MTIU Chapter 3

Cannon Fodder Stand In Lover - A little Self-awareness

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Regarding Gu Yingzhou’s fretting about the non-existent schoolmate discord, Wu Siyuan offered a moment of silence. He didn’t expect this Father to have such an idea. Later, with a laugh, he began to explain patiently;

There’s no special reason, it’s just that, his classmates not only have good grades but they have also begun to start their own careers. If he didn’t work hard, the gap between them would only be gotten bigger with each passing day. He didn’t want to compare with others, he was just purely being stimulated by others’ efforts.

“If I have the chance, I’d like to start from scratch like you, Dad. I’ve always thought what you did is incredible. Dad is my role model. That being said…since Dad has a ready-made resource waiting to be expanded, how could I let Dad’s business waste away?”

“Hahaha, it’s good that you know!” There’s still some worry left, nonetheless, Gu Yingzhuo was delighted to hear his son’s praise and admiration of him. He didn’t mind following the topic his son wanted to talk about thereby.

At first, he thought the relationship between Father and Son would become estranged and unfamiliar once this son entered college, surprisingly it turned out to be better instead. He had been busy working outside for years and used to neglect his wife and child at home. But now it seemed like he could soon hand the responsibilities to his son.

Right after he ended the phone call with his son, Gu Yingzhou thought, ‘I have to quickly share this good news with my wife!’ 


“Haaaah~ it seems like, I have passed this first hurdle…?”

Roleplaying as someone else for the first time ever, Wu Siyuan couldn’t stop being uneasy previously. Now that this critical period was over, he could finally sigh with relief.

He planned to continue this rhythm. He’d make phone calls from time to time for a while. In this case, when they met face to face in the future, even if there’s some disobedience, Gu Dad and Gu Mom might disregard it as their son had changed after becoming a College student.

When Gu Siyuan, made a deal with the System, the one he put the most attention to was his parent. Avenging those Dog-men wasn’t his initial purpose. He was aware that his unfortunate end was all caused by his own ignorance. If he didn’t indulge himself in the sweet words Jiang Jingtong said at the beginning, no misery would have happened later.

What Gu Siyuan regretted the most was his parents. He just wanted to stay away from any chaos and wish his family would not be implicated in his trouble.

In the original plot, Gu Siyuan’s parents went bankrupt just to collect evidence for their son’s murder. In spite of it, they still couldn’t bring down the two Protagonists. They could only meet a dead-end one after another.

Touching his own left chest, Wu Siyuan whispered to himself, “Please rest assured. Such good parents…They must live well.”


Now that he had finished establishing his first contact with the family, Wu Siyuan continued to proceed forward with the things he needed to do in his plan.

Picking up the book he had just borrowed, he began to read and study the content carefully. He could actually find any knowledge easily on the internet. It was easy to find various information or knowledge with a single click. However, screening which information was credible and which wasn’t was rather cumbersome and time-consuming.

After studying for some time, Wu Siyuan decided to check the Super Topic[1]a function in Weibo similar to mega-threads or subreddit he bragged to Shi Yuanbai earlier. To be honest, he knew there was this Super Topic, but he hadn’t even seen its corner.

He quickly followed the Super Topic with a side account, giving likes and comments to the threads, and dashing ahead to get his account level increased. Fortunately, the original owner had a side account on Weibo. He could bypass the troublesome period of account registration.

After finishing his frenzy participation in the Super Topic, his account level rose accordingly. Signing as a new member, Wu Siyuan wasted no time and quickly made a post in the Super Topic.

[JiangShi CP is real! Give your praise to this perfect CP in the comment section. Drawing two comments and you can get a small red envelope to buy milk tea!]

Right after the Weibo post was up, a lot of people left the required comments.

Wu Siyuan nodded with satisfaction. He estimated his Super Topic ranking should rise higher after this event. After this random drawing was over, he’d continue to open other comments drawing and continue to hype up the JiangShi Love wider and higher!

He didn’t know who start it first, but Jiang Jingtong and Shi Yuanbai’s CP was apparently called JiangShi CP[2]Taken from the surname of Jiang Jingtong and Shi Yuanbai. Those two big men would definitely feel embarrassed once they saw these CP talks. But looking at this Super Topic‘s existing posts, it seemed like the original culprits were actually Jiang Jingtong’s relatives and friends instead.


Meanwhile, after knowing the existence of the Super Topic from Gu Siyuan in the day, Shi Yuanbai succumbed to his curiosity and opened the mentioned threads when he returned to the dormitory. Coincidentally he happened to stumble into Wu Siyuan’s drawing red envelopes event. Looking at the username of “Xuege’s Immortal-like Love”, Shi Yuanbai was greatly astonished. He recalled what the bumpkin Gu Siyuan had said to him in the afternoon, now looking at the lively Super Topic, it turned out there really was quite a lot of people paying attention to the JiangShi CP.

There were countless photos of him and Jiang Jingtong, many of which were candid ones. Some photos were even very well taken, capturing their sweet interaction in the same frame.

Shi Yuanbai himself couldn’t even remember when, where, or what they were doing at the time.

Scrolling through the comments and seeing them clamoring about Jiang Jingtong’s gentle gaze and pampering smile, Shi Yuanbai wanted to shake them awake, and stop spouting nonsense.

Contrary to what he wanted to do, however, Shi Yuanbai was a bit overwhelmed and affected by the comments instead.

‘At that time, did Jiang Jingtong really look at me that way?’

Shi Yuanbai had never paid any attention and didn’t notice such a gentle look previously.

When he was about to be influenced further, he saw a comment from that account with an idiotic username earlier.

[Xuege’s Immortal-like Love: Wohooo~ Jiang Xuege’s tender gaze definitely belongs to the one and only, Shi Xuege! Love it! Like to death! I want to see this Immortal Couple every day! Waiting for the day they show off their affection publicly!!!]

Shi Yuanbai sneered. ‘Give it up. It’s impossible! The forest is huge, the grassland is wide, why should one have to hang on a single tree?’

But since everyone acknowledged Jiang Jingtong’s deep love for him, Shi Yuanbai smiled happily. ‘It seems like it’s fine to spend more time with him. I just hope he can have some use.’

He heard that Jiang Jingtong went to find that bumpkin Gu Siyuan today. He should know what Gu Siyuan looked like as well. Shi Yuanbai didn’t know what he might think of it. But this Gu Siyuan, even if he wasn’t really likable personally, he was not a threat either. Most importantly, that Bumpkin was a brainless CP fan of the two of them.

Shi Yuanbai continued to scroll around the Super Topic. He even had the whim to open and see the Weibo page of that brain-dead user with an idiotic ID he saw earlier. The blogger’s entire content was, not surprisingly, full of his name. The first thing he saw when he open the account was the latest post.

[OMG! I met my Idol today, my dear Xuege! My day! Unfortunately, I got careless and accidentally boasted the CP in the face of the Master. I wonder if he will dislike me QAQ]

Shi Yuanbai, “…”

He sucked a deep breath. ‘It turns out this brain-dead account is that Bumpkin’s Weibo!’

He quit the page and stopped paying attention either to the Super Topic or to Gu Siyuan’s brain-dead account.

He just saved his Weibo page to his bookmarks.

It seemed like the Bumpkin was truly a fan of his and Jiang Jingtong’s.

‘That’s great.’


The System looked at Wu Siyuan confidently and steadily walking down the path of pulling the protagonists together. Therefore after he officially started the task, it adopted the method of stocking up progress and ignored Wu Siyuan’s affair in the meantime. At present, the System had 2 jobs of guiding the Hosts at once. It couldn’t devote to one Host every second. But looking at how high-spirited Wu Siyuan was right now compared to his world-weary appearance before, the System had no worries about his task completion.

After giving some supportive words; I believe you will already finish the task by the time I come back, the System left decisively.

On Wu Siyuan’s side, he wholeheartedly agreed with the System. Helping others was his recent ideal. It was his goal to match a couple made in Heaven and push them to enter the bridal chamber as soon as possible!

As he finished his today’s Play in the Super Topic, Wu Siyuan closed his PC’s browser contentedly. Next, taking out his mobile phone, he began to open and register a new Stock Account. He was about to start paying attention to this world’s stock market and investigating it properly for his future investment.

Wu Siyuan was familiar with the stock market. It was the reason why he could afford the hospital fees by himself in his previous world and survive for years.

On the other hand, Gu Siyuan’s family treated their son well and gave him a lot of pocket money. Although it couldn’t compare to the amount of real wealthy families, at least he owned much more free funds than ordinary students.

After going through the procedure, Wu Siyuan transferred a portion of this pocket money to the stock account, ready to invest.

But first, he had to screen and select the stocks properly. Starting from checking the latest news, as well as the economic reports of the places where they belonged. Eventually, he still had to confirm whether there was any error or omission in the information.


Unknowingly, he had spent quite a while studying and taking notes on the current stock market’s situation. The reason he eventually stopped and took a break was the dinner time, during which his roommates dragged him to get dinner outside.

The original owner and his roommate initially had a good relationship and often went to eat together.

“Siyuan, why did you suddenly have the time to watch the news today?”

“Didn’t I learn it from you? Who was the one who say let’s study hard and take over the family business quickly in the future?” Wu Siyuan jokingly answered.

“Really? But didn’t you say you’re not interested to do business?”

Wu Siyuan replied, “Well, I’m not interested, but everyone is working hard. It’s not good for me to continue being ignorant. Besides, my Dad has been busy these past few years. I just want to try and get some experience first.”

Listening to his words, one of the roommates hooked his shoulder and responded excitedly, “That’s right, Siyuan! It’s good for us buddies to enlighten each other!”

Gu Siyuan’s roommates all had good family backgrounds. After graduation, they basically returned to work in their family’s Company. In the plot, Gu Siyuan was the only one who was not interested to enter the business world. He just wanted to open a Coffee Shop and be a small Boss.

This goal was not wrong, since everyone had their own aspirations. Nowadays, it was indeed difficult to open a small shop without enough funds. Fortunately, Gu Siyuan’s family condition allowed him to do so. For the Gu Family, opening a small shop was no big deal.

There were 4 people in their dormitory, and 3 of them were working hard to be qualified businessmen. Among them, Gu Siyuan’s different way of life was a disconformity. As the day passed by, the less common topics they had. Consequently, Gu Siyuan in the original plot couldn’t help but be a little bit alienated.

Although the relationship was not bad, Gu Siyuan still had difficulty blending into the groups’ conversation every time.

Now that the roommates saw Gu Siyuan was finally interested to do business properly, everyone in the dormitory would have a common language. The relationship would be more harmonious in this case.

“Siyuan, if there’s something you don’t understand, you can ask your brothers here.”

Wu Siyuan nodded. “Um, that’s for sure. It’d be a waste to have you guys without digging any knowledge from you.”

Gu Siyuan was actually lucky. These guys in the same dormitory as him could be considered well-known in the business circle. There was one whose family was even on par with Jiang Jingtong.

In the original plot, aside from having different paths in life, the reason Gu Siyuan drifted away from these friends was because of Jiang Jingtong. They knew what kind of person was Jiang Jingtong. Looking at Gu Siyuan who was unwilling to listen, the contact between these friends gradually became less.

Today, Wu Siyuan’s performance started to shorten the distance between them.


This group of friends was having fun and ready to eat an appetizing dinner, yet before they could enjoy it, there came a person who was completely unappetizing.

The one and only Protagonist Gong, Jiang Jingtong!

Wu Siyuan despised him from the bottom of his heart. Compared to Shi Yuanbai, this person was worse in his eyes.

Shi Yuanbai was a straightforward vicious and ruthless person, but he was better than Jiang Jingtong who was greasy, hypocritical, but refused to acknowledge his disgusting action (cheating and taking substitute lovers).

At least Shi Yuanbai knew and was aware of what he was doing in his heart, but this Jiang Jingtong never thought what he did was anything wrong.

The substitute spouse at home was alive and well, but the substitute lovers outside were already lining up. Despite all, in his mind, he still regarded himself as an affectionate and loyal person.

When he married the original owner, Jiang Jingtong felt that as long as he didn’t bring his lovers home, it meant he was considering his love for Gu Siyuan.

Tonight, looking at the way this Scumbag swaggered in his direction, fully thinking that he was an attractive Peacock, Wu Siyuan felt he might throw his dinner plate at a certain someone’s head.



1 a function in Weibo similar to mega-threads or subreddit
2 Taken from the surname of Jiang Jingtong and Shi Yuanbai
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The Matchmaker Tool Is Uncooperative

The Matchmaker Tool Is Uncooperative

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Wu Siyuan is a tasker, bound to a self-proclaimed Cannon Fodder Supporting Actor System. His task is to be the Matchmaker Tool. They must promote and stimulate the romance development of the protagonists. The better he can promote the Protagonists romance, the better his reward would be! Wu Siyuan said, “Fine. I’ll be the Godly assist.”


Later, when the System looks at the dazzling F- at its Host’s task grade, then looking at the unrecognizable state of the CP’s romance, it finally realizes, “What kind of Godly assist have you offered?!”


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