the edge of turning their son into an enemy.

Regardless of them being a blood-relatives family, or even if Qin Siyuan was their only son…,

‘Wait! Could they secretly have other children outside? So losing one less son was not of big concern?’

However, this was merely Wu Siyuan’s assumption. After all, if were true, it was hard for such a huge matter as having a child to be tightly hidden.

Though, now that he thought about this, the Qin Parents actually did go abroad for a few years for business matters. At that time, the Original Owner was thrown to Grandfather Qin for the old man to take care of.

Before his personal analysis went to a worse conjecture, Wu Siyuan decided to stop at this point.

‘Let’s just deal with my current problem instead.’

There was some problem regarding the new batch of raw materials in the Company he took control of. The raw price itself was already sky-high, so there shouldn’t be any loss during the transportation process. Great care must be taken in every step until the finished product.


After deciding to take care of his current business, Wu Siyuan had buried himself in his work for an entire week.

It was not until he saw a hotsearch on Weibo, that He Gaoyi and Le Tianhua had successfully joined the Marriage Variety Show that he realized he should find some other things to relax aside from dealing with his work.

…Finding relaxing things, such as, helping the protagonist Gong and Shou!

In this way, after He Gaoyi and Le Tianhua finished their job, only a few days passed before they were ushered to enter a new filming group one after another.

It was true that their relationship had gotten a little bit better ever since the kidnapping incident. However, even if the gap in their hearts seemed to have recovered somewhat, the roles they got in this recent TV series had made them feel embarrassed and awkward.

They had no plan to get married. Neither of them thought the other was their dream spouse.

Yet, the whole crew actually treated them like they were about to tie the knot anytime soon. Everyone seemed to think that they had such a harmonious relationship. Well, though considering how they acted in public, they did look affectionate indeed.

Little did the two protagonists know, that under the arrangement of Wu Siyuan, the public opinions had been controlled flawlessly so that everyone thought He Gaoyi and Le Tianhua were a match made in Heaven.

As for how Heavenly their real relationship was, it was for the protagonists themselves to decide.

In short, the whole world knew they were a “perfect” match!

So this time, when He Gaoyi and Le Tianhua were announced to join the new Variety Show “Are You Ready?“, Wu Siyuan didn’t waste time and quickly posted using his fake CP fan account to scatter flowers on Weibo.

[“From the TV drama “Wedding Preparation”, to the dating Variety Show “Are You Ready?”, so, after all, can I really look forward to the good day of the two of you?

Retweet+Comment on this post. I will draw 10 fans and will share a reward of 10,000 Yuan[2]around $1,000. WSY is really a local tyrant! each!”]

Right after his lottery Weibo posting came out, the number of retweets and comments surged up. It was actually higher than the ones in the Official announcement of He Gaoyi and Le Tianhua joining the new Variety Show.

‘Outrageous!’ Le Tianhua looked at the Weibo posting and his smile faded away from his face.

In his heart, countless ‘MMP![3](mā mài pī= a slang for “Son of a bitchii!” was jumping up and down.

‘What kind of good news, what good day are you waiting for?! The good news is that we will definitely break up once we get enough of each other!’

Regardless of what He Gaoyi and Le Tianhua truly thought in their heart, Wu Siyuan had already prepared a better idea for them to marry, voluntarily.

In this world, there should be no impossible thing to do. If there was, then it meant, the money was not enough to support it.

And in this life, the thing Wu Siyuan lacked the least was Money!


As for He Gaoyi, Wu Siyuan’s fake CP account Weibo posting had caused his eternal business smile to crack and deformed.

‘I really can’t smile anymore!’

It didn’t matter whether someone was familiar with him on weekdays or not, as long as they had He Gaoyi’s contact information, they would all send him a message, asking if their “Good day” really would come in the near future!

All of this was due to that brainless Local Tyrant Fan, and their hateful Manager!

‘Damn it! I don’t want this kind of abominable adoration from fans at all!’

It was this guy who pushed them to finally have no choice but to take the jobs requiring them to sell romance. Now it was also him who heralded their so-called “romance” to the sky. So, if he urged them to get married, could it be they should really go to the marriage bureau and get a certificate?

‘Heh. Over my dead body!’

Even if nowadays they could only get jobs as a couple, it’s impossible to get married.

The two of them swore to never bow their heads to the evil Capitalism!

In the past, both He Gaoyi and Le Tianhua indeed felt that the other party was their destined partner. However, after they went through the ups and downs of life together, today they felt the other party was unreliable after all!

Therefore, the two of them would never want to ruin their lifetime happiness just because of momentary benefits.

‘Absolutely no way!’

In this way, the protagonist Gong and Shou set off with the Variety Show crew full of fighting spirit.


On Wu Siyuan’s side, he who had been neglecting his Celebrity career for quite a long period, was suddenly informed by his manager.

Apparently, one of the brands that Qin Yingdi had endorsed would take another new shooting for the changing season product advertisement.

It’s really relaxing to watch other people work hard (the protagonists). But when it’s his time to do his celebrity job, it’s not relaxing anymore.

Wu Siyuan had been monitoring and arranging He Gaoyi and Le Tianhua’s life these days. So, right now he really just wanted to lie down on the bed once he got home.

But his wish got shattered as he received news of his other investigation;

‘Qin Siyuan’s Parents really did hide another child whom they have been raising outside!’


It turned out that, the Qin Parents had really been waiting for Qin Siyuan to commit some mistake.

They were waiting for that chance, so that he would then be suppressed and framed by the other relatives. Because after all this, the Qin Parents could justifiably push their other child to the surface.

In fact, Grandfather Qin had been informed about the existence of this child. However, the Qin Parents merely asked him to acknowledge him as a Qin descendant, with a promise that this child would not threaten the position of the Sixth Uncle, or perhaps it’s the supposed Sixth Uncle’s reincarnation (Qin Siyuan).

It didn’t matter if Grandfather Qin favored him. Because, in the end, he would have no chance to inherit their family business.

Back then, when Qin Siyuan wished to enter the Entertainment Industry, the Qin Parents gave a vague response, neither giving him a blessing nor opposing his idea.

When Qin Siyuan gained great achievement in the Industry, they called him Ignorant.

When Qin Siyuan wasn’t able to adapt to the miscellaneous side of the Industry, they judged him as someone who was unable to do even small things well, so let’s not mention doing a more elaborate business immaculately.

Previously, when Wu Siyuan called them for help regarding He Gaoyi’s scandal, they were quite happy.

‘See, even such trivial matter, you can’t even take care of it properly.’ —Or so they thought.

However, the next time they meet their eldest son whose appearance eerily resembled Qin Father’s deceased 6th Brother, this son had been developing smoothly all the way. Under Grandfather Qin’s blessing, Qin Siyuan was unstoppable and even about to surpass their authority in the family business.

Lately, even though their position had not been changed, many people in the Company were discussing; When would Qin Siyuan finally took the control of their Company?

Qin Father had always resented his 6th Brother very much. He hated him, so much that he even hated his own son, Qin Siyuan (whose look was the spitting image of the said 6th Brother).

Qin Mother on the other hand also believed in these kinds of metaphysical phenomena. It was inevitable for her not to doubt her own son’s peculiarity.

Especially after they conceived their second child, their feelings toward their eldest son became even more estranged.

Accepting and loving their eldest son felt like succumbing to their nightmare, the Sixth Brother.

For the Qin Parents, this was simply unbearable.

Afterward, when they knew what the other relatives intended to do toward Qin Siyuan, they let them go. They secretly observed behind the scene, waiting for their son to be sobered up by the harsh reality.

But today, who knew that the ones who must accept the harsh reality turned to be them instead!

Not only were they had to concede to the fact that they were inferior to the deceased Sixth Brother, but also inferior to their eldest son.

It was true that the Third Uncle’s assassination attempt on Qin Siyuan was beyond their expectation. The Qin Parents also, somehow, felt a little bit uncomfortable. But if they were to think otherwise, it seemed like the death of their eldest son was not so difficult to accept.

Because, after all, they still had another son.


Wu Siyuan understood the Qin Parents’ line of logic, very well.

Honestly speaking, this was actually the kind of parental idea he could relate to[4]compared to the previous loving Father of Gu Siyuan.

If it were the case, then, it was easy for him to deal with these “parents“. In addition, he had also grasped a little clue about his suspicious Third Uncle at this time.

Though, he felt it was a pity that his “beloved Parents” had been standing on the sidelines without actually putting their hands directly.

If he were to “take care” of them in the future, Wu Siyuan could be branded as “unfilial and unfeeling” by others. His parents might even use the media to sell some tears, accusing their son, Qin Siyuan, of being too cold-blooded and disregarding family affection.

Therefore, Wu Siyuan had to make several preparations from now on.

Good grief. There was nothing but bad news and more work piling on him in the near future. So, Wu Siyuan first needed to check over He Gaoyi and Le Tianhua’s situation in the Variety Show.

‘Um. Well, good job! The netizens’ reactions are nice so far.’

“Are You Ready?” is a LIVE Variety Show program. Wu Siyuan was quite confident that the two protagonists wouldn’t dare to make trouble in this case.

‘…Well then, now it’s time for me to do some “work”!’ Wu Siyuan rubbed his hands with an expectant look on his face.



1 biased for the 6th Uncle and Qin Siyuan who resembles him
2 around $1,000. WSY is really a local tyrant!
3 (mā mài pī= a slang for “Son of a bitchii!”
4 compared to the previous loving Father of Gu Siyuan
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The Matchmaker Tool Is Uncooperative

The Matchmaker Tool Is Uncooperative

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Wu Siyuan is a tasker, bound to a self-proclaimed Cannon Fodder Supporting Actor System. His task is to be the Matchmaker Tool. They must promote and stimulate the romance development of the protagonists. The better he can promote the Protagonists romance, the better his reward would be! Wu Siyuan said, “Fine. I’ll be the Godly assist.”


Later, when the System looks at the dazzling F- at its Host’s task grade, then looking at the unrecognizable state of the CP’s romance, it finally realizes, “What kind of Godly assist have you offered?!”


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